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Chapter 396 Yuxi Bao Spot!

Asa is not only a wolf, but the ridicule of the evening, the Asa's face has exposed a bit helpless look.

"Red, you can come true."

Asma exhaled out a breath and seriously opened.

The red nodes nodded and looked up and saw the flying segments that were temporarily controlled by her illusion.

"How long is my illusion, how long does it?"

At the evening, the red face is looking at Asma.

Just now she pays attention to the wound on the Asma leg, but the enemy is in such a long distance between the enemy and Asma, it should not be injured.

Asa's face with a dignified expression, he analyzed why he was hit from just now, although it did not figure it out, but the general direction or can guess.

"This guy is extremely stunning, if there is no guess,"

"It should be that it can be hurt by blood, and transferred to the special tissue on my body."

Asa looked at the wound on his shoulders, remembered the blood of the fly to the black spear, if a thoughtful opening.

At the end of the day, he heard the words that Asma said, the eyes were slightly retracted.

The flying segment has a few things that are almost unsatisfied.

This is not in trouble, two words can describe this guy.

Xikai red wrinkled, seeing Asma: "Now the problem is, how can you let you contact him."

Asma's eyes are slightly flashing. He also thinking about how to solve this problem, but Asa and flying sections are too short, there is no useful intelligence.

Just as Asa has some time.


Asma's light saw the special ritual pattern of special rituals that were stepped on the feet.

"Now I can only gamble, red, let the guy leave the strange pattern under his feet?"

The pain coming from the legacy of Asa, quickly opening a road.

At the end of the day, the crystal red pupil looked at Asa: "You are sure? If I attack it now, his illusion can be unspeakable."

Asa is squeezing a smile, and some points are todped.

He knows that the day is worried about him, but the current situation is not much time to analyze!

The Yu Guang of the Astma's corner has seen many of the surroundings seem to be aware of their special circumstances.

It has been coming to the direction of them, but the ninja by the wood is temporarily stopped.

So can't be dragged again!

At the end of the day, there is no opening, and the foot is moved into a shadow disappeared in the original place, and quickly rushed toward the flying segment.

A few breathing kung fu, the evening has appeared in front of the flying segment, lifting the long legs, kicking the flying segment!

After doing this action, the night will turn quickly, look at the direction of Asma.


Asa is holding a chest position and can't help but grin.

"This feet are really painful, but ..."

Asa has some spitting open mouth, while the whole figure is slowly standing, lifting thumbs up against the evening.

After the opening of the Red River flying, Asma's obvious feeling seems to be between the flying segments.

Obviously, you bet it!

I saw Asma's movement of myself, I sent a breath on the evening, and the mouth was smiling.

At the same time, the evening will quickly explore the hand, and take a bitterness that connects to the explosion from the endurance pocket, it has taken the past!

The feet of the evening, let the flying sections of the illusion will be re-awake.

However, when the flying segment saw it in half of the air, and when the pain came from the chest, what was obviously aware of, showing an epilepsy.

"You damn a pagan, this is a god!"

The flying segment fell from the sky, and the injury on the body was unfaithful, and he got on the ground and climbed from the ground.


This fails, it has not responded yet, he heard a blank sound, followed by the flying pupil, seeing a piece of hardships, no explosion, has fly before.


A huge explosion fried in front of the flying segment.

The hot high temperature and waves, instantly submerge the flying segment.

At the same time, the skull of the flying segment is from the explosive flame, and it is fried to fly.

On the other hand, Asma has already wrapped the wound on the thigh, appearing on the red side.

"This attack is really just right."

Asa saw this scene, smoked slightly in the mouth.

The skull of the flying section fell to the ground, not much, all sent a sound and curse.

"It's really exaggerated, your head is falling, it is still not dead."

At the eve, he heard the flying segment kept yelling, his face with an incredible look.

Although I have already guessed this result, I saw that I will still be surprised!

"Such a weird ability is worth studying."

"Do you want to take the skull first, I will see if this guy is really not really dead."

Asa looked at the body without the head, and evenly climbed up, got a layer of chicken bumps, couldn't help but open.

Between speaking, Asma is ready to walk in the direction of the flying segment, want to separate the skull of the flying section and the body.


Asma has not gone out of two steps, I reopened the action.

I saw the direction of the flying segment, and a shadow appeared next to the flying head, and stepped on the head of the flying section.

"Oh! It hurts!"

The flying segment couldn't help but yell, just wanted to open a curse, when you see who is clear about the person who stepped on his own head, the flying face showed an ecstatic expression.

"The corner! You are back! I have to stop my head and body!"

The sound of the flying segment is full of surprises.

The corners have reached out and smashed their ears, with a cold look on the face.

"I have said a few times, don't talk nonsense when fighting."

"Otherwise, if you don't die, it is also easy to be dealt."

The corner lifted his head, and faintly smashed a night, and asma, followed by the body, grabbed the hair clip of the flying segment, got the head of the flying section from the ground.

On the corner, he grabbed the head of the flying segment, and he walked toward the position where the body is in front of the flying body.

"The corner of your guy! This is very painful!"

"You can't give me this body ?!"

The flying segment has a pain, while unhappy magnificent.

The corner is smashed, and there is no meaning to answer the flying dialect.

"Do you want to do it?"

At the end of the day, he saw the movement of the corner, the body was slightly squatted, and the asma opened next to it.

Asma face with a dignified look, then this newly arisen.

Especially when I saw the clothes of the corner, it seems to think of what I think of.

"Don't move first, I remember."

"This person should be that the last time Kasi travels to Saha Yin Village!"

Asa raised his hand to stop the evening, and his eyes quickly opened his mouth.

After the last Kakasi and Mountain City, after returning from Sandy Village, all things happened into an intelligence.

Of course, this information is recorded with enemies, and they are, they can naturally be reviewed.

At the end of the day, he heard the words of Asma, and the body couldn't help but tighten it.

Asma and the day red, suddenly cautious, not because the corner just appeared, but the "Yuxi Boss" behind the corner!

On the other side.

The corner has led to the black line on him, and the skull of the flying segment is stitched together.

The flying segment shook his neck and found that there was no problem, turning his head, with an angry look, looking at the direction of the evening red and Asma.

"I want to sacrifice you to the evil spirits!"

The flying segment sounded, picking up the big sickle in his hand, ready to rush to the direction of Asa.


The flying segment has not waited for the original place, and it is pressed by the corner next to him.

"what's happenin?"

The flying segment looked at the corner of his own, and his face was uncomfortable and the doubtful look.

The corner did not immediately answer the non-turning words, slightly turned over the position of the rear of the rocky force, followed by receiving.

"That one is also coming." The corner has a solemnity of a slave.

The flying segment stunned, there is some no response between the time: "?"

When I saw the corner, I didn't answer my own words. When I was preparing to open again, the whole person suddenly quiet.

at this moment!

Not only the flying segment is quiet, it is exactly the entire battlefield, caught in quiet almost the same time.

An unable to describe horror!

Suddenly there is a big horror between everyone, it is like a big horror.

At this moment, all people seem to be above the sea of ​​storm.

The rocky troops and the wooden village troops also stopped the attack action in their hands.

On a hill located close to the edge of the battlefield.

The figure of Yuxibo sphere is quietly standing on the top of the hill, looking away from the whole battlefield, while the source of the horror attribute is from this.

At this moment, everyone's eyes gaze the direction of Yuxi Boss, as if there is the center of the whole world.

It is just a simple standing there, but it seems to be all people's eyes, it cannot be ignored.

The entire battlefield is in a strange calm!

But very fast, this calm was broken.

"All the wooden ninja is back !!"

Asma took the lead in god, he spared to the ninja in the wooden leaf.

With this reminder, all the wooden and ninja also reacted, quickly extracted from the battlefield, returning to the defensive position of Huilong Ye.

Everyone's face has a dignified look, and tension!

From the beginning, all people know that the Yuxi spots will appear.

But when Yu Zhibo spots really appear, the ninja of the wooden leaves found that their inner fear and nervous.

"The boring game is almost the end."

Yuxi Bo spheres with indifference and plain eyes, look at the battlefield.

The voice falls.

Yuxi Bo took the foot on the foot, and the whole person jumped up, as Meteors usually fall from the air to the battlefield center.


A huge roar sounds in the battlefield center!

On the ground where the Yuxi spots falling, there was a huge pothole in an instant, and you agreed to a single cockroach visible speed spread around.

Under the foot of Unechyo, it is stepping on a wooden rubber.

Obviously this kind of wood, ninja, is already dead.

Seeing the Yuxi Bouvet directly in the battlefield center, all the ninjasters of the wooden leaves are madly retreat to the direction of the position.

The rocky troops slowly stopped the movement of the mutual ninja, and a fanatic look with a fanatics, watching the Yuxi Bouzel in the battlefield center.

Weak fear!

Weak admire!

This is from the depths of everyone, engraved in the original memory!

Only because of the emergence of Yuxioba, the troops of the wooden leaves have begun to collapse.

In a certain aspect, this is not the ninja of the leaves, it is really that the name of Unexpell Boss is too sound, and the strength is too strong!

In the face of such a strong, all people with wisdom, the first thought is "escape"!

Yuxi Bao is standing in the battlefield center, and it is still unscrupulous to the wooden leaves.

"Just as the warming before fighting."

Yuxi Bouvet looked at the direction of the leaf position, reached out of several prints, the mouth was smashed, followed by a flame from the mouth.

Fire- !

This group of flames fell, as if it became a daily fire in the sea, flocked to the front.

The hot flames are all, everything is burned out in an instant.

Some of the Ninja that have not been reached and withdrawn, and it was drowned by this flame of the sky, even if there was no scream, and they became ashes.

Prior to the front of the wooden leafless line.

Looking like a sea water is usually a flame that they crazy, there is a little in a daemon.

"Don't tell me, this is just a B-class fire."

The red face with a sluggish look, the incredibility of the face.

"Now it is not a daze!"

"So I will use the rushes of the water, and immediately launch the water in the water!"

Asma's appearance with an angry look, loudly squatted against the ninja in the wooden leaf.


I will use the rushing wood rubber of the water, quickly rush to the front of the position, send a lot, hands on the ground.

The water array wall formed by a large amount of water flow, from the front of the position, followed by a piece!

The combination became a huge water curtain, which blocked the front position!