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Chapter 371 Big Events (4000 words)

Sandy village lost a tail of the column, did not have how strong vibrations between five rivals.

After all, before this, whether it is Yu Zhiwa or right, there is already a tendency to collect the tail beast.

This is naturally not a secret.

The only thing that makes the villages feel vibrating, it is the death of the mother-in-law.

This strong stronger in the several endurance battles, now suddenly coming to death, and a blow for sandy village.

Also let the villages have suddenly have a feeling of storms.

Since Yuxi Boupet seized a column power, the entire ninja is re-caught in the calm.

Of course, this calm is just relative to other small riva.

Due to the secret of Unechebra Sphere, most of the persons of the religions stay in the village of the village and the fog village.

During this time, if there is a careful person, it will find that the wood, the fog is bound to sand, and it suddenly frequently.

Especially wooden leaves.

When the Millennium mother-in-law is still alive, the policies of Sandy Village have always been an enemy's attitude towards the policies of the wooden leaves, and now is rapidly changing.

This change is the result of the younger brother of the Chiyu Mother's mother-in-law promotes in the dark.

Compared to the generation of the Qianyi Miyuan, the sea is undoubtedly a person who belongs to the person who has developed a strategy.

As long as it is an eye, it can be seen, and the behavior of Sandy Village is two-headed.

But many people have doubtful, and the wooden leaves and the mist don't seem to realize this, and how to do it.

It is precisely because there are some strange behaviors in the village and fog hidden villages, which make the villages who have a storm that is coming soon.

Half a month later.

After the Village of Sandy Village, I was three days later, and the news of the fifth-generation wind shadow was spread.

This news is very sudden, many of the rivotes are somewhat awkward, I love the name of Iron, in addition to the identity of the fourth generation of the son, there is no influence in the endurance.

Suddenly, the fifth generation of the fifth generation, so that these tolerance can't touch the mind.

However, the wooden leaves and the fog seem to have already expected it. When the news was enacted in Saha Yin Village, they respect the representatives of their own nature to congratulate.

Sajyin Village has been controlled by various elders in the village, but the death of the Millennium mother-in-law makes the village have a certain unstable.

In order to calm the people, we will have the strength of the Hai Lao Tibet, Maji and others before plus thousand generations of mother-in-law, and I don't have much resistance to the fifth generation.

Fog Hidden Office.

"I didn't expect people in Sandy Village, I really would really launch a small ghost."

"Although it is expected at the beginning, I didn't expect to be so fast."

With a surprised look, it is interested in the beautiful scenery.

"Now Sandy Village needs someone to have a stable people. If other people are trendy, there must be some drawbacks."

"Coupled with thousands of generations of mother-in-law, my love is a non-two candidate, enough to keep the sand in sandy village to balance, not in the inner loss."

On the sofa next to the right, turned the intelligence in your hand, and the head did not raise the way.

I nodded with generous, she thought about it.

After a while.

The right bumper has read the intelligence in his hand, and his face reveals a smile:

"During this time, the leaves gave it to Sandy Village so much, and it was a roughness of the wealth."

On the other hand, the right to put these information on the side.

"It's really, you can still laugh."

"It is because the small movements of the wooden leaves continue, leading to some cooperation between us and Saha Yin Village, and even some have to stop."

According to the beauty, I reached out whitening fingers and smashed the temple, helpless.

Recently, because of the things of wood, it is very uncomfortable to make beautiful.

But once, there is no way to Nahuali, who makes people 's wealth, and always can't send sandy village materials.

If it is true, it is simply killing enemies, one thousand, people who are self-loss, I am afraid I will die.

And it is also white and white.

Of course, this is just a problem of sandy, and there are other economic aspects, and the leaves are also in secret.

At present, although I can't see any changes, I will know how to drag the length of the beauty, which will be very disadvantageous.

On the economic strength, the first wooden leaves are not white.

"Economic War?"

The right fight is revealing a weird smile.

The way the wooden leaves is now taken, although extremely rough, it has already had a sharp shape.

However, there is no worries in the right battle, and the economy is mostly needed. This is a strategy of launna fine.

And the wooden leaves are now using this approach. It is too late. Moreover, the means of leaf leaves are extremely rough, which is completely smashed with their own strong financial resources.

However, this also shows a problem.

The wooden leaves don't have too effective way to deal with the fog village, otherwise, it is not precautions to adopt this slow way.

To know!

The world's world is the world, and the battle of the movie level can be transversed in a small country.

There may be certain uses like economic wars, but it does not change a war.

Some strategies like economic battles may have a powerful role in the world that is not so prominent.

But the top of the tips in Nang Shadow can determine all the world, and the impact can be said to be minimal.

This is also the reason why the right bucket is too lazy to use these methods. It is not necessary to slow grind.

Now the wooden leaves are nothing more than a point in which a mistake can weaken, it is a point.

"You really don't worry."

According to Meills, I saw the little look of the right fightened face and whispered.


The right to the right, it is a bit peace of mind.

"Don't take wood, according to the original plan."

"Sandy village is the power of leaf, now the role of sandy village has reached, isn't it?"

The right boused looked at the beauty, laughing with a soft smile.

Speaking of this, the right battle talk, with a trace of interesting look on his face.

"The five generations of the wood leaves are more interesting than the imagination."

The right fight face with an accident, whisper muttering.

I can think of the strategy of the economic war, even if it is extremely rough. It also demonstrates that the program is more savvy than the original.

"I heard that the hand of the wooden leaves is very beautiful."

At this time, a faint voice came from the direction of beauty.

"After all, there is the title of" Wooden Flower ", which is naturally very beautiful. "

The right bumper nodded and nodded. For the words just, I got the right battle when I was on the thousand-handed battles.

Not only is very beautiful, and temperament is also bright. No monsters are called "Outlet Ji" or "Princess".

The right battle voice is just falling, and suddenly I feel the coldness from the side.


It is a charming smile on the beauty, squinting to the right.

"is it?"

"I don't know if the right fight is a good shape of the wood, or I am beautiful."

According to the beauty of the body, the sound is full of curiosity.

The right fightened face revealed, this time he has reacted it, can't help but cough.

"Of course, you are more beautiful as the beauty!"

The right fight quickly exposed the solemn look, unusually serious open mouth, and the tone was full of sincerity.

Although the right is a big straight man, he also knows that another woman in front of a woman is an extremely dangerous thing.

What's more, what he said is also a fact that it is really beautiful as Mercure Math.


When I heard the right battle, I showed a slim red, and the elongated fingers of the blue nail polish were stretched into the pink lips, I was embarrassed.

If you can't help you, you can't help but take a slight breath.

Sure enough, in front of a pretty woman, it is best not to mention another beautiful woman.

Just at this time.

when! when!

A very urgent knockout sound suddenly sounded out of the office.

Right fight and like the beauty of the beauty, and the eyes flashed a doubt.

"come in."

Sitting on the Meime to sit down, hung on your face, and the open mouth facing the door.

The voice falls.

The office door is quickly pushed away, and the look on the green face is serious and dignified.

After coming in, quickly turn the door.

"Right fighting adult, glower!"

Green looks at the two people in the room, and quickly open respect.

"What's wrong? What is it?"

Looking at the expression on the green face, there are some doubts.

The character has always stabilized, and now it is obviously what is going to make the Qing become so serious and dignified.

The right fight on the side is also very surprising, and he is also very curious. What happened.

"Just received intelligence, Yisi Boufeng is now in Yook Village."

"Moreover, Unexpell Spheres and Rock Village have reached the relationship of alliance."

Qingruine unparalleled open mouth, is full of dignity.

"what did you say!"

According to Meitu, it's a glimpse, followed by slamming the table, and loudly open.

I saw that my own spots were surprised today, and there was no accident, I would like to know that when he just received this information, it was more surprised to be more surprised than the ginema.

Yuxi blossoms themselves have the top strength, and now, the other party is united with Yixin Village, one of the five big fortune.

The things represented, I am afraid that all of the rivotes can understand.

"Such an important intelligence, where did you get it!"

According to Mei Ming, I know that I am slightly lost, returning to God, lifting the head and looking at the blue, serious open mouth.

The green face with a wonderful expression: "This intelligence is not exactly what we have explored."

"What do you mean?"

I couldn't stand the eyebrows slightly, and I watched the blue.

"This intelligence is the active disclosure of rocky village. If you guess it, the rest of the big rivots should also receive this information."

The green face has a dignified and helpless, and will be explained.

On the beauty of the beauty, it is revealed, followed by recovering the look that has just faceless expression, can't guess the emotions in your heart.

One time between.

The entire split office is still suddenly falling quiet.

But this kind of quiet, soon be broken by a laughter.

"Interesting, it is really in line with the character of Unechebate."

The right battle suddenly laughed, and if there is a smile and open mouth.

The green face has a little ignorant, and I just laughed on the right fight and what I said, I didn't understand it at all.

"Is the right fight? Do you notice what?"

The young low-spirited asked, the sound is curious.

On the side, I also looked at the beauty, compared with you, she knows that there is a right fight.

Right fighting adult, must be what you find!

"Yu Zhibo spheres work together with wild wood, this thing itself is very interesting, don't you think?"

The corner of the right fight is slightly tight, and I laugh and open the mouth.

Yuxi Bao Spot and Danyu Cooperation seems ... Nothing, this is a good thing for both parties.

Looking at the beauty and the youth, it is silent.

Does they say that they did not detect any abnormalities?

If this is said, it will not be stupid ...

It seems to be aware of the embarrassment of the two, and the right bumper shook his head and opened his mouth.

"What is the person who is a personality? I want to come to you better than me."

"Such a person, you think that you will make Sui Zhiwa in such a dangerous person, do you directly appear in your own village?"

The right to move into the green and photographed in the ear.

Danyu is the longest power of the whole rocky village, which has created the full day of rocky village.

Danyu can say that there is absolute reputation in the entire rock village.

It is precisely because of this, the abnormal stubborn and tough of the wilderness, whether it is, or is.

And Su Zhibo spheres have a top strength guy, and it is an absolutely proud person.

So the key to the problem appears!

A tough stubborn party!

A absolute proud person!

If two people are in cooperation, then the master is the most important issue.

What's more, Yu Zhibo's risk is not a fool, it can be seen.

The wild wood is obviously not a fool. How can he make such a dangerous Yizhi Bouvet, appearing in his own village?

I can't hurt my brow, and my face with thought looks, it seems to catch the key to the problem, but it doesn't seem to catch.

It flashed a shower in the Mei Ming, as if I thought.