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Chapter 414, eight-door, tigeron collision!

The powerful impact, spreading his body in the fist in Martai, which was originally gathered in the Green Chakra on the Myrtkay's fist, which was directly scattered.


Maitkai flew out with a faster impact in this strong impact.

Metekai is like a green stream, directly to a hills of a few hundred meters, will be a hills, and the bombardment of life is flat.


The huge roar sounds around, and the countless gravel produced by the broken ground is full of flying, splashing huge smoke!

"This is just beginning, but don't let me down!"

The right fight is full of exciting looks, and looks to the direction of Metak.

Speaking between talk!

The right battle was shocked, and the sound of " " bones were issued.

In the next moment, the right bucket stepped forward, the horrible power into the ground, and a huge deep pit appeared in the whole ground.

The powerful impact is bursting from the foot of the right!

Right trumpet is like a compressed spring, and the whole figure is ejected in an instant, rushed to the direction of Myrtko.

On the other side, in the pit cavity of the hill center position.

Myrt Kai is poured in a bunch of gravel, and the blood flowing out of the filament.

In an instant, Mete Ka will slam all the gravel of the body, and the flagrant light is flashing.

"Ah !! This is youth !!"

Mete Kai is shrouded by a thick Chakra, which has a bleak full of blood.

Strong breath rises from the sky, clear the soot covering the soot that is shocked.

Myrt Kai also used force step on the ground, one of the whole land, and the figure was once again turned into a green residue, and the fierce rushed out.

Almost in the moment of work!

The right bumper and the Mitt Kay have both the other side.

The Mtiki hands holding the fist while moving the body behind the body, followed by the double boxing into hundreds of distant shadows.

Such as springs, ejection towards the fierce swing!


Under the font of the Maple Super-speed, each punch is produced quickly and friction, which produces a substantive flame like a tolerance effect.

Every flame carrys the shock waves and the hot temperatures that have been bungned on the Metekay fist.

Under the super high-speed swing, the flame produced by a hundred thousand high-speed attacks is formed in the air, it is like a peacock open horror scene!

This body, does not say the shock wave generated by each of his punches, but said that the heat of the flame is in the original, steaming the mortgage to use the explosion shift, and the formed water is like a lake.

"bring it on!!!"

" - Super speed box!"

The right bumper has a smooth laugh, and the arms are equally residual at this moment.

Every boxing, the air in contact with the fist is instantly formed an air gun to bounce in front, and the right bumper is moving thousands of waves, and the air covering the air is directly emptied!

If you want every punch, you need to get the horror effect of the air gun, and you need to sway the speed and acceleration.

If the speed of the waves is slow, it naturally cannot form the effect of the air gun.

If the speed of the swing is too fast, it will instantly bombard the air in front, and the effect of forming the air gun is not reached.

Therefore, every moving punch on the right, you need extremely powerful control and explosive power!

Bang! Bang!

The air guns collided with the impact wave instantly, sending a huge roar, the strong waves shift around, clear all the things around you!

Every collision is like a thunder's giant, the battlefield of the right bumper and the Metekai, the whole air is boiling at this moment.


Metekai has continuously issued a sound, and the double boxing continues to stand in front.

On the right fighter, there is a small blood express expression, and there is a smooth laugh.

At this moment, the right fought finally found two guys with thousands of hand and Yisi blossoms, fighting the blood!

"Not enough, not enough!"

"It's just this level, I want to defeat, but I am still not enough, Mitkai !!"

The right bounter is shining in the bouncing, and looks to the opening of Metai.

Metekai did not hear the right battle, he also known that it was not used by the peacock.

Metekai sent a low, the fist who was originally waved quickly, while the body fell quickly, this week, the anti-provenance rate to the rear quick jump.




Without the blocking of the Phoenix, the air bubbles waved in the right fist, as as a bomb born on the ground, instantly exploded a big hole in a few meters, and made a huge roar.

The right bounted to stop the Night Kai, stopped, also recovered his fist, stood in the place, and his eyes were excited to see Maitkai in front.

"Eight-door armor-surprised !!"

Metaka issued a low, horrible Chakra, sprayed from the Majkkka.

The sweat on Mitt Kay is directly evaporated, producing blue vapor under the role of Chakra!

A sharp pain, fierce spread throughout the body.

Mete kissed his teeth, and he had to hold this sharp pain, and he looked at the right bumper in front.

Tiger! !


Maite Kai directly disappeared in the original place, like transient, the blink of an eye appeared in front of the right fight.

This speed!

Already caught up with your own fast outbreak!

When the right boused saw this scene, the pupils were rare, and the seventh door between eight-door armor and the sixth door, it was clearly present in a grade gully.

If you open the sixth Mtile, this is the words of the body ninja that makes the Queu feel good. Then the Seventh door of Metekai, which has been able to make the right to feel the dangerous breath!

Myrtk is wide and wide, the two arms are placed on the chest, and then slammed against the right.


A roar of a king of the beast roaring, blowing in the air.

It's like a tiger, a super large air gun, a hundred meters, and it has appeared in front of the right fight!

A shack of heart feeling, fierce into the heart of the right fight, in this moment, the right fight actually felt a dangerous breath!


The right bumper looked at the direction of Metekai, um, cross your hands crossed in your own chest, while taking out thousands of rough Chakra chains!

These Chakra locked chains are quickly interlaced in the air, forming a huge shield!


The roaring roaring from the sky, I was in an instant shield formed by Chakra chain, and the blink of the blue tiger was killed.

The horrible shock and the sky, and it also directly on the right!

Bang! !

Strong impact force is in touch with the right bumper and burst out.

The right fight is wide, the throat is sweet, and a blood is sprayed from the mouth, and the body is not controlled by the body.

During the flying process, the huge figure of the tiger still did not disappear, the huge tiger head closed with the right fight, the strong shock force pressure crossed crossed the arm of the chest and could not be lifted.

"It's really too small to see!"

I coughed with a blood in the right fight, I wouldolute that if I didn't use the Black Emperor's ability, I am afraid I will be flying to a few kilometers.

Since this!

When the right fight is suddenly changed, the Black Emperor is instantly launched, and the strength and impact force of Tiger and the impact are rapidly absorbed.

Right Bourt was originally pressed on his chest, and the tiger will got up.

"Break me!"

The strong force broke out from the arms of the right fight, and the right bumper took the upper and lower jaws of the sky, and the hard force!

Under the horror power of the right fight, the air gun formed by the tiger is teared in an instant to dissipate in the air.

The figure of the right fight has also fallen from the air, and the feet is slightly sliding nearly 100 meters on the ground. It will stop.

Maitkai glanced in the moment when I saw the right squat, shining the look.

But very fast, the horror in the eyes of Martai is replaced by firmness.

"This guy is really ... terrible!"

"Wooden arrogant blue beasts ... crazy!"

"Burning, youth! Only in terms of body, I will never accept it!"

Metai made a big scream, and a roar of the feet, the figure quickly rushed to the right.

Metekai saw that the right to crack the resort of the tiger, but it relied on the strength of the body!

The blue figure is on the ground, it is chemically formed into a blue streamer, and the Metekai double arm is placed again in the chest. While coming to the right, I will send a low drink again: "Tiger !!"


The huge tigers around mem have emerged again, thinking about the right fight.

"Maite Kay! You are the only guy who can force me to make a full guy in addition to the two guys between Yuxi Bao and the thousand handles.

"You are enough to be proud of this only!"

The right bumbled a lot of laugh, watching the tiger who came to him again, and the light was flashing:

"In terms of body, even if it is a thousand-handed, there is no way, the same, it is useless, it is useless."

In Mitkai, some shocking eyes, the right fights also put on the same action just in Maitekai.

"Tiger !!"

The right bumper sent a low graze, and even made a tiger.

The so-called blue sky is nothing more than all of the surrounding air, and then concentrated on a point, and the release is released in a super high-speed punch.

In some ways, the sky is the same as the "Aiyi-speed boxing gun" of the right fight.

Mitko is nothing more than the power of eight-door armor, so that your physical quality instantly, you can release the degree of air gun.

When the right to use the Tiger attack in Maitkai, there is no reason to see how to see how Mete Kai has used the tiger.



With two tiger-like roaring, two tiger shaped air guns around hundreds of meters together are collided in the air.


The deafening roar sounds over the whole sky, the clouds on the sky are emptied, and the whole battlefield is sinking!

The terrorist gas waves generated by both parties have given the grounds of the battlefields in the battlefield, and the hard-born is high.

Two tigers collided with each other, and scattered the impact of the impact, some Ninja, who were fighting, the foggy troops, and the edge of the leaves of the Woody troops fell out.



Metai strenuous gasping, the sweat is not waiting, and it has been directly evaporated to form a blue vapor.

The two arms of Metekai kept trembling, and the pain of the body is constantly moving, so that Meteki's eyes flashed the painful look.



A blood, dripped on the ground with the arms of the right fight to form a small blood Tan.

"Sure enough, some of the fires, only to do the image, the power is still a little bit."

The right bumper is low, and the two arms of the blood, the sound of the whispering belongs.


The body of Maitkai suddenly swayed, but the moment Met Ka will stood stabilize, and the head is not far away.

I hope that there is ready!

If you go back, my body will take the lead!

"Right fight !!"

"Don't escape next, eight-door armor is not just like this!"

After Stay of Metekai, he slammed his right.

"Hahahahaha !!"

"Escape? What is joke, do you think that my gas is just this?"

"I have been waiting for your eighth door, otherwise, you have already died, I have no chance to use eight-door armor!"

Right to send a heroic laugh, confident and proud of the tone.

Right to reach a hand, don't hurt my arms, and look at Maite Kaido:

"bring it on!"

I heard the right to hurt, and the heart of Myrt Kay was slightly relieved, and there was also a slice and embarrassment.

After all, this has a village's calculation.

Even if you are an enemy, in the face of the right fight, the heart of Maitko is still in the heart!

But for wooden leaves ...

My Titko has reorganized, and a shocking breath will start slowly from Metak's body.

At this moment, the position of the edge of the wooden village.

"How long does it take for a teacher? It should have been the most important time there should be the most critical time."

The wave wind gate looked at the one arm and asked the opening.

"It's good, rest assured, there is a flying thunder to catch up."

Locate also with weak looks, only one hand puts out of a huge scroll, draws out of the nine-tailed Yin property Check from the body of the waves.

"This will not be ..." The wave style is still alleged.

However, the wave of the waves just said half, they were slightly smashed.

"This is also for Naruto, Yu Zhibo spheres, and right fights are the desert, and it is also the worst plan."

The spoons are also open, and the sweat is constantly moving on the forehead.