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Chapter 421 returns to the defense line, embarrassing the village!

When I heard Nara Luli said, I originally know that there is another hidden troops, some exciting people, and the face can't help but be a bit.

"The master is arrested, and the morale on the battlefield has been fully affected."

"Now that all partitions have begun to have a sign of defeat. If there is no effective way, the loss will be a bit heavy."

In the mountain, the residential finger is placed next to the ear, heard the information from the front line, showing serious looks on the face.

Nara Deer took a dignified expression, frowned, and his eyes kept flashing with the look.

"Where is the big people now?"

Nara Luli suddenly looked up and saw the Hill.

This is out.

In the mountain, I can't help it in front of the mountain. How is it a little bit of adults?

Among the three three-inheritasia, in addition to the disappearance of the big snake pills, the most loveless, adults, and the anecdote.

"Slightly, I immediately asked the little team to determine the position of the people."

In the mountains, the mountains are busy with their eyes, and they reach out on the forehead, and they ask the unique secret and strong sense of knowledge.

Everyone in the scene was re-quiet, silently waiting for the reply in Hill, Hill.

Fortunately, this wait time has not been there.

After a moment, the hard work is over.

In the mountain, the mountain opened his eyes, and his eyes took a brilliant road:

"Now, the position of adults is in the village."

"It is the four-generation rigorous adults to use the flying thunders, and they will transfer themselves from the battlefield."

When I said in the mountain, Nara Luojing flashed a feng.

"Notify all troops, returning to the defense line, embarrassing the village!"

Nara Lifeng's face returned to the calm of the beginning, flashing a firm, a word, one word.

Stick to the village?

When I heard Nara's life, I showed a horrified expression on the face of Naja's face, and my eyes flapsed.

"We will abandon this line of defense, let's stay in the village, then there are only the village left behind, and there is no step forward!"

Dikan is a stunning look, see Nara Luojing.

"Now this is the only way!"

"The morale on the battlefield has now dropped to the ice point. Even if you stick to it, you will only lose more Ninja, more life!"

"What we need now is the resiliency, the whole wood can do this, only the people are also adults!"

"More more, since you know that the wooden leaves have already retired, then other ninja also clear this!"

Nara Luozhi's voice with a firm and irreparable tone.

of course.

Nara Lirin has a more important words, not to say, just these words, can only keep the village to defeat slowly.

It's really capable of turning over, only the universal people!

Nara Luru is the only thing to do now - drag!

Give the thousands of people, give the wooden leaves!

at the same time.

Not just the battlefield of wood and foggy.

On the battlefield of rocky and wooden leaves, the news about the hand was also quickly spread.

At a time, the attack on the rocky attack became more and more violent.

"Oh !!"

The flying segment made a excitement, holding a sickle in his hand, rapidly washing red beans toward the Royal hand.

The bloody red sickle that is covered with blood, from the air speed.

The royal hand washed the red bean face with a dignified expression, a step on the floor, jumping toward the rear, hiding the flying segment.

"Don't hide! Don't hide!"

"It's a sacrifice of the evil spirits!"

The flying segment is full of ill-laughing, seeing the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans to avoid his attack. The other hand of the flying section took out a black spear.

Flying a single hand, only 20 cm is only 20 cm, and its rapid elongation is, it has become a spear for a few meters.

Flying the body is slightly tight, like the projection javelin, put the black spear in your hand quickly!


The long-spend is a black shadow, and the red bean is washed in the royal faster.

"Latening the snake hand!"

Royal hand washing red beans rapidly raise hands, and the direction of the foreigner.

Several long snakes rushed from the cuffs of the royal hand to wash the red beans, and the black spears that threw over were tied, throwing a side.

While the opposite flying segments are thrown out of the black spear, there is no stop in the hand, and the rope connecting the sickle is smoked.

Under the manipulation of flying segments, like a big windmill generally scribbled over an arc from the air, washing red beans in the air.


A metal collision sound, in the air.

The royal hand washing red beans, holding a bitter, standing the sickle.

"This madman!"

The Royal Hand washed a darkness in the heart, and the hardships in his hands quickly returned to the sickle, and both hands were placed on the chest speed.

Fire-dragon fire!

The hot flame is washed from the red bean mouth, sprayed out, forming a high-speed linear flame attack, directly on the flying section.


The huge roar sounds in an instant, and a large number of flames will be overwhelmed.

"It hurts, it's hot ..."

A drapeless scream is from the flame, which is clearly scream, but the sound has a feeling of full.


The flying segment is hard to bother, rushing out from the flame, with a burnt odor, washing red beans, and rushed over.


The Royal Hand Washing Red Beans again to retreat, flying this guy is not easy to work, it is simply nausea.

"Illusion - Three Springs!"

Just then, a cold voice came from a side.

As this voice rang, the flying segment of the royal hand was washed and washed, found that there were countless cherry blossoms.

And in real flying sections, the whole body suddenly rigid at this moment.

"red beans!"

At the beginning, the red appeared next to the royal hand washing the red bean body, and he quickly washed the red bean opening road.

"Losing a lot of snakes!"

No need to open the opening, the Royal hand washing red beans have started printing, and dozens of long snakes are rushed from the sleeves of the two hands.

Between the blink of an eye, more than ten long snakes have tied the flying segments of illusion.

"Thank, Red!"

The Royal Hand washed red beans to see this, and he was talented.

"It's too polite!" The evening was laughed and washed red beans to the royal hand.

"Be careful!!"

At this time, Asma's exclamation came from the distance.

"Earth - ground"! "

I don't know when, a rocky elite endured, has appeared on one side of the battlefield, and the hands of the hands are on the ground.


The evening red and the royal hand washing red beans, the ground, the fierce bombings.

Then, the entire surface is directly trapped, a huge pothole.

The evening red and the royal hand washing red beans still have no time to react, and it has fallen into this deep pit.


The entire ground once again issued a roar, and the ground is quickly creeping!

The ground on both sides of the pit hole quickly rolled in the middle, the original huge pothole, the kung fu between the blinks has been re-all.

At the end of the day, the red and Royal hand washed the red beans, it was completely buried in the underground!


Asa has fallen from the air, appearing on the ground standing in the two men just now, looking at the top of the ground, the whole person makes a big!


A flourishing current sounds from the side of the rock.


Kakasi hand holds a pentium current, and the figure is very fast into a stream of streamer, rushing towards the position of the rock.

A strong sense of crisis, let the whole body cold!

There is no hesitation!

A anti-double hand leaves the ground, while retreating while rear, shooting on the ground while holding hands:

"Earth - multi-faced wall!"

Along with the rapid peristalsis of the ground, the five-faced wall in front of the opposite is in the past, and block the striker.

Kakasi hand holding Thunder, directly hitting these earth array, and the top three layers of earth array were shredded.

When the last two layers, Kasi's speed was slow.

I saw this, and my heart was slightly relieved.

Even if Kardi can break through the last two-layer earth array, he also opened the distance.

boom! boom!

Along with the last two-layer duplex wall becomes smashing under the thunder of Kakasi.

Kakasi saw the opposite of his ten left and left, his face did not show disappointed look, but the thunder in his hand became more dramatic.

"Rech - Tooth !!"

Kakasi issued a low drink, change the thunder in the hand, and a large number of lightning starts to condense in the air.

A thunderous wolf composed of current, in an instant appeared in front of Kakasi!

Kakasi lifted the thundermane in his hands, and the Radius whose thunder consisting of the current became a residual shadow, and he went to the past.

See this scene.

A anti-pupil is shrinking, the rapid speed is too fast, and I can't hide at all!


A blue Chakra line suddenly appeared from the air, and it turned in an anti-body.

I thought that I couldn't open this blow. Under the pulling of Chakra, the body turned a right angle in the air with a strange angle, and then fell on the ground.

I took a few steps, and a butt was on the ground, sweating on the forehead.

Just a little bit, I will die in Kakasi!

When I turned back to God, I saw it next to myself.

"Thank ... Thank you."

One contrary is a shower with a shower.

"We are now the ninja of the rock, do not need to be thankful."

I looked with a backlight, the sound was unfair.

At the same time, while shooting a steel knife, rapid shooting at Chakra line.

Workfurt between blinks.

The steel knife flew to the flying segment of several long snakes, and cut all the long snakes on the flying section.

"It's another woman who will illusion! I buddy the grandfather's sacrifices for the evil spirits!"

After the flying segment broke, the heart was full of uncomfortable tone.

And a counter a few jumps appear in front of the flying segment.

And Kakasi saw his attack was blocked, and the eyes flashed a unfortunate look, and the same rapid retreat, appeared next to Asma.

Kakasi saw a disappeared asma, and sighed in his heart, just prepared to speak.


Kakasi and Asa's two grounded grounds stunned.

The two are first, followed by quickly leaving the original place, retreating towards the rear.


With a loud noise with the underground, a huge python rushed out from the ground and appeared in front of everyone.

The python opened his mouth, the position of the abdominal cavity was peristalized, and the red peas and the red beans were spit out from the mouth.

Then, this huge python is "" into a white smoke and disappears.

Obviously, in the crisis, the royal hand was washed with red beans through the spirit, let her and the eve of the python's belly.

"! !"

The royal hand washing red beans, some wolves, spit a few mouthfuls of liquids from the mouth, watching their own humidity.

The other side of the day is in a state of coma.

Seeing the two appeared.

Kakasi and Asa are flashing in a lot of joys.

Especially some of the fascinating asma, I was in an instant, a flashed appeared on the evening, and quickly picked up the day red.

"Your guy, it is a little bit limited as differences."

The Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, I don't think about her, I can't help but go, then continue to open:

"Red she is nothing, but there is some hypoxic in the snakesuit."

If you hear the royal hand washing red beans, Asa slowly loosen a breath, especially the evening that has gradually woken up.

"Sorry, red beans, just have some ..."

The Asa face not only puts a little apologies and shame, and I am sorry to see the red beans.

"Hey, now I am not saying this."

Kakasi appeared next to a few people, interrupted Asma's words, cautiously looking in front, a look of alert.

I saw it!

In front of the original calm air, there was a ripple of the silk!

Then, a huge space whirlpad appeared in the sky, Yisi Board and Sasuke came out from the vortex, standing in front of the flying segment.

"Oh, I didn't expect that the leaves of the leaves were still a lot."

Yisi Bo has seen the soil of Kakasi and others, and there seems to be a bit surprised in an unexpected tone.

Just, no one notes.

The only written eyes of Yuxi Bo belt only, slightly smashed, staring at the location of Kakasi.

My eyes are sent to you so long.

Almost, it's time to come back.

In the face of Scholar Belt.

Kakasi, Asma, the Royal Hand Washing a few faces of the face, the face is lighter, and the eyes are tightly viewed.