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Chapter 412, Wan Snake, Wen Ten, shoot the big snake pill!

at this moment!

A stunning and horrible breath, spraying from the right squat, is like a volcano, spreading around, with the moment of destroying everything.

"It's over!"

This is the idea of ​​Sui Zhiyu inner heart.

Ivinan beauty is an extremely hidden ban, but once people who are hitting like the right, then the other party, it is absolutely impossible to give him any opportunity to close!

Yisizhiso couldn't help but expose a bitterness, this strength between this strength is too huge, such as the gap between heaven.

With a simple relying on traps, there is no role.

In front of the absolute strength, all this is only futile.


Sasuke can't see you.




There is a hundred thousands of King Kong blocked. From the body of the body, you will appear in your own, the Ugly House in front of him, in an instant hole, crushing and crushing!

The body that reincarnated Unexpo genus, the crushing fluctuated into dust particles.

The right fight is emitted with indifferent looks. It didn't look at Yisi Posh, and hundreds of King Kong blocked in the air quickly aggregated, combined!

For a moment, the Kung Fu, a full-scale giant, which is like a hill, and there is a heaven and earth!

Immortal - King Kong Seal Giant!

The right fight is holding the chest, and the face is watching the icy gaze and looks not far, the master, the big snake pills.

next moment!

The giant formed by the King Kong blocked moves, and several thick Chakra locked chains, from the King Kong blocked giant's hand flying out.

Will just hit the boss, and the huge short knife that dropped on the ground!

The King Kong blocked the giant slammed, and the huge short knife has been pulled into the hand.

Holding a huge short knife diamond blocking giant, at this moment, there is a fierce breath.


The King Kong blocked giants took a foot on the ground and sent a huge roar. It was a huge huge, but the speed of action was not slow.

A few steps, the King Kong blocked giants have appeared in front of the messenger who have just been flying out and lifted the short knife.

The horrible burst sound in the air!

"The dead big snake pill, which makes me face such a horrible guy!"

Ten Snake saw this scene, the snake shaped pupil violently slammed.

I heard the roar of the snake, and the huge short knife on the speed of flying, standing in the big snake pills on the talents, the eyelids.

Without the slightest, the big snake pills slammed into the head of the Wan snake, and the figure quickly escaped in another direction, stay away from this place.


The huge short knife fell quickly from the air, and the mens were twisted in two, but it was just a snake skin.

Snake is exhausted!

"Since I participate in this battle, the ending has been destined."

Right Troupes the King Kong blocking giant turns, and the position behind the underground, the hands holding a huge short knife, inserting into the ground.

As the huge short knife is inserted into the ground, a lot of blood is sprayed in the direction of the knife, it is like a bloody fountain!

"Hey! A !!!"

Originally, I was going to drill into the underground escape. I sent a scream, and I reapted it from the underground.

The entire ground is constantly vibrating, like a seventy-eight-level earthquake, Feisha peers!

King Kong blocked the movements in the hands of the giant, there is no meaning of the hanging, the huge short knife is smashing in the body of the snake, and the snake is directly smashed.

escape! !

The snake is flashing and the look of the fear and the look of the fear, and the breath of Chekra is emerging into a white firework. It is planned to speak the dragon.

However, the King Kong blocked giant moves faster, the huge short knife speeds up half of the air, issuing a sharp sound-prooflessness.

At a moment of Wan Snake is about to return to the dragon hole, the huge short knife carrys the cold and cold rays, and sags the skull of the snake.

The blood sprayed, the entire ground was dyed into a blood red color, forming a small blood lake.

And the skull of the telle fly high, then he fell on the ground and smashed a huge pothole.

Among the snakes of the 10,000 snakes, there is also a fear and panic before dying.

After solving the 10,000 snakes, the King Kong blocked the giant did not stop, turned to the direction of .

Seeing this scene, I also flashed a shock in my eyes, and I shouted at the feet of .

"Wen Too! Go back to Miao Mountain!"

, ,

Although Although he has been with a thousand snakes, he saw that all snakes were now under the heads of the head, and the heart was slightly sorrowful and weak.

At this moment, I heard the voice of my head and panicked, and I was also in the past.

I don't dare to have a slim, I'm too fast to transfer Chakra so quickly, I plan to return to Wonder Mountain!

! !

At this time, a short-awaited blank sound in the sky.

The King Kong blocked the giant directly lifted the huge short knife in his hand, thrown through the direction of !


Huge white smoke is scattered.

Listening clearly, hearing the screams sent by .

It is also standing in a bloody, looking at a huge flesh of a seven or eight meters away from a seven or eight meters, as well as the broken internal organs that are scattered on the side, and the pupil is constantly contracted.

Whether it is this huge meat and internal organs, or a blood, all come from !

"Wen Too ..."

Some sluggish standing is in place.

Directly in the cave by a huge short knife, plus the large amount of internal organs left here,

Defearing the cactus died, the Mysualma fault died, and now, even the is too dead.

The whole person has suffered a huge blow.

The huge figure of the King Kong blocked giants has appeared in the absence of a lot, and lifted the foot directly to the next.

"Snake stepping!"

The big snake pills emit a hoarsely low, a rough giant snake appeared from the feet of the riots, and rolled up quickly and quickly left origin.

The big snake pill took a tap, and the speed of flying withdraws in the direction of the program.

"Your guy, does it still want to die in place?"

The big snake pill is running and running, and it is loud.


The huge sound produced between the King Kong blocked giant action is rapidly close.

If the speed of the big snake pill is fast, how can I have a large size of the hills, and after all, I will take a long distance from a long distance.

A golden rapidly came from the distance, and the wave of the waves appeared in the end of the big snake pills and the side of the eyes.

"The big snake pill, the teacher, you will leave, you will leave!"

The wave of water did not finish this sentence, and the whole person once again turned into a golden light disappeared.

When the wave wind gorge appears again, it has been standing on the position of the King Kong blocking giant knee.

The wave wind door raises his hands and quickly presses the giant's body.

Flying Thunder!


The wave wind door has been transferred at the same time with the King Kong blocked giant.

However, the right hop from the top of the King Kong blocked giant's head is not lost together.

As early as a moment of wave style, the right felt felt the first time, directly cutting up the connection between the King Kong blocked giants.

Therefore, there is no transfer to the King Kong blocked giant by the waves.

The right squat fell from the high altitude to the lower side, and when it was about to be less than about 100 meters of the ground.

Right Trouped on the body and fierce the body and sent a sound!


The right trocked directly into a black streamer, rushed toward the big snake pills and the direction.

"Escape !!"

"Big snake pills, tap!"

The program has a horrible and hoarse drink from the distance.


The big snake pill, and only heard a broken empty voice next to her ear, followed by sweating.

"Is it over?"

Right Trouse has appeared in the position of Big snake pills and taps, and the tone is open.

The big snake pills and taps also ran quickly, and slammed down.

"Oh, it seems that it can't escape."

The big snake pill is exposed on the forehead of a layer of sleek and whisper.

The agency and appear behind the right fight.

There is a big snake pill and a tap, and there is a hand and , it seems that the right fight has been surrounded.

But weird is that there is no nervous look on the face of the people surrounded, but the people surrounded are also tight, sweating DC, as if surrounded by them.

"Right fight !!"

I also sent a roar, and my palms directly condensed out spiral pills. I was ready to rush toward the right fight.

It is intended to fight for a fight, even if you know that there is no effect.

However, there is no such action, and the big snake pill has pulled itself.

The big snake pill shook his head towards

He is clear than anyone, their fortune has been approaching from zero, and then it is just unnecessary sacrifices.

"Under the right fight, I suddenly remembered a thing."

"Four tails, it seems to be caught by my hand."

The big snake pill is slightly forward, and the right to the right bumper sound is low in the mouth.

The right bumper picked the eyebrows, slightly, some unexpected look at the big snake pill.

"Oh, what do you mean to trade with me?"

The right bumper with a trace of interesting tone, looking at the big snake pill.

I saw the movements of the right fight stopped, and the heart of the big snake pill couldn't help but relieve a breath.

It seems to talk,!

I have to talk, there is still hope!

"Not a transaction, it is a request. If you can agree, I will send a four-tail column force in my hands."

The big snake pills are fastened to correct two words of "transaction", and carefully open the way.

"Hehe ..."

Right squat laughed, but the atmosphere originally dignified suddenly sailed a lot.

However, next moment, the right trump has appeared in front of the big snake pill, raised his hand.


The big snake pill is not too late, and the whole person has been photographed as a pile of meat.

"It seems that you are dead last time."

"With me, you can ask you no qualification, I will find it myself."

The right bitch is indifferent, and it is placed on a big snake pill that is patted as a meat.

"Right fight !!"

"Right fight !!"

At this time, I also reacted at the same time at the same time, I sent an angry high.

It's also holding a bitterness without a bitterness, and it appears in front of the right fight in an instant.

Right to randomly lift your hand, and the hardships of the stabbed, the strong hardships will be smashed directly.

Not only that, after the hardships, this effort is still in the absence of the arm, and the arm is spread, and the whole arm is smashed into a blood mist.

"The teacher is also the teacher !!"

The waves of the waves were screaming at this time, and there was a lot of coming between blink.


The right fight has flashing a cold look, and raised the fist directly.

Blocking the waves in front of it, the whole half is directly scattered, but with this moment of obstruction, the wave wind door carries the incomplete half of the body and the discourse.

It is also the description of the fly.

Right fighting eyebrows slightly wrinkle, for the space for flying thunders, there is no direct restraining means in the right bumper.

Of course, if you want to stop the flying thunder of the wave wind gate, it is not a way, and you can use a special junior.

This requires it takes time.

Also transferred by the waves of the wind.

The rear of the board also appeared in the back of the right fight, raising his fist, hit a punch to the right body.

The fist is over, set off a horrible waves!

"Compared with the thousand-handles, your fist is too weak."

"Now, you are left."

Right trip arbitrarily extended a finger and blocked his fist.

"Even if the wooden leaves are left alone, I will not take a step!"

The pale yellow hair floating with the wind, and the brown pupil flashed with an angry gaze.

At the speech, the apender lifted another hand again, and the fist was full of Chakra to the right!


The fist of the program has not been close to the right, and the right fight has taken a palm of the aperary chest.

The chartered face became paleble, and a lot of blood was sprayed in the mouth.

The rear of the row is quickly swimming, and there is a hand on the hand, caught the bombardment.

I saw that the position of this pleasant chest is directly collapsed, and the blood in the mouth is unwanted!