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Chapter 374, old purple appears!

It is an expected expectancy that can be unexpected after the hidden hooded.

For my love, the old Tibet is more satisfied.

But satisfaction is not meant, and the sea is still agree with the view of my love.

"Sandy Village and Yun Yin village have been in the same", this method seems to be a good way, but it is not realistic. "

"We are in the middle of Yun Yin Village, which is because of the woody village, because of this, if we are two parties to the league, the relationship between this alliance is unstable."

"Special, what is the situation? The other party will not be supported. What's more, why should we follow the Yunyin Village?"

The old sea with a soft look, facing the sound of my love.

"Why?" I love Luo Yi, some did not understand the meaning of the old Harmony.

"Now the situation in the endurance, it has become nervous because Yishihu spots suddenly joined the village of Yingsyin. If we are all integrated with Yun Yin Village."

"So will cause attention to other three major super built villages, so it is somewhat unfavorable."

"Although Lei Ying, Yunyin Village, although the temper is hot, it is definitely not a stupid, since you can think of the problem, then the other party can think of it."

"If the benefits of the alliance are greater than the drawback, the other party has already contacted us."

The sea is hiding, picking up a tea cup on the table, drinking a clear tea, and explains the sound.

I was flashing in Ai Luoguang, and I was a little about himself.

The endurance has happened so much.

Not only Sima Yin Village is analyzing the situation in the whole tolerance, but also the same in other rivots.

But in the end, the results of the intelligence groups of each rim village are almost the same.

A war will definitely break out between rock villages, wooden villages and fog villages.


Similarly, the key points and trends of the war are on the thousand-handed clubs, Yuxi Bao, right.

Between the eye.

Two months slowly passed.

The entire endure is also quiet for two months, but all the people are inexplicably, and the feelings of wind and rain!

The country of the bird.

Here is the land of the lake perched on the migratory bird.

The green, the river is shining in the water.

There are mountains, trees, giving people a peaceful beauty.

But at this moment, this tranquility was broken by the horrible burst.

The hot lava spreads from the side of a lake, just like the volcanic eruptions generally sputter all squares.

On the floor, the lava touched the ground, and quickly burned out a big hole, and the surrounding lake was more evaporated in a white vast.


With a heavy sprinkle, it was wrapped around the high temperature lava and rushed out of the lake.

This figure fell to the rear.

Just left the original place, I saw the ground that had just been standing on the ground.

Then, a blue color, wearing a green dress, a woman hanging on the waist, appearing next to the crystal.

This woman is a red lotus, and that is wrapped around the lava, it is four people columnal old purple.

"There is no Dai Yan Ying Village, and there is no extravagance of hidden villages. Who is you?"

Old purple face is ugly, looking to the opposite look icy red lotus, the high-temperature lava allows the surrounding air to heat up.

"There are many nonsense!"

Red lotus can not have too much time with old purple, and the hands are quickly launched, then press on the ground.

In an instant!

The front ground starts to crystallize with the speed visible to the naked eye, while a radial pillar thorns to the old purple direction.

Seeing this scene, the old purple face reveals a dignified, and the foot is on the ground, quickly disappearing in the original place.

While avoiding the sick attack, it is rapidly close to the red lotus.

Under the role of four tail, the old purple speed is extremely fast, and only a red figure can be quickly rushed to himself in the vision of the Red lotus.

People have not arrived!

Honglian has already felt a hot and hot high temperature.

Crystal - Cu Jing!

The Red Lian is withdrawn from the back, and there is a low drink.

A large number of crystals raised from the foot of the Red lotus, just a breathing kung fu, everything in front was surrounded by red crystals.

Even in the old purple, they are directly wrapped directly!

After all, Honglian I didn't relax. The hands were still printed quickly, and Chakra cents in the body came out, poured into the ground.

Crystal - crystallization five packages!

boom! boom!

A dull roar sounds from the ground, the huge stereo five prismatic crystals raised from the ground, and the old purple that has been restricted, and wrapped again.

This five prismatic crystal is more robust and heat than just crystallization!

After all, Honglian sent a breath.

"The big snake pills must live, but it is really trouble."

Red lotus is a slight vomiting while the old purple walks by crystalline seal.

Just when Red Lian is about to be near the old purple, suddenly a small crack appeared on the crystalline Wuli column!

Red lotus pupils have shrunk, saying that there is no fish, and the whole person quickly jumped backwards.


The huge three-dimensional five prismatic crystals were blown directly into a smash, and at the same time, the roar of the wild beast was coming.

At this moment, the old purple is half-tailed, and it is shrouded by a dark red tail, which is covered by a dark red beast.


Old purple directly became a red residue, and quickly rushed toward the location of Red lotus.

"Damn! Presidable!"

" - !"

The red lotus face is ugly, and the rapid printing of his hands is low.

A large number of red crystals appeared in air, forming a road crystallization attack, rushing toward the old purple direction.

But unfortunately!

In the state of half-tailed, the old purple speed is not elastic, and even more lazy, let these crystals attack on his body.

These crystal attacks did not stop old purple, just a blink of blinking, and old purple side had appeared in front of Red lotus.

The fist wrapped in Chakra, the dark red tail beast, directly bombarded on the chest of the Red lotus, and the strong force suddenly broke out.


The red lotus is not coming to the printing, and the face is instantly awkward. It is bombarded from the mouth from the mouth.

Just when the old purple is preparing to win, a faint voice suddenly came from behind.

do not know when.

A shadow has appeared behind the old purple.

"Oh, it is really a terrible attack."

The pharmacist pushed the glasses on the nose and looked at the red lotus that was blown out.

The relationship between the pharmacist is with the red lotus, and the other party is not pleasing to each other.

Now I saw Honglian in the hands of old purple, I ate a big loss, the pharmacist pocket can't help but ridicule.

Of course, although the pharmacist has the meaning of gloating, the movements in the hand are not slow.

"Water in the water - the operation of the big waterfall."

The pharmacist took the cold and turns, and a huge water flow appeared in the air. It's like a Pentium's waterfall generally smashed the old purple.

I just attacked the old purple, I didn't have time to avoid it, and I took this blow directly, and I was smashed by the Pentium's waterfall.


A wild beast sounded again, and the old purple shook his head and stood up from the water flow.

At this time, there was already a baked amount in the old purple heart.

It's not that old purple feels can't play the two, but the old purple is very clear about his current situation.

The people in the fog hidden village are looking for him, and the people in Yinyin are found, and now I have a group.

Originally before.

Old purple has already wanted to return to Rock Village, but when he heard the news of Yuxi Bouvelle and Yellow Village.

Old purple directly dispelled the idea of ​​the heart, no one knows more about the stubborn old man of the wild wood.

It is simply dangerous with Unexpected Boss, which is dancing on steel wire, not to mention that wild wood is not a stupid guy.

In the old purple heart, Rocky Village must be an accident!

This also canceled the thoughts of old purple returning to Yayin Village, while making yourself more deep.

However, I don't know where to go out today.

It was found by this sudden guy, which triggered the battle that happened to Honglian.

After the old purple came out of the water, he only hesitated a moment, turned to the other direction, and planned to leave this place quickly.


Whether it is a pharmacist, the red lotus that is blown out will not be so easy to put away from the old purple.

It's hard to find four tails, if you are fled by the other party, you want to find it again!

"Waterfoot - water dragon bomb!"

"Crystal - Crystal Dragon"! "

I saw the old purple, the pharmacist who was going to escape, and the red lotus who was hurt in the chest, almost simultaneously issued a big drink.

The dragon formed by the water flow and the dragon composed of crystals, while grown in the direction of old purple.

In the face of two tattoohes, the old purple can only take the lead in stopping, and the hot high temperature lava will be eaten again.

"Seabed needle!"

Old purple hair, the hot lava is raised from the whole body, followed by the speed visible to the naked eye in one hand.

Form a horrible ultra-high temperature attack!

Just one hit!

The attack of the pharmacist and the red lotus, while being smashed.

But because of this, the old purple speed is not only slow.

I saw two pharmacists and red lotus, and the old purple face was gloomy, and the heart has begun!

Originally he didn't want to use too much move, after all, once the power of the beast, once it completely broke out, it will attract everyone's attention.

This is extremely unfavorable to him!

But now, if you don't get rid of the pharmacist and the red lotus, then dragged down, his situation is equally dangerous.

Think of this!

The old purple semi-tailed body is quickly turned, open his mouth to the direction of the red lotus and the pharmacist.

Tail beast!

High-density Chakra, began to quickly gathered in front of old purple mouth, and a horrible danger of death is filled around.

See this scene!

"red lotus!"

The pharmacist fiercely changed, and turned to the red lotus.

Their people are not easy to take the ninja in the misty village and Yinyin Village. At this time, it is absolutely unable to make the two parties.

"Hey!" I heard the big shouting of the pharmacist, and the red lotus sent a cold.

If it is not a pharmacist, there is also use of the big snake pill, and Honglian can't help but take your homework to the drug teacher.

If it is usually.

If the drug is in a pocket, the Red Lian is lazy to pay attention, but this is also known to be a way.

"Crystal - a bright!"

The red lotus mobilizes the whole body Chakra, and after the rapid end of the rapid, take force to the ground.

The whole land is crazy in this instant, and the entire surface begins to crystallize at an unimaginable speed.

A huge large crystal on the ground rises up, and it is 7 or eight meters high, forming a curved huge crystal group in front of the old purple!

In the original, Honglian uses this tailor, and the three tail beast jade is resistant.

At the same moment!

Old purple mutual number of jade is completely condensed, and the tail beast is once again opened again, and sprayed the straight rural energy bombardment!

The attack of the beast is directly bombarded on a huge crystal group, so that the crystal keeps shaking directly, there is a small crack.

At the same time, a large number of crystals started with a dazzling red ray under the violent energy attack, which seems to transform the energy of this femoral beast.

It is exactly that the refraction between the crystals, the rampant energy of the tail beast jade is dispersed into other crystals.

The hands of the red lotus died on the ground, and the face was pale, and Chakrat icon in the body was a speed.

I have a moment.

The old purple beast jade attack is completely stopped.

The red lotus is relieved, and it feels a sense of vulnerability. The hands are separated from the front, and the large arc crystal group in front is incorporated into a pulverized.

The opposite old purple, seeing his own tail beast jade attack did not cause the result of imagination, and the whole person was slightly stunned.

Give the tail beast jade?

The old purple is flashing in a non-confidence, even if he is now a half-tail, the attack power of the tail beast is not as strong as completely.

But it is not easy to enhance it!

the other side!

I have just launched finished beast jade, and there is a short-lived old violet.

The pharmacist has been waiting for an opportunity to move, directly engaged.

After some short-lived battle, the pharmacist kept cough and vulgaris, looked at the old purple past, and heavy breath.

"I finally solved, I haven't been completely astrioven, otherwise, I am afraid I can only retreat."

The pharmacist took the blood of the mouth and smirk the mouth.

Agreement is concerned.

This is a cheap, and the old purple has been secretly hiding and hiding, it has taken a part of the energy.

In addition, once the old purple worry, once it is completely, the huge figure is simply avoided the people of narant and Yuxi Bo.

Therefore, it is extremely restrained.

This will let the Red lotus and pharmacists have a moving machine.