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Chapter 418, Pharmacist, Four Tail Chakra!

In the face of the Million, the misty face revealed a little awkward look.

He remembers, he is a vowed to ensure that he is vowed to his own shadow.

"Water and shadow, there is a strong ban in my mind in my mind, and I can't break through."

The fog has a low head, and his face has a bureau.

According to the beauty of the beauty, I will have a slight time to disappear, I can't help but gently pick the eyebrows.

Originally wanted to get the layout of wooden leaves from the program, and some intelligenceies in other aspects.

Nowadays, this thought is not available!

An invisible pressure is filled with beauty.

Feel this breath, half of the fog, cold sweat, a few breathing skills, and then wet it by its own sweat.

"On the sealing ban, don't say it is your fog, no one in the whole endurance is the opponent of the leaves."

The prominent sound came from a side.

People in the fog hidden village actually want to break the ban on their minds, just joking.

This sentence is indeed, and the wooden leaves have been included in the entire vortex, and then the genius has been improved in the thousands of hands.

It has been far away from the distance from other rivotes, which is indeed that other four rivals can match.

At this moment, although the hand face is still pale, Chakra on the body has returned some, and the state of weakness has improved many.

In the face of the mockery of the agency, the beauty of the beauty changed, and the eyes were slightly narrow, the whole person suddenly became extremely dangerous.

"is it?"

"This nourie hand, now it seems to be the prisoner of our fog hidden?"

Take the beauty of the head to see the direction of the program, the two are relative, the middle seems to have a light flashing.

One is the rigorous shadow of the village, one is the spray of foggy villages, and the two are the best in the endurance.

What's more, both are women, beautiful women!

Plus wood leaves and fog is an extremely enemy relationship.

Look at the United States early, I don't look good, if it is not the use of a hand, it is more than the use of dead, she is too lazy to follow the hand.


The agency sent a cold, and glared at the beauty.

I saw two people opposed to some needles, and the right mouth angle smoked slightly.

"All right."

"Looking for Ninja who is good at perceived, I need to confirm the position of the murder of the transcoorphon as soon as possible."

The right fight is impatient on the face, interrupted two people who seem to want to continue to put. At the same time, I watched half of the sky on the ground and the mist of the low head.

"Yes, right fights!"

That mist and respectfully respectfully, even busy and got a black shadow disappeared.

at the same time.

Several ghosts were branched, and they were binding to the sand, and the flag, Zo Yun, and a few people appeared in front of the right fight.

These few people are only blinded with the sand with the sand, and the antibody is not released.

Of course, in addition to these people, the soul of the sky, Kato, the three people of the waves, the soul of the gods is all retired, and it is naturally the release of another way.

By the way, there is also a group that is bombed between the "Mutual Take the Explosion" by the thousand hand.

Didn't have a long time.

Three fog's perceived ninja, rapidly from the distance, and several jumps appeared in front of everyone.

These three feelings, the clothes on the body are somewhat damage, and the body is brought with bloody smell, obviously just retreat from the battlefield.

"Right"! "

"Water Shadow!"

The three feelings of the ninja appeared, respectfully oppressed the right fight and the beauty.

When the three people's eyes, when they look at the board, they obviously stunned, and the eyes flashed in the wrong look.

The rigs of the village of Woody Village actually appeared behind the foggy troops?

Three senses of the people couldn't help each other and reflex each other, and the eyes were flashing and excited.

The fire of the wooden leaves has been captured, and the movement of this war has been clear.

The three feelings of the ninja face flakes, and it is seriously serious.

"Use your perceived tolerance to perceive, with these three billed in Chakra, similar to Chakra."

Right to look at the three people, the sound of the sound is moving.

Speech between talk.

Right Bourt has given the ghost to bring the three people in the thousands of hands together, put together.

"Yes, right fights."

The three feelings of ninja also respectfully open, quickly walked to three bilies, and both hands began to print.

Along with the time of time.

The three feelings of the ninja face slowly appeared in sweat, not to consume Chakra, which is completely, and they did not feel similar Chakra's position.

next to.

Right fighting adults, glower adults can look at it, if there is no result, then they can be shameful.

At this moment, the right to stand on the side has couldn't help but frowned.

The martial artist, although only a thousand hands and others, but it is not meant, he will only reach these people.

If it is in the battlefield, once a large number of embarrassments are added, it is simply a nightmare for ordinary ninja.

Even if you prepare in advance, I am afraid there will be a lot of casualties.

Right, you can indeed seal the translocking people, but how much can he be seal alone?

After almost ten minutes, the three feelings of the ninja opened their eyes.

It's just at this moment, these three faces are slightly ugly.

"Sorry, right fights ..."

A ninja in the triple is a little unwilling, the sound reduces several tones.

When I heard this ninja, I sighed in my heart. I just prepared to say something, then the end of this ninja, let the right!

"Right fighting adult ... We can only be barely perceived with the general orientation of Chakra, and the specific location cannot be perceived."

This feeling of knowing the ninja slightly low-headed road.

"The general position is there?"

The right fight is flashing in the eyes, and I ask the way directly.

"East ... side." That feeling that the ninja suddenly heard the right to ask, couldn't help but stunned, and a perceived ninus was busy.


The right eye is obviously flashing out of the appearance.

Originally, the right bumbles also thought that the orientation of the martial artist where the dust was born should be close to the wooden leaves, and the result is completely in the opposite direction.


The right boused to see these three feelings, and there is no way to praise.

The three faces are happy, and they can get the praise of the right fight. There are no few people in the village of the whole mist, and the three people have exposed excitement.

The apeer who is being impeded next to it will naturally hear these feelings.

When I heard a few people perceived, when I was on the east, my galaxy had changed significantly, and my face became a little ugly!

Even, the gaze's gaze is more faintly flashing.

The direction of the east is different from the position known to the start plan.

That is to say, the people of the big snake will move their own position, and it is still the opposite place to the village of the woods!

Damn! !

No wonder, there is nothing to move on the battlefield now.

At this time, not only the planner is observed, and this matter is also discovered.


Right fights raised your feet, and the whole person started. Running in the direction of the east, disappearing between everyone's sight.

See the figure of the right bumper disappeared, listening to the eyes, and raised the momentum of the water.

"Now the wooden leaves, there should be no news that the shadow of their village has been captured."

"Spread this news!"

"Before tomorrow, I want to break the line of defense of the wooden leaves, let the ninja of this group of wood, all retract to the village of Ye Ye."

Illuminated with a lot of open mouth, with a strong domineering and iron blood.

"Yes, the shadow adult!"

"Yes, the shadow adult!"

"Yes, the shadow adult!"

The respectful voice sounded, and several fog natrians were simultaneously formed into a black shadow, disappearing in the same place.

"It's a good force, it is a spray of foggy villages, but you are too small to see the wooden leaves!"

"I want to use the news I have captured, trigger the turmoil of the leaves, I am afraid you have missed the abacus."

"Before the war started, we have been prepared, even if I was captured, there will be new agents to immediately take responsibility."

The apeer looks to the beautiful look, a word of the words, one sentence.

"is it?"

According to the best in the chest, the face with a calm look and continued:

"In this case, then we will wait and see."

the other side.

The figure of the right fight is usually in the air, and it has been rapidly in the air, followed by it again.

During the rapid movement, the right trick completely released his own perception, and everything around the week is in the perception of the right.

The fast figure is constantly multi-air, and the right crumbs are slightly frown.

Although it is possible to determine the approximate orientation, the country is too large. If you really have to find it carefully, I am afraid it takes a long time.

"The image of shadow!"

The right movement is in the heart, and the figure is standing from the air. On a big tree, the hands have been joined in the chest.



With a large number of white smokes, there is a forest between the 3rd fighters in the blink of a large number of white cigarettes.

In the case of Chakra, you can naturally share more, but it is not necessary.

The perceptual range of thousands of meters, plus hundreds of shadow, can have a carpet search.


When these shadows appeared, they simultaneously jumped toward different directions, and the blink of an eye was disappeared.

The body of the right fight is directly lazy to rely on a big tree, and the eyes are quietly waiting.

Time is one minute and one second!

The air of the air has slowed down, leaving a lot of gain.

At this time, I originally closed my eyes, relying on the right fight on the big tree, I suddenly opened my eyes.

"did you find it!"

The right bumper is slightly flashing, disappearing in the original place.

There is a hidden underground base in the east of the fire.

The pharmacist is sitting on the ground, with a plain look, watching a pair of chess on this eye.

What is strange is that there is not much piece of chess pieces on this pair of chessboard in front of you.

Instead, the pharmacist has a left hand next to the left hand, and a full box of chess pieces.

However, the pharmacist has not intended to take a picture from the chess box from the chess box.

At this time, the pharmacist is watching the chessboard, but the mind is not placed on the chessboard.

"It seems that you need to resurrect the big snake pill again."

The pharmacist took a helpless and self-speaking.

To be honest, the pharmacist has never thought about it, and the big snake pill will take the initiative to transfer this tandem to him.

In the present, the pharmacist has some embarrassment.

However, it is more shocked to make the pharmacist. The big snake pills have mastered, and can ban this ban from the corpthrics to rescue the test of the soul.

The soul of the waves of the waves is the release of this technique.

Bang! !

Just when the pharmacist flashed in various thoughts, a huge roar, fried in the top of the base!

In an instant!

Among the perspective of the pharmacist, the original solid base instantly covered the cracks of dense lane.

A large amount of gravel, dust falls, and the entire base may crash at any time.

See this scene!

Pharmacist pockets a sharp hole, and I don't dare to get gathered quickly, flew to the base.

However, the pharmacist has not left this room yet, and the whole base collapsed directly.

on the ground.

The right squat has fallen, and the ground is directly collapsed, and there is a deep pit in a hundred meters and the blink of an eye.

After steping on the foot, the right fight with a brunette, quietly waiting for it.

Sure enough, how long!

The pharmacist has climbed out of the ground, and a face of the wolf, constantly gasping.

"The big snake pill is really a lot of hidden bases."

Right, the faint voice, slammed from the back of the pharmacist, so that I just got a painful drug teacher, I was very tight, and the cold is!

"Right fighting ..."

The pharmacist has a little stiff to move back, and the right to standing not far behind himself, and a trembling in the sound.


I was found!

The pharmacist touched the panic in his heart, without any hesitation, quickly pulled out a small special reel from his arms.

Right, I saw the pharmacist's hand in this reel ... No, it is precisely that it is perceived by the reel, the unique moment of the tail beast Chakra's breath!

Right, I couldn't help but pick the eyebrows, and my eyes with a look around the look, and looked at the pharmacist of this moment.

"Right fight ... You, this is stored in the tail of the beast ... Four-tailed Sun Wukong's Chakra."

One of the pharmacist lifted a reel while trembling the open mouth.

I am afraid that the right fight is accidentally, I will kill him!