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Chapter 397, Pasta

It's like a large flame of the sea to collide with a huge water curtain, and instantly make a huge roar!

The countless water vapor is sprayed from the position of the flame and the water curtain, which is close to the entire position placed in front of the wood.

Instantly cover up all the horizons!

"The Ninja of the Race! Watch the enemy's position with white eyes!"

Another direction of the wooden warfare, look at the look with the look, and quickly ordered.

This battlefield, naturally won't only have the evening, and Asa is endured.

Now all the whole wooden leaves have been tolerated, almost all all over the battlefields.

As Kakasi's voice sounded, a famous day, the Ninja of the family, opened the white eye and quickly observed the white steam in front of the position!

"Yu Zhibo is coming in!"

"His direction is re-west, the speed is very fast ..."

"No, it has already appeared in front of the position!"

A named day to the ninja, with a panicked look of a panic.

The speed of Yuxibo spots is too fast!

They can only reluctantly follow the figure of Yuxi spots, and when the day is finished, Yu Zhibo spots have rushed into the leaf position from the battlefield center.


The figure of Yuxibo spheres are rushed out from the white steam, and the kung fu in the blink of an eye appeared in front of the public.

Several rumored wood, ninja, which is nearest to Yishibo, has not responded!

I saw that Yuxi Bouvelle has already grabbed the neck from the side of the neck from the ground, and then fell on the ground.


The two heavy sullen sounds, instantly sounded on the ground, and the two wooden, ninja were directly pressed on the ground, and two potholes were pulled out in the ground.

The body of these two wooden ninja presents a soft state, and it is clear that the most hard bones in the body have been shocked.

Solve two wooden ninja Yisi Bozi. The shadow did not stop the slightest, and there were several wooden ninja next to them, and one of the wooden, ninja was flying out.

At the same time, I will take the pain in the hands of this wooden ninja, and the speed is very fast to pass next to several wooden ninja.

When the number of wooden leaf ninja reacted, the look of the horror of the horror, seeing the information from the neck position, out of the pain, and the pain.

The number of Mingwu Ye said with his neck, and the eyes are widely planted on the ground.

In less than half a minute, dozens of wooden, ninja died in the hands of Yuxioba.

Yuxi Body is standing in the middle of these wooden ninja bodies.

The face with indifferent looks, looked at the distant, and the wooden leafs just successful.

"Just just this level?"

"But even if I have the qualifications of me."

Yisi Bouvelle will suffocate the blood in his hand, and discard the open mouth of the ground on the ground.

At this moment, Yu Zhibo spokes fainted!

This is just a person standing there, and there is no terrorist atmosphere.

But still gives all kinds of wooden irregular feelings.

One time, no one dared to take the initiative!

Asa looked not far from the Yisibo spheres on the wooden ninja body, the face was filled with angry look, and touched his fist with hard!

"Yu Zhibo Spot!"

Asa issued a low roaring, hand holding Chakra knife, rushed out to the direction of Yuxioba.

With the action of Asma, other woodaes also reacted at the same time, one by one sounded, mad, rushing toward the direction where Unexpell spots.

"remarkably brave."

Yuxi Bouvet is like the Asta, which is the first to act, and praise.

However, it is just just like this.

Yuxi Bo stepped on the floor, an array of waves broke out from the foot, and the figure of Yuxibo disappeared in the original place, like transient!

Between the blink, appeared in front of Asma.

Good speed!

Asa fiercely, quickly mobilized Chakra in the body, flocked to the weapon in your hands.

Chakra knife - true text!

Asma entered the Chakra knife in Chakra knife, and quickly cracked two Chakra, which contained the wind property.

The blue Chakra hit the two crossed, appeared in front of Yuxi Bouc.

Seeing this scene, Yuxi Bo is unconscious, and the arrest of these two begins.

Obviously it is only the energy-nature Chakra attack, but in the hands of Yuxi Boss, it is directly collapsed!


A heavy dream is a fist who came to Yishibo spots, printed directly in Asma's chest.

Asma is like a crove of prawns, the body is in the body, coughing from blood, and the whole person is shot out.

"Asma !!"

Looking at the Asa, the Saima, the night, showed a big shout.


Kakasi's figure rushed from one side, quickly jumped into half-air, will be bombarded in Asa, which is in the half air.

However, Carti is in a moment of receiving Asma, and the face has changed.

The impact of the shocks passed on Asma, and we took a distance from Kakasi.

Kakasi hugged Asa bus and turned away from this part of the force, falling from the air, and finally standing after the step of retreat.

"Thank ... Cardi."

Asa is a little pale, with a bloody and weak open mouth.

If it is not the hard work of Kakasi, unloading the force that the Sui Zhihu is transferred.

Otherwise, Asa will have to lose half of life.

However, even if it is now, Asma is seriously injured.

The big red figure from the other side, quickly rushed over.

"Sorry, red makes you worry."

I saw the evening of myself in front of them, and I apologized in Asma's gardens.

"You guys." Xi Roked red saw that Asma did not live danger, the heart was relieved, and there was a little crystal.

"Now it is not a chat."

Kakasi face with a helpless look, watching two people, followed by lifting the head and seeing the direction of Yuxi bou.

I saw there, a large number of wood-leaved ninja lifted the Sui Zhi Bao.

But there is no use at all, Yishibo is like a tiger into the flock, without any wood, ninja, can resist the attack of Udo.

A wooden ninja that is famous is flying out with a faster speed.

"The strength of Yuxi Bao is too strong. In addition to the universal people in the universal case, we have no way to take him."

The evening red voice with a decadent.

It is not the same day, and I haven't worn a round in the hands of Yuxi Bouvelle.

Now the wooden leaf troops are dragged by Yuxi Bozhu, and there is no one to prevent Uttimo spots at all.

In the face of such a scene, the snow is only a little decadent, but there is no complete loss of fighting will, and it is already a good psychological quality.

"Thousands of hands are afraid to take a little time."

"Before the big man rushed over, we could not be able to attack the unscrupulous attack."

Kakasi stands with a dignified look.


At this time, I broke the sound and came from the direction of the battlefield.

The figure of the neighborhood, one out of the one of Kakasi and other people.

"Yes, even if you can't stop Yu Zhibo spots, you can't let Sui Zhihu spots continue to be so unscrupulous."

The mountains and green leaves pushed the glasses and appeared next to Kasi.

"It is true, if you start, our morale of our wooden leaves will fall into the trough."

And the Lei Tong, I don't know if the mizers and the two people are also lighter.

"Red, are you okay?"

The royal hand washed red beans appeared next to the eve, and his face with a look of concern.

"I have no injury, red beans." The eve was red and shook his head against the Royal hand.

Not only these few people, but also oil women's emblem and quickly rushing.

"I will give you a injury."

Silently wiped the sweat on your forehead, while quickly walked to Asma's body, both hands were greenery, put on the position of Asa.

At present, the most busy in the wooden leaves is the medical force led by mute.

"What do we do now?"

Silently treat the injury on Asma, while lifting your head and looks to the card to ask.

"What we can do now can only limit Yuxi Bouvelle to a little time, I hope that the universal people can come over as soon as possible."

Kakasi faces a few gestures in several gestures to the side of the side.

At the number in the field, I saw Kasi's actions, nodded, and disappeared at the foot.

With this number of ninja, the wood leaf troops in the battlefield have begun to slowly change.

The first thing to feel this change is naturally Yuxi.

Because it came to besieged his wooden, it has begun to reduce.

"Is there a strategy?"

Yisi Bouvelle pinned the neck of a wooden ninja, throwing the body to the side, looking at the battlefield.

He did not stop it, and Yu Zhibo spheres seem to see how there is no party to prepare to deal with him.

Of course, this is not the main reason.

Just like Yuxi Botang, you should say warm up.

Yuxi Bao is here, waiting for the arrival between the killer, and now it is true that the warm-up exercise before the battle begins.

The woods of the wooden leaves have been to see Yuxi Bao Pot, and there is no meaning to stop what they mean, and it will not need to cover it again.

Originally slow action, quickly moved!

A wooden bellflowers gathered around the battlefield.


Almost at the same time, these a large number of wooden ninja, hands printing, rapid shooting on the ground.

First, a large number of water sections are released simultaneously. The combination is like a large water flow in the sea water, and it is awkward to Yisi Bao.

"Is it sick?"

The disappointment of the disappointment is revealed on the face of Yuxi, which is originally what other patterns have any other patterns.

Just when Yishibo spots were ready to move, he suddenly found that his body could not move!

Yishibo appeared a trace of unexpected expression, and lowered to his own shadow.

I saw my own shadow, connecting the five or six Nara family ninja, the shadow of the show!

Is it true?

With the melodies and corpses on the battlefield, the shadow moderates in such an environment, it is indeed not easy to make people feel.

Moreover, it is possible to simultaneously simultaneously with the ninja of five or sixty Nara, and if you don't have to use it, you can't break away between Yuxi Boss.

At this time, the raging water waves will undermine Unexpected Wave.

Then, the ground around Unexpell is a huge roar, and a large amount of soil starts from the ground.

Under the integration of the water flow, a large amount of clay is formed, stacked toward the direction of Yisi Boss!

Just two three-three breathing, a clay hill of more than about more than about more than 20 meters, appeared in front of everyone.

It is naturally not ended here, and a large number of fire, the ninja, one by one, spurt the hot flame, released on the hills consisting of clay.

Like a large number of skeletations in the fire sea, the water in the hills consisting of clay, with a very fast speed, fast evaporation, dry solidification!

Connected tolerance, let the hills consisting of the entire clay show a very strong state!

Do this!

Cardi and other people have to bear, almost at the same time, and quickly appear around the hill of about 20 meters.

Everyone occupies a position, both hands are almost simultaneously!

- - - - - - - - - - has not!

Everyone who endures, almost in the hands of ten and printers in his hands, and quickly patted the hills in the hills with extremely dignified expressions.

Sealing and printing - seating method!

In the case of Kakashi, I endured my hands on the mountain in the mountains, and the large number of black texture spreads almost. Almost one or two of the sorrows of breathing quickly covered around the entire mountain.

After all, I am deeply relieved in the past.

Everyone knows that Yizhibo spots in the mountain will not die at all. They don't have to temporarily block the action of Yuxi Bou.

This reduces the casualties of the wooden leaves.

After all, the battle of Yuxi spots broke out is too horrible!

If Yuxi speck continues to attack, the troops of the wooden leaves, the morale may not only fall the trough, and even if the casualties are, it will exceed the imagination of everyone.

Just when Kakasi and others are slightly slightly sound.

The original immersed hills suddenly shaken!