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Chapter 385 Streaming, Drake Tommat Tommat Tommat Tunnel!

Seeing a relaxed look, Nara Luli is deeply depressed, and it is finally slightly.

Although the adults did not say anything, Nara Luli was able to feel, and the Nang Shadow people and others were afraid that they had countermeasures.

"Nuger shadow, we have never prepared it outside."

Nara Luo is a gentle bunch of two people, turned around to go outside the fire.

Thousands of hands can drag the Yuxi wave spot or one person in the right of the first generation.

And another person can be dragged, Nara Luojing has confidence, with the heritage of the leaves, can resist the attack of rocky villages and fog villages.

Nara Lulu is very clear!

This war losing will not beat each other!

And is a "drag" word!

As long as the leaves can drag rock villages and wooden villages, then the trend of this war will completely change, and the balance of victory will tend to leave.

The fundamental place is that the leaves are as strong as they show strong, then other big rigidas in the endurance will take the initiative to admit, come to help the leaves!

With Nara Lur, it is easy to retreat to the face.

In order to deal with Yuxi wave spots and right fights, they have developed a lot of programs, but the plan is even more, and there is still no featuring grasp.

"This is not like you, it is also."

"Is it afraid?"

The ahead of the play is also looking at the face, and there is a trace of fun.

"I am afraid! How can I be afraid? The victory of this war must belong to the leaves!" The voice is also empty, the tone is proud.


The original lazy look disappeared on the program, and the eyes flashed and firm, and the power of three tolerance was distributed.


The Ninja troops accompanied by the three major superbutures will be opened.

The entire endure is completely windy!

For a time, the wind hangs, the eyes of the entire endurance were attracted by the war.

Countless rivals pay attention, this field will be destined to change the war of the entire endurance pattern.

Three positions of the battlefield, all the battle!

The two sides have not been talking about it. Naturally don't care what it takes to see, there is no bitterness on the battlefield, and the explosion is flying.

Various sterilization, constant collision issues a huge explosion.

The entire battlefield instantly fell into a grinding disc of a meat, and continued to swallow the ninja that came in.

Although the three major super built villages did not put all the power from the beginning, the three battlefields were still in a short period of time.

In just three days, the time passed.

In addition to the first day, in the first day, the fog hunger has been tested, and the second and three days directly launched a strong attack.

But the result is not satisfactory!

The various units of the wooden leaves did not show the desire to attack. Most of them are in the position, and they will never take the initiative to attack in the abstacles that can take the initiative.

It is a force that wants to drag your own!

In the face of a wooden troops like a turtle shell, there is no more helplessness that is hidden and rocky.

On the battlefield of the Bear's country!

The trees and fields of the original onion oil, which have been diverted at this moment, and there is a pit and the weeds left.

On a high four-five-meter-high hill, the two stood static stood above the position.

"The sky is bright? It seems that your plan does not take effect."

Jun Ma Lu looked up and looked at the sun that was slowly rising in the east, and there was no expression.

The mortal ghosts look at the direction of the long-distance mully, and the face reveals a grilled expression.

"The guy of this group of wood, giving them such a good opportunity to attack!"

"It's hard to come true that it is going to take the turtle, and you have been here!"

The steric tunnel is extremely dissatisfied with the ghost corner.

This is the fourth day, they are dragged by the troops of this leaves, hard-erased drag.

When I left from the fog hidden village, the mortal ghosts were unusually excited, and finally kills with the guys of the leaves!

But who once thought that this is actually such a situation!

This makes the chanmon ghosts feel strong, but it is not to fight!

Compared to the uncomfortable mortar ghost, the expression on the face of Jun Ma Lu is more calm.

"It can't be dragged again. The longer it, the longer it, the more horrible, the endurance of the oil, to that time, I am afraid it will become a poisonous place."

"This imported route is likely to be completely abolished!"

The mortal ghost is unhappy, and it is shining in his eyes.

They have no way to break through the defensive leaf positions in a short time. On the one hand, the ninja of the leaves does not take the initiative, and the turtle is contrary.

Another major reason is that the oil girl takes root atettio.

Compared to the ordinary oil female family to do the controlled bug, the oil woman will host the rooted nomodes in the body!

Once this level of poisonous insects are touched, the cells in the body will be killed quickly.

If you can't remove the toxic infection in a short time, then the poisonous worm spreads the whole body.

This important intelligence is that more than a dozen fog is slow.

In the face of such a horrible poisonous insect, the fog hidden, in addition to the macaron ghosts, the muscles can temporarily resist the erosion of the oil-friendly poisonous insect.

Ordinary ninja does not dare to take roots with oil women!

Although the oil women taking the roots are not strong, the ability of this poisonous insect is too suitable for the battlefield.

Moreover, the most important thing is!

As early as two days ago, the wooden leaves began to collect the body of various animals and the body of the human body and gathered these bodies together.

Oil got root root in your body's poisons on these bodies, and the dead body has been died as a nest of cultivating poisons.

Then let the dead cells in the body produce poisonous gas!

Facing this horror gas!

Cartry ghosts don't dare to make the fog's ninja again on the battlefield.

Although there is a big knife, the muscles can be temporarily resistant to the poisonous gas, but a person rushed into the opponent's position, simply following the difference.

In the face of hundreds of wooden ninja, the chanmon ghosts will be confident in their strength, and they don't dare to pay too much!

"The endurance of the oil is extremely suitable for the battlefield. If you can't kill him, you will have a big obstacle to us."

Jun Ma Lu's eyes flashed, and the body was filled with a killing.

"Is there a way to introduce him?" The martial toni is hitting, and the light inquiry.

He also knows that the oil woman taking roots, the dangers of ordinary ninja.

Jun Ma Lu shook his head and shook his head. If there is a way, they are not waiting here.


A broken voice suddenly came from the rear, between several jumps. A foggy figure has appeared on the side of the two.

This fog took a black tights, a gray brown vest. At the location of the shoulders, it is a gray bird standing on a slap in size.

"Two adults, the right trip, the big man returned."

This fog has a respectable look, reached out, on the chest, the gray bird on the shoulders directly spit out a reel directly from the mouth.

This fog is responsible for the troops between the troops and the fog hidden village.

In the endurance, what else is more convenient to transfer information about the intelligence?

See the spool on the fog, the mortar ghost gently coughs, and his face reveals a shameless look.

Blocked by a nameless ninja, and this thing is also transmitted to the right!

I remembered that I led this mist to the beginning, my feelings were like, even if I clicking on the ghosts, how my eyes are concerned about others.

But in the face of the right fight, the martial artifact is still somewhat embarrassed.

Jun Ma Lu can't think about my own persimmon ghosts, with a solemn look, from the homing hand, open the reel.

See the content written on the reel, Jun Ma Lu Wei, and his eyes with doubtful look.

"What do you written on the right trigger, what?"

The mortal ghosts saw the look on the face of Jun Ma, picking an eyebrows. Some curious questions.

Jun Ma Lu did not open directly, but handed over the reel.

Cotmoti ghosts, see only three words on the scroll - "Star Rencun"!

"If there is no mistake, this ninja village named" Star Rellar Village "should be in the territory of the Bear. "

Jun Ma Lu's eyes flashed a thinking look and whispered.

They now have the battlefield for the war, and they are in the border areas of the Bear's country and the fire.

Therefore, before the war started, all the information in the country of Xiong had already explored clearly.

Star Rellar Village is not counting on the entire endurance, and there is also a small number of other rivots, it is similar to the village of a closed country.

For such a ninja village, they don't dare to take the battle between their two super built villages, so there is no one cares from beginning to end.

Nowadays, Jun Ma Lu saw the reel of the right trip, and writing the name of this nature, it is obviously meaningful.

However, Jun Ma Lu did not know much about this rivot, looked up and looked up to the stem of citi.

"I seem to have heard of this" Star Rushing Village ", it seems to have a unique flight tolerance? "

Cartry ghosts with thoughtful look, easy to open.


The mortal ghost is bright, as if you think!

That's right, flying tolerance!

Nowadays, the battlefield is the biggest unfavorable, and the oil girl will be used to borrow the body of the body!

If it is possible to fly over the sky, then this so-called gas barrier is not used.

And from the air, attacking the wood leaf troops, also occupying the great advantage!

Since I find a solution to the problem!

Cartry ghosts naturally did not have slightly hesitated, with Jun Ma Lu and several fog, quietly left the position, quickly rushing toward the direction of the star village.

As for the battlefield!

The drunter of the drunter is temporarily handed over to other endoculants.

The task of the troops of this wooden leaf seem to drag them, so as long as they don't take the initiative to attack the leaves, the people of the leaves will not attack them.


Wooden battlefield in the station.

On the day, the family's endurance passes through the white eyes, and the battlefield is kept around the battlefield.

Most of the misty team did not move!

"It seems that there is no good way to see the mortal ghosts, and crack your poisonous worm."

On the day, I talked back, and my face took a smile to have some silent oil.

The oil woman taking the roots of the Renaissance, but after the group is dead, the people will also disperse the root, and the Ninja, which is originally belonging to the root, naturally returns to the darkness of the people.

Who once thought that the Ninja of this unreported oil female family can play such a huge role in the battlefield.

The oil girl nodded and nodded. There was no proud look on his face. His personality was silent.

The oil female taking the nano-stage poisonous inject of the root, except that he himself has antibodies, anyone touches must die.

Therefore, the oil woman taking roots will be honest and old, which has also caused the oil to get someone in a lonely personality.

I have already understood the other person's character before, so I don't care much about the root of some frosty oils.

"How long does you need to complete it completely?"

The day is slightly silent, then the sound of the sound.

"There is a minimum of two days."

The oil woman has doubled in the heart of the root, and it took a trace of dignity.

Banquet - potion of toxicity!

This is the endurance that the day is ridiculous.

The potion of the pot is poisonous requires a lot of bodies, which is also for this time they have been collecting all kinds of corpses.

This tuberculous gas is the initial stage. The real purpose is to get enough to poison, so that these toxic gases have exploded to form a more horrible large-scale attack.

Of course, this kind of poison not only has caused death damage to people and animals. Before the gas is not completely dissipated, the surrounding environment will become an Jedi.

The plan of the wooden leaves is to create a horrible gas, completely cover this battlefield with the help of the "pot of poisonous surgery" with oil women.

Until then!

The troops in the fog hidden village may be hidden by one breath, even if it is not completely destroyed, it will also lose heavy weight.

And not just this!

The battlefield area of ​​the Bear Country and the Fire Country is similar to the shape of the basin.

Therefore, once a large amount of poison gas is created, the gas is not easily scattered under this environment, but will continue to cover in this area.

by that time!

The battlefield area of ​​the Fire Country and the Bear's border will form a natural defense!

The fog hidden village force wants to enter the fire in the fire in the country, then this defense will never be able to bypass!

Woody villages have you need to deal with the two lines of foggy villages, which will greatly reduce the pressure of the wooden leaves!