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Chapter 376 The prelude before the war began!

of course.

Have a right to be american black power, I am afraid that you have to disappoint the killer.

If you want to kill the right battle, it is better to come to a better battle to solve more.

Originally before a few days ago, the right fight was considering whether to bring the wooden leaves with Yuxi Boli.

Now the wooden leaves, but it is just between rocky villages and misty villages, and there is nothing to talk about, and only the land is just a pot, it is enough to let the leaves eat a pot.

Nowadays, Sui Zhihu is active to contact him, this is to let the right have a feeling of sleeping to the pillow.

The situation of Unexpected Boss is now many in the case of the original.

I don't say much, the two flags of the killer and the right fight are quite opponents.

The quantity of the tail began now in single Yuxi Boufa is now not enough to let Yuxi Bo are unscrupulous.

What's more, when the original Zhongyu scorpion is resurrected, there is 100,000 white, plus the big army of the embarrassment!

Now there is anything in the hands of Yuxi Bo, only a few members who are in the organization group.

As long as the head does not smoke the iron, it is the most beneficial to find one of them.

The big snake pills put the four-tail column, which seems to be extremely hidden, but with the hand of Yuxi Bo, perhaps it can be able to find the spider silk.

Since the big snake pill does this, it is obviously not intended to deliver the four-tail column to the right hop and the hands of Unexpected Boss.

At the right battle, the guy of the big snake pill is likely to carry four tail column plots.

After all, the big snake pill is now sinned, but he is sinned and Yisi Bouc. And both of them are obviously not the kind of person.

This thing may not do anything, but the possibility of this repeated personality that the big snake pill is great.

Plus the top of the present wood, but there is a good friend of the two big snake pills.

The things you did before the big snake pill may let the leaves of the leaves to escape, but as long as there is a coming, the big snake pill should be in danger.

According to this speculation!

That is, now all the mantissa of the end of the end is concentrated in the hands of Unexpell, the thousands of hands and the right trumper.

"Is the right fight adult, the cooperation of Unexpell Belt will not have any trap?

With a generous doubts on the beauty, the soft open road.

You know, now the number of tail is the misty village, Yu Zhibo spheres want to get the tail beast, in love, no matter how to see, the income of the fog with the woods is the greatest.


The right fight has a inexplicable smile and shook his head gently.

He naturally knows that he is alleged in the hearts of the United States.

"Although I didn't deal with Urshi Boss, there is a little very recognized, and the decision between the killer is wrong."

The right fight is calm and the sound is slowly open.

"Just just because of this?" With a stunned look, some happened.

The right bucket did not open again, and it was still calm.

Some things don't say anything.

Now, how to remove the wood!

Finally started!

The right battle is flashing in a touch of cold, the last time to cover the wooden leaf, it is too rough, and after the people of the wooden leaves, then the back attack is a little fatigue.

In addition, the so-called four major rigid villages teamed up to attack the leaves, but only a nice famous, the troops sent by each rim are too small, not enough to play a war.

The reason why the one who opened the people in the leaves was completely a wooden leaves.

These Ninja, the Ninja, which is completely cheap.

Of course, there is also a part of the reason why it is right.

In the case of the backhand of the guys, the right bumper is naturally not too advancing.

But now!

Right fight will not give the wooden chance. He has to completely cover the wood, and you will fight the other side!

"Let the ninja of the whole fog hidden village, prepare for war!"

The right bouhere slowly lifted his head, looked at the outside of the office, and the sound was calm and solemnly.

"Yes, right fights!"

I nodded with the beauty, and the face showed excitement.

The fog hidden village is waiting for this battle, but it has been waited for a long time, and some people who are in the village may be afraid of war, even fear.

But most of the Ninja in the fog hidden village can have a strong excitement and expectation of the battle.

In a certain aspect, this may also be because of the time policy of "blood fog", the sequelae left.

What's more, the country is surrounded by the sea and small islands, the resources are too limited, and if the fog hidden village wants to develop, it must be jumped out of this island.

If you don't say the right fight, even if you don't say it, you have already considered how the village has developed.

As the right to the right, the essence of the mid-like hidden village, all the people in the village began to act.

at the same time.

On the other hand, rocky village.

After Yuxi Bouvelle received the news from the white emperor, although there was a little unexpectedly for the right trick, he did not hesitate to hesitate.

At the same time, it mute Ninja, which is rustic.


Unlike fog hidden villages, rocky village has a ninja against this war, but these sounds are too much, and there is an impact on the overall situation.

At this moment, the village has been thoroughly controlled in the hands of Yuxi Bouvelle.


The big wild wood pretended to be in charge of the village, plus the stubborn and stubborn character of the previous wild wood.

Let the village suspect that there is less people in the wild, maybe, but there is an existence of Yuxi Boss and others, these people don't dare to send how big sounds.

What's more, in the eyes of Yuxi Boss, the entire rock village is just a tool he achieved the goal.

I have been calm in the past this time.

In the case of constant movement in rocky villages and fog hidden villages, it is in a strange calm.

Everyone can feel that this is the calm before the storm!

The two major rivers and Yunyin Village of Shain Village and Yun Yin Village took the lead in feeling the breath before the war.

These days, most of the prices on the market have risen two times, especially some military products.

Whether it is rocky village, or the foggy village began to buy a large number of all kinds of endurance, hand sword, bitter, detonate, soldier grain pills, etc.