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Chapter 386, "Cooperation" with Rairu Village

Originally need to address the power of two lines, will all gather a defense!

This is equivalent to saving half of the force.

Therefore, this toxic gas covered plan is the top priority, and the oil girl is rooted at the root of this task!

This is why they are generally only defen as a turtle, and it is hard to attack the cause.

"These days, I am afraid I have to trouble you."

"If you can succeed, you will become the hero of the leaves."

On the day, I took a smile, and I saw the oil woman taking the oil.

The oil woman took the roots, and the face revealed a sorry look.

At the head of the Tiezang, he has never been so solemn from others. It is like a shadow, it is hidden in the dark.

Since the dissolution of the root, the dark part of the adults led by the adult, and the oil girl taking roots suddenly felt the flavor of the light.

Become a hero of wood?

This is, but the oil woman will not think about things before rooting.

How can people who have seen the bright light, let them return to the darkness?

The oil woman took the roots and looked up to the opposite day, and gently nodded, and his eyes took a solemn look.

When I was sticking to the position in the wooden leaf, I didn't find a few movements in the foggy troops.

On the battlefield, the situation is thousands of battles. If you accidentally fighted the fighter!

The plan of the wooden leaves seems to have no problem, but the defensive itself means giving up a leader.

Of course, this is not to indicate that the strategy of the leaves is wrong.

After the plan of Nara, a group of think tanks, the minimum of accidents that may have occurred and broken, but as long as people finally negligent.

The day of the martyrdom of the courses, the day of the walker, from the beginning, the next consciousness ignores the star rushing in the country of the Bear.


Cartry, Jun Ma Lu, and the other two fog, have appeared before the valley where the Village is located.

Dr. Cartry and other people visited the Village, wear how much fog, it is naturally to prevent some people from being perceived in the woods.

And the words of four are not only convenient, but will not be observed easily.

Before a round valley,

Cartry ghosts, Jun Ma Lu and others stopped the footsteps in front of the valley, not they don't want to continue to go, but in the middle of the valley, I have performed a purple mist.

In any case, the purple fog that is filled in the valley is obviously abnormal, apparently toxic!

Just a few people, I saw that there were several birds planted from the top of the valley. As a result, I just aggravated the purple fog, I took directly into the valley.

Moreover, the purple mist will firmly enclose the entire Star Rellar to the center of the valley.

That is to say, if you want to enter the star, you must pass this purple poison!

In the face of poisonous fog, mortgage ghosts, Jun Ma Lu, etc. in the air above the canyon, did not show a surprised look.

Before they were prepared to go to Star Renair Village, they have viewed a series of information about Xiang Renmun.

In a certain aspect, Xiang Rencun should thank the purple poisonous mist over the canyon, so that the star is not as good as the chicken ribs in the eyes of all major fortune.

A village surrounded by a toxic gas does not have much value.

Otherwise, as the only endurance village that has been in the country of the battlefield center, in the process of several endurance wars, Star Renaissa has not changed on a big fortune, which has already been covered.

Ghosts, Jun Ma Lu, who took out a gas mask from the endurance bag, and wore a poisonous mist directly into the purple poisonous mist.

These gas masks have organized to cope with the gas produced by the oil.


Oil got the gas produced by the root, the gas mask is not used at all, as long as the gas is contaminated into the skin, it will quickly erode cells.

This is also the horror of the poisonous gas created by the oil.

Otherwise, if the landlord mask can solve, the mortal ghosts and others are not dragged by the ninja of the wooden troops.

The purple poisonous mist around the valley is the ordinary poisonous gas, there is a gas mask, these poisonous gases have no effect.


Although I have passed the range of poisons, I came to it.

Compared to the valley surrounded by a circle of purple poisonous mist, after entering the inside, the four people will be bright in front of them.

A small village, appeared in the field of view, the village of the village being planting several big trees.

The leaves are hot, the hemp branches are interlaced with each other, and there are some wild grass wildflowers.

"It's really a little accident, and it thought that this ruin is old."

Jun Ma Lu looked at the front of the star, and the voice of the sound was soft.

"Although this village is said to be separated from the world, it is often tormed to go to the outside to walk away, and it is almost the same as it."

A fog next to the gas mask, laughing and opening the mouth.

At the same time of the martial artifact and others, while they have the emergence of outsiders, they naturally cause the police to defend the ninja.


Along with a few sounds.

Sixteen Ninja of Six Star Rencissions, surrounded by the mortar ghosts, and the hand is holding a bitter, and the face is very vigilant to four people.

"Human people in fog?"

"We don't welcome you here, please quickly leave the Village."

Sixteen, a middle-aged ninja, which is obviously the leader, ,, . ,

"This is not what you said."

"Don't kill them."

Cartry is cold and frightened, and the sound is moving.

He can not have too much effort, wasting time with the ninja of this star.

Voice fell!

In addition to the two fog from Jun Ma Lu, it disappeared at the same place.

Although they came to find a star, it didn't mean that they need to agree with the coaches of Star.

Of course, if the Rellar Village can agree to help, it is natural to be good. If you don't agree, it will naturally learn.

These two fog brought out, and there is something that gootimatimmon ghosts tells this force.

In the face of the six strengths of the Star Relt Village, you are in the end of the nectar, and the two have no efforts at all, it is easy to play all these six people.

The middle-aged Star is directly mentioned in front of the mortgage ghost.

"Next, you will take the road, take us to see the stars of your village."

The mortal ghost is cold and looking at this middle-aged star shadow, and the sound is still open.

This middle-aged star is to refuse, but feel the moment of getting rich and killing, and the whole person nodded.

Seeing middle-aged Tarios, the martial artificial face revealed satisfactory look.

Under the leadership of this star, everyone crossed some stars to arrange the traps around the village.

When everyone walked into the Village, all the people in the Village were incredible and looked at the ghosts of the roaring big swing.

A large number of Star Rellar Ninja is coming from all directions, one by one stands above the roof, looking at the roof of the roof, walking around the street.


When a few people in the mortar ghosts are not far from the Village, they stopped the pace again. At this moment they have been completely surrounded by a large number of tricks.

"Is this all the ninjas in your village?"

The mortal ghost is surrounded by the surrounding trend, and the eyes flashed in a touch.

This is coming!

An angry can kill the eyes, shoot from the surrounding Tarn, and look at the martillamon.

If it is not the hand in the hands of the martial arts, there is still a person, they have already been handsome.

It seems to feel the concerns of this group of Tarn, and the macmon ghosts grabbed the middle-aged star, and threw it directly to the ground.

Middle-aged Tarin did not have the pain commented on the merits. I saw the other party so lightly put myself, and the whole person couldn't help but stunned.

Then, the middle-aged star is busy, and quickly returns to the people around the Zhou Zeng.

I saw the hobial and unscrupulous, and the surrounding Star Relty has begun to try, and there is a look.

"Ghosts, you can anger each other."

Jun Ma Lu looked at the ghosts of the mortar, with a little helpless look on his face.

"The role of That is already running, and there is such a big move, the star shadow is thinking that I can't hide."

The mortal ghost grinned, and the double-eyed pupil flashed a slightly bloodthirsty ray.


As the mortal ghost sounds fall.

A footsteps sounded in the periphery, which was originally surrounded by four people, slowly opened a road in front.

A middle-aged man with a lavender hair, blue eyes, face with a little overcast, appeared in front of four people.

"I am a star shadow of Star Renni-Cappord, our village has always been in contact with the outside world, and there is no criminal fog hidden village."

The Nattar is flashing and doubling and dignified, looking at the stem of someone, trying to make his tone smoothly.

The behavior of citilla ghosts and others, although some provocative stars have meaning, but Scratch is clear, their village has no way to confront the village of hidden village.

Can you cause disputes or not to cause disputes!

"Our purpose this is to hope that you will work with our foggy villages, with your unique tolerance to deal with wooden troops."

Cartry ghosts don't have hidden intended, direct opening.

In the words just mentioned, it is not as good as it is in business.

Scratch is originally a gloomy face, and the thorough variable is ugly.

Now that the fog hidden village and the village of Woody Village are being launched, and there is no secret to the ninja.

Just think that the Village is so isolated with the world, this news is still known.

What's more, before a month, Jixing has binding the star of Star Village, but I am afraid that I am not careful to bring my village into this war.

I didn't expect to come back, I still have been looking for the door to the door!


The grunge face is difficult to look directly. Speaking here, the sound is slightly, followed by the anger of his heart again, let your tone sooth:

"Our village strength is weak, so don't intend to help anyone, of course, also including wooden leaves."

In the face of the refusal of the Red Star, there is no unexpected expression on the face of the face of the ghosts, Jun Ma Lu, which is expected.

"Is it rejected?"

"Sure enough, I have to do this."

The mortal ghost has twisted the neck, and it is excited in the tone.

This is coming!

The mortal ghosts took the lead in disappearing in the original place, rushed to the direction of the red star.

Protect star! "

Seeing this scene, all the faces in the scene were very shocked.

In the crowd, a red-haired actress was first rushed out and plan to stop the mortgage ghosts prepared to attack the stars.

This actress, the strength of the entire star, the strength of the new shadow, named summer.

Summer just rushed to half, suddenly paused, and quickly retired from the rear.

A fingers that are like bullets, instantly shoot to the position where the summer is in, and shoot the ground a small hole.

Summer looked up to see the front, the fog, the white-haired ninja, not when he has already blocked his forward.

"Your name is the summer day? Let me see the unique tolerance of your village."

Jun Ma Lu is calm and watching the opening of the summer, the sound is abnormal.

In the information about Xiang Renge, there is a summer name. This is a woman in the summer, regarding a number of women in the middle of the city.

"Peacock" - Beast! "

Summer is not going to discontinue, and the hands are rapidly printed in place.

A very special huge Chakra rapidly overflows from the summer, and it turned into the form of Chakra in the form of Chakra in the air.

In the case of Chakra Mammaker, he sent a wild beast-like roar, whisped to the direction of Jun Ma Lu.

"Is it true that Chakra condensate? Can you play Chakra live to the ultimate skill?"

Jun Ma Lu saw this scene in front of him, and his eyes were slight, and his face showed a trace of interesting look.

Jun Ma Lu Yu muttered, but the movements in the hands were not slow, and quickly lifted the finger to the direction of the summer.

Mycore - 10 fingers wear!

A piece of finger bone, like a bullet, shot from Jun Ma Lu, and slammed in Chakra Mime.

In the face of a series of finger bone attacks, the beast formed by Chakra can also resist a while.

But for a moment, I was taken by the ten fingers in Chakra beast!