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Chapter 387 plastic battlefield! (Ask for a monthly ticket)

One time!

The beast formed by Chakra is not a shape that is hit by Jun Ma Lu's attack.

Blood session?

On the summer, there is a dignified look, which looks more dangerous at a few years old than his son.

This feeling is like a common person faces a fierce beast.

It is necessary to speed up the speed as soon as possible, rush to the star of Star Shadow.

Summer hands still keep the posture of the printed, the stars Chakra continue to surging, and the broken Chakramime began to be began to restore the speed recovery visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, the beast formed by Chakra, separated from the middle, turned into two giant tigers, roaring from the two sides of the direction of Jun Ma Lu!

"Is the original, while launching this tolerance, the body can't move?"

Jun Ma Lu has no panoramic look on his face, and his eyes have always look around the summer.

From the beginning of the attack, the summer is standing in the same place, and there is no sign of moving.

Jun Ma Lu's eyes turned in the ground, the fierce stepped on the ground, the body turned into a white residual!

While easily escaper, the two-head Chakra Breakfast is quickly rushed to the direction of the summer.

Workfurt between blink!

Jun Ma Lu has appeared in front of the summer, a sharp bone, visiting the heart when Jun Ma Lu, was arrested by Jun Ma Lu in his hand.

Directly piercing the summer chest!

No blood splashed!

Summer body suddenly became illusory in this moment, the whole body became a star Chekra, apparently this is the branch caused by Chakra in Chakra!

! !

While turning into Star Chakra, this Chakra quickly condensed into a hemp rope formed by a root chacola, tied Jun Ma Lu Lu.

At this moment, the summer appeared in the position of Jun Ma Lu, I saw Jun Ma Lu, who was bundled by himself, was relieved.

At the same time, several of the surroundings have come over at this time, and they appeared around Jun Ma Lu.

"Don't kill him, temporarily tied him!"

Summer is serious about these tricks that have been caught in the mouth, while both hands, the stars check from the back of the summer, into a pair of wings formed by Chakra.

The strength of the fog hidden village is much powerful than the star of the village, so the summer is not retaliated in the village of Star Rellar Village, and naturally cannot kill the people in the fog.

"Is the maple method? It is indeed a good tissue system. If it is just this, then it is almost over."

Jun Ma Lu looked at the Chakra rope that bundled himself, the sound was cold.

puff! puff!

The number of sharp white bones, explored from the body of Jun Ma Lu, and stir it in a moment of Chakra rope.

The surroundings saw this scene, the face became bigger, and I wanted to restrict the Mun Ma Lu.

Corpse - Liu Zhi Dance!

Jun Ma Lu moved without a slightest pause. The whole body is like flowing water, and there is no smart action with the ancients of the body to issue a series of attacks.

That kind of trunk is a faster speed, it is all over!

Blood and four splashes!

Jun Ma Lu will infect the blood of the blood, extruded from the body, dropped on the ground.

"You also give it to me!"

Jun Ma Lu looked at the summer day that was ready to fly, the back of the back of the back quickly explored the bones of the bone whip.

Mycore - Dance of the iron line!

Jun Ma Lu reached out to the position of the spine, slammed, a long bone whip quickly pulled out, quickly lying to the half space.

Where the bones whip, the air issues a riche of richest!

I haven't reacted in the summer, and my bone whip is already wrapped around her ankle.

Jun Ma Lu single hand holds a bone whip, and it is hard to force!

In the summer day in half, the body is uncontrolled by the bone whip, pulling it directly from the air, fell on the ground, send a heavy sullen sound!

I coughed with a blood in the summer, just wanted to stand up from the ground and rebel, but the whip has released his ankle, quickly wrapped around the summer neck.

Jun Ma Lu handed the bone whip, and the summer hang in half is half-air, and the look on the face is in a quiet look.

"Oh, your book is slow,"

At this time, the sound of the mortal ghosts and ridiculous sounds came from the near future.

Jun Ma Lu went to the side of the head and went to the direction, and saw the star shadow of this moment.

"How can it be."

Summer double hand is trying to bundle the bones of their neck, because the difficult face of breathing is popular, with incredible eyes, seeing so fast, the stars.

Although the peacock of Star Rellar Village is good, but in an external form, Chakra is exhibited, and in the eyes of the mortal ghost, it is equivalent to showing the full exhibition of his face.

Big knife · !

This battle is only a moment of kung fu from the beginning to the end, until now, many of the many stars, it will react.

"Star Shadowner !!"

"Summer" !! "

A famous star has an incredible look with incredible look, and two people who defeated them so quickly.

To know that these two people, they are the strongest ninja in the village. At a moment, everyone stopped the action of the attack, and did not dare to act rash.

Until this moment, the people present in the scene realized that the real gap between the big fortune villages in the village and the fog.

"Unfortunately, the strength is too weak, but I haven't played it."

The mortal ghost is low, looking at the past, the past is stars, slightly frowns.

Star shadows have been coma, obviously there is no way to talk about cooperation.

"You, you are stars, our village agrees with your requirements."

Summer is hanging in the half-air body struggling while intermittently intermittently interrupted.

I heard the summer.

Jun Ma Lu Heith has a move, which was originally entangled in the summer neck.

Jun Ma Lu is not worried about continuing to resist in summer, with the current situation, no significance.

Summer falls from the air, and finally coughing out a blood, gasping is gasping.

"The things of Rairu Village, can you do the owner?"

Jun Ma Lu's eyes were calm and looked at the summer. He couldn't help but pity.

I nodded in the summer, after a sigh of relief, I looked at a few people in the village of fog, and my face was frightened and decadent.

"My husband is the last generation of Star Shadow, can represent the Rushing Village, as long as the shadow is put, our village can agree to your request."

Summer, some wolf slammed from the ground, wirate the blood of the mouth.

When I said her husband, the summer was full of embarrassment, but it quickly disappeared.

"In this case, then it is ok."

The angle of the roof of the citilla ghosts, picking a coma with a star shadow with a big knife, and placed on a large knife.

Follow it.

Cartry macaroni uses a big knife and the muscles to resist the stars, and the Mun Ma Lu and others turned to go outside the star.

Since things have been finished, it will naturally don't stay again.

"Do you want to take the Stars Shadow?"

In the summer, I saw the movement of the mortal ghost, the face changed, and I was shocked again.

"Don't worry, your stars will not have any life danger, as long as you are old and realistic."

Cartry ghosts don't return.

At the star of the Rairu Village, an angry and unwilling eyes, the mortar ghosts and others disappeared in the field of view.

In the summer, I looked at the direction of the misty village disappeared. After holding a fist, after a moment, a face of a face is half a place.

The other party does not need their opinions of the Rellar Village from the beginning, and the good listening is "cooperation", it is hard to listen to it to force them to join.

In the face of such a situation, they have no way, but their will is not used!

This is the sorrow of the weak, and it is also the sorrow of Xiaoja Village!

They just want to live back, so they can only help the fog hidden village!

Not long after.

Harmon ghosts and others have returned to the resident of the hidden village.

Once upon a time, I went to the Rellar Village to return, and some people spent a total of for a long time, and these time, most of them were wasted on the way back.

The star shadow of the Star Renair is temporarily closed, and the injury to the other party will be treated.

After all, let the Star Renaidth are obedient, at least to ensure the alike of the stars.

As for the star of the Village, will it hide the fog?

Cartry and foggy ninja have not cared, a weak ninja village, even as their opponent qualifications.

If you want to go to the ghost, he can destroy the whole star.

This is the absolute strength gap!

After Jun Ma Lu returned to the resident, quickly recruit that the ninja asked if they left this half a day, there was any moving movement in the leaf position.

After getting the leaves, there is no action.

Jun Ma Lu's eyes flashed a relaxed look, it seems that the people of the leaves don't seem to be aware of their actions.

However, though, in order to prevent alert from people from the wood.

Cartrymat ghosts and Jun Ma Lu still dispatched a team of fog, attacking the position of the wooden leaf, as disturbing the horizons of the wooden leaves.

Naturally, this fog and tiered brother after playing with the ninja of the leaves, throwing some broken battlefields and returned to their respective positions.

In addition to being slightly injured, the Ninja of the two sides did not appear.

The mortal ghosts appeared at the edge of the battlefield at this moment, watching the direction of the leaf position, with a sneer of the mouth.

"You are enjoying, the last calm night."

The martial arts whisper muttered in the martial arts and returned to the mist.

According to just, the information on the entire battlefield is received.

At present, the three battlefields are in the state of glue!

On the battlefield of the Waves, the misty troops led in the peach, and it was a hardening, and it could not break through the line of defense established by the wooden leaves in a short time.

At this moment, the peach is no longer facing, the Nara family, the Qiusi family, the hometown of the Mountains, the elite, the elite leader led the army.

Not only that, the country of the leaf of the leaf, also sent the soup to the country to support the country!

After all, the country of Wave is too close to the border of the fire, focus on the position of the wave of the wave.

At this moment, the troops led in the peach, equivalent to the power of a troops, resist two ninja troops.

The peach is no longer able to keep the position of the wave, it is not bad.

On this large-scale battlefield, the individual's power has been weakened to the extreme, even if the peach is no longer a level of ordinary ninja, it is impossible to fight tens or even hundreds of ninja.

In the face of this situation, the village also sent a mist to the army, which is the leader of the troops and is the guy of Changshiro.

As for another, the grassland of the grassland and the country of the country.

The news from the information is that the situation in the battlefield is more intense, and now dozens of ninja death.

Zhenyin Village is extremely strong because of no military support.

If it is not suddenly coming out of the country, I am afraid that the form of the wooden leaves on the battlefield is extremely unfavorable.

In short, look at the current three battlefields!

This battlefield battle in the Bear's country is the easiest.

Who let the leaves have always been defending!

However, this situation will soon be broken!

Early morning.

Zhongzheng Village, in the summer, ten ninja appeared in the position of the fog hidden village.

Seeing that the Rushing Village only came to ten people, the moblim ghost smashed the eyebrows, and the eyes flashed in a very dissatisfied look.

"Heli Ghosts, this ten ninja is the elite of our star. It is also the only one in our village to fly."

"According to the content of your last day, we need to attack from the air of the wooden leaf, those who don't have the flying tolerance, is not big."

Summer seems to be aware of the dissatisfaction of the citilla ghost, and even the explanation of patients with the mouth.

For summer explanations, the mortal ghost is strongly accepted.

Next, after the task of being prepared, it is necessary to prepare.

Summer and other people quickly printed, and a stars closed from several tricks, and formed a shape of wings.

Kung Fu in an instant!

Summer and others have fly into the sky.

"Each team is ready!"

The mortal ghost and Jun Ma Lu have appeared in the edge of the battlefield, and the migrant fog behind him seriously opened.

at this time.

On the summer, the flying troops in the Tarios have fly to the air of about 50 meters in the air.

After the feeling of this is almost almost, the summer fingertips in the direction of the leaf position, the stars nodded and manipulated the on the back of Chakra wings.

After a while.

Summer and others have been close to the edge of the wooden warfield.