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Chapter 413, wet bone roll, Metekai!

Such a heavy injury, if you put it on someone else, I am afraid I have a life.

At this moment, although the charter is not coughing with fresh blood in his mouth, it is still pushing right away, and he is not breathed.

The yin seal has gathered a large number of Chakra, keeping the abdomen of the program, rapid recovery of collapsed chest!

Picking up the hand, splitting a small version of Xiaoxiao from a huge body, attached to the position of the prime chest, rapidly repairing the injury on the hand.

The right fight is slowly walking with a distracted look, and the position of the front is slowly located.

"You can't stop."

Right fighting up and looked at the front. It is like a small mountain in front of the hill, and the sound is unknown.

"There are two different places with the wonderful wooden mountains and Dragon Towels."

The soft sound came, and fell into the right to the ear.

The right bumper picked his eyebrows, and he naturally understood the meaning of the words.

Although the fairy can't stop, the right fight is also killed in front of him.

After all, this is just a small part of the immortal. This is why the right fighter is only killed, and there is no direct to the reason.

can split countless small individuals, simple physical attacks, and do not have substantially harm to the immortals.

"Do you want to stop me?"

The right fighteous voice is still flat, but as the sound sounds, a smashing killing is filled with the right to furtia, form a horrible deterrence, go to the crushing.

He didn't have a substantial approach, but it is still no problem.

What's more, also doesn't have any way.

at this point!

From the last killer, the immortal is thoroughly piloted, and there is still no way to take the right to take the right. The two sides are already clear.

In the face of the horror killing of the right bucket, it seems that there is no peak, and shook his head gently.

"It has already survived for thousands of years, there are several times, and there is nothing interest in you want to destroy the village."

"However, in the spiritual person in the past, the little hand is a better favorite."

On the top of the head, I look at the right fight below, and the sound is still soft and soft.

One time between.

The two sides of the right fight silently opposed, and an atmosphere of a heavy suppression is spread in the middle of the two.

However, this heavy induced atmosphere did not last long.

" ... Don't take it ... I."

The aperator has stopped the cough and blood, and the weak voice has been stopped.

When I heard the hand, I retreated the momentum that was emitted by the body, slightly lower, and the head on the top of the two touched eyes, soft views.

"Don't worry, the small master, the injury on you is not serious." .

After finishing, I re-lifted my head to the opposite side.

The mouth is slightly moved, and a huge reel spits out from the mouth of the mouth and smashed the position in front of the right embarked.

"This is a psychic reel of wet bone forest, and signing a contract on it, it can be part of my body."

"In addition, I observed that in your misty village, it seems that there is a hanging in Chakra, but it is just a half-hanger."

"If you can stick to it in wet bone, there is a place to cultivate nature Chakra."

The tone is placed on the right trip.

These two benefits, in other people's eyes may be precious, but nothing in the eyes of the fairy.

With her huge body, the entire endurance can not completely exist her psychic ninja.

It is only part of the physical part of Tongling. It is equivalent to usual in the eyes of the fairy. Someone takes her to take a walk.

As for who was psychthrough, the fairy didn't care much. After all, she was different from the two two major holy land.

In the wet bone forest, it is full of natural energy. Can you learn to rely on your own skills, and learn not to have any relationship with the fairy.

Right Boun saw the reel of the foot before his feet, and the eyes were flashing, and the terrorist breath was also emitted.

This is really an unexpected harvest.

One of the three major holy land of wet bone forest is also one of the best three places in the practice of immortal model. In some ways, any holy place can be a budget.

What's more, the immortal is a medical system that is extremely rare throughout the endurance.

have to say.

All the three major holy land of the whole endure is in the woods, but also the village of the selection.

If the other two holy land, the psychic reel is sent to the right bounter, and the right bumper is really not necessarily assured.

After all, the fight is just killed, but it is too much to kill all snakes and , it is equivalent to revenge with Miao Mountain and Dragon Land.

Looking at the psychic reel of the immortal, the killing of the right fight disappeared in an instant.

On the right fighter, the brilliant smile is revealed, and the psychic reel of the wet bone forest is not hesitant.

This benefit.

Why not accept!

"I have just left the attack."

I hang a smile on my face, laughing at the fairy.

This is indeed truth, if the strength of the right fight is really wanting to kill the program, the apeer has already died, how can there be a time to restore injuries.

Originally, the right fight did not plan to kill the agency. After all, the agency can be the fire of the wooden leaves, and she is more powerful than her.

In fact, if you are more than a while, the right fight will finally agree.

Just let the right boused, it is, I persist in a while, I have taken such a big benefit.

When the immortal heard the right battle, it was apparent that what was realized.

Looking at the right squat, a brilliant smile, the top of the end of the end, I can't help it slightly.

" , why should it be ..."

The agency naturally also saw that the immortal gave the psychic reel to the right, and his face revealed panic look, and the sound was weak.

However, the document has not finished, and he has gently shakes his head and looks.

"The little master, I can help you only have so much."

The soft sound sounded next to the opener, and there apologized in the tone.

If it is just in the face of ordinary enemies, the immortal does not mind helping the wooden leaves to resist a while.

But in the face of the power of the right fight, there is no significance to stop for a while.

The immortal can do this, it is considerable, after all, protect the wood, which is just watching the face.

For the existence of this immortal, the existence of last millennium, I don't know how many countries, the destruction of the forces.


Since I have already got right, I can't kill the action, then the immortal naturally has no need to continue to stay.


A huge white smoke, rising from the body, the next moment, like a hill is generally big, and it has disappeared.

The aperator is weak, sitting on the ground, with a murdered angry eye, look at the right fights not far from the opposite side,

If you are able to kill people, in the eyes of the board, the right is not known to die.

"Wooden fire, you are now my captive."

The right fight came with a touch of smile and walked out of the past.

"Kill me!" The master's face was pale, tightened his fist and hurried to the open mouth of the right.

"Dead rigging, but no living is more valuable."

"More more, you just have just made trading with the fairy."

The right bucket stalls, and the face reveals a helpless expression.

! !

When the right bumper is getting closer and closer, a blue figure rushes toward the right trip in the right fighter.

"Let go of the fire !!"

Myrt Kay should come from the ground.

Every time I run a distance, Myrt Kelle has a horrible Chakra, and the speed is also getting faster and faster.

The figure of Maite Kay has been chemically formed into a green residue, when rushing to the right squat is less than about 100 meters.

Metekai has opened the fourth door - hurt door, and the whole body is running out of a substantial Chakra, and the speed suddenly increases again.

Almost like transient!

Maite Kay directly appeared in front of the right fight.

Powerful play!

Metekai issued a low, lifting the feet, kicking in the direction of the right fight, but Metako is not kicking to the right, but kicking the front of the right.


With a loud noise, the money is placed in the ground, and it is made by Metak, and the rock is flying.

Powerful power, let the surroundings of the huge smoke, shrouded around everyone's vision.

When Maite Kelle, when kicked toward the ground, the anti-rushing force and speed suddenly increased again, and rushed in the direction of the program.

At the beginning of Myrt Kai, I didn't fight against the right bumper, but to save the fire.

Between the moment!

Metekai has appeared in the position of the opener, and raised his hand to crawl.

"The earth spreads - the return!"

Right bulls are indifferent from smoke.

But as the ground is sulking, a slate that exudes a metal shiny, which is thrown in front of Muttek.

Seeing this scene, Myrt Kai did not hesitate, and the body picked it into half-air rotation.

Wooden rigidity whirlwind!

Carrying an amazing strength and speed, making the back kick directly to the slate on the slate, it looks firm and disabled the stone plate that exudes the metal gloss.

However, when Mait Kahhu went in, it was found that there was no one in the position of the original ahead.

At this time, Meteki found that a golden Chakra chain has bundled the planner and pulled it in front of the right fight.

At this time, a lot of smoke is also dispersed.

The figure of the right fight has also reappeared in front of Maitko.

"I want to save people, have you agreed with my consent?"

The right fight with a calm look, and look forward to the opposite momentum boiling Mitkai.

However, no one notes.

The right bounie is deeply deep, and it is rare with a trace of dignity and excitement.

"It seems that simple saving people can't."

My Titko looked quickly, and the face of the face of the face was pale, and his face revealed an extremely downtime.

So, then you can only be desperate!

"Youth lotus, it is to bloom at this moment!"

"Wooden blue beast, Mete Kai! Barn armor - Du Gumen!"

Metekai issued a big, substantial Chakra quickly smashed the Metak.

Mitt Kay is a ground, the land under the foot is blown directly, and a strong waves broke out from the foot.


Maitkai disappears in the original place, and the fast speed is rushed toward the right.

Wooden diamonds whirlwind!

Myrtle's feet are attached to Light blue Chakra, with a strong blank sound, playing the head of the right bucket fierce.

The right battle is slightly flashing, lifting the arms, and instantly blocked the attack in Mitka.

The horrible force is in an instant in touch with the right arm. It didn't see the disappearance of a quiet, even the collision sound was produced.

There is no change in the face on the Myrt Kai, and the body is forced to twisted in the air, and the arm is raging to the position of the right bucket, hit the past.

Wooden bad rocks!

The heavy force hits the right body again, and still has no impact, even if the right fight has no one.

Seeing that he has two strong attacks, there is no effect, Mita is slightly changed, quickly jumping towards the rear, blinking is located in the distance of 100 meters away from the right.

"This kind of force is far less than enough, I am always looking forward to fighting with you."

"Let me see you to see your eight armors!"

The right boused to the distance from the distance to the distant neck, and the face is rare to show excited smile.

Compared to a trunking right fight, the look of the look on the face of the Metai face is more dignified.

Even I know from the beginning, the strength of the first generation of the water and shadows right, but there is no real contact, will never understand, this terrible strength reaches a level.

And just a simple man, but let Mete Kai Yinjie touched a trace, this deep disorder.

"Eight-door armor-scenic!"

Myte Ket once again made a big, horrible green Chakra, wrapped the Meteka full body.


The location of the Maitkai occupied a huge roar, and the next moment Maga Kai has rushed to the right.

At the same time, the right fight is also moving at this moment.

It is obvious that Maitche will move the lead, but the right bumper is the first in the middle of the movement.

"Wooden Ultra - hit!"

Myrt Kelle made a big, green Chakra, gathered in the right box.

Right fight also lifted his fist and bombarded the Metail.

This time, the right bucket does not absorb the force and Chakra on the Metai fist, pure is hard and hard!

The fists between the two sides have collided in the air and make a huge roar!

The ground that two people standing directly collapsed a huge crack, horrible, sweeping around!

"not enough!"

"Not enough!"

The righteous mouth is slightly, and a lot of laugh is.

Right fight and the fist of the Maitkai stalls once again, and a punch flew out.