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Chapter 404 Fill the Term of Term!

Right to pick up the action of the beauty of the United States, let the blunt face in the white face.


Illuminate without dodging, but directly lifted the head and looked straight to the right night.

Among the beautiful green eyes, the stones and shames of the silk are flashing, but they still look at the eyes of the right fight.

I saw that I mike, I couldn't help but stunned.

Although the right bumper is low, it doesn't mean silly. At this time, I can't see the meaning of myself.


Then, the right fight has a helpless, gently laugh, directly reach out, take the beautiful waist, pull into his arms.

It took a little shy on the beauty of the beauty, making a low snort like a mosquito.

On the right fight, with a soft smile, reach out will pick up the red brown long curl in the beautiful eyes, and then kissed the head.


It's a bit tight in the instant, but it is so fast.


Wang Fancheng opened the lips of the beauty, and immediately touched the beautiful red brown long hair.

"Next, I will give it to me."

The right fight faces with a light and self-confidence, and the tone is solemn, and it turns into the accounts outside the account.

Like the beauty, bite the lips, and the face is rare to show a small girl's general posture.

At this moment, if there is a person in the foggy village, I saw it like a beautiful thing, I am afraid I will be shocked.

After all, in the eyes of all misty village, this spoaches, a very mature woman.

Unfortunately, such as beauty, only the right fight can be seen.

When the right battle came out, he saw the white and Jun Ma Lu, who was not far from the position of the account, quietly waiting.

The two saw that the right bumper came out of the bill of yard, and he wanted to come over.

The white face with some curiosity and the look of the gossip, even if the Jun Ma Lu is also rare, it is rare to flash a little curious.

Right to fight against the white and Jun Ma, Lu face reveals a speechless look.

Sure enough, gossip is human nature.

However, the right battle is a pair of tangled. If you say it, the right trip is a bit blurred, so now it is still water to the stream.

Right, I walked to the body of white and Jun Ma Lu, lifting the hand gently patted the head of the two people:

"Less less to think about it."

"Right fighting."

White, his head, the face exposed a few embarrassed looks.

Jun Ma Lu, on the side, gently low, and a smile in his mouth.

The white eyes is behind, just seeing the smile of Jun Ma Lu's mouth, the whole person can't help but stunned.

You know, knowing Jun Ma Luo so long, seeing Jun Ma Lu laughing, it can be said that it is one hand.

This cold guy, really laughs only when you are with the right of adults.

On the white face with a soft expression, collect your eyes from Jun Ma Lu.

"Let's go, let us see the heritage of wood."

The right boused raised the foot to the direction of the leaf position, and the sound was full of light.

"Yes, right fights!"

"Yes, right fights!"

White and Jun Ma Lu face the face at the same time, unusually solemnly open.

Wooden leaves in the mountains in the battlefield of the village!

In the seven-knife, a few people struggling to attack the wooden leaves, and when they were temporarily dragged some of the strengths of the wooden leaves, they also created a timing for the misty troops in the field.

A large number of fog natrians quickly use, build a bridge to the opposite mountain valley on the valley.

The spacing between the valleys is about two or 30 meters, this distance has a little loncomes that it can be barely passed.

But for neutrality and endure, there is no external force to assist in, it is impossible to pass through such a large valley.

Any ninja army, who is only a small part of the very small, most people, this is all endured and endure.

If there is no way to go in the big team, the impact of simple endure on the war is not large.

Lower the valley is a rushing river, so it is almost impossible to go in the route below the valley.

But the process of this construction, soon, the leaves rushed were not broken, so that the bridges that were almost about to be completed were lost.

Although the seven-knife members destroyed the wooden troops stationed here, the wood leaf, when they were attacked by the seven knives, it seems to find the intent of the fog hidden village.

Express this news quickly!

Therefore, the time polarization of the number of wooden leaves rushed over.

One time, but let the situation reappeared in a staled.

"Damn !!"

Green saw the bridge they just established, and quickly destroyed by the custody of the wood, and even lost dozens of fog, the face couldn't help but iron.

"Adult, what should we do now?"

"It can't be dragged again, and several people in the seven knives, now in the position of the wooden leaves, I am afraid that I have been surrounded."

"If you drag it, these seven-knit people's situation, I am afraid it will get more and more unhappy."

A fog standing next to the green, the face is equally ugly open mouth.

When I heard this endurance, the green face was more ugly, and he said the reason, how can you not understand?

"Is there any way now?"

The Qing has turned his head to endure this fog, and his eyes were inquiry.

"Adult, I am afraid I can only use a stupid approach."

This fog hides to endure the face with tangled look, helpless open.

Qing Natural clearly knows what the fog is invincible, it is obviously through the way of winding, bypassing this canyon.

But if you do, it is equivalent to walking a large circle, too waste time!

Let's not say this, the various troops in the fog are exhausted, even if it is reluctant, I am afraid that the seven knives will wait for that time!

"The guys of this group of wooden leaves are really desperate."

The green face is full of tangled looks, and some anger open mouth,

Although this is said, the green is deep in the deep deep part of the ninja.

At this moment, the ninja of the wood leaves can indeed desperately desperate, I would rather death two people will take them a mist.

After all, in the moment, the misty village and rock village have already hit the hometown of the village, and if they don't desperate, I am afraid that there is no chance.

Such a battle, the old Ninja such as Eating has felt an invisible pressure.

Just at this time!

The fog is hidden, suddenly comes from a high awkward.

The green face changed, couldn't help but frown, turned to the rear, just what happened to the end of the question.

I saw the rear of the number of misty troops, and quickly separated a road of about two meters.

At the end of this road, the slow appearance of the three shadows appeared in the green vision, especially the movement of the forehead.

Seeing the right bumper from the rear, the depression of Youth, and the entanglement of the entanglement disappeared, showing excited look.

Right fight with white and Jun Ma Lu, I went to the troops in front of a long-term and revered eyes.

There are countless voices of ninja, watching the right fight in front.

If you don't stop your right, you are afraid that all foggyrs at this moment have already called right!

"Dragning so long, didn't you have?"

The right bumper is slightly frowned, looks to the green, and the tone is a little dissatisfied.

"Sorry, right!"

Qinglian is busy to the right side, low head, no explanation, directly admitted the error.

It took so long, still did not let all the foggy troops passed through the valley, it was indeed his command.

"Lin Yuyu is profitable, what about Isranea?"

The right fight did not feel the seven knives in Chakra on the position, and asked some questions.

During this time, although the right is always commanders, it is only the rough attack direction and rhythm. As for the temporary command, it is naturally by all kinds of troops.

"Seven knives, currently on the battlefield of the wooden leaves, originally giving us the actual, but the troops of the wooden leaves are too fast ..."

Qinglian is busy opening, saying that the last face is shameful.

"So, who is the commander?"

Out of the right fight faces a little curious.

The Qing has a dignified, solemn, "is Nara Luojing."

The right battle was flashing once.


The right boused face is still full of dissatisfaction, but it is too lazy to pay the problem of championship.

After finishing, the right to walk directly toward the edge of the valley.

This valley is the first Valley of the Terminal of the Thousand Hands and Yuxi Bolt Fight.

At the end of this valley, it is close to the location of the village, there are a huge statue of the two people and the Yuxi Bouc.

"Is it true that the full body must be able to find the valley, the power is really good."

"But there is so many years, there should be disappeared."

Right to walk to the edge of the valley, the tone is light.

Speaking between talk!

Right fights raised your feet to facing the direction of the valley.

Bang! !

The horrible force is centered on the foot of the right fight, quickly spreading around the edge of the valley.

The strong roar sounds instantly, the entire valley has a rapid crash under the spread of the strong horizontal power, countless gravel, and the mud buried in the valley.

Not only the edge of the mountain valley, but also the edge of the valley of the wooden leaves, and the same began to collapse, and it is as follows of the flood of the embankment!

This force has been spread on the edge of the valley until the end of the valley is close, the statue of the killer and the Yuxi Boss is directly blown out!

In all Ninja horror and the sluggish eyes, with the smoke of the dust.

Everyone saw that the valley in front has been moved to a flat place, and the first side of the week fell to the height of about two or so.

The right bumper recovered his hands and pockets, and the face walked in front, while the white and Jun Ma Lu continued to keep up.

"All troops, ready to attack!"

At this time, the blue also reacted, with an exciting look, ordered to all the foggy troops.

"Is this the power of the right fight?"

"It's terrible, too powerful!"

"The right trip is too powerful!"


A exciting high voice, rings from the foggy troops, all foggy people quickly follow.

When everyone returned to God, the right boused has gone through the buried valley and came to the front of the war.

At all the Ninja of the leaves at this moment, look at the right boused, and the face reveals the look of fear.

For a right, you will take a step forward, these wooden, ninja, can't help but take a step.

There is no breath on the right fight, it seems to be an ordinary ninja, but just right to fill the behavior of the entire valley with a right.

Already made most of the wooden, ninja, the soul is thrown!

"How can such a force be played?"


"It's terrible, this is no longer a power that humans can master!"

"This devil! Behind the village can definitely can't let him approach!"

A sound is full of panic and anger sounds on a wooden leaf in front of the wooden.

In the face of this intangible pressure, some of the ninja rates can't stand, and the initiator begins attack.

As a ninja begins to attack, the rest of the patient, is also a chain reaction, one by one.

"Fire-Hao Dragon!"

"Earth - Tongliu Da River !!"

"Waterfoot - water dragon bomb!"


Various sterilization, the air-covered direction of the right fight.


The leaf of the lens is seen this scene, and the face is revealed, he knows the ability of this gentlemann shadow.

I am busy opening, but it is late!

In the face of the rushing scriptures, the white and Jun Ma Lu, standing behind the right, and still stood in the same place, but there is no half points.

A large number of sickness crashed down, in an instant of the right fight, quickly disappeared with the speed visible to the naked eye.

Exactly, it is rapidly absorbed by the right!

Just a few breaths of Kung Fu, the endurance of the paver has disappeared, as if there is never happened.

"It's none."

The right bumper is gently smashed, and his face is bored with boredons.

The voice falls.

A shack of hearts of Chakra started from the right of the right.

All the tips you have absorbed by the right bumper, with more violent power from the body, hind the troops on one side of the wooden leaves.


The horrible explosion sounds on a wooden leaf in front of the ground, and the flame of the sky is like the fire sea.

A large amount of water is condensed thousands of water thousands, just like the sudden rain generally covers the entire battlefield.

Thunder, sharp wind blade, Pentium's soil river!

All kinds of sickness were enlarged several times, all bombarded on the battlefield of the wooden leaves.

The ninja of this wooden leaf, even the resistance is not done in an instant!