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Chapter 372, three major super, hidden village age!

at this time.

Illuminate did not say directly to the exit, but turned around to see the direction of the green.

"Green, you go out, always pay attention to the movement of rocky village, any movement is the first time."

With a dignified, you will be dignified as you like.

The blue first is a bit, followed by respect, nodded, there is no hesitation, turning towards the spoaches.

The generous thing is obviously what is important thing, it needs to be discussed with the right trick, although there are many doubts, but there is no need to stay in the iron.

not to mention!

Then about the movement of rocky villages and Yuxioba, it is indeed the top priority!

With the leaving of the blue, I will return to God, turn the head and look at the right.

"Right fighting adult, what you mean is, rocky village of wild wood ..."

It took a complicated and quirky in the Mei Men, but didn't finish it, the right bumpers on the sofa have already opened.

"Daniwu is now dying now, or it is controlled by Yuxi Bouvelle."

"I want to come to Yuxi Bao, the member of the original organization, should be all in Yingsyin Village, no wonder they can't find the place where they are, I have gone to Yayin Village."

The right fight with a few points and relaxed look, dull opening.

"Wadom of the kaleidoscope?"

It is slightly silent, muttering.

This reminded the beauty of the original, the village called "the village of blood mist" cruel rule.

During this period, everyone in the misty village was unwilling to recall the nightmare.

This is also why Million, take the lead in passionate.

As a fifth-generation water shadow ending this period, it is more understandable than anyone, and the cruel and horror of that period.

This is the illusion that is written by the kaleidoscope, and the four-generation water shadow of the control is controlled.


In the shame of the United States, the current rocky village is similar to the previous mist village.

This not only makes a feeling of aversion to a cold.

Right, I looked at the beauty, he naturally guess the idea of ​​the heart at this time.

In this regard, the right trick is uncomfortable to this bell, the rest is, the rest is that these consecutive generations are indisputable.

If it is not a fourth-generation spray and other high-level, it is almost the same, and the right boused has taken the past.

A group of waste!


By writing the powerful illusion of the kaleidoscope, directly controls the high-rise or even shadow of the village.

If it is not discovered in the previous period, through his own strength, the entire rivot is slowly penetrated, then until this tolerance is controlled.

Although this method is more time, but I have to say that it is extremely useful, and of course there is also a disgusting person.

Now, some of the biggest bumper understand, no wonder, the Zhiso family will be killed.

Single only powerful strength is also, the illusion released by the kaleidoscope is released, and it is not ordinary ninja to resist.

This kind of power to manipulate people will only be afraid.

"It seems that because of my appearance, Yuxi Bouvet has also taken complete different movements in the original."

Right to touch the chin, the heart is silent.

Among the original, Yuxi Bao spots can be so cautious, directly all the way, after all, the strongest killer is already dead, and no one can stop him after the resurrection.

But now it is natural, in addition to more than a right fight, the thousand hand is also resurrected in advance, and both people have controlled one of the five rivals.

This, let Yuxi Bouveters look at some strengths!

Right fight speculation, the reason why Yuxi Boss is doing this, this is definitely a delude, otherwise, it is not necessary to give action with the pride of Yuxi Bang's big guy.

One side.

According to Meime, I went back to God, I saw the right battle, and I couldn't help my eyes.

There is such a big thing!

Right fighting adults seems to have not felt at all, and there is no half of the tense.

"Right fighting adults, Su Zhibo pointers so big move, even hidden is too lazy, what should we do next?"

Looking at the right boused by Meime Math, my face is quite a bit helpless look.

"Waiting is good."

The right point is slightly flashed slightly, and the tone is still flat.


Amaneus appeared in the beauty, did not understand at all.


About Yuxi spots suddenly wearing the allies with rocky villages, spread throughout the endurance with an abnormal rapid speed.

At a time, the entire endure is vibrating.

Everyone is shocking because of this news, it also realizes the pattern of the entire endurance. It has been thoroughly changed at this moment.

If you say, it is the word of five rivals to rule the entire endurance.

So now, many of the ninja is called in the back, the wooden leaves headed by the thousand-handles, the first diversion of the first generation, the Yizhi Glope Alliance's ribue village.

These three rigid villages are: three major ultra hiddun villages!

The reason why it is naturally because of these three rivals, standing with a power of one person and easily fighting the superdomae of the beast.

Anyone represents a fearful force, even more people who need many Ninja to sacrifice to seal a tail beast.

This is so that the nine big beasts are indicated in most Ninja people!

The nine tail beasts have always been the most fundamental heritage of all major rises, as well as the power of the shocking tolerance!

However, there is a thousand-handed column, Yuxioba, and the right bumper has emerged, then this thing is subverted. Since their three have started, they have a terrorist force that is easy to suppress a tail beast or even a tail beast.

Therefore, this statement that is circulating through the entire role of the whole relief is also quickly accepted by many people.

After three major ultra-hidden villages, it is the two major hidden villages of Yun Yin Village, one of the five major rins.

These two big hidden villages their own strength, although it is not as good as the three ultra-hidden villages, but they still have the heritage and strength of the rest of the hinge.

The only thing that is missing is like the right fight, the thousand-handles, and Yuxi Bouchers, such super-power.

The entire role of the whole endure has become:

Three major ultra hidden villages - Yun Yin, sandy two rivals - the rest of the cottage, this pattern!

Therefore, the appearance of the right trick and other people, so that the pattern since the beginning of the Battle Country is completely broken.

Once some systems have been broken, they are not possible to recover to the original look!

So this time, it was called "three major ultra-hidden village age" later!