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Chapter 380 Wood Leaf Force

In the peach, the big name of the White and others and the Waves of the Wave, a friendly discussion.

The National University of Waves took the initiative to make the temporary control of the Waves, while mobilizing all civilians living in the west side toward east side.

The bridge of the country is located on the west, so the fog hidden village needs to establish a position in the west side. Naturally, the civilians of the Waves will not live in the west side.

of course.

In doing so, many civilians in the Waves will naturally have dissatisfaction, but this dissatisfaction is mostly in the name of the famous country.

For the fog, the inner heart will naturally be dissatisfied, but if it is in front, no one will care.

But let everyone, even the names of the country of Wave are unexpected.

The fog hidden village has compensated a certain amount of money for everyone who metastasis to the east side, and it is also a loss of these civilians.

Of course, it is natural to make this right.

Most of the endurance battles, most of them are some small rivies, and the country.

After all, there are five big warfares, naturally will not let the battle occur in their own territory, and will move to some small countries.

And the reason why the right fight is, is to make the entire endurance.

Yuxi Bouvelle does not care about his reputation, but the right fight can not care, and the light has a simple strength.

"Name" "Daxie" two flags, but it is high.


When the civilian of the Wave Country, when the Ninja in the misty village gave them a money, his face was full of stunning and incredible expressions.

These ninja people will make money because of this matter.

If you put it before, you will not believe it is true.

In this world, there is no "human rights", let's not say that the Ninja, which is high in some civilians, single world system itself, most of the civilians belong to the obsolete object.

Don't say that it is only temporarily transferred from the west side to the east side, even if most of the country is expensive, most of the civilians are afraid to be angry.

Every endurance battle, most of the displacement civilians and orphans are produced.

Because of this matter, most of the Wave country civilians directly eliminate the alerts that appear in their country, even with these ninja adults.

The famous government of the country.

At this moment, I have been taken by the peach.

"I don't understand so much for these civilians."

The peach is no longer standing in front of the window, and the direction of the main bridge of the west side waves is slightly fell.

When I heard the peach, the white face on the side quickly exposed a serious expression.

"The peach is no longer saying, this thing is not to be said to be a right to explain. For this matter, whiten think that the right fighters do."

On the white face with serious, solemn.

White itself is born in a small village. The war caused by the war for civilians, the white is a person who personally, is a witness.


It seems that there is no meaningful behavior that seems to be meaningful for the right fight, and the white hair is supported from the heart!

I heard the white opposition to myself, and the peach was not gently shrugged, and I didn't entangle on this topic.

This is in the room.

In addition to the peach, there are two or white two people.

I just didn't want the conversation between two people, and the side of the Woodfield was quietly standing on one side, and there was no slightly.

What is the character of the peach, the side of the Wood, the frontier of the Wood, has been clearly understood through the information of the small family under the wood.

At present, throughout the Board of Wave, I can directly refute the peach, I am afraid it is only white.

not to mention.

The next family is a firm support of the right trick.

The Waves itself is a small country, and the number of civilians is not too much, so there is no more money.

"How things had been?"

The peach will not turn over and look at the side of the wood, and some lazy inquiry.

"Because the impact of paying money, the civilian transfer of the Wave Country is very rapid, and it should be able to transfer all in the afternoon."

"In addition, there are people who have struggled with the team, but they have been solved, should be the spies of the leaves staying in the country of Wave."

Under the wood, the Favorite blooming, the incidents of things are generally introduced.

Wooden spies!

The peach is no longer bright, it seems that it should not be bored next.

The position of the country's position, people in the foggy village know that the people in Wumi Village will naturally know.

At the same time, it will gradually take over the country in the foggy village.

A wooden troops have come to the position of the fire country border.

At the same time as the three big boats in the misty village, while this intelligence has passed to the wooden leaves.

After receiving this intelligence, the agency naturally did not hesitate to hesitate, directly sent a 20-person wooden force.

Their main task is naturally not fighting with the troops in the fog, but destroys the bridges of the land of the country to connect the fire.

As long as this bridge is destroyed, then the country offensive the wooden route, it is equivalent to being abolished.

If you want to continue to attack the leaves, you can walk through the boat.

Once so!

Wooden leaves will be tilted in terms of active and war.


The figure of the digital wooden ninja quickly jumped in the jungle, and the face of a person flooded with a noble expression.

The forehead of this group of wooden leaves is the endurance of Nara and the day.

Just at this time!

The day of the family, suddenly reached out, accompanied by this action, all the ninja stopped almost the same time.

"No. 7 orientation, position on the 12th, and the 3rd orientation are traps, quickly clean up, do not attract anyone."

On the day, I watched a circle around a circle and said three orientations.

Following the three people in many Ninja in the rear, jumping towards the direction of these three positions.

Just for a moment, the three ninja returned, and it obviously had a trap.

The troops of the wooden leaves again.

"How far is it from a man, how far is it from the destination?"

The Nara's family ends to the day next to a man, whispering.

"There is still less than about 50 kilometers, in order to now, there is no accident, I have to arrive at about an hour before it."

On the day, a man in a man is picker, and the sound of the open mouth.

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