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Chapter 419, Collection, Jiu Dabai, Chekla

I don't blame the panic, scared.

After all, even the big snake pills are easily easy to shoot, let alone is him.

As for the escape, the pharmacist did not dare to take his life as a bet.

Big snake pill can be resurrected with the ability of the curse, and he doesn't have this matter. Once you die, then it is really dead.

The pharmacist did not dare to have a little thoughtful, and took out a reel seal four-tailed Chakra's reel to express his sincerity.

"It seems that you seem to know what I need?"

The right to flash the look of a smell in the right point, and look at the pharmacist in front of you.

Talk while talking.

A King Kong is blocked from the body of the right, shot in the direction of the pharmacist.

When I saw this scene, the pupil of the pharmacist slammed, the condition reflected, I want to escape from the rear, but finally forced my old man to stand in place.

The pharmacist did not feel the killing of the right fight.

Of course, the most important thing is that if you want to kill your own words, you can't escape.


Under the gaze of the pharmacist, this Chakra lock chain rolls up after the reel in his hand, quickly retreats back.

The pharmacist is relieved in the heart, with a respectable look, honest opening:

"Although the entire endurance is being passed, the right fight and the Sui Zhibo spots are collecting the beast."

"But I found that the demand in the right fight is different. It is better to collect the tail beast. It is better to collect the tail beast."

"Otherwise, don't let go of the right fight, when the first sand hidden village, the tail of my love, I left."

"Of course, this is just a guess, so I have prepared it in advance."

The pharmacist pushed a little sliding glasses, and the forehead has been covered with sweat.

"Interesting." The right hippouts showed a smile.

For the pharmacist, you can guess that he really collects the purpose of the beast, and the right is obviously surprised.

However, it is just some accidents.

As for the murder, there is no need, even if you can guess his purpose?

What's more, this thing is not necessarily hidden.

Just like, the entire endurance knows that Yu Zhibo spots should catch the beast, but what people can stop?

This matter, the guy that Yishibo sphere should know.

At the beginning, the right trick can be to join the trunk of the outer road from Yuxi Bao.

Even if the Sui Zhi spots are not clear, but after so long, Yu Zhibo spheres are slow, I am afraid it.

Perhaps Unexpected Shot has some guess from the beginning, but it is not all at all.

Just relying on a trunk of the outer road, and Chicla, the nine tail beasts, I want to have six levels of power, and it is impossible to in Yuxi.

In this case, what is Yu Zhihu?

"Release the anti-transcorneys?"

Right Theft holds a reel and opens the mouth.

"There is no problem." The pharmacist pockets to nodded and there is no helves.

The pharmacist rushed to stand the pain from the body and raised his fast printing.

- !

"You are very smart."

"I didn't release the troops of the embarrassment. Otherwise, you have no chance to talk at all, just die in the following base."

Right bumper saw the release of the tutori, laughing and opening the mouth.

When I heard the right battle and said that "death" is very casual, it is like a small thing to say.

This makes the pharmacist can't help but rise a cold and afraid.

Sure enough, I am gambling.

The pharmacist is gambling is not a thousand-handed rooms and other people who can win, but is simple at gambling, and the right fight can find yourself.

Therefore, the pharmacist has a resurrection of thousands of hands and others. It does not follow the original plan, and then prepares the reincarnation of the reincarnation in advance.

The pharmacist lifted his arm and wipe the sweat wipe on the head.

"If you are interested, you can add the fog."

The right boused to the pharmacist, suddenly smiled and opened.

The voice falls.

At the foot of the right, it turns into a residual shadow, disappearing in the original place.

The pharmacist worphed and saw the right ear of completely left, spit out of a breath, and the whole person is in the ruins.

Although the right bucket did not release anything from beginning to end, you will feel a heavy pressure.

"It seems that the chance of winning the wooden leaves has fallen the lowest."

"The only chance to turn over, I am afraid there is only the thousand hand."

"Add a fog hidden village? It is indeed a pretty good choice."

The pharmacist is slightly flashing, whisper muttering.

At this moment.

The right fight is not directly returned to the battlefield, but there is a forest outside of a few kilometers away.

Next, the battle on the battlefield is not intended to go to the end.

The high-end combat of the wooden leaves has been dragged by Unexpell.

The strong people who are born, as well as their own, and the apeer has also been resolved by Wang Fan.

The two major threats have been released. In addition, rock village also shared the pressure of nearly half of the wood leaves.

In such a case, if the person in the fog hidden village is still unit, it is still the country where the old man rolls back to the water.

The right strip is sitting on a thick tree trunk, takes the reel in the hand.

The nine big tail beasts Chakra rightwood have set eight kinds, which is the last chakra.

As for the four-tail column, it is not much careful.

From the discourse of the pharmacist, the right fight is to guess the pharmacist to take a self-contained four-taracra, and the big snake pill should not know.

And where the four tails are specific, I am afraid there is only the big snake pills yourself.

After all, this is a quite important chip!

All the end of the end of the endurance, almost all concentrated in the hands of the right fight and Yisi Boufar.

In the case of the need for the right bumper and Yisi Bouchet, the big snake pill will naturally help this chip, come with the two.

Just unfortunately.

Because the pharmacist pocketted a hand, the big snake pill was less than one choice.

This is just a normal seal reel, so after the right! After a few simple prints, the seal on the reel is released.

Chakra with four tails, flying out from the reel.

The right boused raised his hand to this Chakra, and there was an instant to absorb the body.

Nine Daries, Cheklagi!

The right battle is flashing in the bomb, and starts to close the in the body of Chakra.

The huge Chakra in the body began to quickly conversion under the thoughts of the right battle.

One tail Chakra, two tail Chakra, Sanji Chakra ... Jiuji Chakra!

Nine Takira of the nine tail beasts, while appearing in the right body.

A bone horror, tyrannical, powerful breath, spread from the right fight, quickly spread around.

Between the moment!

The forest in the right tack is in an instant in an instant.

In the forest left and right away from the right, all the animals were directly volated by this horrible breath.

Right to the palm of this point at this time is concentrated in the body, then he intends to rely on its powerful control for Chakra. Trying to try to fuse the nine-year-old beast Chekra.


the other side.

On the battlefield.

The shock of the earthquake rings in the air, at the same time, it also mixed a lot of roar and explosion.


A broken voice rang from a mist.

When I heard this sound, this fog didn't have a hesitation of hesitation, quickly twisted the body, and lifted the arm, stabbing the bitterness in the hands.

Just, let this fog to bear the accident, this hit is not only empty, but no one is at all.

"what happened?"

The fog is slightly changed, although it is unclear what is the situation, but it is still quick to jump, leaving the place.

At the moment of this fog, I left the place, a black residue suddenly rushed out of the ground, and went to this fog.

In the air, this fog is not found to be borrowed. It is naturally unable to dodge in time. I can only look at this black shadow toward myself.

At this time, this fog is taking care of this black shadow.

Not a ninja!

It is a huge body, like a wolf.

The black pill bit bite on the misty neck, accompanied by blood and four splashes, this fog has not sent it, and then lost his breathing.

Black Pills will thrown this foggy body, and continue to travel quickly in the battlefield.

After a long time, there are two fogs that have died under the mouth of the black pill.

When I arrived, there was a blind figure, and there were several jumps appeared next to Black Pills.

"Dry, black pills!"

"But you still lose, I just solved the four people, you killed three."

The dog's claws made a cool laughter, looked at the black pill, and a bloody gas was emitted.

Black Pills took a look at the dog, and grinned slightly.

"In this case, then let's continue!"

The dog's claw seems to be aware of the dissatisfaction of the black pill, smile, and continue to be full of powerful open mouth.

Black Pill is overhead, showing the meaning of consent.

Just in the canine claws and black pills, I am going to continue to find the fog of falling orders, when attacking.

A strong murder, suddenly appeared, instantly locked two people.

The dog's claw eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and they immediately turn around to see the direction of killing.

A red brown hair, the body is covered with blood, appears in front, blocking the way in front of the canine claw

"Lin Yuyu is profitable!"

The dog is flashing in a dignified look, and the body can't help but touch the slightly.

"Claw, this guy's breath is different from the last time, it is clear that it is much better, be careful!"

Black Pills made a low scream, and the first time I pericoted the difference between the forest in the immortal mode.

Black Pill is in the canine group, there is less than the battle of the dog, it is more rare.

"Cut, this is careful that she is right."

"The defense line of the last valley is broken, and they have been sent to death this time, then stay in this battlefield."

Dogs are full of disdain in the sound of the dog, but the eyes are more and more downs.

Obviously, heard the reminder of Black Pills, canine claws have taken Lin Yuyu as an enemy.

Lin Yuyu is a thunderous knife in the hands that has been lifted, and a large number of lightning power has been entangled.

Plastic beast!

The breath of the canine claw change, the whole person is generally squatting on the ground, and the black pill is also rushed to Lin Yu Yu.

The two sides obviously did not intend to talk nonsense!

Dogs and black pills are constantly exchanged in the process of fast moving.

Orcs are divided!

Almost a swaying effort, two dogs have appeared on the battlefield.

One of them is obviously black pills!

However, one person has been in the process of constantly exchanged, and I have already let the enemy can't tell which one is the real dog.

Lin Yuyu squid, the body squatted, his eyes quickly glanced, and rushed to her two dogs.

Just when the dog is more than 50 meters from the distance of the canine jam.

The two dogs claws are separated, quickly rushing in the opposite direction, then quickly twisted the body, and simultaneously strike Lin Yuyu by one left and right.


Two dogs jumped into half-air, the body rapidly rotates, like the horrible drill bits with unable to resist.

See this scene.

Lin Yuyu is from Li, you stand in place, lift the thunder in your hands in your own chest.

"Thunder - Thunder!"

Lin Yuyu was made up of a low drink. Two Lei Ya took a moment of cross-contact, and the horrible lightning power broke out, and went to the four sides.

Between, Lin Yuyu, the center of the Lili, which was turned into a Leihai!

The teeth of the canine claws directly rushed into the Leihai, and the strong current turned against the rapid rotating dog, and constantly bombards.


The canine claws have to hold out the tingling feelings from the body and make a big scream.

Original rotation speed is extremely fast tooth, and suddenly increases again!

"That's this time!"

Lin Yuyu saw that the dog is about to attack to her eyes, and there is a high feast. The original contact with the original contact, rapidly reversing the direction.

With the change of thunder, a large number of lightning also produced a inexplicable change.

It was originally rushing to rush through the two dentures of the stiff clavles, suddenly tilted an angle.

Almost in a mortus, the two dental teeth appear in front of the front and rear sides from Lin Yuyu from the forest.


Lin Yuyu rose sharply on the body, and shot at this moment.

Immortal - Thunder - Lei Zhi!

The horrible lightning power is quickly covered with the whole body, and the thorough package is wrapped.

A slightly destroyed breath out of the forest rain from the belongings.

Under the armor protection formed by the lightning, Lin Yuyu has a rock.

Lift the thunderous knife in your hand, go to the high-speed rotating teeth of the yourself!