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Chapter 381 is handing!

The distance between 50km is not far from the Ninja.

However, this is the need to prevent Ninja in the fog hidden village, and clean up some other firms, this is the main time.

Nara Jiki heard the day of a man, and the heart was slightly calculated, and the eyes flashed in the eyes.

Now you don't need to think, you can guess the Ninja in the village of the Bozi Bridge to stay there.

That is to say, if you want to be in the absence of not aware of it, the bridge near the wave is extremely low.

"If this seems to be, can you attack?"

Nara Jiki has just been searched, whisper muttering.

Nara Ji Coes are not big, but the day on one side is still able to hear.

"Strong attack is not a good way."

The day is full of dignified looks on a man, there is no accident.

They themselves are a wooden troops stationed in the border of fire.

This is why they can rush here in the first time of the foggy into the country.

However, with the fog, they now have some shortcomings, so as for the troops in the village, it is still unable to determine when it can arrive.

People in the misty village have occupied the country of Wave, start building a position, so they don't have much time to waste, only to destroy the bridge of the country with the fastest speed.

Nara, Ji Cai, sighed, and today's situation is indeed unfavorable to the leaves, but it is not too bad.

According to the information received.

Among the strong people sent from the fog hidden village, it seems that only one of the seven-knit members will never be ignorant.

As long as you think about the way you don't care, you will have a very large bridge that can destroy the waves.

Think of this.

Nara Jikon can look up and see the sky, and the heart is silently calculated.

"Reduce the speed of travel, we will fight at night."

Nara Jikon turned to the day of the day to a man, serious open mouth.

On the day, there is no hesitation, nodded gently, Nara, the family, the position of the military division in the woods.

And with the current situation, only this approach, the day, there is no need to refute Nara, Nara.

After two consensus consensus, the entire wooden force has a rapid decrease.

While the woods, the woods are recovered, they generally carefully remove the traps around the wing, close to the direction of the wave of the country bridge.

Many of the gods of the fire is a big tree.

The troops of the wooden leaves can hide their figure with the woods, coupled with the white eyes of the family, and can observe the mist patrol in advance.

So they do not have discovered possibilities in a short time.

Wait in the waves of the mushrooms.

Time is between the eyes!

One piece is accompanied by the wooden ninja on the thick branch, standing in the first time.


On the day, a man opens the white eye, leading the 10 left and soone, and the leader will move.

Nara Ji Cai and the remaining ten left and right wooden ninja, still standing on the big tree silently waiting.

On the day, the task of a man is needed to attract the attention of the Ninja in the village, and then turn out an endless fog.


A perceived a perceived fog around the Bridge of the wave, suddenly opened his eyes, immediately stood up and shouted:



Dozens of fog have appeared from the shadow, directly blocking the front of the Board's Bridge.

"There are about ten people, do not rule out the hidden wooden, do a good warning!"

I feel that the fog is now at the foremost position, and after the eye is silent, I open the mouth.

At the same time, a few fogs also have the forehead, and a relaxed look on a face.

"Is there only ten people? Not enough for our group."

"Is the people of the leaves lastned?"

"Today's round value is really lucky!"


A famous facial face with excitement looks, looks at the dark forest in the distance.

Originally, there is nothing to happen this evening, and I didn't expect to be unexpected.

"There is a dramatic Chakra wave, in three o'clock orientation!"

Perceived fog is once again opened again, and this time it also determines the specific location of the wooden ninja.

With the perceived fog, the sound is falling!


A dull voice fried on the ground, followed by countless heel rushed from the ground, and went to the fog in the scene.

Seeing this scene, the fog in the scene was hid, and at the same time, the direction of the jungle in the jungle was in the past.

But in the moment of the mist, it will be close to the forest, and a burst of explosions will come rapidly from the air.

"Water in the water!"

"Water in the water!"

"Water in the water!"

Several fog is in the same way to spray a thick water flow from the mouth, conjunction with the air, and the detonation of the flying will be blocked in half air.

boom! boom!

A huge explosion, colliding with the rain in the air, just as a heavy rain.

With this explosion, the wood of the wooden leaves temporarily stop the foggy advancement.

Among the jungles.

On the day, I saw this scene scene, and my face revealed a smile: "Good chance, will all go to the front!"

Three wooden and ninja quickly came out from everyone, and the printing of the rain is released to the rain.

Under the blessing of rain, the lightning is rapidly spread in the water flow, and several reactions are not anxious, and they are numb on the spot, and they are planted on the ground.

"The other side has a thunder, and the other tolerance, find someone to drag the wounded."

I have an early way to hide in advance, I have an end to the ground, frowning quickly and frowned.

"You are what these little ghosts use the war!"

"This is not your game in the ninja school!"

"Even if we account for the advantage, we must keep cautious and be careful. No one will save you in the battlefield."

This fog hides to endure the sound icy reminder.

If it is not a small number of wood leaves, plus the group of wood leaves, it seems to just want to drag what they mean.

Otherwise, I just endured many of these corona lying on the ground, just like there is no resistance to the slaughter.

When the other party throws it, it can kill all the guys who lying on the ground.

At this time, a misty in the mist appeared next to this.

"Adults, those little ghosts have no fatal injuries, and they should be able to recover for a few days."

This name is low-respecting with respect.

The fog is hidden, I nod, I just nod, although he talks very cold, but the heart is also concerned with these endurance.

After all, these endure, but the future fog hidden hope.

Knowing that they have nothing to do, the fog is hidden to lift the front.

"Attack! Don't let the army of the wooden escape."

The fog is hidden to the endurance, the sound of killing, the sound is cold.

The voice fell, a name of the mist quickly dispersed, and rushed toward the direction of the woods in the forest.