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Chapter 398, the sky, the vibration VS tree, the tree!

The hill sudden vibration, let all the wooden ninja faces in the field change!

The original use of shadow moderation is limited to the imperial action.

"Not good! Yu Zhibo spheres are broken!"

The Royal Hand Washing Red Beans Lead and swiping.

Voice fell!

It's like a hill, a hill, and the uppermost mountain peak suddenly blows, and a rumble of great loudness.

Then, the entire mountain collapses!

A little bigger than the hill just now, blue must be revealed from the mountain, and it has emerged in everyone's field of view.

In the moment of caching collapse, Kakasi and other people, they quickly left the origin and retreat towards the rear.


The public in the woods is a huge must, and there is a grievous look on a face.


"The strength of Yuxi Boss is really powerful, we can't even limit the kung fu for a while!"

On the evening, the red face with unspeakled look, tightened his fist.

Not only there is only the evening, the other ninja is the same.

Kakasi slightly tightened his body, his eyes and died, and deeply sucked a deep breath.

"Even if you have developed new capabilities, I am afraid that Uriwa Spread is not big."

Kakasi raised his hand and gently placed the position of the left eye, flashing in his eyes.

On the battlefield, the wooden leaves of the wooden troops, all the huge mustvas in the distance, full of horrified eyes on the face.

For a moment, everyone forgot the attack, or exactly, don't know how to do it!

Since the beginning of Yuxi Boss, the morale of the wooden leaves is continuously declining until it has fallen to a certain degree of seriousness at this moment.

If you don't take any action, I am afraid that only Yishihua spots can be smashed, you can fight all the troops of the entire wooden battlefield.

In contrast, it is naturally a part of Rocky Village.

If it is not at this moment, Yuxi Bao does not get off the command, I am afraid that Yook Village will rush it up!

"It is a big man, which actually presses the entire wooden troops with a person's strength."

Standing on a hill, the face is full of fanatical look, looking to the battlefield far away.

"Rare, I am the same as your point of view."

The corner turned his head and faintly flew, the sound of the sound of the sound.

It is natural to follow these people who haven't followed them, powerful ninja, which is naturally more than they.

This is the same in the same year, and Yisi spots are also the same.

Skumped in the corner, the air in front of the two suddenly distorted, followed by a spatial vortex in the field of vision.

Yuxi Bo belt, Unecheo Sasuke and the three people, from the Shenwei space.

"Hey, it seems that our time is time."

An emergence of Unechyo, he saw that there was a good mustvas in the battlefield in the distance, with a small excitement in the voice.

Sasuke also looked in the past, flashing in the eyes and shocking with a slit.

"Is this a full body?"

Sasuke muttered, this time he has been cultivating, but can only summon the generals of the bone shelf.

"Do not."

When I heard Sasuke, Yishibo belt gently shake his head:

"This is not a true complete body, and the ninja of the wood leaves can not be worthy of Urcho spots."

At this time the battlefield.

Yuxi Boupeng has a hands on his hands, standing in the position of the eyebrows, and the eyes are indifferent to watch the decadties below.

"Originally, I can bring some fun to me, but now it seems too high to overestimate you."

"In this case, the warmth is almost over, and then the next place is clear."

Yuxi Bouvet is indifferent, ringing over the wooden leaves.

At this time, Carti and other wooden leaves have all changed.

Next, under the eyes of everyone.

Yuxi Bottice raised his hand in the chest, and at the same time, it was a huge arm who also lifted dozens of meters long and a different print on the chest.

Yuxi Bottoma original kaleidoscope is disappeared, converted into a round, and the eyes are full of enthusiasm!

The earth is aloud!

As Yuxi Board is finished, the entire battlefield suddenly caught a quiet state.

Many wooden ninja discovered that there was no horror thing, and the face revealed a little bit of look, obviously did not figure out what Yisi Boufi printed, what is the lantee.

When these wooden, ninja is preparing to ask about the companions next to him, suddenly see some of her companion faces to look at the empty look.

As someone lifted his head, the neighboring ninja also followed his head to look at the sky.

Like infection, quickly spread throughout the battlefield!

All the ninjas that looked up in the sky, all of which showed a series of looks, sluggish, and so on.

when! when!

The sound of these ninja in the hands of the weapon is constantly sounding, and even some kind of wooden ninja is squatting.

"Gay it, this ... how is it?"

I don't know the incredible look on the face of fire, and the sound is slightly trembled.

One thousand people in his mouth, I have already fallen on the ground, and I don't see the fire.

I saw the sky.

A huge meteorite having a diameter of more than 100 meters, which is tied to the position where the position of the wooden leaves is located.

The meteorite is large, you can use it to cover the sky!

The meteorite has not fallen, only the huge shadow produced, as well as the terrorist waves and air pressure generated when falling.

Let most of the wooden, ninja present, lost the desire to continue fighting!

This is no longer the power that humans can master!


Kakasi, Asa, and Mountain City, etc., etc., etc., to make a big screaming on the ninja in the wood leaves.

Even if they are, they are, at this moment, they can't help but rise in the deep feelings!

More than 100 meters of bulk meteorite, the impact and destructive power generated during the ground, so shift the entire battlefield to a flat.

This is not the power that manpower can block!

Even if Kakasi and others know, now they have no chance to escape this battlefield.

But if it is, Carti and others still do their responsibilities.

In such cases, they can only look forward to it, and the leaf ninja in the battlefield can run one!

"Even if you know you can't stop, how can you sit in this time."

"What's possible, you have to give those sects to create a chance to escape."

The inner arms have always been a low, and the silence of the oil woman is the first step in the previous step, the sound is calm open.

In this case, it is also possible to maintain a calm person.

On the entire battlefield, I am afraid that I will have a little bit of oil.

"Secrets - insect dragon tornado!"

Oil women's micromatocrasts all the bugs in the body and Chuckara low.

A large number of bugs are like black clouds, which are generally rushed from the oil women, forming a whirlwind, and rushing towards the falling meteorite falling on the sky.

"Yes." Carti also followed the previous step, and the large blue electro-optic light was burst on both hands.

Thunder - Thunder beasts chasing teeth!

The Torre Attrach Chakla is condensed into a huge beast form in the air, goes toward the air meteorite.

Xione Red: "Wind and Dust Operation!"

I don't know my fire: "Fire - the dragon bomb!"

Shancheng Qingfeng: "Secrets - Tricho!"

Royal hand washing red beans: "Fire - dragon fire!"

Asma: "Composite Barman - Surgery of Vortex!"



A famous wooden leaves, released the endurance of the self-improvement at the same time, is best suited for remote attacks, destructive force.

With the action of Kakasi, those who are in the center of the meteorite, know that they can't escape.

The face began to expose a firm look, rechanced, and the same most air meteorite releases.

As the oil women said, even if you can't resist this huge meteorite, you will create opportunities for those who can escape the range of meteorite attacks!

The ninjone of each attribute is like a gorgeous fireworks usually bombard in the direction of the air meteorite.

Unfortunately, there are more than half of the ninja in these Irrability, which is not enough, at all, is not enough to the height of the meteorite.

As for the remaining tissue, bombardment is on the meteorite, maybe it has hints, but in the nature is inexpensive.

As meteorites are getting closer and closer!

The horror air pressure and waves carrying the meteorite, and the more horrible, all people are beginning to reveal a desperate.

Just at this time!

A is rushing from the rear of the leaflet.

A black residue carries this atmosphere from the air, like a meteor generally smashed the front of the leaf position, Kasi and others.

When the people in the wood leaves reacted, they saw the front position of their position. They were standing with the figure that they had already expected for a long time!

Thousand handles!

The ninja of the wooden leaves has been supported now.

It is because all of them know that the thousands of hands will come!

Asma, Kakasi and others are full of surprises, looking to the thousands of hands standing in front of them.

"Thousands of hands !!"

"Thousands of hands !!"

A sound excited, the hot voice came from the rear, and it fell into the ears of the killer.


I heard the sound from the rear, and the thousands of hands made a cool laugh, and some embarrassedly grabbed hair.

"Sorry, it is late."

"Next, let me give it."

Thousands of hand turning to the head of the ninja, reaching out thumbs up, with a brilliant smile.

The voice of the thousand-handles fell, a ninja, a famous wooden, made a high cheer.

I haven't done anything between the thousand-handles, but all the wooden ninja just the desperation of the heart, it has been swept away.

"Cylinder! You are finally here, I am waiting for you for a long time!"

Yuxi Bao is standing in the position of the eyebrows, and the face is filled with the desire and excitement of the fight.

"Spot, you guys!"

"This village is not only one of my people."

The thousands of hand turned around and looked at the body of a large number of wooden ninja on the battlefield, and his face was rare to expose an angry expression.

Speech between talk.

The thousands of hand reached out on the ground, and there is a low drink in the mouth: "Wooden secrets - tree boundaries!"


The entire land of the thousand-handles is the whole land, which makes a rumbling loudness, like the dragon rolling, a big tree that has a fast growing on the ground.

The roots of these big trees, winding together, like a wooden dragon.

Under the manipulation between the killer, the day's uncle produced by the tree is not expanding quickly, but only is expanding, and the meteorite has a diameter of about 100 meters.

Then, after the big tree, the big tree is stopped, all grow in the direction of the center.

A large tree of a diameter of about meter, keep distortion, interspersed with the rest of the big tree, coiling toward the air!

These huge trees that are full of hundreds of huge trees are all entangled in the manipulation between the killer, which is all incorporated into a larger combined big tree.

This combined giant tree grows extremely fast, almost one or two breathing left and right skills have grown to the height of about 100 meters.

After reaching such a height!

This big tree stopped upwards, and the top of the tree spread over four weeks, gradually formed a shape of a nest.

And the huge meteorite in the air, it also fell directly to the crown of this Bird's Nest General Giant Tree.

One instant of the two collides!

A huge and incomparable roar, fried throughout the sky.

The entire ground also surged, like a four or five earthquakes happened.

The huge impact is mixed with the weight of the meteorite itself, so that the crown of the whole giant tree does not know how many meters long thick branches are broken.


Under the filling of Chakra, which is full of Chakra, these broken trunk and branches grow up faster, constantly resist the impact of the meteorites!

When all people on the battlefield went back to God, found that the collisions between the two sides have stopped.

On the crown of the giant tree in 100 meters, we firmly caught the meteorite in the sky.

And from the kilocacy column, it has been ending all this, and there is no longer half a minute.

All the wooden ninja in the scene, but there is a long time to experience a life.

The thousands of hands have already disappeared in the original place.

It is standing on the crown of the giant tree, usually watching the opposite side, mustvale to Yisibo spots.