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Chapter 402, seven knives, all-in-one!

In Lin Yuyu, the Lanli and the Lanzhu talking, the surrounding wooden ninja surrounded up.

A murder that did not cover up, firmly locked the forest rain from the Lilong Pill.

"I want to break through the front of the valley, you are dreaming!"

A endurance staring at the two people, tone.

Speech between talk.

This endless captain lifted his hand, pointing to Lin Yuyu from the position of the two from the valley.

"Never let the people in the village, build the way to connect the valley, stop the fascia!"

The end of the endless look with a serious look, the low voice sounded next to the ear of the remaining wood, ninja.

Lin Yuyu is profitable, and two people in Lan Me appear here, it is obviously to fight for the troops to fog hidden village.

How do they give this opportunity to fog hide?

The voice of the argument, the rapid movement of several wooden ninja, and the two people from Lin Yuyu and the Lanzi, rush to the position of the position.

However, these ninja have not left far, a harsh murderous figure has been blocked in front of these wooden rubber.

"Hehe, how can you make you so easily?"

The peach will not be ignored with the big knife and the open mouth.

I saw a member of the hidden knife, once again, the face of the end of the end of the end exposed a dignified expression.

"I actually sent three seven knives!"

I feel that there is a bit wrong in the interpretation of the arms, and the fog hunger is not like a small.

It is to know that the front formed by the topography of the valley is not short, and naturally divided into several troops to steam the valley of the valley.

And their battlefield, just one of them.

Nowadays, in the face of this battlefield, the fog hidden villages actually sent three seven-knife members!

The fog hidden can not be a normal fogy, in a certain aspect, the fog is hidden, but it represents the face of the whole foggy village!

Just through this, it is enough to see, and the fog hidden village pays attention to this action!





At this time, there were several footsteps slowly sounded back from the peach.

Four placed on the footsteps, the figure of the body, came out from the peach.

The ghost lights will take the blunt knife in the hands, and look at the peaches in front, with a shore of excitement:

"No longer, your speed is so fast, don't wait for us."

"He just didn't want to give you the prey."

Tommon ghosts with a trace of provocation, inserted.

"That, everyone. Still don't have noisy, after all, our enemy is the ninja of the wooden leaves."

Changzhou Lang looked at a few people and quickly reminded the little.

And the day, Ning, did not insert a mouth, keep a shed disodies, but the long knife in his hand exudes the sharp sharpness of people!

These four people walk between, and the breath that is emitted from the body, form a strong oppression, sweep toward the wooden leaves!

One time, this battlefield suddenly quietly.


A voices of a swallowed water, which is extremely loud in this peaceful atmosphere.

"The seven people of the fog hidden ..." There is already here! "

A wooden leaves have been in this powerful oppression, and the sound has a silent opening.

"Fog hidden village ... this is, this is ..."

Another wood rubber is also swallowed, and a trace of vibrato is brought.

"Everyone is preparing to fight!!!"

"The fog hidden village will always attack !!"

"Notify other units to support!"

The argument of the armed captain made a powerful, and there was a rare panic in the sound.

"Your support is best to be faster, otherwise, you can not mean."

Lin Yuyu has a brisk laugh in the sound, and a large number of lightning is spread out from the thunderous knife in the hand.

"So, do you already die?"

The peach will not be able to get the front step, the sound is indifferent.

The effort between talking, the peach is no longer done.

"Tolerance - fog Treatment!"

A large amount of dense fog is not a center in the center, and the very fast speed spreads around around.

"I am evil, this guy, I first shot."

Seeing the movement of the peach, Lin Yuyu is slightly smiling, followed by the sound of the sound with a uncomfortable tone.

The effort between the incumbent, a lot of concentrated fog has enabled the entire battlefield.

At first, everyone can also blurred, the figure outside the distance, but with time, the density of the fog is getting more and more strong.

Everyone's eyes are already in a white, in addition to the fog, I haven't seen anything!

"Head, neck, heart, arm or legs, do you want to attack which location is attacked by this uncle?"

The sound of the peach is not long, there is constant sound in the fog, and the left is right, and you can't divide the augmentation.

The endless face is extremely ugly, and once again, the opening: "The Ninja of the family, finds the position of the seven knives!"

At the same time that the armed head is talking, it is tight, the ear is even more erected!

He nature knows that as long as you speak, you will definitely expose your position, but in the face of such a situation, he can only treat himself as a bait.


Along with his voice, a broken voice came from the direction of his left.

The endless side of the armed headband, lifting the hard side of the hand.

A collision sound of a metal intersect, suddenly!


It's not peach, but the other party is projected to endure!

The end of the endorship does not help with a slight change, and Chakra broke out from the foot and quickly left origin.

However, the speed of the peach is more faster than him. In the moment of leaving the original place, the peach will not be followed, and it is like the transient generally appeared in front of the armed captain.


The peach is no longer hung on his face, lifting the dagger big knife in his hand, cutting down against the arms.

In the face of this scene, the end of the end of the team upright, the speed of the peach is really too fast, and there is no time to give him a time.

In the face of the face of the face full of desperate gods, the peach is no longer in the hands of the big knife, and the endlessness of the troops is in a few blessings.


The peach will not take a single hand, and suddenly change it to your hands, the body is quickly twisted, and the big knife is in the rear.


In the air of the original empty, with the swearing of the big knife, suddenly splashing a lot of blood!

The upholds of the end of the endlessly came out from the back of the empty, revealed out, looked at the huge scars of his chest, and the end of the troops continued to spurt the blood, did not reply to the peach.

"You, how did you find it?"

The tapenter's voice is weak, and the intermittent opening road, and the sound is not trustworthy.

To know this tissue, he takes his hand, uses the nature of the water, and the light on the body is projected to the position not far away from himself.

He used to be rely on this tissue, did not know how much the enemy killed, and now it is now discovered!

"This kind of means, if you put it before, this uncle is likely to have your way."

The peach will never be joined, and he will naturally not explain it to a dead.

The end of the arms of the arms is full of dissatisfaction, completely falling to the ground.

After resolving one, the peach is no longer in the foot.

Not only there is only the peach and no action, the rest of the seven-knife members are all moved.

Fog secret surgery, with great restrictions on other ninja.

But for seven-knives who often fight often, they have already adapted to this tissue.

A teachings rushed into the troops of the wooden leaves, just like a wolf, and there was a scream of the wood ninja.

The Ninja of the Rounda is used in white eyes, quickly searches for the specific location of seven-blade members in animals.

But the result is completely no effect!

On the day, the enemy seen by the white eyes, let the wood leaves all the ninja, and even have been around the seven knives!

"Hey, there is no use in front of me."

The eyes of the Bolan pill have become red, and in front of him, the white eyes have lost their role.

puff! puff!

A blood flowers splash!

The ghost light is the whole body into a pool of water, and it is quickly crossed from the woods.

Many wood rubbors did not respond, and they felt that they were dark, they were already dead.

The martial artifact is simple and rude. When you encounter a single wooden, you will lift the big knife in your hand.

On this battlefield, there are no few wooden, ninja, can hack a few stereo ghosts.

And there are many people, and the mortar ghosts are directly released.


The huge roar sounds on the battlefield, and each explosion sounds, accompanied by a few times.

Changzhou Lang waved the double-knife, , released a piece of Chakra, and the tremendous power of the outbreak is not weak to the detonation.

As for the day, Ning Ji, with a long knife, sewing, and a strip of life in the precise Chakra operation and the visual field of dense fog, it is rapidly harvested.

The battlefield troops of a whole wooden leaves, under the joint hand of the seven knives, quickly defeated, and constantly there is a wooden ninja being killed.

Only less than ten minutes, the whole army is not covered.

And over time, the original rich mist is gradually dissipated.

A large number of autopsies spread throughout the battlefield, and the entire ground was reddish and red, and the air was filled with a very pungent blood!

As the last wooden ninja was killed by Lin Yuyu, the seven-knife members present were re-accounted together.

"It's already over, it is already over, it is really not resistant."

Carton ghosts have eventually, with a voice of unhappy.

The ghost lights took the excitement to nod with excitement.

"Do you want to go deep into some?"

Lin Yuyu was licking his lips, and his hands panned in the hands of light, and it was interested.

Their seven knives were still the first time, and if only the way a wooden leaf force is only, it is not enough to satisfy them.

When Lin Yuyu is profitable, there is a person who is present in front of him.

Just when everyone prepared noddion.

"Wait!" Changshuo suddenly opened.



A huge palm directly appeared in the sky of Lin Yuyu, such as a hill, and directly took the crowd.


Lin Yuyu is profitable, and the peach is no longer instantaneous, and it disappears in the original place.

And the huge palm, also placed in the beginning of the position that I just got, and the birth of a huge pothole, issued a deafening roar!

The huge palm begins to shrink quickly.

A fresh red dress, the autumn channel of the armor, appeared in the position of the seven-knife standing.

"It's evil or later."

The autumn channels saw the corpse of the wooden rubber, and there was a little red, and sent a unknone of anger.

There are two broken sounds!

A and Nara Lifeng's figure also appeared in the autumn channel.

"Ding Block, this thing is not blame, we have tried our best."

Nara Luli stretched his hand to take the shoulder of Qikan, and sighed a breath.

The ninja troops of the wooden leaves are slow to slow, and they are still rushing here, and they are the first to rush.

But now, they are still late.

In the face of the body of the mood, even the calm nara life is long, and it is rare to have a killing and anger.

"Oh, I didn't expect it to be a" pig deer ", it seems that it will not be bored."

The peach is no longer in the hands of the big knife in front of your body, and the sound is provocating.

Solo teeth!

A furious low voice suddenly came from another direction.

White is like a slotted dragon roll like a tornado, hey, carrying a horrible tear force, bombarding the direction that is not ignorant.

"Waterfall - water flow wall!"

The peach is no longer a changing, quickly printing, turning around is on the ground.

A stream rapidly rising from the ground, turned into a water curtain, and gently in front of the peach.

White whirlpool rolls on the water curtain, sounding a roar, but the water wall is not persisted, and the white dragon roll is directly torn.

And with this short-liveable time, the peach will no longer leave the original place.

Seeing the peach and never hiding, the white dragon rolls have been dissatisfied after a few turns in the air.

An explosive hairstyle is falling from the air, several jumping, appearing next to Nara deer.

"Intole of the dog."

There is a slap in the mountains and the slogan.