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Chapter 420 gradually defeats the wooden troops

Under the state of the immortal mode, Lin Yuyu is greatly improved whether it is Chakra, or a series of perceptions, and has been greatly improved.

Therefore, the orcs of the canine claws are used to confuse their audiovisual practice, and they do not have the perception of Lin Yiwei by the benefits.

Lin Yuyu is brought to the magnetic force generated by two thunder swipes, so that the power of the canine claws and black pills will produce a certain offset by using the power of the magnetic force generated by two thunder.

In this case, Lin Yuyu quickly used a thunderous knife, and went to the real dogwalk.

"Give me death!"

Lin Yuyu is made by a rock.

A large number of currents on the thunderstorm are filled, and the sound of " " in the air!

The dog's claw face fierce, quickly stopped the high-speed rotating gentle teeth, and wanted to reverse the body and stop his forward.

The black pills in Linyiwei from the rear of the profit, and also detected the crisis of the canine claws, quickly stopped rotating, reverting to the duta of the wolf.

The black pill opened the bloody mouth, biting it directly to the back and neck of Lin Yuyu. Attempting to slow down the attack of the forest rain.

Lin Yuyu is from the broken sound from behind, plus the perception of the immortal mode, and naturally knows how it is.

Lin Yuyu is not turned back, even slows down the action of the attack, as if a play of life.

Lin Yuyu is a "Lei Zhi" that is used to use it to himself. It is itself to cope with this situation.


Thunder swords flashing with dazzling radiance, cannounce from the air, the dog claws know that they can't hide at all, the eyes flashed with crazy looks, do not enter the back!


A blood flowers splash!

Lin Yuyu is penetrated from the thunderous knife in the hand, and the shoulders of the canine must have passed, accompanied by burnt barbecue!

The dog clamp suddenly does not refund the inversion, so that the thunder that should be stabbed to the heart, stab in the shoulders of the dog.

"caught you!"

The dog is not more than the injury of his body, and the hands of the hands and death caught the hand of Lin Yuxi, and the face is revealed.

Specifically, the wound caused by the thunder in the shoulders of the dog, there is no large number of blood flow, and there is not much a painful pain.

The thunderstorm is pentium's current, and then pierced into the moment of the wound, it also causes paralysis and hemostasis.

However, the dog claws said that before his body was completely paralyzed, he died in the death of Lin Yuyu.

Behind Lin Yuyu, the black pill did not bite to the neck, but biting in Lin Yuyu, from the other hand holding thunder knife arm, dying dragged this arm.

At this moment!

The dog clamps died in the hands of Lin Yuyu, and the black pill behind him also bite another arm.

Dogs claws and black pills have blocked the movements of Lin Yuyu, so that the original unfavorable situation is turned over.

"It seems that members of the foggy seasons are lost today!"

The dog hibished and smiled from the face of the foot, and the black pills loudly loud at the black pill biting another arm:

"Black Pill!"


A dramatic Chakra broke out from the dogs and black pills.

Dogs flowing in the beast mixed transformation - double wolf!

With a large number of white smoke splashes, a high-side meter is high, and the black double-headed wolf appears in the original place.

This double-headed wolf two heads, while biting Lin Yuyu is profitable, and the strong bitterness and Lin Yuyu are extruded by the armor extruded by lightning on the right.

At this moment, the obvious forest of Lin Yuyu, is not only a nervous panic, but also laughs but suddenly.

"I can't escape?"

"Do you not escape this?"

Lin Yuyu broke out strong kill from the spiritual body, and a Xianli Chakra was surging in the body, and quickly entered Lin Yuyu from the armor formed by lightning on the body.

The original stable state of the thunder, in the blessing of the ancestor, quickly riped up.

Immortal - Lei Zhi is heavy!

"not good!"

The dog's claw face has changed, and the huge black double-headed wolf is quickly half empty, and the head is facing the ground, fierce rotation.

Solo teeth!

The black double-headed wolf finally biting the forest rain, with a very fast rotation speed to the ground.

In the instant that is about to touch the ground, Lin Yuyu is formed by the armor formed by Lishan on the mountain, and the horrible current is tilted in four sides, and the colorful light is.


The huge explosion sounds around, accompanied by the rays, this big pit in this foot-fifth and six meters appeared on the battlefield.

Among the gravel below!

Lin Yuyu is bombarded by the gravel on the body, and the gas is stunned from the pothole.

Under the foot of Lin Yuyu, the canine claws and black pills present a black coke shape, and there is no time.

"Cut, it is a wooden elite ninja, it is really a feet."

"The consumption of Xianke Chakra is also a bit serious."

Lin Yuyu is a bloody water, and the foot is put on the ground, and the whole person is made into a light, disappearing in the pit.

While Lin Yuyu is resolved by the dog, it will be dropped.

The other side is another side.

In the nine Qiubao family, Nara, the ninja in the mountains in the mountains, and the peach is no longer, the mortar ghosts and the Changzhou Lang are surrounded.

The average of each person needs to deal with the Ninja of a Qiu Dao, Nara, and Mountain.

Obviously, since the macmon ghosts are in the battlefield, it is caused by the attention of the wooden leaves, and these Ninja, which specially taken these ninja, restricts the movement of the three people.

"Oh, it looks for it."

The muscomatmatomotto inserted the muscles in the body of a wooden ninja, with a small tone in the sound.

"Qikao Tao, the mountains, the mountains, Nara Luo, these three people did not appear, it is really not interested."

The peach will never have a circle of three families, and the three do not want to see it, with a context.

"Still be careful, these people can be elites in three families of wood leaves."

Changshuo's face with a protruding look, serious opening.

One time, the air within this battlefield has gradually solidified, and the murder is filled in the air, and the temperature is as if it is reduced!

Just when the battle of a few people is about to come!

A huge snoring that is obviously used in the battlefield, sounds over the entire battlefield.

"The fire agency has been captured by the right fight!"

"Wooden troops still don't hurry!"

"............ !!"

Along with this huge snoring, the movement of the wooden leaves and fog, who were fiercely fighting.

"The Nang Shadow is captured?"

"how can that be!"

The face of the wooden leaves has exposed unbelievable looks, and all of the eyes wide.

For a while, the moment of the entire wooden leaf is not lost in an instant.

And the opposite, the foggy troops are actually high.

"Right" !! "

"Right" !! "

"Right" !! "

On the battlefield, a famous fog fell in the hands of the hand, and saved a big time.

All fog's faces are covered with respect and fanatics against the right.

For a while, the whole battlefield has a fanatic sound of "right fighting adult".

In the face of this scene, the morale of the wooden leaves directly dropped to the freezing point.

The battle of the original glue is gradually starting to have changed, and the troops of the wooden leaves have shown the signs of defeat.

My home is captured, and I heard the "right fight" name that heard the entire battlefield, so the hearts of the wood rubber rose a panic.

And this panic is spreading on the battlefield of the entire wooden leaf.

And this kind of defeat ... is gradually accelerating!

The base of the wooden leaves rear.

Nara Deer is ugly to listen to the information from the battlefield of the front.

In fact, even if you don't have this, the Ninja who is delivered is not shown.

Nara Luojing in the rear, can also hear the road that sounds in the battlefield.

"The Nang Shadow is really captured?"

There is a horrified look on the mountain in the mountains, and there is still something that I can't believe in Nara.

On the side of the autumn channel, the face is full of gloomy expression silence. Just, the eyes also look at Nara Luojing.

Under this extremely unfavorable situation, several people present will naturally look at the idea, and at this moment, the suggestion of Nara Luli is mostly.

Nara Luojing felt the eyes of everyone, and the sound is a bitter opening:

"It seems that this news is can't hit, I originally planned to drag it again."

"As soon as I got, Myrt Ket's Chakra responded disappeared."

"In addition, the Chakra of the Nangjie adult in the perceived the blossoms, it is indeed in the rear of the foggy troops."

Nara Luoji's voice took a smooth hoarse, and his hands did not know when he had already cleaned his fist.

Nara Luli continued to tell himself, let himself calm down, others can panic.

But as the total command of the entire wooden leaves, he is absolutely unhappy!

Even if you really have some panic, you can't let anyone see!

With the opening of Nara Luojing, the high-rise of the people in the field, the face is completely ugly, and I don't know how it is good.

Nangjie adults were captured, which in their own represents the plan of the right fight against the fog hidden village.

This is representative, they are now facing more than just foggy villages, but also a hierarchical enemy with a hierarchy between the thousands of hands.

Even if everyone in the field is the elite level in the leaves, in the face of the enemy of the right fight, each person is still a hard feeling.

"Dear, the right to fog hidden village should not end."

Nara Luli likes to feel the emotions in the hearts of everyone, and the face slowly opened with serious looks.

At this time, everyone presents at the same time!

"What do you mean?"

A wooden leaf is tolerated with a doubtful look, look at Nara Luzhi.

"If the right to fog hidden village is planning, then the misty village is not necessary to spread this news at all, this is exactly more."

"Now, the right bumper in the fog hidden village either does not play, or it is dragged by the other things. No matter which one, it is beneficial to our situation."

Nara Luoyu is flashing in the bright, and the sound is full of affirmation.

In fact, Nara Luo is deeply deep in the heart, but he must say this.

Otherwise, this war is probably not ending, they have already lost.

Sure enough, I heard Nara Luo Long's voice, and the emotions of everyone in the field became excited.

For the misty village, the wooden leaves are afraid of only the right fight, so as for other aspects ...

On the other side of the woods can drag the two major allras in the fog hidden village and rock, it can be seen that the wooden leaves themselves.

The autumn channels and the Hill Hill Hills have a secret opposite eye, and the depths of their eyes are full of worry.

With their two people's understanding of Nara Luozhi, let this lazy guy talking so inspiring, it itself represents the situation at the moment of the wood, is already in an extremely unfavorable situation.

"Since there is a sense of perception, we can understand the specific location of the Nang Shadow, we should now rescue the master!"

A wooden elite endured ahead, some excited open mouth.

"No, now save, purely to send it!"

Nara Lulin did not think that the cold and looked at this one, refused this purely-to-death proposal.

This situation is now!

The adults will be able to stroke people in the fog hidden village, and can rescue the possibility of rescue, and consistent with the current mistakes in the fog hidden village.

"Right, is there a special force in our plan."

"This time this army also came to play?"

The mountains in the mountains suddenly remembered, lifting the head to Nara Deer.

"Indeed, this unit should be played in accordance with the original plan."

"But there is no movement until now, it has been there, we don't understand the problem."

Nara Luo shook his head and shook his head, and his eyes quickly flashed a cold.

Others may not know the specific situation of this force, but Nara Luojing is clear.

But now there is no significance of this problem!

If the fog hidden village's right fight, if they are holding, they are holding.

Then there is no need for this reincarnation forces to play, after all, let the deceased will reach the reality, which has too much influence.

In other words, the troops of the embossed troops are originally to cope with this disadvantage.

After all, if the village is gone, what is the meaning of the famous voice?

Unfortunately, now it seems that this debris of the army is not worth it.

Pharmacist pocket?

The people of this big snake will not be credible as the same as it is the same!