It is like a large flame of the waves, and it is burned into a crowd in the front of the ground.

However, with the characteristics of crystallization, the red lotus will block the hot high temperature to block the outside.

The corner is released after the release of this nature, quickly rushed over.

On the side, I took out a reel again, and I was thrown into the air, the three-generation wind shadow appeared on one side, and under the control of the scorpion, he also rushed toward the red lotus.

"I deal with the teacher, his ticking, you, you deal with another guy."

The red lotus face with a grilled look, reached out to wrap the surrounding package to withdraw.

Due to the large-scale fire of the romance that has just been released, their back is completely cut, and can only be delayed in the crystallization.

Now I can only play up!

The red lotus is moving, and there is a three-generation wind shadow, blocked each other.

The heavy raise hands in front of him, and there is a low roaring in the corner of the rush.

Lotus is not selfless!

A vocabulary is quickly compressed in the body, and is released from both hands, it is like a Chakra Miller to be bombarded in front of the front!

"Only only this degree is not enough!"

In the face of this series of artillery, Chakra attack, the corner is quickly dodge, and the speed is not slow.

A exciting terror killing, spreading from the angle.

Compared to the curse of some cannon as average, the ninja, who has such a ninja, obviously makes the corner more interested.

The angle is extremely fast, and the two or three breathing, the kung fu, has already appeared in front of him.


The corners are directly explored that the neck of the hands and seize the neck, and lifts the heavy in the air.

"Only this extent, you die!"

The corner of the corner with a laughter, holding hard force hard.

Just imagination, the sound of the fracture did not come.

Although the position of the neck is some depressed, it still resists the strength of the corner.

"The skin is not only hard, but also good toughness?"

"If this guy is made by scorpion, it is a nice meat shield."

The corner is a small look, whisper muttering.

"Hey! Give me die !!"

Hearing a wild beast-like roaring, with a mad look, lifting the fist to the face of the corner.

The corner quickly released the hand holding the neck of the neck, reversing the rear, avoiding this punch.

A moment of heavy in the landing, there is no slightest action, and the direct angle is rushed up!


I spurt the Chakra gas stream on the heavy arm, and the speed suddenly improved, and there was a corner between the blink of an eye.

Hurricane rampant double boxing, on the blessing of Chakra gas flow, the fist broke twice the force and speed than normal.

Like the wind, the wind is general, constantly bombardment on the corner, send a heavy sullen sound!

After connecting dozens of punches in a row, we look at the corner of just a step, showing an incredible look on his face.

Earth (the soil!

There is a layer of rock in the corner, and the fragments fall into the ground.

In an instant, the corner is engaged in the moment, and the whole body will be hardened.

"But not only, I will have this kind of tight!"

The corner is covered with a laughter, raising the hardening arm, and instantly bombarded the stomach.


The heavy body is instantly bow, it is like a curved prawns, and a blood is coughing from the mouth of honor.

The force that broke out in this box, obviously beyond the defense of the heavy body.

The original Qingming in the eyes of our eyes, there is no disappearance under this boxing, and a frenzy and fierce breath will come out from the vivo.


"Dead !!"

The whole person completely caught the madness of the madness, and the Chakrastra of the whole body increased, and he began to run away.

Do a lot of black texture appears in the whole body, so that we have become like a monster.

"Oh? It can also be stronger."

The corner saw the emphasis at this time, and the eyes couldn't help with them.

At the other side.

Magnetic (sand iron!

Crystal - crystal hands in the sword!

The fine needle formed by a large amount of sand iron, with the hand formed by the crystal, and collided with a deafening roar together in the air.

Honglian wants to bypass the three generations of wind shadows, to attack the body of the teacher, but the might may give Honglian opportunities.

Seeing the special crystal blood of the Red Lian, the eyes of the scorpion are slightly lightened.

Now, has some intended to catch red lotus, then make new people.

I saw the three-generation style of the three-generation style that I stopped again, and the red lotus flashed in a brunt, and the hands were quickly photographed on the ground.

Crystal - Cu Jing!

The three generations of wind shadow is quickly growing crystal, spreading the whole body with a very fast speed, temporarily sealing the three generations of wind shadows.

Red lotus knows that this number is probably can't sleep for how long the three generations of wind is, but the manufacturing time is already enough!


The red lotus is a ground, and it has become a three-generation wind shadow, and rushed to the front of the scorpion.

The red lotus face has a killing and waving a arm to cut the neck position.

During the process of moving in the air, crystals quickly spread on this arm of Red lotus, forming a crystal made of crystal.

Just in Honglian thought your own attack, you can solve this teacher is when this is.

The arms raised the arms to pop up a pipe from the arm, to the red lotus.

Seeing this scene, the red lotus pupils fierce.

Reel - Yan Yu Chen!

In the tube bounced below the scorpion, the hot red flame was sprayed in an instant!

Red lotus forcibly stops his forward movement, quickly jumping toward the rear.

Even so, the Red Lotus is still hot flames.

The whole leg presents a corpus state!

Dramatic burning pain came with the thigh, let the Red Lotus can't help but take a breath.

At the same time, the eyes of Honglian also flashed a lucky, but also timely response.

There is also pain, indicating that this leg does not lose consciousness.

However, you will be a little dangerous because of a leg, it is a bit dangerous!

Just thinking about the red lotus.


A scream sound came from another direction.

The red lotus face changed, and he went to the head and looked forward to the direction of the voice.

I saw it!

The battle between heavy and corners seems to be over.

A large amount of blood is in the mouth of the heavy blood, even in which the blood of the blood is also mixed.

We are full of a lot of scars, which is obviously hurt by the wind.

Let the red lotus face completely difficult, is the location of the heavy wealth.

At this moment, a blood cave has appeared in the chest position of the heart of the heart.

And the corner is with a clear expression, holding a slow jumping heart.

Obviously it is a heart!

The hoarse sounds from the wealthy mouth began to become lower and lower, and the state of the monster was stressed quickly and retravened back to human form.

The whole person swayed on the ground and splashed a dust.

Chongwen is dead!