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Chapter 375 is bundled with white, cooperation?

The pharmacist pocket the old purple past, several jumpers appear in front of the weak red lotus.

There is no more nonsense.


Pharmacist reached out the palm wrapped by light green Chakra, gently pressing on the Red lotus.

For a moment, the Cardiff, the red lotus originally pale face revealed a ruddy.

"You can only treat some of them, the movement caused by the battle, should be hidden in the village and rock village, we will leave here now."

The pharmacist pushed the eyegles and looked at the red lotus.

If it is not because of the script of Red lotus, the old purple beast jade attack is not seriously injured, and when the mission failed, the punishment of the big snake pills is not a joke.

In the face of the pharmacist, the red lotus sent a cold, the original, because the treatment of the pharmacist, finally recovered a lot of strength.

Red lotus stood up from the ground and directly evacuated to the planned retreat of the route.

The pharmacist smiled softly on the face of the oxyphae, and looked at the old purple.

There is not long after the pharmacist and the red lotus leaves.

There is a mask of the mask on a few faces, from another direction, and there are already the battlefields of the game between several flashes.

These Ninja officially fog hidden villages.

Standing in the front of the fog's hidden captain, looked at the ground that was destroyed in front of him, and the face under the area revealed a bit of ugly look.

"Captain, let's have a step in late, according to Chakra at the legacy, it should be the death of four tail column."

"There are two people who are fighting with people, and one of them should have special bloody boundaries."

A small member touched several pieces of particles similar to crystal, and seriously analyzed a few pieces of granules similar to crystal.

"Is it the people of Yinyin Village?"

The fog's dark troops have frowned, and the sound is inquiry.

"It should not, there should be no people like blood boundaries in rocky village."

The secret of the secret is slightly silent, followed by shaking his head, tone seriously.

"Sure enough, in addition to our and rock, there is also a power of people's column, can you trace the direction of the other party?"

The fog's dark troops have a clear tone in the long language.

It has been trained for so long, and finally, it was very cheap by someone else, and the heart will be quite uncomfortable, not to mention this task, and the right fighter is very concerned.

"Sorry, the other party is ready, and the clues have been removed when the evacuation is evacuated. If the day of the day, the little ghost is here, maybe you can use his white eye."

Another dark part of Ninja gently shakes his head, and the tone is slightly uncomfortable.

This is coming!

Standing in front of the fog's dark captain, suddenly turning his head to see the dark ninja.

Even if wearing a mask, at this moment, this dark ninja can also feel the hidden cold eyes of the fog's dark troops.

"The day, Ning, is not only one of the members of the seven knives, but also the disciple of the right trick. I hope this is the last time."

There is no emotional ice-cold voice into the ear of the dark ninja.

"Yes ... Yes, the captain."

That dark ninja has risen to the first floor, and quickly open the mouth.

He knows that he didn't care about it.

Although there are many people think that the day is not qualified to take the long knife and sewing needles, but it is just to spit under the bottom.

What's more, no matter whether there is this qualification to Ning, the other party is a member of the "Seven Knife". He is also representing the fog hidden village.

The day is called a deceleration, and there is no difference between the remaining "seven-knife" members.

In some aspects of the fog, the fog is a member of the secret, if this is passed to the rest of the seven-blade member's ear, it will not be as good as those character.

While these fog talking, there is another direction, and there are several ninja movies to speed!

A few breathing efforts, this book name Ninja has appeared opposite the mist.

"People in Yin Village."

The fog's dark troops look at the dressing on these Ninja, and the eyes are slightly condensed.

The opposite Rock Village Ninja, naturally also saw the dark part of the fog hidden village, the body was quickly tight.

One time!

The atmosphere between the two sides has become a little dignified.

"let's go!"

The fog's dark troops were cautiously looked at each other, and then opposite the dark ninja, the open mouth.

The voice falls.

The darkness of the fog turned and disappeared quickly.

When I saw this scene, the Naruto of Rock Village also sent a slight breath.

After a day.

The Xiangzi intelligence that the four-tubes column is raised by a mysterious force, appearing in front of the right fight.

Water shadow office.

"Is it interesting, is it a big snake pill?"

Right hit on the sofa and looked at the hand similar to the crystalline particles, and the eyes were slightly flashing.

If he remembers it is right, there is a ninja called Red Lotus in the hands of the big snake pill, which has a bloody limit of "crystal".

The fog secret that was originally fought, has been found in the location of old purple, but I didn't expect to kill a big snake pill.


What is doubts about the right bumper? What is the big snakeball guy arrested four tails?

He doesn't remember what is the use of Daba Pill.


"It is the big snake pill that creates a wooden crash plan and" three endure ". "

According to Mei Ming Nature, I heard the right fight, some of the strange open mouth.

"It is really a crazy guy." Illuminated is slightly loud and then evaluated.

"Crazy" These two words are used to describe the big snake pills, which is extremely accurate.

At present, I don't know if the news is a little bit, and Yisi Bao and the right bucket are collecting the tail.

In all the tail beasts, in addition to the nine-tail column, the remaining tail beasts are mostly in the hands of Unexpected Boss and Right.

The big snake pill is actually in this case, it is still in this matter.

This can indeed describe it!

Do you have to think about the consequences of criminal hidden spots and right?

Thinking in the hearts of the United States, the big snake pill is not afraid of death!

"Do you want to send someone to search for the big snake pill?"

Looking back like the god, look at the right fight, and asked softly.

Although she is unclear, the right fight is to collect the purpose of the beast, but I know that the tail beast is important to the right.

I heard the inquiry of the beauty, and the right bumbled gently shook his head.

Now there is not much time to waste on the big snake pill.

Regardless of the purpose of the big snake pills, what is the purpose of the old purple, as long as the four-tail column is not falling in the hands of Yuxi Boss, what is the hand of the big snake?

Like the beauty, nod, now there is a more important thing.

"You sent me to call me, what is it?"

Right, I went back to God, I would like to ask for a little inquiries.

"There is a thing, calling people."

Looking forward on the beauty of the face, green pupil, looking at the open mouth outside the door.

Voice fell!

The office door is opened, and the two dark ninja racks a bored figure and come in.

I saw the guy who was bundled with racks, the right to calm face, couldn't help but.


The right fight is slightly surprised.

At this moment, I was tied by a thick hemp rope, but my face didn't panic look, but I wonderfully looked for four weeks.

However, when it is white to see the right fight, it seems that the condition reflects to shrink the neck.

After the two dark ninja will be bundled, after being thrown on the ground, the opposite of the right boused and like the beauty, then slowly retreat.

"How is this going?"

Right Troupe picked up the eyebrows, and I would like to take back to the beauty of the beauty and doubt.

"This guy is discovered by the Ninja, who is secretly opened outside the village, and then grabs the Ninja by the dark department."

With a weird expression on the beauty, pumping out of the mouth.

"It's that simple?"

Right, I can't stand it, and my face also revealed a strange look.

It's just as simple as the US.

It is important to know that it is a thousand links with Yu Zhibo spots.

It is because of this.

I didn't dare to win between the beauty of the beauty, and people called the right!

The right fight is with a inexplicable expression. It turns out to be bundled at this moment, and the old man is really perturbed in the same place.

Not he can't look at his own dark ninja!

The floats that have been mastered and pretending, if you want to hide in front of ordinary ninja, the other party can't find it.

"Let's talk, Yuxi Baozhi is the guy to come over, what do you want to do?"

Right fight and look at the sound of the sound, and the open mouth.

Due to the depths of the heart, I really want to spit it too tight, and I am very uncomfortable on the ground, but when I see a right fight sitting on the sofa on a lazy look.

White is imagined, I still pressed the inner depths.

At this moment, the right battle looks at this moment. Although there is nothing moment, it is almost the same as an ordinary ninja, but it is a real monster that knows the person in front of him!

If it is accidentally killed, it is miserable!

Of course, the white is not worried that he is killed. After all, he is just a bordering, even if it is dead.

But because of this, there is no matter what the incident of Unexpectedly, it is really miserable!

"Yu Zhibo spheres, I will come over, I want to let the misty village cooperate with rock village."

White slightly turned slightly, the head of the head and carefully wing.


According to the beauty of the eyes, the face with a dignified look.

The right bucket did not open, quietly looked at it, waiting for him to follow.

"Yes, we work together to give the leaves."

White is busy nod, while the voice is excited.

Obviously, it is a big thing that can vibrate the whole tolerance, but don't know why, from the white mouth, it is always a sense of funny.

But as the beauty is not laugh, but the look is serious, the face is full of dignity.

Take the beauty of the body to see the direction of the right, this thing is not what she can decide.

At this moment, the face is still calm, I don't know what I am thinking.

One time between.

The entire split office is temporarily caught in a quiet state.

White is very obvious to feel the change in the atmosphere, and the brain bag is retracted.

But this kind of silence is quickly broken by the right.

"Sorry, I just got a little."

"This is really a good idea, like beauty, how do you feel?"

Right, I went back to God, laughed and opened.

I saw the right thing at this moment, with a honesty on the beauty, I have just thought that the right fighter is thinking.

I didn't expect it to be really god!

"I don't have a problem, right fight."

According to the beauty, the temples, the face with a bit helpless, open mouth,

"In this case, then you can go back to tell Yu Zhiwei."

The right bumper hooks, and it can be left to go.


White is somewhat, although his nerve is not marginal, he also knows that both party cooperation is a big event.

In addition to being a little surprised by Meimei, I was very calm, whether it is right fight, or the beauty of beauty.

It seems that the two sides are not a big thing, but a small thing that can be solved.

To know!

If you cooperate to attack the leaves, then it is a role!

"Why don't you go?"

Right, I looked at the white, and I had a somewhere, frown.

"Right fighting adult, he is now bundled, even if you want to leave, you can't move."

It sounded like a beautiful, then reached out and took the palm.

next moment.

The door of the office was opened, and the two dark ninja came in from outside, then lifted up and walked outside.

Then until it is completely left.

On the calm face of the United States, he revealed the dignified look, with some amazing tone:

"The right trick, I didn't expect you to guess, Yuxi Bao is really sent."

I heard the beauty of surprises and smiled gently and smiled gently.

"In fact, I am also a little surprised. I am still thinking. If Yu Zhihu is not sent during this time, we will send people here."

There is a smile on the right fight, and the sound is also an accident.

During this time, the endurance is too long. He has long thought about the leaves.

The fog hidden village has always been preparing for the preparation of war.

However, the past time has been dragging because the four-tail column is dragged, Yisi spots are naturally the same.

In a few days ago, after the four-tubes, the column of old purple was taken away by the people of the big snake pill, which allowed the Sui Zhi Boss's anxiety.

This time.

The reason why the endure is kept calm, because Yisi Bao is still right, the two people are looking for four people.

As for the thousand-handles, natural Pak is not allowed to stay calm.

If it is able to kill the imperial width and right fight, it is naturally good for the thousand-handles.