Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 393, the country of the country, the country of Tang Zhi

The corner is ignorant, I fell over the ground, I'm completely lost the interest, and my gently twisted neck.

"This heart looks quite good, perhaps a good collection."

The corner is low, watching the heart of the heart, showing a little bloodthirsty smile on his face.


The corners also maintain the living heart in their hands, and it is prepared in the reel for early.

After all, the corners turned to the direction of the red lotus battle.

"I have been solved here, how long have you needed?"

"Do you want me to help you?"

The corner is slightly lazy, and it is incorporated into the ears of Red Lotus and.

This allows the red lotus on the other to recover the hearts, and the face exposes unparalleled dignity.


I saw the heavy murder, and the red lotus couldn't help but send a dark.

She dares to come to the village, who is to take a heavy me.

Nowadays, we are obviously dead, then I said that her mission failed.

Of course, what is now more important is how to escape.

The strength of these two guys in front of me, there are some expectations of red lotus.

Red lotus is very clear, although the strength of noon is not strong, but the circumstances are full of aggressive and powerful defense, and want to kill.

And the corner, it is easy to kill the heavy time in such a short period of time, and it is easy to see!


With a crisp sound.

The three-generation wind shadow that is trapped by the crystals from the crystal.

"It's almost the end."

, .

Magnetic - sand iron is wing!

A large amount of sand iron appeared behind the three generations of wind shadow, and the high-density is generally compressed, and two sand iron consisting of two sanders in the shoulder position of the three-generation vertical trend.

The two sand sand iron wings were lifted hard, and the three generations of wind shadows directly arrived in half, appeared in the sky.

Magnetic - sand iron |

A large amount of sand iron is rapidly condensed, just like a black cloud, followed by a long thorn, a general sandbeter, flocking from the air.

It's like a rain, it's going to cover the red lotus!

The red lotus face is full of unparalleled dignity, and the hands are quickly printed.

Crystal-Cujing Hex Column!

Along with the ribbon, the interface quickly rapidly rapidly a few huge hex columns.

After the release of this nature, Honglian still did not stop, and continued his hands to print.

Crystal - Crystal Dragon Dragon!

A completely crystallized dragon, rushed to the sand iron with the roaring rush to the air.

A large number of sand iron spikes took the lead in the crystallized dragon body, issued a crisp and fierce collision.

The crystalline dragon did not have the resistance, and the attack of these Sassay was disintegrated from the air.

However, it is also a short-lived gear, and Honglian has completed an endurance again.

Crystal-Cu Jing!

A huge mirror that consists entirely in the ground, from the ground underground, there is a red lotus.

A series of skeleton consumption makes the Red lotus feel that Chakra infected infection, but it is also a breather with it.


Next, the sky-covered sand iron spikes quickly fell on the ground and sent a loud noise.

Dust flying, flying sand!

Seeing this scene, the sputral controlled the three-generation style of the air, flew down from the air back to him.


At this time, the corner also appeared in the side of the scorpion, and the potholes covered by dust covered by dust.

Speech between talk.

The corner is free to print a wind, and the potholes covered by dust in front of the dust.

With the wind blowing, the dust is blown, revealing the scene inside.

I only see the all-in-one pothole that is smashed by a large amount of sand, and the ground of cracks.

Located in the most central location, it is a broken crystalline cylinder, and a crystalline scrap scattered.

In addition to these, there is no red lotus.


"Under the bottom of the big snake, there is a good ninja that is so good."

The corner is stunned, and there is an accident on the face.

It is possible to escape under such an intensive attack, and have to say that this red lotus is indeed unexpected.

Thinking here, the corner is full of smile, turning the head and looks, want to see the expression on the face.

Obviously, the corner did not see anything.



Then, the recovered the three-generation wind shadow, turned around to go in front.

"After destroying the sound of the village, it is necessary to destroy the country of the country."

When the scorpion is moving forward, he will open a mouth on the back of the rear.

"It's a boring." The corner twisted the neck, and the sound was unhappy.

Their two came to Tianzhi, except that it is to destroy the village, and the other is to destroy the entire field.

At this moment.

In addition to helping the woods of the woods have been attacked by Ninja, Rock Village.

In addition, the country assisted in the soup of the leaves is also attacked by foggy villages.


A series of explosions caused by a series of out-of-proof explosions, all of the spa of the country of the soup.

The pentium water flows, flowing around around.

Soon, these water streams formed a variety of rush to attack, attacking the defensive ninja in the country of Tang.

"Thunder - Thunder!"

Lin Yuyu is holding thunderous knife, teeth, inserted below the ground.

A pentium blue lightning, asleep is quickly rushed to the front of the water.

One time, a sound stopped sounded.


A sulf in the distance, a soup is heavy to the ground.

In the mouth, a lot of blood is sprayed, the position of the chest is more depressed, and it is clear that it is not alive.

The ghost lamp is a bird that appears in front of a soup, a laughter.

"What did you just send?"

The ghost lights have a knife in his shoulders, and the tone is full of dissatisfied look.

The ninja of this soup is clearly not intended to go back to the meant of the ghost light, and the long knife in the hand cuts the best of the ghost light.

The long knife exudes the cold cold, the speed is very fast, and it is directly over the air!

The ghost light is a moon in an instant to be brought to the .

However, in the soul, the ninja is a bit of a horror, the position of the ghost lights is cut by the knife, and there is no first unloading valve, and it has become a water flow.

Hydrated drainage!

The whole body of the ghost light is hydrated throughout the body, with the surrounding water flow, a blink of Wink behind this soup is behind.


The ghost lights raised the blunt knife, and the end of the end of the past was directly cut down to the Ninja of this soup.

"Your speed is too slow, is the strength of the seven knives?"

The ninja in Tang Renmu quickly turned around, and the long knife in his hand sprinkled with the ghost lights and ridiculous.

"Your strength is really good."

"Don't take the weapon to block my attack."

The ghost lights saw this soup with the weapons in their hands, and easily blocks their own attacks, and the corner of his mouth revealed a smile.