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Chapter 377 Preparation of Wood Leaves!

The means of purchasing these military needs in the village and rock villages are extremely hidden.

But such a large number of war items disappeared, naturally triggering sandy villages and Yunyin Village.

As long as the two are carefully tranched, they can easily find the two largest translearness villages and rock villages.

Originally, the two adults worn some nervous, but followed, the wooden leaves were also active.

Only less than three days, the price of military needs, the price of military needs, rose more than three or four times.

This makes sandy village and cloud in villages and happiness.

Because the items purchased by these three major superbutures are almost purchased from their sandy village and Yun Yin Village.

So in just a short time, they earn a lot of money, while the same military goods in their inventory are also rapidly decreasing with the speed visible in the naked eye.

This extent of buying, so that the two rivals have returned to God in the surprise emotions, they all panic.

The intelligence groups in their respective villages apparently realized what.

The sea, the sea, the sea of ​​Saha Yin, is not right from the first time, but it quickly released, even directly open his stock, actively selling.

Hai Xiao Tibet has realized that these money is not to earn them, it is a subconscious to tell them that they are best not to intervene.

Open your own inventory, take the initiative to sell the action, it is the old Haruang Tibet, I love the sandy, saying that it will not intervene the determination of this war.

The reason why the people in sandy village is complete because they are not intended to join.

They have taken a few things happened in Sandy Village, their strength has already been drifted, and natural Pak is not far from these things.

Another Fang Yunyin Village.

After aware of this, the four-generation Lei Yai Ai, who is full of temper, prohibits the external flow of military goods in the village.

However, this state will stick to the two days, and the four generations of Thunder Ying is re-released.

This is mainly due to the persuasion of burlap.

According to the words of Ma Buyi, it is the most important thing to save your own hunger in this situation.

If the three major super buckets can fight, if they are concerned, the benefits are far more than the disadvantage.

Some of the districts sell some tolerance, the other party is not given.

Although the four generations of Lei Yun Ai spleen is irritated, it does not represent his stupid, after thinking about the recommendations of Ma Buyi. Only black face re-recovered the command to release it.

In addition to the two rivals, many other small riva also reacted.

I quickly recalled the Ninja in my village, and the Ninja in the car was not allowed to go out this time.

Even some small ninjas directly block their own villages, the province's own bull in this horror war.

Woody village.

Naruto office.

A huge navigated world map hanging on the wall.

The program wrinkles eyebrows and does not stop the number of positions on the map.

In front of the board, a large number of wooden leaves, the face with a dignified look, carefully look at the map, and discuss the countermeasures.

Nara's contemporary homeowner Nara Luo is standing on the other side, and the situation is analyzed with the gaining look and formulates strategies.

After a moment, I had a moment of Kung Fu, and the atmosphere of the fiercely discussed the in the Office is finally stopped.

"First come here, you go to prepare first."

The prime hand smashed the temple, and the open mouth of the following.

"Yes, fire, big!"

The businessman of the wooden leaves respectfully replied to the hand, turned to the office, turned to the office.

"Naruto adults, I am afraid that I have been more busy over time. I have to pay attention to rest this time."

Nara Lifeng looked at the charter of the temple and reminded him softly.

"During this time, it is necessary to pay attention to rest, Luo Jiu."

The apeer heard Nara Luo Long, with a smile, soft open mouth.

"This should be done under."

Nara Luli grabbed his head, and then bowed again, turned around to go outside the fire.

After knowing that there is no one in the air shadow office, the apeer is relieved, and the face is with a tired look, sitting directly.

In these days, in order to cope with two major super built things, the aperator has not glared in two days.


Along with a clear, the door of the office is pushed away.

The mute is a cup of hot tea, and I came in.

"Adults, do you want to take a break?"

Silently looked at the face of the tired look, with a worry on his face, while in front of the tea tea in your hand.

"Nothing, I know my state."

The ahead shook his head and picked up a brown tea.

After drinking two tea, the program seems to have recovered a few points and looked up and kept: "Is there news there?"

Silently pick the tea cup in the hand, when you are ready to open.

A black figure suddenly jumped from the window of the fire shadow office.

The mute face changed, and quickly blocks in front of the program, it is tight, and prepares for fighting.

Just when you silence to see the person who jumped in from the window, his face revealed a stunned expression.

That's right, the person who jumps in is it!

"Say, why do you have a door, are you always jumping?"

The apeer looks to the face and the face is helpless, and I can't help the spit.

"Haha, habits."

I also grasp the hair and can't help but laugh.

But the ushered is mute some no weird eyes.

"Cough, talk about it."

Located and cough, my face is busy with the solemn look.

This is out.

The bodies can't stand the slightly, and the face is revealed.

"The situation is better than what we expect."

"Rocky Village is a bit complicated, although there is no problem from the surface, the high-level people have all tend to be in Sui Zhibo."

"As for the wild wood ..."

I said that here, the sound is slightly done, and the face shakes his head with a hint of uncertain look.

When I saw the expression on my face, my hand gently sighed.

"So, I want to prevent the expectations of this war from the high level of Rock Village, I didn't expect Yuxi Bo spots to receive the high-rise of rocky villages in such a short period of time."

The view is slightly flashing, some helpless sigh.

"Yu Zhibo spheres may not only be supported so simple." The voice shook his head and his face with a weird look.