Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 415 Morning - the last night!

Under the preparation of special styles, the nine-tail in the body of the waves, and it was quickly extracted.

Take the tail beast, the waves, in addition to the strength of the body weakened, there is no other impact.

After all, it is a born body. As long as the soul does not have any problems, other means do not have any effects on the born body.

As Jiu Takra was drawn, the wave wind door station was stabilized, and the body instant into a golden light disappeared in the original place.

At this moment, the battlefield center.

"Eight-door armor - dead door!"

Mitki sent a roar, which was originally extremely horrible, and at this moment, he increased several times.

The horrified breath is sprayed from the Myrt Kay, and the horrible waves spread to all sides!

Myte Kai is just just standing in the same place, with Metekai as the center, all the ground under the foot is shocked by this horrible momentum.

The cracks of densely numb, spread from the foot of the Meteka, spread, quickly crack, depression!


Zhou has been sinking around nearly a thousand meters, and the height of dozens of centimeters in an instant!

The right to stand in the distance, I feel the breath of death at this moment, and even the soul felt trembling in this instant!

"That is this feeling!"

"Come on, Metekai !!"

There is no frightening look on the right fight, but it is full of exciting expressions and hiented at Mittai.

Between the income, the Black Emperor has completely broke out.

Diffuse violent energy between the heavens and the earth, forming a faint eye-catching airflow, going to the right madness.

A variety of violent energy collides in the air, send a sound-sounding sulf sound,

The entire sky began to gradually become gray, the airflow, energy collides with each other, and the arc of the silk is constantly flashing to form an amazing meteor.

Between the faint approximately, the air in the right battle is beginning to be distorted, illusted!

Obviously, under the right to release the Centrige's ability to release the defense of the Black Emperor, the rays are pulled by the suction of the right fight.

at this moment,!

The right bumper is moving, and the figure has disappeared, with horrible and horrible breath, it is like the gods.


Metekai issued a big scream, wrapped in the red steam of horrible, and turned into a red meteor, and rushed toward the front.

A speed!

Mitt Kids flashed the red light, lifting a punch, hitting the air in front.

The whole air in front of the sky, it has become a cylindrical huge air gun, which is about the red, a hundred meters, like a huge hoof of elephants, and falls!


Right, the right bumper, will continue to absorb violent energy, injecting the air into the air.

The power of powerful tiger is raised, and a shock roar, collision with the huge hoof of the red elephant in the air.

The huge explosion instantly fried in the air, and the whole battlefield is constantly echoing!

Right, with your own attack, I blocked the moment of Myrt Kai attack, and the body shape quickly, and the blink of an eye appeared in front of Maitkai.


The right to the right is emitted with ice cold, and a boxing is like the position of the Myrt Kay, the ultimate speed is out of the sound.

The fist is too, the air in front is impeded in an instant!

But let the right fight unexpectedly, this kind of punch for a long time has dropped!

"Second speed!"

My Tuko's big screams, rings over the top of the right fight.

This speed!

Right fight pupils fierce, quickly twisted the body, want to leave this place.

But the attack of Maite Kelle has already fallen!

Specifically, when the right fights, when he heard the Moodko sound, the attack has fallen.

The red cylindrical air cannon, broke out from the top of the right fight, the horrible pressure and the right to the right to rider, the body is like a queen in this moment, and the movement is slow.

Attack instantly concentrated on the right, the body jumped in the air was directly pressed, and a blood was sprayed from the mouth of the right.

The attack of the Maitkai, it is easy to penetrate the body of the right fight, and instantly put into the land below!

In the visual of ordinary people, the ground below has a deep pit in the air.

Right, under this horror attack, the body fell to the lower side in a speed of acceleration.

However, the right tipped has not fallen on the ground, and Mutkai has appeared below the right.

"Three speed!"

Mitko took a low graze and once again slammed a punch.

The red cylindrical air cannon can be formed, and the right fight will be hit from below.

The power of the red air guns that brought to the moment did not disappear, and the two power of the two battles were firmly nailed in the air.



The right bounie was sprayed out again, he had heard the sound of several ribs.

Right, I want to break away from this constraint, but I don't make up.

The speed of Maitkai is really too fast. It's just a right to see it. At this moment, I can only see a blurred residue.

Even if the Black Emperor can absorb this force, but under the speed of this horror, it will not absorb it at the speed of such a horrible.

At this moment, the speed is still increasing, and the power is also upgraded at the same time!

"Four speed!"

Metekai is generally disappeared again, and there is a rear of the right fight between blinks.


The red air gun is inserted from the rear, and the right fighter is turned!

"May speed!"

Metaki disappeared again, with the right front of the right fight, with a giant, and the last is a punch!

The horrible red air gun hits the right fight from the front, carrying this force, and puts the right.

The right fight is squatting on the ground, and finally spraying a clip of the inclusions of the blood.

At this moment, the right bumper is unbearable, and the whole body is covered by a blood, it has become a blood.

"Cough ... cough ..."

Right squats slowly climbed from the ground, half-hearted, and coughing without stopping.

Every cough has blood and internal organs, coughing from the mouth of the right fight.

No wonder the ancient Yuxi Bochi back hanging hangs already have six power.

Under such speed, don't say that it is a printing and use, the consciousness is not necessarily possible!

At the state of the icon, in the eyes of Metak, time is still still.

The right bumbled and slammed from the ground, and the feeling of weakness has never had seen it.

Right fight and trembled arm, rubbing the blood of the mouth, and spitting the end of the tooth that eventually falling.

"Still ... it is terrible! Metekai!"

"Hahahaha !!"

Right fighting somewhat weakly looks in the direction of Myrt Kay, followed by a smooth laughter.

At the same time, under the corner of the Black Emperor, the injury on the right fight begins to repair the speed visible to the naked eye.

"Right fight! You have lost!"

The red steam has enabled the Meteka full body, and Martai looks to the right fights around the front, the open mouth.


"Continue! I still have a battle!"

Right Bourt originally shaking body, at this moment, it has been stabilized, and the horrible Chakra is filled with the whole body of the right.

Right, your body, the body is moving, and there is still a bit slower at the beginning, but the figure is getting faster and faster.


Myrt Kati looked at the right boused to him, and the mouth slowly spit out a mouthful of hot breath.

At this moment, because of the severe pain caused by the side effects of the eight-door armor, Metai has made Maitkai.

Metekai did even appear in an instant, as if I saw his father's smile.

True important thing ... no matter what pain is good, sadness is good ... must work hard!

Even if you lose your life, you should use your hands to protect it!

In this way, even if it is dead, it will always leave the evidence of the man's live man!

At the outside of the battlefield.

He was seriously injured, relying on a hand on a stone, seeing the far battlefield center, Maitkai, which was shrouded by the bloody steam, as if it had aware of what.

"Kay !!"

The view is wet, and the last shout is made to Martai.

Another position, rocky and the battlefield of the Wood Battle.

Kakasi, who is fighting with the rocky troops, suddenly appeared in an instant.


Due to the short-lived god, the arm of Casashi is scratched, splashed a series of blood beads.

"Cardi, what is your guy doing? Now not when it is a stay."

The Royal Hand Washing Red Beans and is busy in front of Kakasi, kicking the mute, and there is some dissatisfied opening.


Kakasi quickly returned, and apologized to the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, and resolved the battlefield.

Just, this moment Carti didn't know why, suddenly a lot of heavy hearts.

The battlefield of Myrtko and Right Trip.

"That will come as the final end."

"I believe that the lotus of the leaves will be bloom again!"

The eyes of Metekai have become firm, and the blood of the body is also completely boiling at this moment.

Eight-door armor!

Night Kay! !

The blood of Mittai's body is under boiling as a bloody steam, and the Metak is covered in it.


There is a dragon shape between the bloodstream vapor blinks, accompanied by a huge roar of the ground from the foot of Maite, Mitt Kay appeared in front of the right fight.

Kick out!

The space in front of the foot is directly distorted.

"Energy over outbreak !!"

Right, I also made a big bumper, and all violent energy absorbed by the Black Emperor compressed in the body, and released at this moment.

Bang! Bang!

A dazzling white mango shrouded the battlefield of the two, followed by the horrible explosion.

The strong gas is pouringly pouring over the four sides, and the tide of energy has formed a large pit of nearly a thousand meters in the earth!

The peripheral hand is blown by this strong airflow for dozens of meters, and finally inserting the hand into the underground, he stopped his body.

The program is busy lifting the head and looking at the battlefield center.

At this moment, the location of the huge pothole center.

The lower body of the right fight has disappeared, but there is no whit blood flow, because the position of the upper and lower body wound has been burnt.

"Come ... I saw" Night Kay ", it is really ... a lucky."

The right battle is weak to the extreme, and the sound is broken.

Not far from the front of the right fight, the Maite Kay is already a coke shape, standing quietly on the ground, there is no half-borne angry.

With the last "Night Kay", Metekai has passed away!

And at this time.

A golden flash appeared in front of Maitko.

Obviously, the wave wind door has long been labeled in Mete Kay.

"Right fight, you lost!"

The wave wind door has appeared, and it is seen that the right to be weak, there is no resistance to the power of the resistance, open mouth.

Speech between talk.

The wave wind door has begun, and the printing of the hands quickly.

This is the last set of wood leaves, and it is also the last means!

"Cough, your wooden people can force me to this extent, can be proud."


The right bounter is a wave of water gates to the rapid printing, and the mouth is slightly fractured.

I heard the right thing at this moment, although I know that the right battle has no resistance to the resistance.

However, the wave wind door is still can't help but a sudden, the speed of printing is not only accelerated.

"The corpse seal ..."

The waves of the waves have all the hands of ten, the open mouth.

Unfortunately, the last print in the hand of the wave is just finished. Losing the right to the half of the body suddenly blown away, and fly the whole body directly into a crush.

After the wave of the wind is summoned, after seeing this scene, the pupil can't help but shrink.


At this point, in the other misty army and the warfield battle of the wooden leaf troops.

As a commanding, the beauty is being controlled by each of the foggy troops.

At the same time, the battlefield in the right to the right of the pois of the pois in the far away.

Although the strength of the right fight, although the strength is very strong, the wooden leaves are prevented, after all, I have already prepared, and I don't know if the right fighters can cope with it.

Just at this time.

When I suddenly glad, I quickly exposed the dignified look, quickly printed.

A semi-closed stone house surrounded by four sides appeared on the ground.

Take the beauty in this stone house, pick up a reel from the arms.

I saw that the reel taking it out at this moment turned out to be jumped.

Illuminate without slightening, put the reel quickly on the ground, then unlocked the seal on the reel.


Along with a white smoke.

A arm appears above the reel.

Where the ordinary people can not see, with the appearance of the arm, a large number of black particles, fast aggregation to the direction of the arm.