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Chapter 378 The war begins!

In the words, the secrets of the secrets, how could it be able to hear it.

However, if it is true, it can only explain that the situation is even worse than they expect.

"It is really bad news."

The program is smashed with the temple, helpless open.

"This war cannot be avoided from the beginning, but now the situation is somewhat unfavorable to the wooden leaves."

Like a light open road, with a tone of comfort.

From the thousand-handed, Yuxi Bao, the three people, the three people will start, I am afraid that there is already a lot of people, it is expected that war will appear.

Even in a certain aspect, the time of this war is more than some people expect some people.

When you talk about it here, the voice is slightly toned, and the look is with a tangled look, hesitates a moment.

"What happens, is there any bad news? Some say it is good."

The aperator found that the discovery is the same, shakes his head, and laughs and opens.

Now anyway, there is a pile of bad things, and it is not bad.

"Exactly, this thing is not bad news."

I also saw the agency discovered that a few funny laughed grabbed hair haha.

"I have come back on the road, I met the big snake pill." Naturally, after listening to the laughter, lift the head and look at the planner, and I asked with a trace of query.


I heard this name, the master first, followed by gently frowned eyebrows.

Now, don't have to look at the expression, you can guess the idea of ​​our heart.

"What is the big snake pill?" Outline is not expressive, and the open mouth.

"Big snake pill, he wants to return to the wooden leaves."

Laughing and smiles, the sound is obviously two adjustments than just the low.


The planner slammed the table and smashed the big eyes. He also saw it, and the unusually determined open mouth: "It's impossible!"

What you do before the big snake pill can be forgiven!

In the face of such a fierce reaction, the eyes are also slightly smashed, and there is nothing to do.

This thing seems to be carefully chatted.

I know that the agency is now on your air, not intended to stimulate her, after the appointment is gone, then calm down and talk about this.

Nowadays, the situation is unfavorable.

If it is before, you will not easily forgive the big snake pill, but now the return of the big snake will, for the wooden leaves, the benefits are far more than the disadvantage!

What's more, the strengths of the big snake pills are good. At this time, add the wooden leaves, and the battle will play a certain impact.


the other side.

In the process of preparations military materials in the fog hidden village, in the process of preparing for military materials.

Of course, this connection is just determined to each other. Attacking the time point of the wooden leaves.

At the same time, the guy of Yuxi Boss really did not require it.

According to the meaning of Sui Zhihu, he will make a victory with the thousands of handles, and this battle is not allowed to move.

In the face of this requirement of Yuxi Boss, although the right bumper is unfortunately unfortunately, it is not possible to play with the thousand-handed column, but no objection.

Since some people are willing to make the most difficult guys, the right is naturally happy.

But from this point.

Yuxibo spheres seem to be confident to yourself, this is to make the right martial arts are slightly cautious.

Between the eye.

Time in a week in the past!

It is not a rituit before the start of war, but it is necessary to prepare before all kinds of war.

During this time, it is the process of mobilizing all the people in the fog hidden village.

Smog of hidden village harbor coast.

Three big boats took the lead in sailing, leaving from the port to the sea.

There are more than 50 ninja on each boat, and a Xiao Xiao's atmosphere spreads from board.

On the front big boat, the peach is no longer carrying the big knife, and the eyes are emitted to dissipate cold and excitement, watching the distant sea level.

"I finally started!"

The peach will never send a low laughter.

The fog hidden village is the first, it is the seven knife, and the three boats, all the ninja will not be headed by peach.



A light footsteps came back from the peach.

No need to look back, the peach will never know who it is. Now this time, there is only one white left in front of him.

At this time, it wore a black combat service. The upper body was draped in a middle-ended lock. The original weak personality was desirable in this dress, and anxious.

"The peach is no longer adult, and our mission is just to control the country to the country to meet the army in the foggy village."

"So in this case, don't conflict with the leaves, or don't have a conflict."

White walked to the peach and didn't be shed, and the soft opening.

He is too much to understand the personality of the peach, if it comes to the people of the wood, I am afraid it will be able to play directly, but this is completely not conducive to their task.

Therefore, it can only remind the peach and don't know.

"Really, Luo Ri is."

The peach will not have a white, impatiently put a hand.

The mild smile is revealed on the white face, and the peach will not be admitted. Although nothing says, the protein is what he said, no more people have heard it.

There are two ways to attack the wooden leaves in the fog.

The first article is after the country of water, directly through the territory of the country of the sea, because the Mazhi has built a bridge.

So the country is a very important strategy, which has great advantageous benefits to the fog hidden village.

Of course, the wooden leaves know this, I am afraid that there will be considerable obstacles in the border of the country of Wave.

And another route is the route of the front fog hidden village to attack the wooden leaves.

It is also the first to go out, enter the country of the bear!

In the border of the Kobe as the Chinese, the border of the offensive fire, only this route, the offensive route of the Boo is two more than enough.

Of course, this route has a certain advantage, that is, relative stability and security.

At present, the method used by the fog hidden village is that the double line is ridiculous, as the main attack route, which one is the secondary route, and there is no clear decision.

This is mainly to look at the next battlefield, which route can take the lead in breaking through the defense of the fire.

This is a real war!

When you have just resurrected with the right bumper, just lead a small army of a misty village, and the status of the offensive leaves is completely different.