Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 373, the sandy, cloudy!

With the news of Yuxioba and Yinyin Village League.

Many small scorpions are vibrating, but it is not much impact on them.

After this news is over, these cobluna should do what it will continue to do.

This news really affects!

Only Sandy Village, Yun Yin Village, two talents!

Rumoring because of this matter, the high-rise in Sandy Village is constantly meeting, discussing this matter on the impact of the village, and how to do it next.

But until the end, there seems to have not discussed it.

And Yun Yin Village has more rumored, during this time, the temper of Lei Ying is more violent, and I don't know how many Zhang Lei Ying Office's table.

For these small news, no one cares about true and false.

More people are concerned about the movements of these three hidden villages!

But unfortunately, most people are disappointed that the three hidden villages have nothing to do, as if something does not happen.

The only change, maybe this time, the number of three super built villages has been significantly more than before.

It is precisely because of the change in the number of tasks, the fog of ninja, the ninjas of the wooden leaves, and the rock of rock is suddenly active throughout the endurance.

However, these ninjas that go out to do tasks seem to be extremely modified, even if they encounter the ninja of the hostile village, it is just a look at each other, and it is rushing away.

There is no slightest battle, but it is to make the entire endure look and and gas.

Sandy village.

Shadow office.

I love the royal gown of my style, sitting at the desk, watching some of the Ibolding information sent by Masaki, as well as the government in Sandy Village.

Compared to the original Chinese three years, it has become a lot of ripe, I am a lot of love, I am very young and tender.

But because I was taken away from a tail, I was very good in the state of love, and even the dark circles of the eye have a touch of disappearance.

While I love the government, I also put a chair next to the desk.

The sea is sitting in this chair, with a kind look, guiding my love, and interprets someone who loves someone else.

I don't dare to have slightly loose, and I'm still in the past.

Seeing that I loved the look, the sea is a happy smile on the face.

During this time, as a teacher, I arbitrarily, for my love, and more satisfied with the sea.


For the decision of the thousand generations of mother-in-law, the sea is not too supported.

But since the decision before my sister is dead, the sea is not too insisted, and I will push my love to the position of the wind.

Through this time, the sea is suddenly discovered in the eyes of his own sister.

I did indeed the potential of an excellent wind movie.

As regards some young and old, Hai, old, and the old, the old, the old town.

Some means and how to deal with things are tender, but these can learn and change through time.

Only this point of "heart" of the village is not able to say that change can be changed.

After all, I was a column with a tail, which was full of resentment for the village.

"Finally finished."

I loved the government affairs in his hand and was placed on the side.

I love the voice, but also let the sea are old.

"well done."

The sea is full of smiles, and there is no prostitute.

I loved a little bit of a slightly, a slightly smile, tightly somewhat, and a smile: "This is what I should do."

"Haha, you see, often smile, always have to be cold."

The sea is full of shoots. I am full of smile.

I was gently nod, this time, the teachings of the sea, it did make him grow a lot.

Slightly squeezed because the government is stacked with some messy work desk.

I love to take out the analysis intelligence of the current in the misty village, Wumi Village, and Rock Village, revealing a dignified look.

"Is there a little in the current situation in our village ...?"

I looked at the sea of ​​Haihai. When I said, I couldn't find a suitable word between the time.

When I didn't become a shape before, I loved didn't feel it, but I saw a lot of secret information.

Even if my Philharmonic is low, I can feel the current embarrassing situation in Sandy Village.

The old Hai Tibet naturally understands the meaning of my love, nodded gently.

"Take the map of the 21st."

The sea is still holding a smile on the face, facing my love.

I didn't have hesitibly, I immediately walked to the wall of the left side of the office, I took a rim map hung on the wall and took it directly. Go back.

Hai Lao Tibet will directly be tiled directly on the desk, and extend a pen, with rock village as the starting point, connect the wooden village until the misty village, which has formed a straight line.

"Because Yu Zhibo spheres, thousands of handles and right bumpers, the comprehensive strength of these three major people has exceeded the rest of the rivot."

The old sea is seeing my love, if the love is thinking, the patient's opening continues to say:

"Not just this, you can see it from the map. These three endurance villages have been connected to the front line, that is, not only the position of Shaoshi Village, Yunyin Village is also the same."

I heard the old Tibetan Tibet, I Ai Luo showed a dignified look on my face.

At this time, I didn't find that the village and Yun Yin Village did indeed separated by this straight line.

"Do you think we should do now?"

The sea is old and looking at my love, with a soft look, whispering.

I love to be slightly silent and keep watching the map.

"Now the method looks like only to alliance with Yun Yin Village. If you all join the other three super built villages, it will be hostile to the rest of the two super built."

"Let's more, weak rivotings and strong rivotings, it is not called alliance."

I loved a moment, slowly opened.

Although the relationship between rushing village and rival is extremely complex, in my love, there is a point inherently constant.

Strong people will never join a weak person, even if there is a day, it is not called alliance, but it is called.

The weak is home!

"Haha, I didn't expect you to take into account these points, very good!"

The sea is old, and the sound of smile is nodded at my love.