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Chapter 391 is ready to end, and the battle will change!

Fog hidden village.

A beach near the coastline.

The right strip is sitting on a rock on a rock, holding a hook in the distant sea.

At this time, a picture came over from the rear.

"Right fighting, you are now leisurely."

"I am so fainted by the battle report from the front line."

With the dissatisfaction tone in the beautiful voice, look at a right to fish in front.

The right bumbled in both eyes flashed, but his face was with a solemn look.

"Cough, cough, I am adjusting, so that your state is in the peak."

Wang Fan coughs and righteously righteous words.

"Yes?" Take a slut in the Bimeon, and it seems that it doesn't believe in the trumpet of the right fight.

Right, I feel that I am talking about it, and the lazy thing is to be sitting, and my face is quickly transferred:

"How is the situation on Rocky Village?"

In the face of the right bumper, some bloody transfer topics are placed, and the pink lips are blind.

However, there is no angry idea. She comes here, this is for this matter.

"Rocky Village has increased its strength in the past few days, seems to be a profit."

A serious look and dignified open mouth on the beauty.


"That said, the guy of Yuxi Bo is finally can't help."

The right fight is light, and the eyes flashed in the eyes.

It seems that the war of glue is almost more than a month, it seems that it will finally ushered in a true climax.

The right fight is flashing, the body is straight, and the body is running out of a horrible breath.

However, in a moment, this horrible breath recalls, and the right boused is still leisurely fishing, as if nothing happens.

When I stand on one side, I naturally felt the breath that the right bumbled, I was flashing in the first time.

Whether it is when, as long as you feel the horror of the right fighter.

It will be deeply understood that the huge gaps in the strengths in terms of strength.

This is an essential gap!

Since the establishment of the entire endurance, only the Yuxi Bouvelle, the thousand-handles, and the right tricks, the three people can be suppressed with one person can suppress the entire endurance.

When I am sometimes glad, I am fortunate that their fog hidden village has such a strong person.

Otherwise, today's situation, like Sandy Village, Yun Yin Village is general, only the wilder play of wood leaves.

Yisi Bouvelle does not care about the relationship between the wood leaves, but the other party is from the wooden leaves, and this is no one can deny.

Looking back in the god of the god and looking at the right fight in front of you, flashing a soft look in his eyes.

"Right, today you are afraid you can't catch fish?"

Looking up at the beauty of the sea, I looked at the calm sea in front, my face with a smile.

I just released the breath, although just a short moment.

But it is still enough to leave all the creatures around the sea.

That is to say, this sea area is said to be a fish in a short time, I am afraid that there is no shrimp.

When I heard the beauty, I also realized this problem, but I didn't just regret it in my heart. I just wanted to say something.

Right, suddenly, I went back.

"I don't come to fish, I said that it is recovery."

The right trumper is a heavy cough, and the head is looking to the side. It is a smile to look at the beauty, full of serious open mouth.


The right bumper took the fish rod, got up and stood up, can't catch the fish, so that it naturally didn't have to stay.

What's more, the curtain is about to kick, he can't be absent!

"Let's go, it is the time we are in the end."

The right fight is flashing and flashing in the mouthway.

When I heard the right, I heard the right fight first, it was first, the green eyes were also flashing, and the pink lips took a smile.

"I don't know if the wood can give us an unexpected surprise?"

The blue tube top dress is swinging with the wind, and there is a fascinating and dangerous breath.


All rigid villages are quietly watching, the trend of this war.

This war has lasted for half a month.

From the beginning of mutual test, glue, followed by the intense collision of the ninja troops of the three super built villages, so that many of the people in the village were amazed.

It is actually able to bring the two major super-buffaling at the same time.

I used to know that the leaves were the first of the five big fortifications. It is a strong rivoting, but now, many of the normally understand the meaning of this power!

At a time, many small hinges have played some kindness.

These small scorracle began to secretly pay the leaves, and even some rigidas, directly dispatch their ninja secretly support wooden leaves.

Compared to the constant movement of the small actions, the two rivals of Shang Yin Village and Yun Yin Village are quiet.

In addition to sending their own ninja, there is no excessive action.

Sandy Village, Yun Yin Village is more understanding more than these coblues, and now this war has just passed half.

As long as Yu Zhibo spots, thousands of hand, right, three people do not end, then this war is not a way to determine.

In such a case, these cumsarten villages supporting the wooden leaves are simply being died.


Sandy village, Yun Yin Village two rushed to the village, more fast and fast than imagined.

first of all.

The rocky village suddenly increases the force, not that gradually increased, but an increase in surcrhance.

Although the wooden leaves have long been prepared, but it is still unsatisfactory.

The original stalemate is broken in this section, and the position of the wooden leaves is quickly suppressed.

More than just rocky village, the fog hidden village in the position of the country, but also rapidly increases the force.

Five people appeared in this battlefield in the fog hidden village.

In the face of rocky village, the fog hidden village seems to have increasing the strength and fighting, if these two large-scale villages have not discussed, people who kill the wooden leaves are afraid.

Nara Lifei is preparing for this situation, but both positions are still in jeopardy!

At the same time, it is intensely fighting in two major positions.

There are two stories that have appeared in the country of Tianzhi.

The corner, the two people stood on a sand dune in Tianzhi, with indifferent and light look, watching not far from the village.

"I remember it is right, this sound of the village should be built in the big snake pill."

"I didn't expect the district for a few years, and they can cultivate a lot of ninja."

The corner has a little unexpected, some are a surprised opening.

"It looks like this, the big snake pill is actually helping the leaves, and it is really not to understand what he is thinking."

There is a little cold voice, saying this, slightly:

"No matter what the big snake pill is thinking, our mission is to cover the village and hurry."

When I finished, I got up and got up in the direction of the voice. The corner is followed.

The Ninja in the Village, helped the leaves, but the troops gave rock village have caused a lot of trouble.

The corner, the two people are about to be close to the village.


Forty or fifty skeletons are thin, and some of the clothes rushed up from the four sides, and one face with madness.

"These ninja, just barely calculate it."

The corner has picked the eyebrows and looked at the four or 50 years of flocking around.

"This is not ordinary, it should be similar to those who are on the battlefield."


Almost accompanied by scorpion tones.

These four or fifty people rushed to ninja, suddenly issued a sound wilder roaring. Then, the original thin body begins to expand rapidly, and the whole body presents the strange changes in gray black.

Some people have long wings, some people have more hands, and even some will become like the wild monsters.

"The research results of the big snake pills are certain on the battlefield."

While evaluating, the rose is evaluated, and one side is pulled out in the air.

Along with a white smoke, ten embrace appeared in front of the scorpion.

The fingers will pick with the fingers, this ten instantly become the remaining shadow disappeared in the original place, killing the ninja that is infected around the surroundings.

One time, screaming and roaring surrounded.

Under the powerful sorrow, these looks like a strange ninja almost a slaughtered slaughter.

Blood and four splashes, the limbs are flying!

These curse infected ninja, there is almost no resistance to the resistance.

It's almost all around you are close to the scorpion!

In a short period of time, this footfoot is four or fifty curse, and there is only half of the slaughter.

However, just at this time!

A suddenly lost contact with the scorpion.

Specifically, it should be crushed by violence.

A same whole body is black, like a monster, a general curse, with an angry roar, quickly rushing to the direction of the scorpion.

This curse is obviously different from other cursers who are like cannon airtis, and the Chakra volume in the body is several times that of these ninja!

This person is the stronghold of the Northern Village.

The heavy killings are excited, and the hardening arm is sprayed on both sides of the arm, so that the speed of the emphasis is faster.


With the air boring, the heavy speed appeared in front of the scorpion, raising his fist, and slammed.

"I finally had a good opponent."

The voice of the scorpion is still indifferent, the finger is slightly challenging, and it is always in front of the blink of an eye.

A punched punch in this singer, let the surrounding surrounded by a lot of cracks, but still blocking this hit.

At the same time, the surroundings also rushed over.

Each of the mouths of the embarrassment, the sharp blade is emitted, and the position of the opposition is blocked, and it is stabbed.

boom! boom!

With a series of sullen sullen, these squatting sharp blade did not pierce the body.

Instead, it is blocked by the gray black hard to block.

"Good hard skin."

The open mouth of the scorpion is ready to force the Chakra line in the hand.


The heavy enthusiasm will also send a roar, and the waves of the rushing from the arm, and the fists who were originally squatted.


This is full of cracks, and I am bombarded, and I am brutal to the big fist, and I will introduce the scorpion.

Seeing this scene, there is still no slightest, and the Chakra line in the hand pulls.


The number is broken at the same time!

The position of the surrounding chest suddenly opened, and a root iron chain came out from the position of the chest.

These iron chains were almost at the same time, bundled two arms, waist and legs.

Almost a hard-erased born in half an air.

At this moment, the heavy fist is not enough to be a few centivities.

But no matter how hard's strength, the number of iron chains behind will still be firmly trapped in place, and there is no way to move forward.

The face is indifferent to the wrist, popping up a pipe from his palm, and is aligned in the half-air.

"It looks over."

The corner is standing on one side, and this scene is interested.

Crystal - crystallization pentagon!

A crystal thorn that was completely used in a crystal, suddenly swarmed from the ground, and came into the angle with the rose.

The angle is not a darkness, and quickly jumps behind the rear.

These crystal thickets from the ground, leaving the numbers in the same place, all holes wore down destroyed.

While the two left in place, the arch of Honglian appeared in front of him.

Crystal-Cu crystal knife!

The red lotus has rapidly flourishing the semi-circular crystal, and the iron chain on the heavy squat is sloping.


The harsh metal collision sounded, and the iron chain broke down on the ground, and he was finally got rid of the chain of the chain.

"Thank you."

The heavy loses appeared in front of themselves, there are some hoarse open mouths.

"I am afraid that the sound of the village can't keep it, the big snake pills let us evacuate."

The red lotus is cautiously looks at the angle of the not far from the face, and quickly swims to the opposite side.

"Want to go? I have no agreement !!"

The horn is coming from the distance.


The hot flame is like a Pentium's sea, from the moment of the horns, it is quickly spread to the surroundings, as if to put all the things in front of ashes.

Crystal - crystallization five packages!

Red lotus hands print, quickly patted on the ground.

Five crystallized colicies, from the ground, rapidly litter, wrap the Red Lotus and HD.

This tutor can not only be used to prevent the enemy, but also as a means of defensive tolerance.