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Chapter 379 takes over the country!

Just spend about a day.

Three big boats led by the peach, it has entered the sea area of ​​the Waves.

In advance, the ninja in the fog hidden village inserted in the wave of the wave, directly took over the only port of the Wave.

Even the countries of the whole wave have not reacted!

The next family of wood has traded with a small country like the Wave.

This also has always made the relationship between the country with the fog hidden village has always been good.

But this is just a good!

If the big name of the Wave Country knows that the large number of ninjas in the fog hidden village will appear in the territory of the country, as long as it is not a fool, it will never agree.

Therefore, the fog hidden village has not intended to give a small country in the country.

After the fog of the left-behind country, the three big boats who will never lead to the peach will never becomes in.

The port of the country of the wave.

A large number of foreign countries, looked at the sudden appearance of three big boats and the fog, the fog from the boat, and all his face with a horrified and fear look.

Obviously, many people have not reacted, what happened?

Even if someone is aware of being wrong, but in the face of such a large number of ninja, some guards in the Wave Country did not dare to resist.

"The peach is no longer a big man, under the wood side of the wood under the wood."

On the port, the wooden side of the wooden side with a respectful look, quickly greet the peach from the boat jumped up.

The peach is not deeply sucking with the air with the sea salt, and the eyes flashed in a very excited look.

This is the second time I came to the country of Wave.

In some ways, the peach will not think that he has a few feelings of the country.

After all, I have encountered a right fight that I have just resurrected here.

After the peach is not slightly drunk, it is low to look at the wooden side of the woods that stand in front of themselves.

"Is it ready?"

There is no nonsense, and there is no nonsense to open the mouth.

In the face of the peach, it is not as good as the command, and the woods are still in the face, and there is no smashing.

You know, he is just a common member of the monarch under the wood.

The peach in front of you will never be ignorant, but the top of the whole misty village, one of the members of the "Seven Knife".

"It's ready." The fire under the fire, and quickly open the mouth.

"lead the way."

The peach is no longer nonsense, and the opening is directly opened.

After a while.

Under the leader of the Woodfield, the peach is not white, and several fog endured, it comes to the most central location of the entire wave.


It is a two or three layers of abnormal well-tidy, the more close to the center of the house.

Here is a low wooden house around the country, completely formed a distinct contrast.

"I didn't think of such a poor place in the country, I also saw such a good house."

White looked at this scene in front of him and frowned gently.

"The front is the place where the Wave Zhi's famous family is naturally better."

Under the wood, there is no feeling, and the light explains.

The peach is not going to go in the forehead, and directly entered the famous house of the country.

There are a lot of guards along the way, I want to stop the peach, no longer, but the peach is not scattered, so that these guards are hard to get on the top.


A middle-aged man in the abdomen is in a luxury office in the house, and when he is lying on the chair, he hurts.

This middle-aged man is the big name of the wave of the country.

Suddenly, the National Name of the Wave heard a snoring outside the room.

"What happened, why so, noisy!"

The National Name of the Wave opened a little bit of his eyes, with an anger, loudly facing the guard opening outside the door.

The voice just fell.

The door of the room was opened.

Two guards outside the door are full of cold sweat, and they are slowly refunded from outside the door.

Seeing that two guards are now like this, there is still a big name in the country of the wave. I wake up in an instant, and I quickly looked up and see.

The peach is no longer waiting for someone, and his face is slowly coming in from the door.

Seeing this scene, the big name of the wave can't help but shake, the body has a bit soft in this moment.

"You ... You are the people in the village, what do you want?"

The National Nature of the Waves naturally saw the fog implicit amount on the head of the peach, and there was a panic and uneasy in the tone.

Seeing the peach and no longer, as long as it is not a fool, I know that the people are not good!

"In the next period of time, our foggy village will take over the entire wave of the country."

"In addition, for the security of civilians of the country, I hope to live in the country of the whole wave, all the civilians near the west, all of which are transferred towards the east."

"So, I have to discuss it with the big name in advance."

The peach is no longer able to see the name of the wave of the country, the sound is moving.

Although it is discussing in your mouth, it is not discussed in the tone of the peach, and it is better to say that it is better to say that it is not as good as it is.

"No, it's impossible!"

The National Name of the Waves heard that the peach is not awkward, saying to take over the first reaction of the entire wave of wave, stand directly, open the mouth.

One time between.

The name of the country has forgotten fear.

"is it?"

In the face of the opposition of the national name of the wave, the peach is no longer a change in the face, and the trend is slightly flashed in the measures.

If it is not a right fight, mentioning the civilians and big names that don't hurt the country before departure, how can the peach will not talk to him here.

White feels the attention of the peach, and gently nod, step forward.

In the eyes of the famous national name, the white single hand has been printed before the body.


With a white smoke, the appearance of the white smoke has been completely named by the famous country.

The peach is no longer hung up, and it is a big name to be a little in the country of the body.

The big name of the wave made a chill, directly on the ground.

"I agree! I agree!"

The Waves of the Waves look at the white, especially whites who have come with themselves, especially when they come to themselves, and they will stand up.

When I heard the big name of the wave, I showed a smile on the face.

It's just that this smile is too horrified.

"Since you have agreed, then sign a few words here."

Bai walked to the national name of the trembling wave, pulled out a scroll from the arms, and the smile opened on his face.