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Chapter 417, the focal battle between the spots and the column, frowning right fight

Dozens of miles away from wooden leaves.

The whole earth trembled, a huge wooden arm raised quickly from the ground, to the not far away.

Where the arm is in the arm, the horrible burst sounds in the air, forming a strong waves!


A large number of Chakra started gather on the arm of the arm, forming a huge Chakra sword, and changing the arm of the wooden arm!

Chakra's sword collided with the arm of the arm and made a strong roar!

But both sides only stalemate, under the swords of Chakra Changjian, the huge arms formed by the wood, the hierarchy of the huge arm formed.

However, it is also a hindrance to the arm, the thousand-handed, the hands and ten, the hands, the double-handed drink:

"Wooden - all the bags!"

Under the ground, accompanied by a loud noise, drilling a few thick wood.

I have just been preparing to fly to the air, I'm caught by Mu Qi, under the manipulation between the killer, the wood will be able to re-return to the ground.


Huge roar sounds well.


"This fight, in addition to adding a lot of casualties, what is the meaning!"

"What are you thinking!"

There is a big scream between the killer, the foot is hard, and the whole person takes off directly to the sky, and the arm is in the direction of Yuxi.


With a huge dragon, the huge wood dragon body appeared in vacant, and the speed of the speed must be rushed to the ground.

In an instant, Mulong has been wrapped around the neck of the mustvas, and the horrible benchmarks will be able to have a dense linear crack.

"This is the so-called turn!"

"I have experienced so many things, I have not worked out from the past, is there? The room!"

"You and I fight, I have long been there for the wrong question. Do you feel" fate "in this world?"

"And what I want to do is to break this so-called reincarnation, so-called fate!"

Yuxi Bouvet also made a big scream, while talking, the pupil in both eyes is pouring out.

Mulong strong binding power, causing a lot of cracks, in an instant repair.

At this moment, you must start the wings behind the rapid contraction, and the two arms are supported on the ground, let yourself stand up from the ground.

At the same time, the other two arms quickly grabbed the treadmone dragon!

In the big scream of Yuxi Bo, the two arms that must be protracted will be bound to the wood dragon on themselves, and the end of life.

It is necessary to hold a broken wooden dragon with his hands, and look at the thousand-handed columns from the air speed.

The broken wooden dragon body is over the air, issuing a dramatic sound explosion, and it is like the storm that the S-class winds will be produced!

The violent power is blown throughout the sky. If it is hit by such an attack, even a mountain, I am afraid it will be a crushing.

In the face of the Mulong, which is a whip smashed, there is ubiquitous room in the air, reaching out of the chest.

Between the moment!

The wooden dragon in hand is actually quickly dissipated with the speed of the naked eye, and the kung fu in the blink of an eye has disappeared.

Mulong disappeared, and the attack must be naturally lost in an instant.


However, there have not waited for the killer to fight, and the air is once again like a screaming.

Under the control of Yuxi Bouc, the huge figure of hundreds of meters is actually playing with a very flexible, clean and desperate movement!

It must be a huge giant leg, shrouded between the killer, violent to the extreme force.

The thousands of hands are slightly smaller, and the blood is sprayed out of the blood, flying out of this moment.

More than that!

Under the impact of this violent power, the body is constantly compressed, and the air is pressed out, and there is a black streamer in the air.

Yuxi Bouvet manipulator must be able to stepping on the ground, the entire land is dramatic.

The two arms behind him must be re-cultured into a bimodion, and they will be empty, and they will chase the thousands of hands that are flying out.

Yuxibo spheres are not intended to breathe for thousands of hands!

It is necessary to slam the huge wings, and there is a thousand hand of the killer that is blown out.

The huge figure is like the dark clouds, and the sky is covered with the talents.


Yuxibo spheres have a big scream, which must be associated with two Chakra knives on both hands.

In the case of cross-making, the next thousand handles fierce!


Just at this time!

Both the killer of the killer, it has been strong, at this moment, there is a double!

A strong sense of shock is centered between the killer, pouring out of the air, forming a horrible pressure, spreading four sides.

Eight-door armor-life open!

Society of eight-door armored room, driven directly to the third door at this moment.

Although it is just a third door, I have to know that the strength of the thousand-handles itself is not Maitkai to match, this is a pure strength, or the strength of the body and the recovery force.

In the battle between Sui Zhibo spheres and the thousand-handed columns, it has improved the deadlock of the beginning of the unity!

The thousands of hands were originally reversed, and the instant paused, and forcibly broke the impact of the terrorism.

In a moment of perceived the change between the thousands of hand, Yisi Bao pointed can not help.

Eight-door armor!

This guy between the thousand-handles, I have learned that eight armor ...

Under this, the strength of the killer is not a plus one!

"Damn ..."

Yishibo's heart is dark, he knows, he was put on the guy of the right.

Right fight must know the eight-door armor of the killer society, no wonder, the right bumper is so happy!

Yuxi Bao sputum flash has flashd several thoughts, but the movements in the hand have not stopped the idea, but accelerate a bit again.

The thousand-handed alone glances with a cold, a large number of blue Chakra towards the gathering of the hands between the thousand-handles, nearly substantially.


The two sorts of the two sides must be striped, and the half-air belt with sound, and she fell.

"I stop me!"

There is a big drink between the thousand-handles, lifting the hands full of collaborative challenge.

boom! !

The huge Chakra long knife collided with the hands between the killer, issued a huge roar.

It is shocking that the thousands of hands have actually relying on the hands of the hands.

In front of the scene, just like an ants raised a big tree, giving a strong sense of impact!

The thousands of handles have a hands, and it is a small black spot in Chakra long knife. It appears in the position of the blink of an eye.

"Weird - big back!"

There is a whispering between the killer, lifting your arms hugging the thumbs of the must, and two arms between the two arms.

Under the power of the threshold, the huge must be uncontrolled by the thousand-handles!

The hills are huge, from the air speed to fall below the air.

And the thousand-handles are also followed, and there must be a huge body with a huge body, and there are several jumps that have appeared on the position of the forehead.

Through the need to be a translucent body, the killer can be invisible to see the Yuxi Boss in the forehead.


A boxing between the thousand-handles, directly squatting on the forehead of the mustvas, and the large number of cracks is in the fist between the thousand-handles, spread toward the four sides.

Face this scene!

Yuxi spots are naturally clear, and the mobile phone in this moment is far more than a must.

Thinking of this, Yuxi Baozhi Kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye pupils slightly flash, the huge must be able to start fast dissipation, and it disappears in an instant.

At the same time, there are thousands of hand and Yizhibo spots in half-air, two people and fast speed fall!

Only in the eyes of both sides, there is only one other figure.


"Cylinder !!"

The thousands of hand is also a big scream with Yuxi Bao.

In the state of the eight-door armor, the thousands of hands are very fast, and the blink of an eye broke through the middle distance between the two, appearing in the foreigner of Yuxi Bo.

The thousand-handed rooms lifted the Chakra's fists, bombarded the location of the Yuxi Bouvelle heart.

The strong power broke out from the fist, the fist is too, the air in front seems to be exploded.

The eternal kaleidoscope in the bumbler in Yuxibo spheres is written in the eyes, and the blink is convenient to switch to the round look.

"God Luo Tian!"

The terrorist repulsion is centered on Yuxi Bao, which is quickly spread around, and forms an absolute defense formed in medium powerful repulsiveness.


The fists between the killer and the gods have collided with the gods, and they have a bored and rang.

Under this powerful repulsive force, the killer has not been bombarded, but the fist breaks through the front.

In the face of this scene, the reincarnation of Yuxi Boss flashed with a faint light, and even collected the repulsiveness of Shen Luo Tian.

Suddenly there is no strong repulsion!

The thousands of handles have naturally accelerated to attack, like transients, generally appearing in front of Yuxi Boss.

However, the fists between the thousand-handles have not bombarded the body of Yuxi Boss, but falling at a position of about half a meter from Unexpea.

Tomb - prison!

Yuxibo split directly out of a shadow, when in his own body, it used to afford the attack between the killer.

At the same time, with this short moment.

Yuxi Boli once again launched the bustling in the eye, a high-density concentrated Chakra black sphere, appeared in the palm of Yuxi Bouvelle.


The shadow called "Tomb - Due", under the violent fist in the thousand hand, is directly scattered.


The thousands of hand is filled with purple Chakra's fists, breaking through the shadow, instantly slammed in the chest of Yuxibo spots.

"Bulk Star!"

At this moment, the high-density concentrated black Chakra ball in Yuxiobang hand was also held at the chest of the killer at the same time.


Yuxi Bao spurted a large number of blood, the body seems to break through the sound, from the high altitude of about 100 meters, in the ground, the whole land is one of the earth.

A big pit, a big pit, appeared on the ground!

And the black high-density Chakra ball firmly adsorbed by the black high-density Chakra ball in his chest!

There is nowhere to borrow the air, let the thousands of hand unable to break away from the shackles of the star!


"This tolerance ..."

The thousands of hand discovered that he could not break it at all, and the face couldn't help but change.


Under the smock of the stars, the entire earth starts rapidly starting large-area cracks, a huge rock, land, and constantly vacanating.

Gathering the black Chakra balls of the Star Stars, and in the case of sealing the thousand-handed column!

A few breathing skills!

A diameter is more than two hundred meters, like a meteorite rock sphere suspended in half air.

At this moment.

Whether it is sealed into the thousand-handles between the starry star, there is no action.

At a time, the entire battlefield suddenly quietly, as if two people lost their lives!

However, it is naturally impossible.

If you are right at this battlefield at this moment, I see this scene in front of you, I am afraid that I can't judge, the last result.

It has a round of Yuxi Boss!

Learn the thousand hand of eight armors!

Regardless of the last minute, whoever is gone, at least until now, these two may be injured, but there will be no sense of life.

This battle, I am afraid I have to last for a while!


The other side fog hidden battlefield.

Rear position.

A larger scribe of various mysterious spells, a full-scale disclast, full of weak disciatures.

In front of the program, standing with a misty ninja, holding a special handprint with his hands, closed your eyes, full of slender.

After a while.

This fog slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes took a tired look, and his face was not very good.

This mist quickly wiped the sweat on the head and walked toward the position next to it.

"Right fighting adult, glower!"

This fog is hidden to the distance, I have been waiting for the right fight and the beautiful opening road.

"How, have there been a result?"

"What information is obtained from the mind of the wooden shadow?"

Looking at the mist to the mist, some expectation is expected.

On the side of the right, there is no opening, but through this mist to endure the face, it is already able to guess no results.

The right bumper wrinkled and wrinkled, and it has considered that it is a stupid approach.