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Chapter 407 Nine Lama mode? I can do it too!


Right Bourt originally attacked a lot of action slightly, and he is too gentle and easy to hide.

At the same time, the right boused up his arm is simple and rude.

The power is in the fist, directly on the flag of the flag.

"This speed ..."

The flag-like Zoo Yun is shrinking. Under this violent power, the half of the body is directly smashed, and the body is not controlled by it.

at the same time.

The big snake pill prepared as soon as possible, shot on the ground, send a low drink.

Wan Snake Rope!

There are countless thick big snakes, and they have been psychically, and the sky is rushed to the right.

"It's a nausea of ​​sickness."

The right bounce saw this scene, and one hand has been in front of a fire.

Then, the right fight opened his mouth, the fierce sprayed a hot flame!

The flame of the sky, instantly submerged everything around!

The countless snakes from the Sparill Pills, even the "humming" sound has not yet been issued, and they have been burned into ashes by this flame.

Not only that, the flame of this is not stopped from spreading around, the front of the front, and the supreme family has slightly changed, and quickly retreats backwards.

"It is just that ordinary fire sickness, and it can explode the power of approaching the S-class tolerance. This kind of Chakra is really horrible!"

A golden light flashed, and the wave wind gates appeared next to it, and some exaggerated open mouth.

With the knowledge of wave wind gates, naturally, it can be seen so that terrorist fires are completely right to use their horrible Chakra, and they are piled up!

There is no excess skills at all!

"Now just just appetizer, the water door, you have to pay attention."

It is also full of dignity to the face from beginning to end, and the waves are solemnly reminded.

The voice is also just fell!

The figure of the right fight has been rushed out from the fire sea, close to everyone in the direction of the very fast speed.

"I only have this level, but even if I let me warm up!"

The right bumbled a laugh, and the voice just passed into the ear of everyone, but the body has appeared in front of everyone.

The speed is so far exceeds the speed of the sound!

In the face of the speed of such a horrible, there are probabilies that are in the field, and they can only have a wave of water gates and thousands of hands to master the flying thunder.

Between it!

A violent Chakra atmosphere, quickly aggregated on the palm of the right fight, and formed a narrow version of the tail beast.

Next moment, the right bumper has appeared in front of the big snake pill.


It's easy to print!

The big snake pills smashed, and not to say that the feet hopped behind the back.

"Too slow." The right to flash in the eyes of the indifferent look, raised the broken version of the tail beast, and pressed it directly to the big snake pill.

However, just in the tail beast jade is about to touch the moments of the big snake!

The wave wind door instantly blocks the big snake pill, and the front of the tail beast jade to himself, the waves are not a light.

A lot of golden challess, from the rose from the waves, there is a black special texture and the shape of the jade shape!

Nine Lama mode!

At this moment, the right fight in the right hand reduced version of the tail beast to the body of the waves, and made a huge sprinkle, splashing a lot of dust.

Although the tail beast jade has smashed the body of the waves, but did not make an explosion.

The big snake pill behind the waves of the waves, I quickly retreated backwards, and I was relieved.

"This kid is saved by the water."

The big snake pills look down on the flying thunder's imprint of his chest and make a low smile.

Fortunately, I was prepared before the battle, otherwise, the attack didn't die in my own body.

Thinking of this, the big snake pill looked up at the center of the smoke.

Not only the big snake pills, the rest of the people also looked at the eyes and taboo.

With the smoke!

The two movements appeared in the battlefield center.

The waves that are covered by a golden Chakra cage appear in front of everyone.


Right fight with the mutual jade, while the waves are hands with their hands.

The position of contact with the tail beast, there are several golden Chakra formed by the arm, firmly caught the tail beast jade in the right fight!

It is also because there is a arm formed by these golden Chakra, Wang Fan's tail beast is not directly explosion.

"This power ... Jiukikra, I didn't expect to use it."

In the bumbler of the Japanese and Zhigun Treasury with a surprised look and look at the waves of the waves at this moment.

"You can block my attack, you really have some scraping."

Right bumpers pick eye eyebrows, calm and calm the waves.

"It is not easy to say to me." The wave of the wind gate looked at it, and the arms of dense linear cracks were there. "The mouth was slightly pulled.

If it is not a special state of the translusion of the dust, you can quickly repair the injured body. I am afraid that the right fighter beast jade is, and my arms are discounted directly.

Although so, the corner of the wave wind door is still exposed.

After all, this is the existence of the legend, and it is possible to block this attack, and it is a proud thing.

Looking at the waves of the nine lama model at this moment, the right fight in the mouth is suddenly a big.

"The power of the nine tails is good, but it will be used, not only you."

The right fight is still in a distilled look.

Between speaking, a similar golden Chakra rapidly spill from the right body in the body, quickly wrap the right bumper.

Nine Lama mode!

Seeing this scene, all the faces on the scene showed a horrified look.

"This is impossible!" Especially the wave wind gate, widened his eyes, and the incredible look.

But between it is

The wave style is like thinking about a terrible thing.

Is another nine tail in front of your body!


The nine tail should still be in the body of his son, after all, after the transfusion of the passion, the waves of the water gates have been deliberately watched a son.

Naruto is good!

But because of this, the wave of the water gates are more incredible, not the people of the beast, how can I use the nine-tailed Chakra mode?

"Water gates, don't want to think, right fight this guy, have the ability to absorb all Chakra."

"Chakra in this guy is being transformed into Chakra similar to our tail!"

The nine-tailed opening in the long door reminds, and the sound is full of jealous.

The nine tail beasts are called monsters by the world, but in the eyes of the nine tail beasts, thousands of handles, Yuxi Bao, right, these three people are more like they are more like monsters.

It is simply a monster wearing a human skin!

The wave of Wave Gate is ready to use the flying thunder to leave in the moment of seeing the right bum.

However, the speed of the right fight is faster than him!

A rough Chakra striking arm, quickly explored from the right bumper, a slap in the face of the waves.

The tail beast in the right fight is also followed, and it directly gave it to the body of the waves.


The horrible explosion instantly buried the figure of the waves!

The right fight is still uniform in the air, and the body is slightly turned, and it is close to a residue, and disappears again.

"Tongling - Triple Luo Shengmen!"

The Big Snake King saw the right fight that disappeared, and the sweat was raised, raised his hands quickly.

boom! boom! boom!

Three more than ten meters high huge Luo Shengmen, who was taken by the big snake pill, quickly blocking the front of the big snake pill.


Everyone didn't see what is going on, a huge roar sounds from Luo Shengmen.

The first Luo Shengmen slammed directly, as if it was broken by a strong hard student.

Then, the second to Luo Shengmen is dramatically vibrating, and the big hole in a few meters in an instant appeared at Luo Shangmen.

Until this time, the figure of the right fight appeared in front of everyone, and the right squatting is standing under the third Luo Sheng.

"Give me it!"

The right trocked and slammed the hands directly to Luo Shengmen. Under the eyes of the big snake pill, the third Lu Shengmen will put it from the ground.


The huge Luo Shengmen, which is more than ten meters. It is directly thrown by the right, and the big snake pill is smashed under Luo Shengmen.

After all of this, I've been moving, I jumped directly to Luo Shengmen, and I raised the feet and stepped on it.


This giant force came out from the right to the foot, and Luo Shengmen once again dramatically, and the entire ground was collapsed for dozens of centimeters.

In the right to perception, the breath of the big snake pill is weak, but there is no disappearance, it is clear that it is not dead.

"Can't continue again, continue!"

"First limit your movements!"

There are thousands of hands with a gloomy look and loud open road.

As the voice falls!

The thousands of hands instantly disappeared in the original place, transients usually moved quickly on the ground, rushing to the right fightening.

On the other side, the flag and patina hand holds a short blade, from the distance battlefield, it will come back.

Obviously, under the rapid recovery effect of returning to the murder, the flag-timbered bombarded half of the bombarded bombardment, has been restored.

Not only these two people, the rest of the wooden leaves, etc. also act.

The horror rate when the right to move, let everyone feel shocked, if it is not limited to the right to act, the next battle is afraid of being very unfavorable to them!

"Hahaha! Come on!"

"Let me please let me, let me see how you can make me more!"

The right boused to the wooden leaves of the flying to him, sent a smooth laugh, and the sound was full of unparalleled confidence.

The powerful breath is moving from the right bumper, forming an invisible pressure, and spreads around around.

The whole air dropped several temperatures at this moment!

If the ordinary ninja is under such pressure, I am afraid that the desire to fight will be lost!

"Right fight! Your guy is hateless as before!"

During the rapid movement of thousands of hands, the hands quickly printed, the mouth fierce.

Water (water rushing wave!

A huge water flow is sprayed from the mouth of the thousand, and the moment is formed into a huge water column.


There is no such thing in the thousand-handed to attack the right, but to the ground below.

Under the control of thousands of hands, less than two three breaths of effort, and even a small lake.

The thousands of hands are in the water, and the hands are again printed again, send a low drink: "Water in the water!"

With the launch of this tissue, thousands of hands use the water environment made from water, and quickly slide on the water, and the speed suddenly improves double.

Between the blink!

The thousands of hands have appeared on Lu Shengmen, and rushed to the right to stand in the center.

"Don't think I don't know your plan."

Looking at the thousand hands of the rushing, the right fight with a frosty smile.

Don't understand the thousand hands, can he don't know?

In the Nine Lama mode, a Chakra arm quickly explored, and slammed the thousand hands.

In the face of this hit, the thousand hands did not use the flying thunders to avoid it, but quickly pulled out a bitterness, throw it in the direction of the side.

At the same time, the water below the thousand-handed, and a water flow quickly poured in front of the thousand hands.

The water flow is directly blocked, but it is also the help of this short work.

The thousands of hands quickly left in the original place, moved toward the opposite direction that just threw the opposite.

A golden light flashed!

The wave wind door appeared in the position of the bitter, but in the event of the moment, the wave wind door was disappeared!

However, on the moment, the waves appeared again, but this time, the waves of the waves occurred with a shadow.


Seeing the right bumper in front, Yisi Hosi is full of jealous and dignified.

I first died in the right hand, I didn't think of the resurrection, and I have to face the right fight again, so the Unexpectedo is directly launched.


Yisi Hosi appeared, the kaleidoscope in the bibliockets rotated quickly.

A black flame is also rapidly writing from the open-eyed eye, flocking toward the right fight.

At the same time, it has also rushed over again.

"Two cactors! Next, start this tobach!"

It is also a serious look and low.

Magic - !

Want to the cactus and Zhisai fairy at the same time, and made a strong voice of a strong frog.

" !"

I heard the sound illusion that I launched again, and the right to flash the cold look.


A black ghost appeared in an instant, and the blocked the right to the body, and the right to stop the sky.