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Chapter 395, Asa's Dead, the Sayday Red Safe!


Location, the serious looks on the face disappeared, and resumed the expression that I just started.

"The force of the prime fist, the more horrible, the last time I was hit by her, and I lost half a life, and the ribs were broken."

I also walked to the big snake pill, and I won the shoulders of the big snake pill on the big snake pill. I laughed and smiled.

It seems that it has just been emitted with a dangerous breath, it does not exist at all.

Although the big snake pills have a little disabled, but did not open the arm on his shoulders.

It has just been an abnormality in that an abnormality just now, and the attitude of it is directly, if it is faced with others, it may rise to the depths of the heart.

But the big snake pill will not be exactly, from the beginning of the big snake pills.

There is a saying, I really understand that you never friends, but your enemies!

In the eyes of the big snake pill, although it is not in his enemy, the big snake pill is indeed more than himself.

Some things, I have said that I have a good time.

This is probably also the idea of ​​our heart.

I also saw that the big snake pill did not reject his movements, and the face flashed a short, but it reveals a softness in the eyes.

"Let's go, I invite you to eat."

I laughed and laughed, and I took it on the shoulders of the big snake pill, and I walked to the bottom side while opening.

"It's boring."

The big snake pill is still with indifferent expressions, but it is only slightly flashing slightly, lifting the heel.

the other side.

After all the wooden leaves have been convened, a large number of civilians in the entire wooden village began to evacuate the periphery of the wooden leaves, and transferred to the position of the center.

The high-rise of the wooden leaves is a determination to this war, but anything needs to be done the worst plan.

And the evacuation of civilians go to the refuge, it is the weight!

Doing so, although a part of panic emotions can be caused, it can also let all Ninja peace of mind.

After all, the battle is only a small number, a lot of nectarity and endure, and most of these ninja are civilians.

The village protects all the security of all ninja family, which can more excited everyone's fighting spirit.

What's more, the rocky village forces, the fog hidden village troops have broke through the border of the fire, and the situation in the village itself is very dangerous.

In the country of fire!

The rocky village troops, the fog hidden village troops have collided with the troops of the wooden leaves.

A roar, and the flame of the sky resounded around the battlefield.

The tissue of various attributes broke out on the battlefield, and under the brilliance of all kinds of ninja, with a large number of Ninja death.

With the intensity of familiarity in the country of fire, taking different tactics, making various attacks and blocking of rocky village troops, fog hidden villages.

On the battlefield of the northwest of Wumi Village.

The rocky village forces and the fierce battle of the leaves, and Asma's figure is inserted into the battlefield, the speed is very fast!

After continuously killed the three in the rock village, Asa was stopped, and the gas was sturdy.

At a moment of Asma, two cars that were secretly observed, and at the same time fans Asma!

"Wooden on the wooden leaves, you can't escape!"

Two mounds with exciting looks, the hardships in the hands, and then pierced into Asa's chest and the backrest.


Two rocks have not been happy, I see that Asma in their thorn suddenly turns a wooden pile.

"Not good! It is for the body!"

Two rocks have changed, knowing their two people, obviously Asma has discovered two of them ready to sneak.

At this moment, Asma has appeared, and the positions not far from these two cars.

"Tell you two a truth, no matter what situation on the battlefield, you have to be careful and careful, but unfortunately, you can only verify that this truth can only be verified."

Asa hangs a laugh, lifting two Chakra knives in the traits.

Chakra knife - true text!

Asma is inhabitant in Chakra in Chakra knife, generating two high powerful dark blue glowing Chakra double knives.

Then, in the direction of the two mute, slash, slash, from the Chakra knife, and cut out the attack of Chakra!

The two rock finger did not have time to avoid, and they were hit by these two knives, accompanied by the blood quarter splash, directly died on the spot.

After solving these two rock, Asa is ready to make a breath, and a cold man appears from him, cutting.

Asa wants to do not want to quickly turn around, raise the Chakra knife in his hand, and block your body.

boom! !

A dramatic metal collision sounded on both sides of the blade.

Asma only feels the arm, but finally blocked the other's hit.

When Asa looked at the guy who attacked his own, his face changed slightly.

"Last time you escape, this time you can not escape!"

"You have sacrificed the sacrifices of the evil spirits!"

The flying face is excited and a slap in the mouth.

On the position of the country and the country of the grass, flew to the Wood Leaf Force led by Asma.

However, because the flying paragraph is too nonsense, especially in the battlefield environment, Asmagen is too lazy to fly this madman.

At the end of the flying segment, I can only look at the leave of Asma and others.

This thing is enough to fly, and it is the so-called eating a long time.

So this time, the flying segment did not plan to discontinue, directly attacked Asa, and wanted to get the blood on Asma.


From the current situation, it is obvious that the attack of the flying segment is not succumbed, and it is successful to the success of Asma.

"I don't believe what kind of evil."

Asma slammed the fike in the flying segment, it flashed and jealous.

Flying this guy, it is extremely famous on the battlefield of their wood.

This guy is simply a BUG, ​​no matter how heavy injuries on the battlefield, they can't die.

This is a lot of wood, I remembers the existence of the mogycun.

Of course, although it is equally unsatisfactory, there is still a difference, but it is just the same trouble.

"It seems that your ninja is dead."

Asma's gas is not good and dignified, full of killing.

After knowing the ability of the flying segment with unsatisfactory, the natural owner is clear and the role can be produced on the battlefield.

Therefore, whenever the flying segment appears, the wood leaves will send a few people who are good at defending tolerance, and will restrict the flying segments.

Nowadays, I have seen the flying segment here, it is clear that those Ninja have been killed by flying segments.

At this point, it can also guess the clothes from the flying sections.

"You this pagan!"

When I heard Asma destroy the evil spirits, flying sections were not only anger, but they grabbed the big sickle and kept slashing against Asma.

boom! boom!

A series of collision sounds, stalking between the two.

Asma also waving the Chakra knife in his hand, while the attacking of the flying segment was attacked, he thought quickly in his heart.

Once this madman is wrapped, it is very troublesome.

Thinking of this, the Asa flashed a hate in the light!

However, there is no limit to the unmanage of the flying segment, and Asma does not believe that the head of the flying section is cut down, even if it can't die, flying sections can still be like this now!

Think of this.

Asa has a collision again with the flying segment, with a short jump in the rear, and quickly prints in the rear.

Fire-gray burn!

Asa quickly opened his mouth, spurting a high temperature of soot from your mouth.

Because the distance between the flying segment and Asma is not far, and the flying segment is clearly not intended to avoid it, so the soot of Asa, and the flying segment is shrouded directly!

Seeing this, Asta flashed a lottery, hands holding Chakra knife in the air, fierce collision.

With a crisp metal collision, the impact of the weapon produced sparks, directly ignited the soot, and a large explosion of continuity!

boom! !

The hot high temperature inclusions are swept around around.

"I am dying !!"

A dramatic scream came from the smoke, followed by a blurred vain in the smoke, rushed out of the direction outside.

Although the flying segment is extremely miserable, the sound is full.

Seeing this scene, Asma did not surprise, if it is ordinary ninja, I am afraid that I have already had a border in this explosion, but the flying segment does not die.

Asa is tightly staring in the shadow of the dust, and the vivid shadow of the outside.

Just in the flying figure, it is about to rush out of the smoke, and the foot of Asa will disappear directly in the air.

Asma flew in the smoke in the smoke, Asa was found in the smoke, and the visual blind spots around the surroundings were found, and the slashing of the neck of the flying segment was shocked.

The flying segment that is about to rush out of the smoke, and I am busy stopping the actions of my feet.

It can be a member of the tissue. In addition to the characteristics of unsatisfactory, the flying segment itself still has a few brushes.

However, even if the flying segment reacts in time, the Chakra knife in Asa is still in the position of the neck of the flying segment, has opened a huge wound.

A large number of bloodshots are going through the wounds, as if they don't want money.

At the same time, a dark spear spades from the smoke, asa is busy to avoid on the side, but the speed is slow, and the shoulders are bored by this black spear.

Asa my shoulder wound position, several jumps quickly kicked away from the distance between the flying segments.


Asa looked at the flying segment from the smoke, with a very unfortunate look.

As a big wound in the neck, if it is too dead, it will die, and the top more is just a very painful.

At this moment, the huge wounds of the neck position from the smoke, the huge wounds of the neck have stopped blood, and even if they can see the rapid healing wound.

"Finally, it is possible to complete the ceremony. This is the best sacrifice for the evil spirits!"

Flying sections look at the blood nights that are bonded on the black long hair, and the face shows excited look.

Because it was on the battlefield, it didn't have a slightest intention.

Quickly use the blood you just flow, quickly painted a circular triangular weird pattern.

Flying a segment standing on this pattern, the black long hair on the hand licks a blood of Asma contaminated.

Curse - Dead Division!

Under the gaze of Asa, the skin of the lung segment presents a black and a strange state of the brilliance.

"Start! Let you feel true pain!"

The flying segment lifted his head and looked at Asma and laughed.

Next, flying sections picked up the black spear of your hands stabbed against your thigh.

Asma looked at the flying segment of himself, with a little confused look.

Just as Asa thought it was crazy, I suddenly felt that my thigh was able to pass a painful pain!

Asa is widened, and the whole person is half-squatted directly on the ground, and the blood of his thigh is constantly flourishing and the feeling of severe pain.

Asa lifted his head and looked at the direction of the flying segment, and his eyes were incredible with incredible look.

Asma looked at the flying segment to plug in the black spear on his thigh, with this, while also accompanied the same pain in the position of his thigh.

"How can I ... will there be this kind of thing?"

Asma's face with unbelievable looks, muttering.

"This is the power of the evil spirits! All guys who have destroyed the evil spirits are dead!"

Flying sections saw the look on Asma's face, and the eyes were full of hotness of the evil spirits.

Voice fell!

Flying segments lifted the black spear in his hand, stabbed against his own chest heart.

Asa is shrinking, and the severe pain comes from the thighs, so that Asmang has no normal actions.

Don't say this, I will stop the behavior of flying segments from attacking their hearts.

Just when the black spear in the hands of the flying segment is still less than one or two people.

The flying segment was excited and hot, suddenly there was a state of voids, and the black spear that was prepared in the hands of the head stopped.

Seeing the flying segment of the stop, Asa found that the clothes of their body have been wet.

Although I don't know why the flying segment suddenly stopped, he knows that he is temporarily killed.

"You look like, but some wolves, Asma."

A cold and pleasant sound, rang next to Asma's ear.

Black half-sleeled long hair, red pupil, fangs, beautiful news, appeared next to Asma.