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Chapter 382 Summary of the Wood Leaf!

Under the strong attack of the mist, the defense arranged by a male and other wooden ninja, soon being broken.

Faced with a scene.

There is no panic look at a male and other wooden ninja, because their mission is to lead a part of the mist.

The ninja led by the two sides quickly met in the forest and handed it directly!

On the number of ninja, the day, a man, a man, a disadvantage, is obviously at a disadvantage.

Therefore, in the face of many misty attacks, these wooden, ninja, while retreating backwards.

The ninja of the fog is naturally not so easy to leave the ninja of the wood, and there are more than 30 fogs that are close to the face.

After all, these are all functions!

As for the team's fog, I naturally I naturally I know that the day, a man, who wants to lead them to the attempt.

But the foggy is not here!

The peach is no longer sitting behind, and their number is far greater than the ninja of the wooden leaves, even if they have already opened them.

For the protection of the national bridge, there will be other foggy to supplement, and it will not be reduced.

Among the national famous prices of the country.

The explosion of the detonation of the direction of the wave of the wave of the wave, naturally passed here.

The peach is no longer in the face, and it has disappeared.

"Finally a bit interesting thing!"

The peach will not twisted the neck, and the corner of the mouth is a wipe, and stand up.

when! when!

At this time, the sound of the whispers sounded.

The peach is no longer a bird, and the door is pulled directly.

"The peach is no longer long, a small troops in the wood, the number of people around ten people."

A middle endure is at the door, and I saw it directly opened the door, first stunned, followed by the opening.

"Ten people? Interesting."

The peach will not pick up the eyebrows and go straight to the door.

And the middle end of the communication was quickly followed, but the two came to the half road, and he saw the white coming over.

"White adult."

That is to see the solemn face on the white face, and the slogan, whispering.

Although white in fog hidden, it is also a very embarrassment, but the status is some special.

There is not much ninja that can be directly seen in the village, but the white is one of them.

"I haven't slept so late, do you want to go out to see?"

The peach will never see the white, and there is a low laughter opening in the tone.

Bai first, I took a nod to the name, then turned to the head and looked at the peach and didn't shake his head.

"I have just launched the country, there are many things to do."

"The troops of this wooden leaf can be arrived so fast, it should not be the main force of the wood, but the troops stationed in the end of the border, I want to have no powerful ninja."

The white face with a mild look and whispered open mouth.

"I have been bored for a few days, it is a bit meant, I have to act."

The peach is no longer twisted to twist the wrist and continue to go outside.

The white eyes went away from the peach, and did not intend to stop the peach.

The Bridge of the wave is still extremely important. If you don't go forward, you will be more peaceful.


Delivery forest.

Located in the rear, I have been waiting quietly to Nara Jishi, gaze the direction of the main bridge of the wave, a cool look.

Nara, Jishigang, who came from time to time, Nara, Ji Cai, was successfully developed in his heart.


Nara Jikoda suddenly flashed a fierce, whispered open mouth.

Voice fell!

A wooden ninja's figure and Nara Jisho disappeared at the same place.

And this time, Nara Ji Cai led this force, there is no meaning of intention of hiding, as if it is a sharp knife, rushing towards the direction of Qiao Qiao, the country.

Nara, Ji Coye is very clear, they only have a chance, and the speed of the speed is fundamentally!

Similarly, Nara Ji Co is clear, regardless of the failure or success, their ten people ninja troops, I am afraid that few people can live.

The wooden rubber in the field also understands this, but everyone's face has a firm look.

If the Bridge of the wave does not destroy, it is not only a few people who can solve it.

Nara Jikang and others rushed out from the forest and saw the Waves of the Waves, and there was no shocking around the trees around this distance.

The emergence of Nara, Jikang and others, instantly attracted the attention of the mist.

"Sure enough! There are other wooden ninja!"

"Stop them, don't let them close to the country bridge!"

A sound slammed from the fog, and the three movements were rushed to Nara Jikio.

At the same time, there is a lot of hardships, and the hands are quickly shot in the direction of several people.

I have already arranged everything in advance, I didn't have a panicked look on my face.

Two wooden rollers rushing in the forehead, from the moment of rushing out of the forest, the hands have begun to speed up.

"Earth - Drain City Avoid!"

One of the wood-legged ninja was taken directly on the ground.


With a loud noise, Nara Jikio and others stepped up quickly.

The last blink of blinking has been raised to the height of the six or noi, and the attacks of these ninja are escaped.

The other conjunctivator is followed by another.

"Earth - Different River!"

The surrounding ground has become so soft, followed by one of the mudslides, go to the week.

With the obstruction of these two sickness, Nara Jikio and others continue to rush forward.

Surrounded by ten wooden, ninja, put Nara Jishigang firmly protects in the most central location, and does not stop to release the tissue in all directions and hinder the fog.

Just unfortunately.

This advancement did not last until the forehead, a wooden-legged tie was first shouted, and was hit by the sick of the surrounding attack, and the team was fell out in an instant.

"Keep going!"

Nara Jikon bite his teeth and the tone is still unfained.

He knows that if the ninja that fell out of the team, if they don't save, they will die.

But Nara Ji Cai also knows that they must never stop, as long as they stop, they can no longer be close to the bridge of the country.


As the bridge of the country's country is getting closer.

The wooden leaves have come from the first eleven people, and there are five wooden ninja, including Nara, Ji Co.

At the moment, a few people were covered with scars, and they were all breathless and looked at the national bridge in front of the wave.

"Block them to give me time!"

Nara Kikoda took a breath and opened his mouth to the rest of the ninja.


A firm voice also sounded at the same time.

At this moment, the mood in the field is already aware that they are afraid that they can't live in today, and they are full of death.

This is out.

The three wooden ninja in the field directly turned to see a lot of misty, and mobilized only a lot of Chakra left, and launched himself to master the strongest sterilization.

Give Nara, Gishigang created the time of destroying the country bridge!