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Chapter 388 destroys poison pits, both parties collide!

at this time.

Summer and others in high altitude, have been able to see the position in the middle of the Woody Battlefield, which is filled with poisonous gas in the air.

The range of poisonous gases has been extended to a great area, I am afraid that the entire border will be enveloped by this ventilator.

Although the people in the fog hidden village have already introduced some information here, they have been seen and heard, after all, it is a bit different!

"Wooden people, actually laying such a large amount of poisonous gas in the border of the Bear's country, who wants to completely across the whole bear country!"

On the summer, the original calm face is revealed.

Not only on the summer, the rest of the remaining Naruto Ninja is the same.

The Bear's country is approaching the sea, the only place with the two mainland is the border of the fire country, and today the behavior of leaf village is equivalent to isolating the entire bears.

The Bear's country itself is a small country, so it is not worthy of richness, but relying on rich resources in the sea, trade with the inland countries.

And the leaves do this, equivalent to breaking the economy of the entire Bear!

More than that!

Although there is no detailed description of the misty village, the virulence arranged by the leaves is powerful, but it is only necessary to help the hidden village, attacking the area of ​​the wooden leaves from the air.

You can guess the out of the valley, the poisonous mist is more powerful than the Valley of the Valley, and the poisonous fog is more powerful!

If this is true!

Even if this day is dissipated, the poisonous gas disruption of the left is left, I am afraid that I will still need to completely recover.

"It was originally thought that people in the fog hiped village were sorry, and they did not expect people in the woods."

"In order to deal with their fog villages, we actually go to the country!"

A star of the lacked face with an angry open mouth.

The words of this trick are also the same as those of other stars.

"Woody village is also good, fog hidden villages, the war between them is not the causing villages such as the hinges, we only need to complete the mistakes of fog, put the stars back."

The summer face reveals a serious expression, and it is the opening of the words behind him.

In the face of foggy villages and wooden village, the heart is also angry in the deep summer, but she knows, anger is useless!


"Find the source of the poisoning gas in the leaf position!"

The summer face is a positive, and the stamination of the latter is a command.

Voice fell!

The Star Raissed Border is also the center, dispersion around.

"Peacock" -! "

On the summer manipulator, Chakra wings behind, let your body stay in half, while the stars Checkla will aggregate in the pupil of the summer day.

A moment!

Summer eyes are shrouded by Stars Chakra, in which cases can be used to snatch the traces left by Chakra.

After a moment, the summer is bright, seeing one place in the gas, obviously has a rich Chakra trace.

found it!

Summer quickly flew here to this position, vaguely saw this location has a deep pit, and a large number of animals buried in the pit.

Summer is pulled out from the pocket, you have already prepared an out-of-white, from the air to the lower position.

After a few seconds, a huge explosion came from the pit!

Not only that, while finding this pothole, the rest of the stars, and also found a few deep pits that were placed in the rest!

For these locations, the bombings are also used in a large number of out-of-white!

At this moment.

The wood rubber in front of the position was suddenly remembered at this moment, and some of them were a bit!

"What is it ?!"

"Perceive in Ninja! What is the squad?"

"Why no one issued a show !!"

An angry voice came from the leaf position.

The perceived ninjas of the wooden leaves and the squad, all of them look.

In the perception, there is no signs that Chakra appeared in Chakra!

And the squad is right, although I have a sign of the ninja in front of the fog hidden appearance, but the other party has no action!

"They are in the sky!"

When the mood of the wood ninja was completely explosive, it was a somewhat in some way, an angry drunk came from the rear.

The daily endure and the oil woman will appear in front of the position.

"Those ninja in the sky? What is going on!"

The day to bear up, and the ability of the white eye has found the sky.

"My surgery is broken!"

Oil got root a sound of hoarse open mouth.

At this time, the face of the end of the night has become more ugly.

"Everyone prepares to fight, must not make the position lost!"

"Master the ninja, the ninja, launching the tolerance, the poisonous gas left in the air, blowing the battlefield of the foggy village!"

The day is up to the quick release command.

He knows the moment that poison pit is destroyed, and their plans have failed!

The body of the surrounding animals has almost been searched, and I want to build a poison pit that can be tenthly from nano-stage poisons, at least four or five days.

The fog hidden village obviously won't give them this time!


The scattered Tarin relief is reaches the side of the summer.

"Summer adults, do we continue to attack?"

A star is finished with the battlefield below him and asks whispers.

"The things we should have have completed, and then it is not what we can do."

Summer shakes your head and there is no helves.

From the beginning, this war is not their little star fortune.

In the fog hidden village, they can't afford it.

On the wooden leaf, the day to endure through the white eyes, the invasion of the ninja suspended in the air, and the heart is slightly loose.

Although the number of ninja that can be flying is not much, but it can still cause a certain amount of trouble.

It was originally designed to solve this group of Ninja who can fly, and now they have left, and the remaining part of the force.

"However, those in the air, should it be a person in fog?"

"Star Renair Village?"

On the day, I went to the look of a thoughtful look, I remembered the shape of the extraction of these flying ninja through the white eyes.

"It turned out to be, a hundred mining ..." The day is bullied on his face.

When Nara Luo Jiu, in the next task, Nara is a star of Xiong.

But at that time, I didn't care about this little rushing.

Who dares to believe!

The wooden leaves have been prepared for a long time, and there is no failure in the hands of the hidden village, but it is lost in a small star.

At this moment, on the battlefield.

A large number of wooden ninja gathered in the foremost position while launching the wind.

A horrible hurricane, rolled up the virulence left in the air, scrape it in the direction of the fog hidden village position.

At this time, the misty village position has gathered a lot of fog injury.

Obviously, the people in the misty village have already prepared, and these ninja have been in front of the explosion, and these ninja have appeared on the ground.

"Earth - Tu City Lianyun!"

Taking the battlefield as a huge soil wall, from the ground, it has been connected to the whole front of the mist, forming a high-tech wall.

The poisonous gas carried by the wind is to block the tall solemn.

Cartry ghosts are squatting, standing behind the wall, revealing a cruel look on his face.

"Wooden guys, finally not planning to take the turtle!"

"Let us come to a real killing !!"

The mortar ghosts happen to a laughter.

"Unfortunately, the Ninja of Star is too early, otherwise, if you can't cause a small trouble on the wooden leaves."

Jun Ma Lu looked at the beginning, and he had shaken his head gently toward the summer and others with her fog hidden.

"A group of bile bold." The mortar ghosts slammed their mouths, and the sound did not precaution.

Jun Ma Lu is not discounted, and the eyes look around the earth wall that blocks in front of the position, and the heart is in the heart to count the time.

Oil gnabble is rooted that the nanotoxic insects need to speak through cells. If there is no cell, the nano poisonous injects will be quickly dead.

Therefore, they only need to pass the earth wall to resist the toxicity of the wind, this stock does not have the poisonous gas of the cell, and will not have to dissipate it.

"It should be dissipated, and the second offensive is ready!"

Jun Ma Lu suddenly raised his head and the sound of the sound.

Located under the wall of the earth wall, the mastery of the mystery, lifting hands up on the earth wall at the same time.

With the movements of these ninja, the outer side of the soil wall began to drum up one by one.

Each earth bag is quickly shot a soil gun!

In an instant, these soil guns are connected to a piece, and they can be photographed in the direction of the wooden leaf position!

The horrible attack instantly covered the front of the leaf position and sent a romogent roar.

The kung fu between the blinks, the battlefield has been filled with a dense magazine!

There are a lot of wood, ninja, and it is directly through these soil guns through these soil guns.

With the end of this wave attack, the Ninja in the misty village has revoked the soil wall, rushing out from the back of the earth, kills in the direction of the leaflet.

A large number of detonators and various weapons, collided in the air, issued a rush of explosion and collision.

When the two sides meet, there is a battle between nature, there is no meaning of your hand!

A piece of flat ground recesses were trapped, and several fog standing on the top were not checked, and the whole body had a short imbalance.

It is because this moment of kung fu, the Ninja of several wood leaves came, and the fog was built on the spot.

After killing these misty, these wooden ninja quickly leaving the original place, rushing toward the battlefield in other directions.

The position of the battlefield, the ninja in several fog hidden villages, first use the water to hook up, and then attack with thunder.

With this set of combinations, we will continue to kill numbers of wood ninja.

The battlefield is such a fierce battle, not you die, I die.

Woody villages and fog villages have long been not dealttage from the Warring States Period, and the grievances between the two rivals have continued until now.

At the same time in the fog and the fierce, the ninja fiercely fight, close to the direction of the leaflet, rushed over the two barely murdered figure.

"Finally found you!"

The mortal ghosts made a big drink, and the wooden ninja shot in front of him and flew out and appeared in front of the two gods.

With side by the ghosts, there are Jun Ma Lu.

The moba of the cavity in the fog, Jun Ma Lu quietly looked at the day of the wooden leaves, and the oil woman taking roots.

Four people meet at the center of the battlefield!

Ninja around the village around the village is also aware of this area, try to give these four people with enough space.

"Which one are you going to deal?"

Jun Ma Lu looked opposite the opposite side and the voice of the open mouth.

"I want to play two!"

The martial martial arts is not polite, and a laugh is, a person rushes to the root in the direction of the root in the day.

Seeing this scene, Jun Ma Lu's mouth smoked slightly, and his face flashed a helpless look.

Since some people go to deal with them two people, Jun Ma is too lazy to grab with the mortar ghost.

Jun Ma Lu quietly stood in the same place, and he continued to fight the Ninja battle in four weeks, preventing other ninja from other ninja in the hand.

Because the ninja of the wood has been taking a defensive strategy, he has long sooted a fire in his heart.

Today, if you don't let the mortar ghosts hit a good, after the battle, the mortar ghost will find yourself.

Jun Ma Lu can have no interest in playing with someone with someone.

"It's just a person rushed to, and you are so hidden village, it is true, one is a mad!"

The day, I've been to see my own helmemmon ghost, and Jun Ma Lu is standing in the same place, there is no hope, slightly.

"I can solve yours alone!"

The mortal ghosts happen, and the whole person jumps in the half-air, and the hands have finished printing.

Water in the water - big bomb!

A water flow appeared in the air, quickly condensed into a huge shark, open the blood of the blood, pudging the past!

Not only this, the mortar ghosts will be stepped on by the shark formed by the water flow, and the whole person will jump again.

Cartry ghosts, holding big knives.

On the day, the endurance is slightly squatted, and the hands raised the huge shark, and a shot.

Soft Fighting - Gossip Emperor!

A shock wave formed by Chakra broke out from both hands, and instantly slammed the shark.

Incurses, the huge sharks formed by the water flow are smashed, and there is no number of water flows in the air.