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Chapter 394 Fire Civil Defense Crossing, the firm!

The Ninja of this soup is also the meaning of what doesn't respond to the ghost lights.

I saw the ghost lights and the moon has raised the other end connected to the knife to hit it on the knife!

A special combat force carries a rolling force, which is poured from the blade.

In the eyes of Tang Renmun Ninja, the entire blade in his hand cracked directly.

I watched the blunt knife in the hands of the ghost lights, took the raging power, labeled his chest.

A large number of blood sprayed in the position of the chest, it is like a fountain, and the soul is directly dead!

"The tricky guy has solved it, and it will be more relaxed next."

The ghost light is plain, and this dead soup is, kneades some of the wrist.

Demolivism in Tang Renmang is still a good endurance, and then die in the hands of Lin Yuyu, from the bare and ghost lights.

The situation of the entire soul of the village quickly defeated, anger and angry and anger, the whole soup rings over the village, but there is no effect.

The fog hidden village's fog attack will not stop!

Specifically, starting from the moment of Tang Renma to help the leaves, the two convenience has been an enemy.

Since it is an enemy, then there is no need to exist!

Right fight can be so good, since you have chosen the leaves, then you have to take the results of this choice!

The war never gone, the war is dead, and there are many people who die!

At this time, most of the ninja in Tang Renmang is in supporting wooden leaves, so the defense of souls themselves has been lowered to low.

In the face of a misty hunger troops led by Lili and Ghost Water Moon, Tang Renni is not worthy of the residual force.

Only one night of hard work.

The whole soup is completely destroyed!

Until the next afternoon, the news of Tianzhi, the news of Tang Zhizhi has spread throughout the endurance!

That's right!

It is the country of Tianzhi, and the country of Tang Zhi, not just in the two countries!

The country of Tianzhi is also, it is a small country, but the country can not be on what small country, although the country with the fire does not compare, the volume of the two small countries with the belongings.

The two countries have been destroyed, so that the entire endurence is all awake.

The cruelty represented by the war, while revealing the vision of everyone, also giving a pot of cold water in the cooled village who intends to assist the leaves!

At a time, many Xiao Renni are all scared to block their own villages, and they don't dare to have any contact with the wood!

I am afraid that I will die by the two super built villages in Yinyin Village and the village!

Also accompanied by the kaoshi, the kingdom of Tang Zhi, the rocky troops of the two positions, and the foggy troops also launched a total attack.

In less than two days, the two wooden positions that have been persisted in persistence have been abandoned, and a lot of wooden ninja will die.

At the same time, the two major super-built ninja troops also broke the defense line of the fire, and entered the fire in the fire!

Woody village.

Nightning office.

The frontline of various lost intelligence is returned to the Nashing Office, and the entire office table is full of full.

However, at this moment, no one is concerned, the content of these intelligence.

Rocky Village, the troops in the misty village have broken through the fires of the fire, and then pursue these things have no meaning.


The master's fierce work desk, stands up from a bunch of documents, and the face with a noble expression.

"When you are sitting here, as the fifth generation of fire, how can I let the leaves in my hands!"

The open-eyed eyes flashed unparalleled firm, looked up, looked at Nara Luoi, standing opposite.

"Luoji, trouble you, notify the wooden leaves all in the rooftop collection!"

The prime man is seriously looked at Nara Luojing, and the tone is full of solemn.

If the voice falls, the apeer has already turned into a shadow, disappearing in the fire office.

At this moment, Nara Deer has already disappeared, and the face of satisfaction and serious turning around the fire.

Didn't have time.

The collection of the collection spreads throughout the wood, and the figure of the wooden leaves appeared on the roof of a room.

Then, these endurance is jumping in the roof and goes forward to the position of the central air shadow.

And the apeer, I have already been waiting on the roof office of the fire.


In addition to the agency, the original air without one person is accompanied by a broken voice, almost a blink of blinking, has grown.

Flagkarcasi, Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, Mahatka, Qiuding, Shanzhong Hai, Nara Luliu, I don't know the fire, Sen Nai Ibi, and foot Lei, mountain city, oil, oil women's emblem!

And the people of each family, everyone's face is full of dignified expressions.

Now that the situation in the wooden leaves, the people present in the field will never know that in the hearts of everyone have a haze.

It seems like a huge incompetent cloud. Envelop on the sky of everyone, depressed and heavy!

The apeer saw all the end of the wooden leaves gathered here, deeply sucking a breath.

"Everyone, rock, fog breaking the fire" of the defense line of the fire, I have known yourself. "

"There is no way to avoid this war, it is impossible to avoid!"

"Everyone in the field is growing up in the wood, and the loved ones are also in the wooden leaves, so no matter what, we must win!"

"Not only for the village, but also to protect people behind us!"

The agency did not say too much inspiring, and tangted his voice and seriously.

When I said, the agency stood slightly, and immediately broke out the stock of an unfolded breath.

"Dear, you will be troublesome, you will be able to intercept the enemy outside the wooden village, absolutely don't allow them to close to the village!"

The agency made a big scream, and the tone was full of firm.

"Yes! Naruto !!"

"Yes! Naruto !!"

"Yes! Naruto !!"

A sound is equally sound, and it also sounds over the entire day.

Everyone holds the determination to death, they have retreatful, if so, then it is a winner!

At this moment, the strong dark clouds in the hearts were screaming from the shouts and momentum of everyone from the bottom of the heart.

At all, all of them were deep, and it was deeply awkward, followed by a residue, and went to four sides.

Obviously, these endurance has their own tasks, Nara Luozhi as a general command, naturally coordinating the things you need to do.

These don't need one one or one.

After all the on-site endure, the apeer gathered gently.

"The momentum is just good."

"Our ahead of our family is really, it can be unique."

When the killer is not, there is already a hand, and the face has a laughter look, take the hand's shoulder.

In the face of no signs, there is a thousand-handed room next to you, and the program is first stunned, and the face is revealing the helpless expression.

"Grandpa, I am not a child now."

The opener can't help but jump, the uncomfortable open mouth.

"Haha, it's right, you are now rigor."

There is a honest laugh room between the thousand-handles, followed by touching your hair.

In the face of the laughter between the thousand-handles, the player flashed a green gluten. If you don't know this unreliable guy before your eyes, it is your grandfather, I am afraid the agency, I can't help but go.

"Reassured, the wooden leaves are built for me, I will not let anyone destroy the wooden leaves."

"And want to destroy the guys of the leaves unless you can cross my body."

The thousands of hands are hitting a honest smile, followed by a few serious.

As I said, the thousand-handed positions were standing at the height of others, overlooking the entire wooden leaves, and the eyes were missing.

"Don't worry, the hand, the leaves will always exist."

The thousand-handles suddenly turned their heads, with a soft expression with a soft expression, laughing.

When I heard the thousand-handles, the ahead wanted to say something, but he went back to the mouth and returned it back, and todded with heavy points.

"Okay, don't bother you."

After the thousand-handed collar, the light of the corner of the killer, I suddenly laughed at the position of the roof of the world.

The voice fell, there is no figure in the tiantai, which disappears in the sky.

The agency naturally knows that the thousand-handles are not really disappeared, just because the speed is too fast, you can't capture the movements between the killer.

Thinking of the thousands of handles before leaving, the prime hand turned out to look at the rear of the rooftop.

Under the gaze, the two movements from the rear of the rooftop, slowly appeared in their own field of view.

Location, big snake pill!

When I saw two people on a board, I also saw the agency.

It seems to feel a slight look at the master, and the big snake pill is slightly stiff, and smiles.

"In order to help the leaves, I have gone on the country of the field, this sincerity is more than enough."

The big snake pill is boosted, and the sound is slightly helpless.

I saw the atmosphere between the big snake pills and the actions was a bit nervous, and they also sent a cool laughter, breaking the atmosphere of this shares.

"Let's have three times for a long time, there is no face to face."

Look at the apeer and laugh at the opening.

The apeer looked at it, and slowly spit it.

"For the past, I can't care, even if I am now, I am not interested in your true purpose."

"However, since you can appear here, I hope that you will say it."

The apeer looks to the big snake pills, and the tone is in the past.


The apeer is not the expression on the face of the snake pills, and goes directly to the front.

At a moment of the master of the big snake pill, the program suddenly turned around, and lifted his fist to the belly of the big snake pill.


With a heavy sprinkle, the big snake pill is like a curved prawns.

Then, the entire body of the big snake pill is not controlled, and the position in the edge of the sky is in the beginning, the crack is spread all over.

I saw the big snake pills that were flying by a punch, and the eyes were also smoked, and the conditions were reflected in the neck.

After a punch, he flew away the big snake pill, and he turned to go to the front.

"This punch is given to you."

The apeer sounds slowly, falling in the ears of the big snake pill.

At this moment.

The big snake pills fell out, slowly warned from the edge of the sky, and the whole body exhibited a deformed shape.

The power of the prime fist, but the horror is very, not to mention the fist just now, the master is obviously not a smilly accommodation.

In other words, the big snake pill is a truthful punch.

The big snake pill swayed some distorted body, stood up, with the heart of the heart!

I saw it.

The big snake pill suddenly opened his mouth, then the whole mouth showed an exaggerated radiability, and the big snake pill was re-climbed from this mouth.

After a while, the intact big snake pill appeared in front of it.

"This is really not much change, and if you accidentally, you will really die."

The big snake pill squats licking lips, some hoarse open mouth.

I walked from one side to the big snake pills, I saw a look, the big snake pill didn't seem to be seriously injured, and the heart was slightly relieved.

"The person's character is always the same."

Since shrugging the shoulders and spits.

However, when I said here, my eyes suddenly squatted, and my eyes took a dangerous breath and looked at the big snake pill.

"Big snake pill, I hope you don't let the agency disappoint."

It is also a serious expression with a serious expression, and the face is smooth.

In the face of the risk of dangerous breath, the big snake pill seems to have not perceived a general, and she has seen the wooden leaves below the heavens.

"Although I hate this now, this has become a bit of the village, but however, I have grown up in this village."

"If the leaves are destroyed, it will make me feel very boring."

The long-standing pupil of the big snake pill flashed in the faint bomb, said that it is slightly, turned to the head and look at it, and continued with a low laughter:

"More more, even if you really want to destroy the wooden leaves, it is better to destroy the leaves in your hand."

"Moreover, I have been right to put on the fog's hidden village, and the dead boundaries of the unsathered body are very interested."

"I was killed by the guy once, I won't be as simple as it."

The big snake pill is in the process of talking, licking his lips, glanceing on a pale face with an unusually excited expression.

"I hope so." The voice of the dangerous breath is also returned.