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Chapter 390 eats? Announced!


The meteorite of Star Rellar Village is at least this, and it should be no problem.

In the process of waiting for three people, a few people who attack this side will break the detailed news of the wood leaf position, and pass the spiritual surgery back to the village.

These people who rely on them now, the country of attack is obviously not enough, and the village is needed to add people.

And so far, although the battle between the three battlefields is extremely fierce, everyone is clear, this is just an appetizer.

The real key is, the thousand-handles, Yuxi wave spot right!

And until now, these three adults seem to have intended to play directly.

There is no similar intelligence from the fog hidden village. In such cases, the various troops need to pass the information of the detailed battlefield back to the village every day.

In order to be a burst of emergencies!

After the martillamon ghost, Jun Ma Lu handled these things, didn't wait for how long, the familiar footsteps were passed.

The summer is holding a big wooden box in a half-meter, giving in the outside.

"This is what you need."

On the summer, put the wooden box in your hand on the ground, back to the rear steps, soft open mouth.

That fog took the lead in got the lead and opened the box.

A three slap left and right, exudes the obvious Chakra atmosphere with a lot of ambulite meteorite, appeared in front of everyone.

The nearest mist of this meteorite is the first to feel that I am close to this meteorite, and Chakra in the body is obviously active.

"Indeed to Chakra has an impact."

The fog flashed in the light, turning to the back of the rear of the mortar ghost and two people, and the open mouth of the downside.

Didn't think of this, there is such a good thing in the Rushing Village!

Moreover, confidentiality is circulated in the endurance.

If this accident caught the star shadow, the other party greed is afraid of death, I am afraid I really can't get such a good thing!

That fog looked up, and his interesting look at summer.

In the endurance, you can use the metal or things that you can contact Chakra can be used to describe the value.

What's more, this strange meteorite in front of you can enhance the Ninja Chakra.

So, this fog is very curious, why is it so easy to mention?

"According to the intelligence I collected, you are close to your village, the relationship is not only good, but there is still a certain contradiction?"

"If you say that in your village, I will not believe in this meteorite."

This fog spoken his eyes, and his eyes flashed in the summer.

In the face of this foggy question, the summer face is abnormally calm, obviously no accident.

Just as the summer is ready to open.


Cartry ghosts raised the big knife · muscles, originally wrapped in the outer wraps at this moment by the muscles, a blue covered with spiked weird blame, appeared in front of everyone.

"Oh, it seems that you seem to be very interested in the meteorite."

The martial artifact picks the eyebrows, and looked at the big knife and muscles that broke out in his hand.

Cartry ghosts in the summer day, lifting the big knife and muscle alignment of the meteorite.

The muscles have become rapid, with the mouth of the sharp toothed, swallow the meteorite.

"Eat, eat it?"

I saw this scene in summer, my face was full of incredible eyes, and the whole person stood in place.

On the side of Jun Ma Lu and the fog, but there is not much unexpected expression.

The big knife · muscle has the characteristics of swallowing Chakra, this is not a secret to them.


Jun Ma Lu is still frowned, he is intended to be intended to send the meteorite of this Star Rellar to the misty village, give the right fight.

Nowadays, the macro of the macron of the mortilla is swallowed, then this matter is a bit trouble.

The martial arts showed excitement on the face, and the meteorite can be independent Chakra, and now it is eaten by the big knife.

That is to say, in the next battle, he does not need to worry about Chakra's problem, which will be a huge improving!

Just as the ghosts of the mortar ghosts were happy, the muscle of swallowing the meteorite was suddenly twisted!

Then, in the macmon ghosts, there are some incredible eyes, the muscles will just swallow the meteorite and spit out from the mouth.

at this moment!

The mortar ghosts feel obviously the big knife, the mood, the disgust of the meteorite.

"Interesting, can there be a chakra that can make the muscle hate emotions?"

The mortal ghost is looking at the summer, and it is full of curiosity.

He is clear, the big knife · ???????????????? ? ?? ??

"You have seen it, this meteorite can not only produce Chakra independent, but also allow the Ninja close to this meteorite to accelerate Chakra's extraction speed."

"But there is an opposite side, this meteorite has radioactive, and it is not released in a special material.

Feeling the vision of some people of the mortar ghost, there is no meaning to conceal in summer, directly opening the mouth, when it is here, the eyes flashed a shint:

"My husband is the last generation of Star Shadow, because this serious side effect, and the English died too late."

Summer voice falls.

Cartry ghosts, Jun Ma Lu and the fog hidden pupils simultaneously, can't help but want to stay away from this meteorite.

"Reassured, this side effect requires a long time to be in the meteorite, there is no impact on people in a short time."

"It is precisely because of this reason, the first generation of Star Shadows did not detect any abnormalities, and they have been cultivating meteorite, but I found this."

"The current star shadow still wants to use the meteorite cultivation, and I am because of this, and there is some opinions with the stars."

Summer seems to be aware of the idea of ​​a few people, whispered open mouth.

Star Rellar Village is strong because of the existence of meteorites, but also because of the existence of meteorites, I haven't lived 30 years old.

After her husband died, I plan to seal the meteorite on the summer.

Unfortunately, her opinion is not valued by the high-rise in the village.

The appearance of everyone in the fog hidden village, so that the summer saw a trace of opportunities, so the summer is not hesitant to pay the meteorite.

No meteorites, Star Rellar Village may be short to weaken, but they will last after this time.

If you continue to rely on meteorite cultivation, believe in the summer, the village will definitely ruin this meteorite!

After listening to the summer, everyone guess the idea of ​​the summer heart.

"You can take your star shadow to leave."

"In addition, our foggy village, welcome your visit to the village."

Jun Ma Lu stood up and said to the summer calm opening.

Summer stunned, then nodded turned around to go outside.

After seeing the summer leave, Jun Ma Lu turned his head to see the mist.

"Send people to send this meteorite back to the village, I want to come right, I will be very interested."

Jun Ma Lu's light open mouth.

Although this meteorite has certain side effects, it is still undeniable that this meteorite has the value.

The star is afraid of such side effects, that is because the star is too weak, there is no strength to study this strange meteorite.

"Okay, Jun Ma Lu,"

That kind of fog is horses nod, put the meteorite back into the wooden box, picking up the wooden box and turn away.

"A small star is the village, think you will be invited?"

The mortal ghost stretches stretches and changed a comfortable posture.

"The right trip adult said that we are doing now not to launch the war to destroy what!

"Let the whole tolerance ushered in real peace!"

Jun Ma Lu is with a fanaticism and serious, and the opening of the martial arts.

"Just fight the battle."

The mortal ghost shrugged and the sound calm open.

Although this is said, if it is really uniform, it is really exciting!

The mortal ghost is slightly flashing, and the heart is secretly thinking.

The next day, I just gave a bright!

Directives from the fog hidden village have passed to the hung country battle position.

"What! Don't let us directly attack the fire country?"

Cartry ghosts and slammed the table, with incredible looks on the face, seeing the fog of the command.

They can't easily attack the wooden leaf in the lord position, now I can directly attack the fire country, but now let them give up?

Cartry I don't understand, how do you think about those high-level in the foggy village!

"No, yes."

The fog of this command ends against the breath of breath, and some trembling open mouth.

"Helmon ghosts, his words have not finished, let alone village naturally have villages."

Jun Ma Lu is a flat look.

The mortal ghost has turned over the eyes and retake it again.

Feeling the angry atmosphere of the mortal ghost, the fog of the command is deeply relieved and continues to open.

"The village's directive is, let the chanmon ghosts and Jun Ma Lu, who go to the country of the country through the border of the fire."

"Now the peach is no longer in the big people, and the troops led by the Long Shirng adults are still in the sea, there is no way to arrive now."

The fog of the command is quickly, and the content is generally said.

In the southeast position of the Kuma State in the fire country, the wave of the country is in the Orthodox position of the country of fire.

Although the position of the two positions is not close, there is no such thing as the stem of people, it is indeed a few more than the sea.

"Starting from the foggy village, the way to the country is nearly a straight marine distance, and the village sent people to the country, but it is necessary to get on the number of islands in the sea."

Jun Ma Lu faces a thinking look, whispered open mouth.

Obviously, although these two positions are extremely important, they need to spend the time, human and material resources, and more than two thousand more and three times more than the country of the Bear.

"The village's meaning, it will not be the position of the Bear's country does not act as the main attack army, and support the Wave Country in the form of the transfer station."

"The village wants to combat these two toys, concentrate on the country of fire?"

Jun Ma Lu's eyes flashed slightly, as if I thought.

The fog of the command heard the words of Jun Ma Lu, and even nodded.

"The village is indeed this."

"Although our fog hidden village has been a few times, the level of various materials has increased significantly, but the number of ninja is still not recovered to the extent before the third endurance battle."

Speaking of this, the fog sound of the command is slightly.

This is mainly due to the "blood mist" policy, causing a lot of death, so that the entire misty village Ninja has a large area.

At this point, the fog relief of the command is naturally dared to say, after all, this is involved in the last spray.

"Wooden leaves in the third endurance battle are not much loss, and then add so many years of recovery."

"Even now to deal with rocky village and our foggy, as the first wooden leaves of five big fortifications, there is no disadvantage in the number of ninja."

"So in the absence of our ninja, the force can only be together."

The fog of the command is serious.

Moreover, the Wave State's battlefield is more important than the position of the Bear, which can be seen from the troops sent by the leaves.

The original fog hidden village is divided into two troops at the same time, which is to disperse the troops of the leaves.

Coupled with the attack of rocky village, three positions of attacks, let the leaves are tired.

However, after this time, it is completely unpredictable.

The powerful and the heritage of the wooden leaves is indeed a name of the first five rivals.

Since such a plan is not!

Interior in the fog hidden village.

Right fight, with some high-level high-level high-levels of the Midami and the wooden leaves, let the troops are re-collected together, hit the offensive leaves.

Otherwise, a big probability will be dragged by the leaves of the leaves.

Moreover, the strategy exhibited by the current wood is indeed a delayed policy.

"No wonder, the position of the bears, the reaction of the wood leaves is so slow."

Cartry ghosts slightly crackdown, revealing sharp teeth, there is some unknone of open mouth.

Speaking here, the mortar ghost sound is turned.

"The peach is no longer the big happening of the guy, which will not be the position of the wave of the country, can't stand it?"

There is no precaution in the mortal ghost sound, and there is no mock up.

The mortal ghost itself will never be a peach, and each other is not pleasing to each other.

Now I have seen the peach and don't eat, and the mortar ghosts naturally can't help but ridicule.