The dog is holding a few people in the Dollar Lutan, and the face is nod, and the face is also engaged in anger look, watching the body of the wooden leaves.


Dogs are raised on the ground, venting their dissatisfaction.

Obviously, like a few people in the canine claws, after receiving the news of this wood aquerry, he will catch it here.

But the same, it is also a late step.


A large gray ancient catro scorpion has a head of a dog, a low scorpion.

It seems that there seems to make the dog's claws do not have to be sad.

"Black Pill, don't worry, I am nothing."

The dog is lower to look at his own ninja black pill and light open mouth.

When a wooden claw claw occurs, the peach that hids the attack is not awkward, and the bird appears next to other seven knives.

Several seven-knife members were gathered together, and their eyes were filled with battles and provocative eyes, seeing dog-like claws, and "pig deer" three.

"There are four people who are not enough."

The peach will not pick up the big knife, and the sound is brought together, and it is interested.

"This interesting thing is still given to you."

The ghost light is the first to raise his hand, saying that he doesn't have a few people without taking the peach.

This kind of thing can be lazy, the ghost light is naturally will not give up, and it will be made to others.

"I want that fat."

Lin Yuyu took a step forward by the interest rate and pointed to the Dikang Ding, which was afraid that others grabbed her prey.

With the opening of Lin Yuyu, the drill ghosts naturally naturally pick their opponents, I am afraid that I can't choose the right prey.

However, I haven't waited for several people!

A broken voice, ringing from the direction of the wooden leaves.

A green figure rushes from the distance in the forest, the speed is extremely fast!

Several breathing efforts have already fallen on the side of the canine claws.

"Wooden blue beast debut!"

After Metai stationed, the open mouth exposed a shiny teeth and loudly opened.

With the appearance of Myrt Kai, the Nara Lifeng in the wooden leaves sent a slight breath.

After all, the other party is more than three people, once fighting, the form of them is extremely unfavorable.

"You are really time."

Zhang Hai looks at Mitkai, which is a certain exaggerated action, and a smile open.

Myrtko nodded, the smile on the face quickly disappeared, let anyone see the bodies of the ninja in the battlefield, I am afraid that no one has a mood.

When I saw Metekai, Lin Yuyu was turned into the face of the Lan Pill.

Both two people have not forgotten that when they went to the wooden leaves, two people were almost dead in the hand of Mitkai.

"Metekai !!"

Lin Yuyu is divided by Lan Li and Lan Pills at the same time.

Lan Member is like a general body of the devil muscles, exudes an amazing breath.

Lin Yuyu is a full body that has begun to flash against a faint light.

Lin Yuyu is from Lihe Lan Pill, but also remembers the original scene, two people obviously want a snow shame.

"Now we still account for the number of people."

There is no expression on the moon, and the stalls are stressed, calm open.

"That is not not necessarily!"

"Sorry, let's get late."

A majesty voice came from the rear, and the two wearing a jade, rushing to the wooden leaves.

Both of these people are the nationality of the family of the family, and a senior endurance day of the hunger level of the intersection.

The daily sufficiency and the day, there is a few people who have a few people in Mitkai, watching the seven knives that are not far from the opposite side.

In particular, the daily sufficiency of the sunshine is directly locked in the day of the seven knives.

The day is full of complicated looks on the sunset face, but it is full of cold eyes.

Now I am going to entangle who is wrong, it is not important.

At that moment from the day, I became a rebellion, the two sides had already standing on the opposite situation.

What's more, the two sides meet on the battlefield, and naturally don't need to say nonsense.

"The shame of the family!"

Compared with the calm date, the day next to the dazzling is full of angry look, and looks to Ning.

I heard the dazzling of the ancient times, the day, there is no expression on the face of Ning, and I have a quiet look at the beginning.

Just, on the day, the eyes of Ning Ji is to the supens, the gods in the binding will be slightly flashed slightly.

The ghost lights saw that he had just finished, and there were two days of the two days of the ninja to supplement the number of people, and the mouth couldn't help but took the mouth angle.

"Hey, interesting."

Cartry ghosts looked at the ghost lights, and some of the fun open roads.

"One-to-one? It doesn't matter."

Changzhou Lang lifted the double-knife and calm open road in his hand.

Long Shiro's words naturally fell into the ear of the wooden leaves.

Nara Luli took out a pocket watch from the pocket, looked at the time, and his mouth was smiling.

"I am afraid you let you down, now it is us."

"In-depth in our position, you should be prepared to be besieged."

Nara Luli is ahead of step, and he looks to a few people from Lin Yuyu, and there is a cold meaning in the sound.

Almost in the instant of Nara Luojing, the surrounding forest suddenly came from the sound of the leaves.


The number of remains rushed out from the surrounding forest, a name to wear a black tie up the mountain, and the woody ninja in the green vest appeared in the field of view.

There are 13 in the foot!

More importantly, the thirteen ninja that came out of this is all in the woods.

Perhaps these thirteen ninja can't reach Nara Luojing. Dogs claws these elite levels, but what is wrong with it, and the strength is naturally not weak.

These thirteen ordinary endurance, plus seven elite endurance, the 20 wooden leaves of the foot and the cold eyes look at the seven knives.

"Oh, three times the number of people, this is a bit dangerous."

Although the mortal ghost face is still with a smile, the body has been completely tight.

Almost at the same time!

Carton ghosts raised the big knife in the hand!

The peach is no longer holding the head of the chittag!

Lin Yuyu sagged by the hands, holding two thunder, teeth!

Ghost lights, the water moon, jump, pick up the blunt knife, take!

On the day, I will open the white eye, and the hands of the long knife and the needle!

Changshuo's face is full of dignified expressions, lifting double knife!

Lanzi is full of violent breath, the body is slightly squat, like a spring, and seize the knife with a knife!

The seven people also spread the amazing breath, and the movement was uniform, and it turned into a tract, and the past was rushed to the wooden leaves.

When the number of people does not occupy the advantage, I will be obviously the most direct way to work.

As for retreat?

What jokes, they can be hidden in the fog!


The two sides have collided with the amazing breath, and there is a huge roar on the battlefield.

At this moment, the other side.

In the rear of the foggy troops.

On the beauty of the beauty, I took a beautiful look and opened the door to go in.

In the bill, the right fight is quite boring, and when you reach out, you will be able to play with your fingers, and there is a strange turtle in front of him.

On both sides of the right fight, they stand in white and Jun Ma Lu.

White and Jun Ma Lu heard the moment that the curtain sounded, while looked up at the head, when I saw it, I was re-low.

Although it clearly knows that the right fight does not need to guard, whether it is white or Jun Ma Lu, the active needs of the guards.

After the beauty, I took the lead in seeing a small turtle that was fought by the right trick, couldn't help but smoke.

If it is not the first to know, I am afraid that everyone will not think that the little turtle that is like a pet as a pet in front of him is a tail care!

According to Meime, I quickly recovered my eyes on the Sanyuan etching, and my face showed the excitement look.

"The right fight, the front line comes from the intelligence, Yishibo spheres have been played with the thousand handles, do you want to plug in a foot?"

It is full of excitement in Men's voice and is busy open.

When I heard the beauty, the right bucket stopped the action in his hand and looked up.

"Oh, have you started?"

"Inserting, let them play two, but before the war begins, it promised Yuxi Bao."

The right battle is free, says here, the voice falls:

"Since the guy between the thousand-handles has been smashed by Yuxi spokes, then I should be admitted."

The reason why the right trick has not been outlined, and it is waiting for Yuxi Bouvelle to lead the thousand hand.

Yuxi Bao wanted to make a winning and negative with the thousands of handles, and the right is naturally swing.

Anyway, you don't have to shoot yourself.

I heard the right fight, I didn't plan to shoot, I nodded, and there was no unexpected look on my face.

Originally, she is just a suggestion. After all, if the right fight, the big people will join hands to deal with the thousand handles, it should be able to solve the Zhizhi Boss.

That will make the war victory, will be more sure.

"The right trip, the thousands of hands are so happy, and the wooden leaves are afraid there will be one after another."

Go back to God, there is a worry on the beauty, and you will be careful.


Right fight has been standing from the seat, and it is lazy to extend his waist.

When I heard a little worried, the right squat not only didn't worry, but the face was full of interested gods.

"I hope that I am too boring as you said."

The right fight is filled with confident look, dull open road.

Between the words, the right boused lifted his feet and gently kicked the sandwrapping care of the ground.

Sanxuanji immediately gods the gods, a blink of an eye, a black residue, appearing on the shoulders of the right fight.

"It's also the event, I hope that the wooden leaves are ready to make me mention some interest."

The right bumper twisted the neck, and the skeleton " " sounds.

Right to raise your feet, go out of the account, the back of the white and Jun Ma Lu naturally followed.

For a time, let the right to recall the scene of the Warring States period.

At that time, I also followed the bamboo and the two people of the bamboo and the water of the bamboo.

One is the white lotus of the water, the other is the starry night of bamboo.

Nowadays, it has become white and Jun Ma Lu.

When I saw the right fight to prepare for action, I also turned around to keep up.

This is a long-awaited battle, not to mention the right!

Thinking of this, it is a smile on the beauty.


When I didn't take a few steps, I suddenly turned around to see the beauty of the best.

"The various troops in the fog hidden village, will be led by you."

Right tricks directly gave the various troops to Math.

The troops of the original misty village are directly related to the right, and the beauty is assistive.

Of course, this permissions are not right, but the permissions will be handed over to the right fight.

According to the meant in the beauty, I am afraid that the right fight is lazy as the fog hidden village. I will give her to her.

Of course, this is just the words of beauty, the true reason is that the right to active the Ninja active on the battlefield during the Warring States Period.

Regardless of the commanders, or coordinate the strategy of the battlefield, in the eyes of the beauty, the right trip is better than she is stronger.

Therefore, I will find an excuse to give the right to the right fight against all the privileges of the commander.

Today, it is just that the right fight will return the author.

When I heard the right fight, I took the lead in the best, and I didn't disappear when I had a smile on my face.

Compared to the commander troops, I prefer to kill in front of the battlefield, of course, the most important thing is to be with the right.

But now, the right trick is going to the battlefield, and the foggy troops cannot no one, and now she is eligible to the right fog, there is only her.

It's a little bit of pink lips, but I can't find a reason.

Seeing this scene, the right bumper smiled and was prepared to leave again.

"That, right fights ..."

When I was busy, I said that I didn't know what to say, and my face was brought about by a trace.

Standing in the right to fight, Jun Ma Lu saw the scene at this moment, and the two people had a slight look at it, and the eyes flashed a smile.

Then, the white and Jun Ma Lu quietly exited the account, left the space to the right bourt and photographed.

"These two little guys."

The right bumper naturally missed the little movement of the two people and Jun Ma Lu Lu, gently shake his head.

Go back.

When the right bouldered, he took a sigh of worrying, and his face revealed a helpless smile.

Right, I walked to some of the trendy, suddenly, reach out and provoke the chin.