Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 384 Three major defense lines, Ninja troops start!

Just in these detonators, the main bridge of the wave is less than one meter.

Among the water flow below the main bridge of the wave, suddenly the wall formed by water flow, the explosion is blocked outside the bridge of the country of the wave.

Bang! !

A number of explosions were exploded together, showing a huge roar, and the water flows up, like a raging waves, generally hit on the bridge of the country.

But unfortunately, the power of the outstanding end explosion generated by the wall formed by the water flows thoroughly, and there is no damage to the country bridge.

"I have no chance ..."

Nara, Ji Cai looked at this scene, and the voice was full of self-witry.

At this time, Nara Ji Cai saw the explosion of the launch of the tolerance, which is the other fog that has already rushed around.

Obviously, the leaves that are left stopped from enduring these fog have been dead.

This task failed!

Nara is full of Ji Coe, and there is also a feeling of being able to plan everything, but finally failed.

"As a gambling, the mission of the district is really a good idea, but unfortunately, from the beginning, you are destined to fail."

The peach is no longer a single hand, and the big knife is slowly moved to Nara Jishi, with a wipe with a wipe.

Nara Jikong raised his head, mobilizing only the only Chakra and strength in the body, sending a big scream, and never slammed the past!

"There is no meaningful resistance." The peach is not too cold, the body is slightly squat, it is like a spring usually disappeared in the same place.

Nara, Ji Co, never in the air, interlaced!

The peach is no longer falling from the air, stabilizing standing on the ground, and Nara Ji Co also landing, but there is a huge scale in the chest.

It's like spring, and the broken viscera is mixed, sprayed from the huge wounds in Nara Jikota.

"I, maybe fail ... But the wooden leaves will win!"

Nara Yosangkou has a blood over the blood, and he muttered himself. The whole person completely lost the voice, fell on the ground.

The peach will not have a dead Nara Jishi, and there is no expression on his face. Look at the fog to come around.

"Pack all the bodies, the bridge line of the Waves, open away one kilometer outward."

"This time, all the fog of all the bridges in the Wave to roll to the rear, change the fog of the third series!"

"I don't want the next time, people who have wooden leaves can not be unbearable."

The peach is not looked at the heavy fog, the words of the low head, but the sound is hot in the sound.

If it is not a helper in the border of the help of the fire, there are not many people in the border of the fire. The main bridge of the wave is really likely to be destroyed by the other party.

I heard the coldness in the peach, and the many misty heads present in the field are not only low.

Not long after solving Nara, Giocailable, I went forward to catch up with a man and others, and returned.

At the same time, the intelligence is also completely organized.

The ninja that came from the leaves came to attacking a total of 22 people, and the team was the day, and the two men, Nara Jikio.

In addition to the days of escaping, a man and two wooden leaves have been taken away, and the remaining nine wooden leaves have been resolved.

Of course, there is also a damage in the battle, and the injured person, there are four endure and two in two.

In a certain aspect, although this is a big victory, it still makes the peach will never send a fire.

It is necessary to know that their number of people is several times, in which six ninja die!

This makes the fog of the leaves in the heart of the ninja, and again.

The wooden leaves have been sitting on the entire ninja, and under such a huge resource, the strength of the ninja and all aspects, it is indeed a strong quality than the ninja quality of other big fortune!

This is also something that there is no way. After all, it is the result of the decades of years, not a short time in a short period of time.

Woody village.

Nashing Office!

I have been scarred, and my face is full of exhausted look at a man. On the ground, when all things happen, the intelligence reported to the agency.

Nara's homeowner Nara Luli heard that Nara Jishigang had died, and his eyes were slightly dark.

"Hard work, the failure of this task is not blamed."

"Silent, take the day to a man to rest, send them the medical department to treat them the injury."

A man with a light open road at the day.

Standing on the other side, nod, with a day, a man and another two ninja, walked to the office.

With the gate of the office.

"Sorrow, this thing is my dereliction of duty."

The hand moved to see the silent Nara Luojing, and his face apologized.

When I heard the program, Nara Luo Lin quickly shake his head.

"Naruto, this is not your fault."

"Nara Jikon should take all things to take into account, and the fog has just arrived in the wave of the wave, it is the best point in time in the country of destruction."

Nara Deer reveals the solemnity and serious opening.

War is often accompanied by sacrifice, this is an uncharacted law!

Because Nara Ji Cai's death, now Nara Luli is full of please, he knows that it is not an indulge in grief now.

"The task of destroying the national bridge failed, then the protection of the fog hidden village on the country bridge will be more strict!"

"Next, I want to destroy the bridge of the wave, it is impossible, then we will face three defense now, this greatly dispelled our power."

Nara Deer is full of dignified expressions, whispered open, and the eyes keep flashing.

While talking at the opening.

Nara Lulu has already taken a red pen before the end of the poorer, and draws a red pen on the tolerant map.

"There are two defense lines in the fog hidden village attack, one is a defense line of the wave, and another, this is the bribe of Xiong National and the mully border."

"Yingshen Village offensive route should be the same as the route of the previous endurance war, after entering the fire in the middle of the country and grassland."

Nara Luli stared at these three positions, patiently opposite the board, etc.

Speaking here!

Nara Luo urinals slightly, with a silk inquiry, look at the program:

"Adults, now which power is in our ally to intervene?"

This problem is critical. Although the strength of Wumi Village is generally the most powerful, it is still somewhat hard at the face of the foggy village and rock village.

Therefore, these three lines of defense are the weight of the weight, and any problems in any one can lead to the collapse of all lines.

The apeer listened to Nara Luoji, and the brown eyes looked softly: "The Congress of the soup helped us to stand part of the foggy village."

Among the allies of Nara Luozhi, it is naturally not Sandy Village and Yun Yin Village, but refers to those smashed.

With the current situation in the current role, Sandy Village and Yun Yin Village will not take the initiative to appear this drunk, even if you want to shoot, it is about to end in the war.

Only those small rivots may join this war with a gambling attitude.

That's right, it's gamble!

As long as it is a smart person, it can be seen. The last winner of this war will be the key to the decision of the endurance trend!

Once gambling, then it is very likely to completely get rid of the identity of the cottage, and become one of the five rivals.

"Is there only one soul?"

Nara Luo is flashing on a unfortunate look, but there is no accident.

Now that the war has just begun, even if these coblue people want to intervene, it is not now this time.

And the soup is able to join, this is still because the woods and soups are close to the village, and the relationship between the two parties has always been more good.

Of course, this is another reason, and the tangibles that come and soup and soup are extremely familiar.

"There is only one soul in the allies, and it is not the village of allies, and there is a country."

When the program was here, the sound was slightly paused.

Tianzhi country?

I heard this name, Nara Luli didn't end my slightly.

In his memory, there is no country in the allies of the leaves, but they remember the tone of the adults just priered.

Nara Luozhi suddenly remembers the intelligence of the big snake ball in the village for some time.

If there is no mistake, Big Snake Pill has established a coblue village known as the village.

If you say this, it seems that the rumors are true!

"If the two ninja villages come to assist in, then the pressure can be reduced. If it looks like this, the situation is not bad."

Nara Luli looked at the map of the endurance, when Tian Zhi is located, the eyes are slightly lit.

Just at this time!


The Huang Shadow office suddenly came back, and the figure immediately jumped from the window.

I didn't see the way I didn't take the usual road, Nara Luo was directly stunned.

"Hey, Luo Long, you are here."

Located, there is a somewhat Nara Luojing, and I have a greeting.

The apeer looked at the coming from the window, and didn't care, after all, this is no longer immunized.

"It seems that there is a result?"

Sitting slightly straight, and the face is looking at the gains of dignity.

A colorful Nara Luo is also turned around, and a serious face.

"Currently, in addition to the pioneer of the country, the fog hunger has no longer , another unmanned arm has begun to go to the country of Xiong."

"Leading this troops, is one of the seven-knife members, someone and persimmon ghosts, and a special blood session ninja Hua Ma Lu."

"Not just this, the rock village is also moving, led the rocky troops to especially endure to teeth and a ninja called flying segments."

Located, I will finish the intelligence of collected, and I have a heavy breath, pick up a glass of water from the table, and I will put it down.

The couple and Nara Luojing two people did not care, and they were slightly somewhat wolf, and all the faces took a dignified look to the map.

Nara Luli quickly marked on the map. After finishing, it turned it, whispered with the on-side ahead.

When it passed continuously, two cups of water were drunk, and finally, after a sigh of relief, Nara Lulu and the program have negotiated.

Extremely efficient!

However, of course, before the start of the war, the Wooden think tank headed by Nara Luozhi has begun, and several plans have been started to face various sites.

It is now nothing more than a few plans that have already made several plans that have already been developed, or modified slightly.

"Do you decide who will lead the wooden troops?"

The two people who have also looked at the discussion, and some curious asks.

Nara Luli heard the questioning, did not hide the meaning, went to the map, with a respectable look.

"Location is also adults, in the case of Yuxi Bouvel and the first generation of water shadows, our leaves are still sufficient."

" , sunset red two people lead the wooden troops in the position of Rocky Village."

"One group of mountains in the mountains, the Nara family and the Qiudao family will send three positions of the country to hold the bears."

"The oil of the oil will take root and the day of the family will be in front of the country where the country is stationed."

"As for other ninja, it will be in accordance with the changes in the battlefield, of course, this will be assistance in the Ninja of the country and Tianzhi countries."

Nara Luozhi's situation, patience introduces to each other.

At present, three major super built villages have not used all efforts, and both sides have naturally left behind.

In Nara Luoji, the overall situation is somewhat unfavorable to the wooden leaves, but this unfavorable situation is still above the top of the war.

In addition to this aspect, other issues can be adjusted in Nara Luoji.

As long as the three-party position is not broken, enter the fire country, then in Nara Deer, the so-called losses are acceptable.

Even if the war is dragging enough, it is extremely powerful to the wooden leaves.


"Facing Yuxi Bao and the first edition of the shadow, the rigs and the people are also adults, do you know what to deal with?"

Nara Luli turned his head and looked at the apeer and the two people, with a solemn look.

If the top of this top force does not take the first to completely solve it.

Then, on the battlefield, he can achieve a certain advantage, but as long as this top-end power is inserted, this advantage will disappear in an instant.

In the face of Nara Luozhi's gaze.

It's also a relaxed look, walking to Nara Deer, and patted the opponent's shoulder.

"Don't worry about Luojing, you just have to handle the problem of you here."

Laughing and laughing with Nara Deer Kuo Koukou Road.