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Chapter 389 Occupys the Bear's State, Meteorite!

at the same time.

The mortal ghosts have appeared above the roots of the oil, holding a big knife, and the muscles have taken the roots of the oil.

The powerful arm is carrying a big knife and a muscle, directly putting the oil in the ground, and smashes the ground to a large pit.


Carton ghosts saw the oil that was defeated in the ground, and there was no surprise look on his face, but the eyebrows were slight.

I saw that the oil in the big knife and the muscle of the muscle taking rooted into countless poisons, flying quickly, and swarming with the big knife and smear.

Secrets - insects!

The actual body of the oil woman will appear outside of the meter, and the palm is gone to the ghosts, the palm is in force!

Surrounded by a large number of poisonous worms surrounded by the mortar ghosts, it is firmly surrounded by the mortal ghost, while squeezing.


Along with a dull sound, the mortal ghost is extruded into a crushing, but it is not blood, but the water flow.

Not good, being cheated!

The oil woman was shocked by the root, quickly got up and wanted to leave from it.

"Now I want to leave, I am late!"

The mortal ghost face has a laugh, and there is a direction behind the oil!

Seeing this scene, the oil woman taking the roots change, at this time, I want to avoid it. It is obviously slow.

The other side of the day, I also saw this scene, ready to return to support the oil.

But the stem of persimmon will make this day to bear, it was originally broken by the day, and did not sprinkle it on the ground.

Instead, stay in the air, at the same time, these broken water flows, which are rapidly condensed into a thousand water.

Password to endure the past, and the dazzling is hover up.

at this time!

The day is either hard to endure this hit, holding a half-injured body to save the oil female, or stop to block the attack.


On the day, I was so embarrassed, stop the body to put out the gesture of the soft law, quickly bombard against the sky.

- !

The spikes in the steric muscle, the spur of the muscle, the puncture of the bandage revealed out, bombarded on the root of the oil.

The oil girl has a dozens of wounds in the roots of the root, and it has been bombarded.

After short film, the martial artificial gesture, pressed the day to endure and the oil woman with two people.

In addition to the battlefield, you want to be close to the Woody ninus here, it is temporarily blocked by Jun Ma Lu.

When the chanmon ghost, the oil is flying out while taking the oil, and the foot is stepped on, quickly rushed to the direction of the day.


The mortal ghost face with exciting look, waving the big knife and muscle in his hand, and tangled against the day.

In the face of this series of striking, the day is constantly useful to use the soft way to resist, but someone can use the opportunity to use the gossip in the day.


I could I confer my Chakra in the day, and I was lapse with a very fast speed.

Can no longer drag down!

On the day, Intifacts the double curtain, quickly mobilize Chakra in the body.

Soft Fighting - I hit!

On the day, I endure all the acupuncture points up and down, and I spurt a lot of Chakra.

In such a state, the day is up to force against the attack of the ghosts, and the figure is quickly retreat.

Several jumps, appeared next to the root of the oil in the root of the oil.

The day, I will take the oil to take the oil to the direction, and see the direction of the mortal ghosts.

"Your fog is hidden from the war of the entire endurance, you will definitely pay a heavy price!"

"Their wood can be victorious, and now you can also!"

Nice to endure your face.

Obviously, at this moment, the day is already intended, and the commander is the meaning of the long retreat.

The strength of the mortal ghost is much stronger than originally expected, especially the big knife, and muscle, can swallow Chakra's strange ability.

The longer the time is, it will only be more unfavorable to them!

Moreover, not only can the martial artifact, and another Jun Ma Lu has stopped a squad of the wooden oriented ninja with a person.

They have no powerful ninja that can be dragged with mortar ghosts, and then the loss will only be heavier!

When I heard the day, the ghost face was revealed on the face, and I made a clear look.

"Only a loser will take the previous thing!"

"More more, there is more than just our fog, but also one of the buzzers of the builders who have used."

"Even the builders who used to have had to destroy wooden leaves, it seems that your wooden leaves have not existed!"

The mortal ghosts make a laughter, and the hands start rapid printing, and a large number of Chakra flocks out with the speed of the printed.

"Today, don't want to leave!"

Water (big burst shower!

Cartry spooky from the mouth, is like a wavy water flow, and the huge water waves spread toward all sides!

It seems that the big river is general, and it's rolling!

Under the day, I've made a lake, and the martial artifact, the creation of the martial arts, and the creation of the martial arts and the martial arts.

The entire battlefield was covered by this huge water flow, many of the wooden, ninja had not reacted, and they were smashed underwater by one stock.

I knew a little bit of water, and the mortal ghosts also felt a weak sense of the body.

However, there is still no stop of the action of the mortal ghosts.

"Let me leave it!"

Cartry ghosts bite the finger, reach the shot on the water.

Tongling - thousand food!

boom! boom! boom!

A thousand sharks have been summoned out. In this huge water flow, after these sharks act come sincerely, they will fight towards the direction of the wood, ninja.

Cartry ghosts breathed a boring, half squats on the water.

Because there is nothing to endure in the day, I will absorb how much Chakra is absorbed by the two people. Therefore, two large tolerance, almost exhausted Chakra in the ghosts in the ghosts.

"The two guys gave you."

The mortal ghosts are pressed on the water to manipulate numerous sharks. While attacking the ninja of the leaves, the head is turning to the rear of Jun Ma Lu.

Jun Ma Lu nodded, there is no slightly, and quickly rushed to the direction of the two people.

Mycore - Dang Song Dance!

As soon as I came up, Jun Ma Lu used a killing, and the soft boxing of the junction of the end of the day was not able to break down the bones formed by Jun Ma.

The body of the body is itself the Stermers, even if the sound of the family is the same.

The poisonous insects on the roots of the oil have a large amount of restrictions under the action of this water flow.

Moreover, Jun Ma Lu only took a remote attack on the oil female, and did not give the oil to the opportunity to take roots.

Both parties have been in a fierce battle!

On the day, I took the lead in being a sharp bone blade in Jun Ma Lu, from the heart of my heart, and the whole person fell on the water.

A large number of blood attracts sharks in the water flow, count only sharks, it will endure the day, and clean it.

And there is no need to endure in the day, and the oil woman has not supported roots, and the death of Jun Ma Lu.

These two people have died, and the wooden troops that have been barely supported quickly defeat.

The next battle is completely in the situation!

The entire wooden troops are all over the army, and the fire line established by the Woody Village is also completely abolished.

Jun Ma Lu led a lot of wooden, ninja, quickly occupying the position of this while swept the battlefield.

Until the sky.

The fog hidden is completely controlled by this border of the Bear.

A temporary house.

"Ghosts, Mr. Jun Ma," We have now broken down the position of the wooden leaf, and then it is the country of invading the fire. "

"After we occupied this position, the trend of the entire war will change thoroughly, and it can also give a lot of pressure in the position of the wave."

"But although this war is we win, it is still lost a lot of ninja, I am afraid it needs the support of the village."

A middle-aged fog with excitement look, pointing at the map hung on the wall, excited open mouth.

This is, since the first endurance battle, foggy village with wooden troops, the first time I played a big victory!

Moreover, they are the three battlefields at this time, take the lead in breaking the army defensive forces, this is a huge honor!

"The next thing, trouble you are prepared."

Jun Ma Lu nodded and patted the opening of the sound of this middle-aged fog.

"Yes, Jun Ma Lu is!"

Middle-aged fog is a positive, and the face reveals the solemn look, facing the ghosts of Jun Ma Lu and the mortar, and the two are gently squatted and turned to go outside.

Jun Ma Lu turned his head, and he looked at some lazy look, some doubts:

"Helmon ghosts, it seems very dissatisfied?"

"Really, I originally thought that I can encounter two interesting opponents, the strength is so bad."

"The leaves of the wooden leaves, like the flag-like Carti, Martai, etc., can not appear."

The martial artifacts are somotion.

Jun Ma Lu couldn't help but stunned. At this moment, he suddenly understood why the last moment, the mortar ghost will take the day to the two people, hand it over to him.

Obviously, after the fight against these two people, the two people have lost their interest in fighting.

The mortal ghost suddenly falls on Jun Ma Lu, can't help it in front of him.

According to his knowledge, Jun Ma Lu's strength is very strong. So far, in addition to the right of the right of the people, there seems to be no one knows the true strength of Jun Ma Lu.

Just as the mortmon ghost wants to open, he suddenly came out of a slight sound.

"what happened?"

Jun Ma Lu Ji is wrinkled, and it is dissatisfied with a tone.

when! when!

Gently knocked on the door, and immediately walked in the outside.

"The two adults, the gang of the Rairu Village is coming, do you need to put them in?"

This fog has a look of fun, soft open mouth.

Jun Ma Lu and the mortar ghosts glanced at the eyes, and Jun Ma Lu revealed a inexplicable look, nodded.


Summer is gone from the outside, looking at the ghosts that are watching her Jun Ma Lu and the chanmonter, the look is positive.

"Two you, we have done what you said."

"It's now, it is released, and the star shadow of our village is released."

Summer face with serious look, serious open mouth.

The two people did not speak, and a fog standing next to standing.

"I have to correct you in summer, we don't have a star shadow of your village. He is just the injury in the body here."

This fog hinges the words just mentioned in the summer.

"Whether it is treatment, still other good, now please release our stars!"

"As one of the five big fortifications, I want to come to you, you should not say you!"

Summer seems to be aware of the meaning of the fog hidden village wants to repent, the face has changed.

"Of course, there is no problem, but as far as I know, in your village, there seems to have a meteorite that helps cultivate Chakra."

This fog has a calm look with a calm look, and the tone is open.

I heard here, I clearly understand what.

Star Shadow in their fog this time, absolutely leaked some intelligence of Star Rellar Village.

"I can give you meteorites."

Summer is only silent, and there is no direct opening of the slightest.

After that, after the summer turned, I walked toward the house. After a while, I launched the law in the summer, so that my back went out the wings, flew in the direction of Star Renair Village.

Seeing this scene, this fog, moblus ghost and Jun Ma Lu, all of his face showed an unexpected look, and it was a bit awkward.

According to their information from the stars.

This piece can help the Ninja in the Rair Village to cultivate Chakra's meteorite, which can be said to be the life of the whole star.

Such an important thing, the few people present, I am afraid I have to expect a good job.

But I just had a good promise in summer, I was completely unexpected.

Three people present between the time, but silence.

"Star shadow of Star Renni, will it be to lie to us?"

Jun Ma Lu was silent, and there was a cold intention in tone.

"will not!"

"Star shadow of Star Rencun If you don't want to die, he will never give us a fake news, because this does not have any meaning."

"And when it comes to the meteorite information, the star shadow response of Star Rellar Village is extremely fierce, enough to prove that this meteorite is at least true, and it is very important."

Next to the mist, shake his head, seriously analyze the road.

The star shadow of Star Rellar is he personally interrogated, so there is no problem with this intelligence.

As soon as the summer is so happy?

This fog can't help but guess, but this answer should be available soon.