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Chapter 406, the strong people of the leaves, ginseng!

The big snake pill licks his lips, with a slightly hoarse voice, booth the boat.

"Four tails?"

"It is not clear, the right fight."

There is no surprised expression on the face of the big snake pill, as if I really don't know.

However, in the deep heart of the big snake, I can't help but suddenly.

Under the eyelids of Yuxibo spheres and the right bucket, catch the four tails to help the old purple, the big snake pill is naturally careful, cautious and cautious.

Starting from the arrest of the four-tail column, the big snake pill has not appeared from beginning to end, and I have been handed over to my hand and hidden in the dark.

So, whether it is, what is the discovery of the first generation of the shadows, or simple test, the big snake pills will never be admitted.

I heard the reply of the big snake.

The right fight is still light, and even lifting the hand touch and touched the Pakistan: "If this is the case, then you will kill you once."

Obviously this sentence is extremely plain, but the whole air is at this moment, but the direct cave is solidified.

"Only revealing the breath, it is so strong, it is really terrible."

The big snake pill made a low laughter, and the eyes flashed and never had no dignity.

"How can I let you be!"

"If we die here, I will definitely take you into hell!"

"This is a vow!"

The full body broke the strong Chakra atmosphere.

The golden ponytail and the long weapon of tea green, and the waves burst out of the program with the wind.

I heard the pair of exciting sounds, and the right boulder overhead. The eyes were watching the apeer of the center, with bored looks on the face, and even some want to yawn.

"It's really blood of the blood."

"If this is the words of your grandfather, maybe I am still interested in your body, I didn't see any talents of the guy between the killer."

"It was originally thought that there will be interesting things, and the opponent is three, then you will die together."

The right bumper shook his head gently and bornested his palm with boring tone.

Between the moment!

Chakra in the right fighter quickly converted into Chakra at the end of the beast, condensed in the yin and yang Chakra proportion of 2: 8, quickly gathered in the palm of the right fight.

Almost a blink of an eye!

A huge tail beast, a diameter of about ten meters, appeared in the palm of the right fight.

Compared to each big tail beast, it takes a certain time to prepare for a certain period of time, but the right trip does not need these time.

A breath, the end of the tail beast is already condensed!

And the program, the three talents of the big snake pills are caught.

The diameter of ten meters, and the mantissa jade of the horror of the horror is, it hits the very fast speed.

The distance between the two parties is not far away!

Such a near distance, facing such horrible tail beast jade, the three-person three people do not have a chance to avoid.

However, the apeer, and the three people of the big snake pill did not have a panicked look.

Just in the huge tail beast, you will be a moment in front of the three people!

A touch of golden flash, appeared in front of the three-person three people!

Next moment, the huge tail beast jade disappeared, as if never had a general.

In front of the three-person three-person, there is a white robe that has been wearing blue tights, endured green vest, golden hair, blue pupil, and exterior with "fourth-generation fire" words.

The fourth generation of fire - wave style!

The three men saw the wave wind gates in front of him, and there was no unexpected look on the face, as if I had known it.

"You can come, the time, the water door."

Naturally, I also look at the back of the wave of the water gates, which is slightly wet, and smiles.

"Haha, just is really dangerous, and teachers."

The wave style stood up and showed a brilliant smile on his face. He turned his head to the rear.

"I haven't seen the master, big snake pills."

The apeer and the big snake pills nodded with the wave wind gates. They all flashed the look of missing.

boom! !

In a few people talking, there is a huge explosion from a jungle in the battlefield.

The violent waves sweep around, and all all the things that we have suffered are flat!

The waves from the tail beast jade exploded, although there is no pass to the battlefield, but the voice has passed, obviously the tail beast jade is transferred directly.

"Reincarnation? It turns out, is this the backhand you are prepared?"

The right bounter saw the eyes of the waves of the waves, and the eyes were shining, and the eyes flashed.

With the sound of the right fight, the eyes of several people were returned again.

"The first generation of the sputum is right, when you are young, I have heard your legend. I didn't expect the real person after I was dead."

The wave of the wind is looking at the right, and the eyes flashing with curious look.

Even if you don't have to perceive, the wave of the water gates can feel the terrorist power contained in the right fighter.


Another golden light flashed from above.

A figure carrying a powerful breath, the silver hair, appears in one party in the people's leaves.

"Two grandfather!"

The charter saw this figure, with a surprise look on his face.

"Sure enough, is it still released?"

The thousand hands nodded and looked at the right boused in the distance, and the eyes were full of dignity.

"I really didn't see it for a long time.

"It is really not easy for people who can see familiarity this era."

The right bounce saw the thousand hands, and the face was rare to show a smile.

"I don't want to see you at all." The money didn't have a smile on his face, the voice was cold and said, and turned the head to see the hand:

"Is the big brother who have been with Unexpello?"

The program was busy nodded.

With the wave of the waves, the thousand-handles is composed, and the sound is rotated immediately, sound from the wooden leaves.

The three generations of fire shadows, and to the village group, the first appeared in front of everyone.

"After you don't think of it, you can make a power for the village."

face with a laughter look.

"Too much nonsense, day!"

Zhidun Group hiding an eye, the sky, the sky, the sound of the thousand hands, slightly down, respectfully open the mouth:

"I haven't seen you for a long time, teacher."

"I didn't expect you to be so old."

Thousands of hands are looking at the old face of the Yuli and Zhun Group, and sigh.


There are also two blank sounds that sounded in everyone's gaze.

Kakasi's father has a "wooden white teeth" called the flag and wooden Zo Yun and Yuxi Pos, and several jumps also appeared in front of everyone.

As this is a strong wood, there is a thrilling momentum in the battlefield.

The strong people who have been brought out of a series of crickets, and all the eyes are watching the right.

At the same time, everyone obviously has made a general situation.


"Things have finally become a bit interesting!"

In the face of several sharp eyes, the right trocked directly, and the sound is full of joy.

Right, I have never worried that the wooden leaves will prepare any powerful backhand, the only thing that makes the right bumper, but this war will become borne.

However, from the current situation, it will not become boring!

This kind of embarrassment is to be a sterilization of the deceased. If it is placed in normal, as long as the wooden row does not want his reputation, it will naturally not use this tobach.

In a certain aspect, the translocking of criminals is generally those who don't care about their reputation.

However, the current wooden leaves have reached the critical moment of life and death, and it is natural that it is nothing to do if it is a problem with the deceased.

However, from the current point of view, the deceased from the treasury to the sputum is the Ninja that has passed away.


The right bumper was returned to the laughter, and the look was still looked at all the wooden leaves in front, and a pity in the tone.

It is the rush of the wooden leaves, and all the four of the four rivals all the strong people are very interesting, then this war is more interesting.

The right battle doesn't know.

At this point, the high-rise of the wooden leaf has also been thought of. After all, it is not important at this time. The famous voice is not important, and the protection of the village is the most important.

And the reason is not implemented, except because it is too short to do so long, let them search for the body of the strong.

Another high level of wooden leaves does not want to let the right fighter.

"In order to protect the village, disturb your dead deceased."

"But all this is worth it!"

"Right fight, your current opponent is the strongman of the past generation!"

It is also one step forward, and the face is full of unparalleled firm, loud open road.

"bring it on!"

"Let me see your consciousness!"

The right fight with a smile, cracking the mouth and laughing.

The waves and thousands of hands are at the same time, and they take out the hands and swords in their hands.

At the same time, the two hands quickly printed and drunk.

"Take the law - the surgery of the sword!"

"Take the law - the surgery of the sword!"

In an instant, the two people projected into the characteristic hand into thousands of tens of thousands, covering the shawlings of the right bumper.

But in the instant of the two people, the right hop is disappeared, and the speed is almost like transient!

"Magic - !"

It's also a big face, and I've been shot in an instant.

The deep-way cactus and Zhisai fairy standing on the shoulders, while drumping a frog.

Flirty with special Chakra, with strong penetration, spread to the front with a very fast speed.

Under the influence of this special sound illusion, the right bumper was rapidly close, suddenly suddenly.

Just in this moment!

The waves and thousands of hands have disappeared at the same place, with the aid of flying thunder, the two direct transients appeared in front of the right.

There is no helves!

Wavelet water gates and thousands of hands at the same time stab the hands in the hands!

The hand of the waves of the waves stab the sword to the right of the heart, and the hands in the hands of the thousand hands are stabbed to the position of the right battle neck.

Two colds are exploded from the air!

In the waves of the waves, there is a bit of horror, and the hands in his hands are stabbed in the heart of the right fight, but there is no thorns, no matter how hard it is.

Unlike that hard, the skin, the feeling of spurs!

In the perception of the wave wind gate, the hands in his hands in the hands of the right, the strength of the sword seems to have disappeared in the heart.

As for the thousand-handed face, there is no accident.

Right fighting mouth with a wipe, lifting his fist instant.

In the case of the fist, the air in front suddenly burst, and the power of terror is smashed toward the waves and thousands of hands.

But the two have disappeared directly with the instantaneous movement of the flying thunder.

Seeing your own attack is not concentrated, there is no expression in the right side.

In the face of the wavelet gates and thousands of hands with this space of the flying thunder, I want to grab these two people, I am afraid I have a good job.

So the goal of the right battle is not on these two people.

Under the influence of taps, the speed of the right bumper is slow, but for other ninja, it is still almost can't catch the figure.

Right is like a shard from the air, and there is a lot of the body between the blink.

"Small, escape!"

Deepness of the immortal and Miaoca faults have been greatly shocked, and they are busy singing, and they are ridden.

It also shrinks the pupils, and quickly jumps in the rear under the enhancement of the cactus mode, and the hands are printed.

Immortal - Mao Needs!

The hair has become hard, and a white hair is like a storm, a crazy shot.

At the same time, the white hair began to grow rapidly, and it was blocked before the body.

In the face of this overwhelming hair attack, the right boused raised his hand to shoot it in front.

The violent Chakla is pouring with the palm of the right fight, forming a huge gas and waves like a wind, instantly clearing everything in front.

"White Blade - Short Bad!"

A silver-haired flag wood Sauo, instant appeared in the side of the right fight, the short knife in the hand, the shiny electricity, the air flashed, directly to the opposite eyes of the right.

Face this hit!

If you can't hold a wrinkle, the attack of the flag-like Joo Yun actually makes the right to feel a slave.

With this, the flag-like knife's knife is enough to make the right.

But just just this.

Such an attack, the right trocker is not here.

Flag-timbered the short knife attacks your eyes, the right fight can be absorbed directly, but at the same time, the short knife must block his own sight.

Obviously, this is the purpose of the flagpole.