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Chapter 383, Nara, Ji Co!

There are three kinds of wooden, ninja, to start scrubbing, giving them time.

And another wooden, ninja and Nara Ji Cai have played a look at it, and dare not waste a trace of time to rush into the direction of the wave of the country.

At this moment, they are less than 50 meters from the South Bridge!

A short fifty meter!

This is just about two or three seconds for them as ninja.


Nara Jikio had just got out of a few steps away, and he saw a slowly gone from the bridge of the wave of the wave, and he blocked his two people!

"The peach is no longer!"

Nara Yosangkou gasped in the mouth, staring at the laughing and looking at the peach of the two people.

"It is more than two three times more than the number of people in the wood, and it is still broken by the people of the leaves to the nearby bridge, and a group of waste!"

The peach is never looked at a lot of fog that is temporarily stopped, with a cold look, reprimanded.

If he suddenly came out this evening, if you come over, I'm afraid that the Big Bridge is really destroyed.

The remaining mist is blocked, listening to the peach and no cold voice, there is a shame on one face and shame.

In fact, this doesn't blame them!

Who once thought of these wooden guys, they were unable to save themselves, and they attacked them with their death.

The strength of a hunting ninja broke out is terrible, not to mention the desperate, no only one wooden, ninja.

After finishing, the peach is no longer turning again to see Nara, Jisho, and another leaf ninja.

"I hope that you can bring me a good nature!"

The peach is no longer slightly cracking, holding the head of the big knife, showing a cruel smile on his face.

When I said half of the peach, the wooden ninja has quickly rushed to the direction of the peach.

"Fire - dusty!"

The wooden rubber is over-handed, spurting from the mouth, carrying a hot and high temperature gray smoke.

This endurance is released, it is like a gray smoke that covers the sky, and all the space around it is in it.

This tuberculature not only masks the opponent's field of view, but the high temperature smoke has caused serious injury to the breathing system once it comes into the nose.

At this time, Nara Ji Co and the wooden ninja have preparation. From the beginning, it is kept in a state of moisture, but also from the arms, the black cloth that is wet is covered with the mouth of the mouth. At the same time, it rushed into the gray smoke.

Their two goals are the bridge of the Wave Country, but there is no effort to fight with the peach.

The peach is no longer known as a ghost, but also a strong silent killing skill!

And this fire, it is to prepare for the peach!

If the peach is not smashed into the smoke, then the hot smoke is definitely burning the peach.

The peach is not natural, I also detected the other party's calculation, looked at the high temperature dust of the horizon, couldn't help but picked the eyebrows.

The other party's tricks, indeed limited his silent murder!

Obviously the other party also knows, the front of him is not the opponent!

"I won't make you so easy."

"Waterfall - the operation of the waterfall!"

The peach is no longer hung on his face, and the hands are sprayed from the mouth, just like the average water flow of the waterfall.

A large amount of water flows with a hot smoke, not only rapidly decreases the hot temperature, but also the smoke and water are also quickly precipitated.

Just just a moment of Kung Fu!

It was originally covered by the smoke around, and Nara Ji Shan's figure was completely exposed to the peach.

"Find you!"

The peach is no longer hanging on the face, looking at Nara Jikotang and another wooden ninja, which is not far away, is ready to step on the ground and rush to the front.


The peach will not be a change, and I find that my body can't move.

At this moment, the peach is no longer discovered his shadow, and I don't know when to connect with the other's shadow.

"Shadow template success!"

Nara Jikao face with a smile, watching the peach to be accommodated by himself.

This is the real backhand!

The hot tightening attack, which is to hide the figure of oneself, and simultaneously restrict the movement of the peach.

After all, if it is a frontal hand, Nara Jikio can not be confidently able to use shadow to simulate, and the torrents will not be ignorant.

As for how to find the location of the peach, it is naturally the peach and no longer use the tolerance.

The peach will never want to let them approach the bridge of the Wave Country, it will definitely use the hot and dusty dust surrounded by .

Obviously, all this is in Nara Jikio's plan!


Nara, Jikotel, said with the open mouth of the wooden ninja.


In addition, a woody ninja does not have to open up Nara Jikon, and it has been in the past!

"Death!" The woody ninja took a bitter from the ninja bag, and his face was quickly appeared in front of the peach.

The neck that is never smashed in the peach is directly drawn.


A fresh blood is going to fly out!


It is also very happy to be happy, just seeing this blood, sprayed in the air in the air.

The treated peach is no longer, and the same purity is also chemically.

Not good, it is water!


A sharp cold man appears from the other side, and the huge dagger squeezes directly cut the back of the wooden ninja.

That kinds of wooden, ninja saw the moment of water, and also reacted. Quickly twisted the body in the air, and the hardship in your hand is in your own chest.

Dagger big knife directly with the hardships in the hands of the woods!

With the "", the bones in the arm of the wooden ninja were disconnected, and the whole person flew over half an air by this gathering.

I haven't waited for this kind of leaves to fall from the air, and the peach will never appear in the lower part of the wooden, the chop in the hands of the big knife again!

This time the wooden rubber is avoided!

With a lot of blood and internal organs splashed, the whole person is directly to the big knife, completely lost the interest!

Only on the face of this murdered wooden,

But with a smile.

Intogen, this is the opportunity to use my life, I must grasp! !

On the other side.

At the same time as the peach is no longer attacked.

Nara Jikio has a big red, and the rapid printing of his hands is on the ground.

Shadow template - shadow tentacles!

The shadow under Nara Jikang's body explored several tentacles, and rolled up from Nara Jikotang's tolerant bag, and flying into the direction of the wave of the country.

At this time, the peach is not awkward, just just kill the wooden leaves.

Now I want to go back, and I will fight all the many explosions above the shadow. It has not yet been there.

"Did you make it……"

Nara Jikio is red and red, and it is a slow-minded breath that the road is getting closer and closer to the country bridge.

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