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Chapter 401, the fierce mist battlefield

Wilong, whistling, opened the bloody bite to the Yuxi Boupeter.

However, when the Mulong is about to bite Yuxi Bao, the terrorist repulsion that Shen Luo Tian is pouring, instantly colliding with Mulong.

Mulong issued a whispering, huge body, and stowed toward the direction of Yuxi Boss, but under the role of this stretch, Mulong has no way to further.

This stalemate did not last long!

Yuxi Baozhu is slightly smile, and the repulsion of the gods is pouring, and the wooden dragon that will be opened directly, and the rapids of the blood of the blood.



A huge need to be able to take a quick shot in the direction of somewhere in the dark.

Although Yuxi Bouvet has no way to see and perceive the existence of the killer, the thousand hand is attacked, and it will definitely cause Chakra fluctuations.

In such cases, it will naturally expose its own position!

It seems that the killer is the first to summon the Mulong to attack, but in fact, the attack between the killer is almost carried out at almost simultaneously.

Perhaps the attack of Yuxi Boss is slow, but the timing of this wire is the location where Uchiwa spots are determined between the killer.

The arm must be taken from the ejection of the ejaculation, and the talence between the talents of the talents will be shot on the ground.


There is a big drink between the thousand-handles, and the half of the bodies have fallen into the empty holes, and they lift their hands directly to get this arms.

The huge roar sounds, and the mart is flying in the sky!

Light green Chakra is smashed in the cactopian pattern, the whole body of the killer, the thousand-handed brought with a low roaring, slightly squat, then slammed up!

The thousands of hand is directly hard, and this must be a strong arm, and it has overturned the past.

From the power to pass on this arm, the Sui Zhibo sphere moves slightly.

However, instantly, Yu Zhihua is stabilized, and the body is a lot of pupil, and it is repeatedly blended.

Over-body must be affordable!

Yuxioba split a large number of blue Chakra and quickly started.

There are four hands, wearing a armor like a warrior, and the back of the wings is better than the small mountain peaks, and there is a big sum of the whole body.

Huge must have a range of domains that directly break through the dark row.

Under the control of Yuxioba, the whole body must be protruded to raise the two arms like the rain, and the next thousand-handed columns.

Every holster will make the whole earth, and they will fly, just like a top ten earthquake.

The whole body must be able to obtain the other two arms, slightly drawn toward the position of the rear wings, and unplugged the big knife formed by the two handles.

At the same time, the direction of the thousand-handles room, waving two enough to smash the mountain!

on the ground.

In the face of the two arms and the attacks of the two arms and the two sketches, there is also a dignified look.

With a short gap!

The killer slammed the ground and drunk a low drink: "Wooden - the dramatic drainage!"

As a wooden shield, the blink of a wooden shield, blinking from the ground, blocking on the top of the killer.

It must be a violent fist and smashed, almost simultaneously mixed the wooden shield of this ghost face, and a deafening roar.

There have been several depression on the face mask and the two deep scars, approximation in the broken state!

But obviously, the blocking of this series of attacks just completely.

With this sorrowful effort.

Quickly mobilize Chakra in the body, one shot.

Wooden secret surgery - wood people!

Bang! Bang!

The pothole between the killer is directly cracking, and a huge wooden man who can't stand in the whole body must be SARS size, and it also appears above the battlefield.

When the wood people appeared, they rushed forward directly to the whole body.

"Come on, the room!"

Yuxi Bao splash sound with a shilly tone, and also manipulator completely, it must be rushed over.

The whole body must be able to take the first two arms in front of the front, while the woodman is

Wood people don't want to show weakness, and they reach out directly to the two fists who have grown. The two collides a huge roar!

But complete body must be more than just two arms!

In addition, two hand holding Chakla long knife, at this time, the long knife in his hand, the direction of the horizontal skull directly passed.


"All you do is destined from the beginning!"

There is a big drink between the killer.

Roar! Roar!

There are two thick arm positions in the wood, suddenly the breasts, along with two dragons, rushing from the woods' arms.

Carrying the power of terror, directly biting the whole body, which must succeed, the two knives.

Let the whole body must be able to prepare the action, directly!

There is no stop action between the thousand-handles, and after limiting the four arms that must be saved, the killer has manipulated the low head of the wood, and the whole body must be slammed directly.

Since the whole body must be grasped by the two arms of the wood, the other two arms are biting by the wood dragon wrapped around the woods.

Therefore, in the face of the murder impact of the wood people, Yuxi Bao's spot brother is not coming to make the whole body must be able to break off!

Bomb! !

The huge force generated by a huge figure of more than 100 meters, is like a rush of the tsunami.

Under the impact of such terrorist power, it is necessary to completely, it is directly to be hit by the wood.

The whole body must be a huge figure brush over the battlefield. He smashed on a hill in the distance. The strength of the strong power directly gave a crushing.

boom! boom!

The huge footsteps sounded on the entire battlefield, and the wood people gradually rushed into the place where the speed was unsained.


Smoky dust, gravel flying!

The whole body must be protruding from the gravel, and the two wings are flatten, and they will fly to the air.

Seeing this scene, the movement of the wood people couldn't help but looked up in the air.

There are thousands of hand stations on the forehead of the wood, and the eyebrows are slightly frozen.

You Zhibo sphere must be flying, but its wood people can't fly.

However, there is not much worry about the thousand-handles, not the first time, if you want to defeat him, if you want to defeat him, you can only fly down.

Yuxi Bouvet manipulated the full body to open the arms, and lowered his head to watch the thousand hand of the column below.


"The column, in my round, from the beginning, you are really destined to fail!"

Yuxi Bao splash is full of proud and self-confidence, the sound is calm and light and light.

Voice fell!

The whole body must be lifted up with the arms. It is like a blue Chakra, which is like lightning, shining on both hands, condense, is like hook the jade shape, and ateratic powerful Chakra energy bomb.


The whole body must be a number of hooks that will be condensed in his hand, and the mammoth throws out the woods below!

Strong breaking sound, hook jade speed is extremely fast, such as electricity is generally rowing blue trajectory in the air, instantly ruming.

The wooden man moved quickly, while avoiding the jade attack, go to the direction outside the battlefield.


The thousands of hand is planning to leave this battlefield. After all, the attacks of the two will become more and more horrible, and the impact is getting bigger and bigger.

In this battlefield, there are many ninjas that have many wooden leaves. In order to prevent these wooden ninja, the thousands of hand is naturally left here!

During the rapid movement of the wood, the hook of the hook still has a few hits in the back of the wooden man, and I have a big pit in an instant!

Wood filings!

However, under the provision of Chakra, Chakra, the scars on the woods are quickly recovered at very fast speed.

Looking at the woods gradually stay away from the battlefield, the empty Unexpected Boss face with a context.

"Cylindrical, you still have the same one as before."

"But this battlefield, it is indeed a little on foot."

Yuxibo spheres saw the movements between the killer, and there was no accident on the face.

Think of this.

Yuxi Bouvet manipulated a complete body must force a wind and quickly rushed toward the direction between the killer.

With the thousand-handed and Unexpected, you gradually stay away from the battlefield.

At a time, the entire battlefield suddenly fell into a strange peace.

All the ninjas on all battlefields are opposed to each other, and they are inexplicably relieved.

Although it is said that it is a lucky thing that can be seen between the two people between the killer and the Unexpected Boss.

The two people fighting is too horror. All Ninja is worried that it is unclear, and will be stirred in the remaining wave generated by these two people.

Now, these two people are far from the battlefield. In all the people of all people, they are slightly lucky.

With the leaving of the thousand handles and Yizhibo spots, the strange calm of the battlefield has not last long.

The so-called enemies meet out of their eyes!

At this moment, the wooden leaves and the rocky side have been killed, and in a certain aspect, it is an unsatisfactory situation.

After a strange calm, both sides immediately took action again.

A large number of detonators, bitter, hands in the sword, pour out in front of the positions of the two sides.

Various sickness and explosions sounded again on the battlefield.

The ninja between the two sides has once again told!

At this time.

On the other battlefield, the situation is equally extremely unusual.

A large number of wood-leaved ninja, blocking the troops in the misty village in the position of the Positive East of Woody Village.

The ninja of the wooden leaves is firmly guarding the entire front line in a valley in the country of fire.

The troops of the fog hidden village want to cross this line of defense, do not take advantage of the bridge with soil.

Do you only take the bottom of the valley!

But all the two routes are kept in one side of the wooden leaves.

So that the travel speed of the misty village force is extremely slow.

A certain line on the valley.

Lin Yuyu exudes a touch of radiant, with force step on the ground, and the whole person is like a radiant to rush forward to the front.

"The other party is ready to defend!"

One of the wooden leaves of the wooden leaves have a unknown opening road.

The voice fell, and the number of wooden risks rushed out from one side of the front, and the two hand prints launched to:

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

"Earth - Different River!"


The penetration of various attributes comes from the pace of Lin Yuyu from the profit.

In the face of various attributes, Lin Yuyu is slightly broken by the corner of the mouth, the speed is not only slowed down, and the electricity on the body will raise a level again.


Thunder - Lei Long's dragon roll!

A large amount of blue lightning is sprayed from the thunderous knife on the hands of the forest rain, and it is chemically formed into a tornado.

Lin Yuyu was whistling in the position of the front wooden leaf by the Pisters, whispering towards the front of the wooden leaf!

Obviously, Lin Yuyu is profitable to use Lei Long as a armor on his own body, to resist these siege!


Lin Yuyu is born like a falling thunder, directly into the center position of this leaf position.

"Wooden ninja is this level?"

Lin Yuyu took a talent in the sound of the sound, and the foot was stepped on a head of a wooden ninja.

The position of the leaf ninja chest is inserted with a thunderous knife, apparent that the wooden ninja is dead.


"The foggy village's bastard!"


A sound roared from the surrounding wooden ninja mouth.

Then, these wooden ninja also rushed to Lin Yuyu from Lin Yuyu.

But just at this time!

A slightly brought a lot of tenderness, suddenly sounded from the distance.

"Knife tolerance - Break!"

A reel that engraved the explosion is poured from the rear and wraps Lin Yuyu from the center.

At the same time, the detonation of the reel while exploding, a huge roar, also hindered the mutual ribue of the surrounded by profit.

A black shadow is rapidly crossing from the rear, and there will be a deputy of Lin Yuyu.

"I don't need you to help me."

Lin Yuyu saw the Lan Pill appeared next to himself, with a dissatisfied tone.

The Lan Manda face has a slightly sorry look, and gently caught the head, but still seriously opening: "The right trick said, everything is cautious."

Listening to Lan Pills, the right of the right fight, Lin Yuyu was originally dissatisfied with the face, and it disappeared in an instant.

"You don't want you to remind it."

Lin Yuyu took a mouth, but the tone has not been dissatisfied with the beginning.