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Chapter 416, Meteki Tomb! The will!

Under a large number of thick black particles, the two or three breathing, the body of the right fight was rejected.

open eyes!

The right fight opened his eyes, and a horrible intense gas machine was incorporated, and it was full of ambition and carrying a powerful potential and went to the surrounding rolling.

Listed on the side of the beauty, I first felt the pressure of this horror, and a suffocating is poured into the heart.


When the right fight opened his eyes, he felt the breath of the beauty of the beauty.

I am busy in my heart, and the horrible breath of the right fight is in a moment, as if I have just been a stunning breath, I have never happened.

"It seems that it is successful?"

The right bumper is lying on the ground and smiles gently.

Then, the right to move, quickly slammed from the ground, turned to the side.

When the right boused, I found that the beauty of the shame was blushing at this moment, and there was a hot air on the upper and lower.

"Right fighting adult ... that you ..."

It's a lot of somewhat bisquis in the shame.

I was aware of the beauty of the beauty, and I didn't wear clothes at all, because of the relationship between the arm.

Right squatting conditions reflectively covering an important part, while fasting is surrounded.

I found that there was a soil wall isolated outside, and only the above is empty. In the semi-closed earth wall, only one of the beautiful people.

Seeing this, the right trumper is slowly relieved.

After all, here is on the court, people have more eyes, in case of being seen, it will be big.

Of course, the most important thing is to shame.

In the first generation of the water, one of the Warring States Sanjie, and the barefare appeared on the battlefield ...

I don't want to think about it, I can't help but rise a bad cold.

"Cough ..., there is no extra dress what."

Right bumper and gently cough, cover your own embarrassment, look at the beauty of the beauty of his back, and the mutual feelings will open a little embarrassment.

However, the right battle just said half of it.

According to Meills, I have reached out to my sickhead, and then take a small reel, throw the right bumper behind him.

"Good to prepare in advance."

"I didn't think of the ninja of the wood, I could force the right trip to the extent?"

According to the beauty of the beauty, the tone is a bit more dignified and worried, more is a slight relief.

A right of the right fight in advance is to cope with the final extremely unfavorable situation.

Specifically, the left arm is just as a idle hand, did not think of it actually.

Drinking this battlefield, although there is no way to see the battle of the battlefield.

However, the two battlefields were so far from the distance, still able to listen to the huge explosion and horrible roar when they were able to meet the people of the right fight and the leaves.

Just passing the sound, you can imagine the battlefield of the right tricks, how fierce the battle!

"Haha, in fact, there is no seriousness you think."

"It's just a sudden rise, and I played more."

"I haven't played away."

Right to make a cool laugh, while quickly open the reel.


With a white smoke, a complete set of clothing appeared on the scroll.

On the right side, wear clothes on the right, while looked with a doubtful look, looked back with the beauty of her.


Right fight can not remember to tell the size of the beauty, the size of his own clothes, now, the right of these clothes is all just right.

Do you forget yourself?

The right bumper shook his head and quickly wore the clothes soon, twisted the neck, and came up and down, " " crisp.

Illuminate seems to feel that the clothes of the right fighters have been dressed, turned around, look at the rear.

"Right" ... "

It is just ready to open the mouth.

I saw that the right bumper was slightly stepped on the ground, and the whole person was turned into a black flow of flow, and there was a gap in the field of view.

It flashed in the beauty of the beauty, and if you want to say it, you will go back.

"Can you let people finish the words!"

According to Meiti, I made a little bit of power.


Looking up in the United States, a punch brought the soil wall in front of him, and I walked out from the inside.

Standing outside waiting for a lot of cyan, seeing suddenly broken earth walls scared.

"Water shadow people ..., is it right?"

Chung seems to be aware of the self-esteem emotions, and the unspeakable open mouth.

According to the beauty, I nodded, followed to the battlefield of the battle in the front, and the tone was strict:


Qinglian busy should have, originally he still want to ask the battle situation on the side of the right fight, and now it seems to be as good as it is.

However, through the tone of the beauty, you can also calculate it, and there should be no problem with the situation there.


Leaving the right fight in the battlefield of Mi Ming, flying to the battlefield you just have just now in a very fast speed.

Right squats every time from the air, all appeared in 100 meters instantly, just in the earth, the transient move, constantly close to the original battlefield.

Less than half a minute or so!

The right hop is still falling from the air, and there is an original battlefield center.

I saw it.

There is no longer in front of the right, there is a corpse that has already been dead, and there are some broken paper ashes in this body.

"Wave Wave Water Gate? All said the same tolerance, it is useless to me, why bother to die."

"It seems that it has been blurred by the corpse, and the death of the gods took the soul ..."

The right bumper is muttered, and the returns will go to the front.

Myrt Kay is like coke average, standing outside of 10m.

Even I have died, but the Myrt Kay's figure is still firmly standing in the same place, and there is no signs of falling.

The right fighter is lightly and lightly walked to the Metekai, watching the Metaki in front of him, with a respect for the strong.

In the eyes of the right picture, it was able to be called the opponent. In addition to Ui Zhibo spots, the guy between the killer is.

Now add a Myrt Kay!

Even now May Mita died, but Mete Kai gave the right to the right fight, far exceeded Uzhibo spots and thousand handles.

"You can go to this step with the qualifications of ordinary people, Maitkai, you are a great guy."

"I am not as good as you, the two guys in the thousands of hands and Yisi blossoms are not as good as you."

"It's ... I really won a little bit."

Right, watching the Mitkai slowly opened in front of you, with a sigh in the sound.

In the last sentence, it is not a right to exaggerate his words, but the truth is true.

The last single "Night Kay" in Maitekai is completely unable to stop.

If it is the Metaka at the time, the foot is slightly shifted, and the right trocard directly fits the past.

Then the wave wind door appears, directly use the banned corpse, and right, in the state of coma, there is no chance to resist.

But unfortunately!

The last feet of Martkai hesitated, exactly, Mitt Kai's heart is concerned.

Right, the strength of the right, but it is far more than the Sui Zhibo spheres of the six power.

At the middle, Unexpectedly, in the case of the six way, it was still kicked by Metekai.

If Martai is fully hitting the right fight, the right fight is probably the power of this violent force, bombarded the bones.

After all, so violent and like a transient attack, the Black Emperor can only instantly absorb a small part of the force.

Under the intelligence of the right to have a resurrection capability, Mart Kai naturally does not allow that case.

If the right bucket is flooded into a slag, who knows which position will be re-resurrected.

The corpse of the waves, there is no way to show it.

So when the last blow, Maite has a bit of power.

Of course, it may be because Maitko has delayed the time, and the power of eight armor has an outbreak, which has lost some.

But no matter which reason, among such a top battle, anything concerned, will chamber your own battle rhythm.

If the strength of the Fightaka's last feet is increasing, the right bucket has greatly in the case of retaining some of the body, the thorough coma.

But unfortunately.

This world has never been so much if.

"Earth - Earth!"

The right fight face with a solemn look, and the hands are tied and then taken on the ground.

The ground from the foot of Maite is quickly peristalized, followed by a coffin with a metal gloss, the shape of the shape of the murdere, and the Meta is slowly wrapped in the ground.

As the right battle is moved, the ground of this position in Muttek is rapidly increased.

Between the blink!

One ten meters is high, the shape is similar to the thumbs up, and there is a slow down on the front of the right fight, and the coffin parked slowly.

The right bucket is slightly hard, quickly jumps to the half space, reach out on the shaped hill of thumbs, quickly written the font:

"Wooden leaves and lone high !"

" !"

As a strong person who is recognized by the right fight, it will naturally give strong people.

Right Tour, of course, will not let the bodies of Myrt Kai, will discard in this battlefield.

After all of this.

Right to turn around and walk toward the position of this battlefield.


The right battle appeared in front of a small rock, if it is a good thing, the position of the original rock is originally a hill.

However, after the right battle with Mete Kay, the whole battlefield has been almost moved to a flat place.

This is on this rock at this moment, which is full of blood, and his face is pale.

When I saw the right fight, the promised pale face fierce, and his eyes were watching the right fight, full of murder.

"Oh, I thought you were dead in us."

"I didn't expect it to live well, it is the blood of the guy."

The right bounce has a bit vitality, and the sound is moving, but it has a ridicule in the tone.


If the approvers heard the right fight, he just opened his mouth and couldn't help but send a cough. He coughed with a blood from his mouth.

After a sigh of breath.

The apeer looks to the right battle, the tone is weak, "you won ..."

"If you have the resort, I still have some way, I naturally win."

Right, I saw a hand, and the tone was still moving flat, and the way to continue the opening:

"Who is the person who is reincarnating in a reflux, where is it now?"

Right fighting a calm look.

"Cough ... you think ... I will tell you?"

Officer glaring against the right fight, although the tone is weak, but the firm open mouth.

When I heard the hand, the right bumper wrinkled.

Those who have a reincarnation of the transcitation of the murder can be guessed, but this person is hidden, but the right fight does not know.

Among them, there is still a right to get four tail Chakra.

However, from the attitude of the front of the board, I want to ask from the mouth of the card to ask something, there is little possibility.

"Since the fire is not cooperated, I am afraid I have to eat some bitterness."

Right, the trip shrugged, and the attitude towards the hand is not much.

After all, the fog hidden village is now attacking people's wooden leaves, and both parties are hostile relationships, which makes people have a good attitude towards themselves.

If you are really asked, if you answer anything, there is a ghost.

"You are looking forward to it, nothing more than that of the thousand-handles, the guy can defeat Unexpell.

"Of course, this is the only chance of your wooden leaves, telling the truth, I also hope that the guy between the killer is better than win."

Right, I looked at it, I admitted that I lost it, but my eyes were still full of firm gods.

Naturally, it is understood that now, it is nothing more than the thousand hand of the class.

Outlet, thousands of hands and others have all empty in order to deal with the means he prepared.

So now I can deal with him, I am afraid there is only the thousand hand.

When I heard the right, I hope that the killer will win, I can't help but I can't help but have a mistake.

When the right fight is next, I instantly let the agency understand that this guy is not so good!

"Because in this case, I can do this guy in the thousand handles."

The right bumbled sounded a loud laugh, and there was a unscrupulous war and killer.

"I believe my grandfather, the wooden leaves are absolutely will not lose!"

The agency facing a series of failures, but the paled face is still full of firm.

Right, I looked at a hand, lazy to waste time on this boring issue.

How long does it take? Everything will be died!

However, there is a power that can make people unconditionally trust in the thousand-handed columns.

Is this the ability of Ashura?

"Let's go, now you are my captive."

The right battle voice has already reached out, and I put the ahead to the ground, mentioned in half of the air, there is no pity to the meaning of jade.

Next moment, the right battle grabbed the hand has disappeared in the original place.