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Chapter 400 Wheel Tomb · Prison! Cactus mode!

I saw the power of Unexpell Spots and the Qianli Interpretation.

I am afraid that anyone will have a sense of weakness, not to mention it.

Standing next to Sasuke with soil, the first time found Sasuke's strange, but Unexpello belt only looked at it and returned his eyes.

If Yiszo Sasuke is just because of such a thing, and if you lose self-confidence, then there is no need to spend great effort to help.

The strong representative, but it is not only a strength, but also contains a "self-confidence that can overcome all the hearts!"

Battlefield Center.

Yuxi Bao Points and the thousands of hands are silent.

However, this kind of opposition has not last long.

"The warmth is almost over."

Yuxibo spheres emit a low laughter, and the two purple reincarnation is exuded with a faint laugh.

To know, at this moment, all people look at the battle between Unexpected Boss and Male. Therefore, the whole battlefield is unusual!

Therefore, in the first time, Yu Zhibo spheres, passed to the ear of the front of the battlefield.

"How is it possible! The horrible attack just now is not working!"

"Originally, just awkward?"


In the original face, the face of the gods, the look of the face is not only more!

In the face of Unexpected Boss, the thousand hand is not available.

Almost at the same time!

The ground suddenly crackdown at the feet of the feet, followed by the two at the same time.


A huge roar sounds in the top position of the battlefield.

The thousands of hand and Yizhibo spots have collided again, set off a horrible waves, spreading around, centered on two people, chaos!

The ground around the two, the first floor of the hard-ease of being scraped!

The huge roar is constantly sounding in the battlefield center, just like a mine, the ears of all people of the earthquake are numb.

The thousand-handles face with a cold color, lifted the fist, bombarded the location of the Sui Zhibo's chest, and the speed is very fast.

The air in front seems to be bombarded in this moment!

Yuxi Bo is slightly changed, and the body is in the air to reverse it. The body flizes directly, avoiding this savvy in the killer.

Seeing that he fists an empty, there is no change in the face between the thousand-handles, but the fist is in the air in the air, and the ground is grown toward the ground.

The fist is in touch with the ground!

The whole ground slabs soon, there is a huge pothole, countless gravel flying dance, and the sky is sputtered to all sides, it is like a bullet!

Under such a large range of attacks, Yuxi Bang is impossible if you want to avoid it.


A blue Chakra spreads rapidly from Up-Zhimbo's spheres, forming a must-have arm, blocking in front of Yuxi Boss.

A large number is like a crushed stone that is generally reflected, hit on the arm that must be able to make a series of sullen sounds.

When Yuxi Botel looked at the position where the thousand hand is located, it has not had a talented figure.

not good!

Yishibo spheres have a lifetime, and a huge force has been poured from the rear of Yuxi Boss.

Although in a critical juncture, Yuxi Bouvelle has formed a layer of defensive defense behind the position.

However, because the time is too short, it has just been stuck in the same way, and the horrible power hits the body of Yuxi.

The thousand-handed collars directly put the Yishihua spotted!

"Spot," can be dead! "

The thousand-handed column is stationed in the position of Yuxi Bourne, the sound is moving.

Kung Fu in the speech.

A thousand hand-pillar steps step on the ground, ready to rush in the direction where the Yisi Boli spots flying out.

But in this moment, a single cannot describe the feeling of heart, suddenly poured into the heart of the killer.

The thousands of hands are instantly recovering the feet you just step out, and the horrible breath is full of attention.

But in the vision of the killer and the perception, there is no place to find anything wrong.

Just when you are doubtful in the thousand-hand post?

The body between the thousand-handed columns suddenly shock, followed by the whole person, and smashed in a bunch of gravel in the distance.


At the same time, the number of blanks came from the direction of the Sui Zhibin.

Four black bats were shot out in the thousand-handed columns, while shooting over!

These four black bats have been inserted into the two arms and legs between the killer!

And Ju Zhibo spots that have just been flying out have been returned to the field.

"Is it hidden?"

Yuxi Bao was blocked, and the black bar was inserted into the thousand hand of the limbs, gently wrinkled.

At this time, the killer has already been chemical into a wooden man.

Obviously, it is wood!

At this moment, the body between the killer has come out from another direction.

"What is going on just now?"

There is a doubt of a thousand hand.

Although he just hid the inexplicable attack, it does not mean what is going on between the killer!

The thousands of hand relies on his intuition!

"Fortunately, I can't stand the second time."

The reincarnation in Yuxibo spheres, once again exudes a plenty of peace.

Tomb - prison!

Almost in an instant, there were four split shadows to the side of Yuxioba.

The previous attack Yishihu spot was only used with a shadow. This time Unexpello directly uses four, it does not give the thousand hand to avoid the opportunity.

The four shadows appeared, and rushed toward the direction between the killer.

at this moment!

The heart of the thousand-handed columns has a sense of palpitations again, or it is not discovered in the field of view between the killer.

The shadow called "Wheel Tomb - Prison" unless it is the same person who has a round of eye-catching.

Of course, people with six levels of strength can also be perceived.

Unfortunately, these two points, there is no way to do between thousands of handles.

Therefore, under the attacker connected to the four shadows, the killer is retreats, and it can only be caught in the defensive state.

There is no way to see and perceive, and naturally I can't talk about any counterattack.

The body of the four shadows and the force, although it is not as good as the body of Yisi, but in this case, it naturally can directly erase this disadvantage.

On the battlefield at this moment.

Yu Zhibo spots quietly stood in the same place, a look of watching, and the thousands of hands were added to the time from time to time.

This strange scene makes all the Ninja outside the battlefield feel a horrible sense.

A full of power came, so that the thousands of hand camefolded at all, they were directly bombarded by this effort.

The body just arrived in half, and a force fell from the sky and flew to the sky.

A series of attacks have not stopped, so that the killer is present in a state of being completely crushed.

But in such a case, the face between the killer is from the beginning to the end, and the protector has some key parts of the protector.

Over time, the gaze of the thousand-handles is getting brighter.

Just when the thousand hand is once again passed by the horror of the shadow.

The thousands of hands are actually hard to live in the half-air, and they fell on the ground.

"Is this the ability of your turn? Sure enough, you didn't find a trace of this power from beginning to end."

There are some purple cheeks, and the face is smirk, and the mouth is slid.

Suddenly heard the thousand handles.

Yu Zhibo couldn't help it, and smoke slightly, but his face was still with indifferent expressions: "It's a stupid."

This guy actually made itself a sandbag for the shadow of "Wheel Tomb, Prison".

If it is not the physical fitness between the killer, the body is full of vitality, I am afraid that when the process of sandbags is killed by four shadows.

Things to leave this, the guy between the brain, a ribman, can do it!

On the kung fu between the killer, a light blue Chakra has emerged, and the injury just being attacked by the shadow.

The speed of speed is recovered in the speed of the naked eye.

In the face of this situation, Unexpell spots did not surfact them.

He once said that "in the battlefield, no one can kill the thousands of hands."

Unless you can kill you!

So far, Yuxi Bo spheres have not found this opportunity to kill.

Even if it is on the siege of four shadows!

It seems that the Qi Qi section has been defeated, but the Sui Zhibo sphere knows that the other party wants to break free, it is not difficult.

The four shadows continued to siege over the direction between the killer.

The killer is not in place, and the body is constantly moving quickly on the battlefield to keep yourself not attacked by this inexplicable power!

"Although I didn't figure out what is going on, what is going on, but does not mean that there is no response."

During the fast movement of the killer, the sound is moving.

The voice fell, the thousand-handles fierce one shot, send a low drink: "Illusion - darkness!"

A invisible darkness is spread around, the surrounding light seems to be deprived at this moment, so that the entire battlefield is within the extreme Dark area.

Yuxibo spheres saw this scene, and the look was slightly changed, even if it was rotated, it was also deprived under this special illusion.

Can't see the surroundings!

There is no hesitation!

Yuxi spots quickly recalled four shadows, and four shadows were surrounded by their own side, and made a defensive gesture.

In the dark world of darkness like a satin.

The thousand-handed sputum is indifferent to the direction of Unexpected Wave, and the heart is moving.

Cactus mode!

The red ripples are quickly spread on the rocky face, especially the position of the eyes, forming a pattern similar to eye shadow.

A more horrible and powerful breath, from the body between the killer.

However, in an instant, this horrible breath, it is bound by the killer.

With the state of the immortal model and the natural fusion, the atmosphere between the killer is directly disappeared in the perception of Yuxi.

Do this!

The thousands of hand lifted the huge reel behind the hand, along with a white smoke, a huge hand sword appeared in the hands of the killer.

The thousand-handed collars will inject Chakra into the sword, let the sword emit a touch of green Chakra rays, increase sharpness and destructive power.

Then, the thousand-handed columns thrown into the direction of Unexpected Boss, and even the hands and one shot.

Hands in the sword!

The huge hand of the throwing out, the rapid start is getting more.

Just a blink of an eye, it has been covered throughout the sky, enough for a huge hand sword, and it is covered with the Yisi Botza!

Although Yuxi spots can't see the sword, he can hear the blank sound of denseness.

The four shadows on the side quickly pushed forward, blocked the hands of the hand over the sky!

"Is there four?"

During the thousand-handles, it looks in the direction of Udi Boss, and the eyes are slightly flashing.

Next moment, the killer has disappeared in the original place!

The blank sound sent by the hand sword is covered!

The kinematic body is like a black lightning, and goes to Yisi Bao spheres.

Due to tens of thousands of hand swords, the position of the four shadows of Yuxi Boss is exposed, otherwise, the thousand-handed column is directly crossing these four shadows.

The appearance of the side of Yuxi Boss, lifting the fist, bombarded!

The thousands of hands in the cactus mode, whether it is a force, or a speed, it is more than a few times.

In this strong state, Unexpell spots did not have a visual, and they were hit by a thousand handles!

Yuxi Bao is directly coughing out a blood, and the whole body is not controlled by it!

There is no time to react to Yizhibo spheres, and the body is like a meteor, and the body is usually rushing out again!

I have a meal.

The thousands of hand has been caught up with Yuxibo spots who have been flying, and raise the fist from the top to the lower box.

Directly rush directly from the air to the ground!


A huge roaring sound, Yuxi Bo is born with a huge pothole.

"Wooden - Mulong!"

While falling in the air, the thousand-handed columns have dropped a low drink.


A Pentium ruling, rushing out from the potholeum bombed in Yuxi Bo, and opened the blood of the blood, biting it.

At this time!

On this moment, Yisi Bouvet in the pit cave flashed in the eyes.

The thousands of hand is looking for him, and the Sui Zhi spots are also the same!

Although at this moment are within the scope of the dark row, Yuxibo spots have identified the location of the killer!

"God Luo Tian!"

The reincarnation in the bumper in Yuxibo spreads with a touch of purple, and a low drink.