Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 422 surrounds the wooden leaves, with the mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual!

The dignified atmosphere is filled in the air.

The murder of the silk is exuded from the people in the field, and the collision is collided, forming an invisible pressure, and spreads to the four spread.

The eyes of the flying segment stared tightly on the evening, and the eyes flashed with the fanatic killing.

It is the woman in front of this red-eyed woman, three times, let yourself find the prey to escape.

Flying in this moment, I have desirable to jump, he wants to give this red-eyed woman to the evil spirits!


Carkasi is cautious to look at Unexhoe with soil, and the sun light in the corner looks to the Sasuke next to Uzhi Bo.

Sure enough, have you been here?

Kakasi felt the look of the indifference in Sasuo, and the deep sigh was deeply sigh.

The sand machine between everyone is filled to the vertex, and when I will start.

There is also a sound at the same time in Kakasi, Xika, Asma, Yumi, and the Yumi, etc. in the wooden leaves.

I heard the sound from the mind, Kakasi and others face all the faces, flashing in doubts and unbelievable looks.

"I want to give you a good person!"

A fanatic sound of flying, took the lead, and later thought that the position of the people in the woods flew in the past.

Seeing this scene, Asma and Kakasi quickly looked at the eyes, the hands of the hands were stepped forward, and the hand was taken on the ground.


Along the ground, the rapid movement of the ground in the middle of the two sides, starting to extend the huge earth wall between the two squares.

Flying segments before this huge soil wall, flying directly, swaying the sickle in his hand, keeping against the fierce swing.


Under the flying segment, the earth wall between the two are the earth, and the life is smashed.

Through this big hole, I looked at it, and the whole person suddenly stunned.

I saw that Kakasi, Yu Hand Washing Red Beans, etc. I have disappeared.

"How is this going?"

The flying segment stunned, couldn't help but doubt.

"Interesting, the army of the wooden leaves began to retreat?"

Yuxi Bo belt slightly smashed his eyes to watch the battlefield in front, and took the lead in spotted this change on the battlefield.

A large number of wooden ninja began to get rid of their opponents and retreat towards the rear.

Of course, while retreat, the enemy will naturally get you easily get rid of the battlefield.

If it is difficult to handle, it is very likely that the original retreat is made into a large area of ​​failure.

Therefore, the wooden leaves are originally stored, all kinds of hardships, the swords don't want to live, don't give money to the enemy.

In order to create a safe evacuation environment for the troops of the wooden leaves.

However, if it is, in this retreat situation, there are more autopsy on the battlefield.

Centered on wooden village.

The northwestern orientation and the rock fight against the wooden leaf troops, the southeast or hidden wooden leafs, began to quickly withdraw from the direction of the wooden village.

A road defense line established outside the woody village, and the continuously discarded leaves of the wooden leaves.

In this situation!

Whether it is a rocky troops or the foggy troops naturally won't let such a good opportunity, naturally keep catching up.

If someone is in the battlefield, it will see a pair of black, and it will continue to retreat, such as the unfaming picture.

But the actual situation is not the case.

Specifically, the two wooden large troops retreat at the beginning, it is indeed a bit like the general signs.

However, with the largest parties of the two wooden leaves gradually spread toward the village of Woody village, the defense line was naturally contracted naturally.

These two large wooden troops naturally re-emit into a force, which was originally changed like a unqualified situation.

In this situation.

The rocky troops and the foggy troops also felt the strength of this resistance gradually increase.

However, it is, it is, the rocky troops are also a big advantage from the waist troops.

Under these two parties, the wooden leaf troops finally turtles into the village far away.

A large-scale juncture, released by the ninja of the wood, wrapped in the entire wooden village in the protective junction.

In this step.

The rocky troops one party and the foggy troops have surrounded the entire wooden village.

The East of the earth, a sunny sun breaks through the darkness, raising from the east.

The sun is again sprinkled again!

From the beginning of the battle, I have experienced a fight in almost two days. Whether it is a wooden leaf, it is a rock, and the ninja of the rock, all people's face is tired look.

With all the Ninja, all the Ninja on the wooden leaves, all turtles are increasing in the village.

The rocky troops one side with the foggy troops, and the heart has stopped simultaneously.

If you play, you must enter the village of Woody Village.

Within the wooden village, it is obviously the home court of the ninja, and that time, the resistance of the wood, ninja will be more intense.

In short, everyone is planning to take a break, continue to play, after all, whether it is physical strength, or Chakra has consumed the same.

Even everyone knows that they have tried, and the wooden leaves will definitely prepare more.

But this is also something that there is no way. After all, you can't drag the tired body and stronger the wooden village.

On a hill where the misty troops are located.

Looking at the highest point of the hull, lifting the hand on the forehead, blocked the rays that have just raised the sun. Looking at the wooden village in the distance.

"It's really a huge rim."

"The area of ​​our fog hidden village is afraid that even half of your wooden village is not."

With a faint smile, the soft open mouth is loud.

A breeze blows.

Put the skirt of the beautiful blue tube top dress, blow up slowly.

Under the illumination of the sun, let me scattered a charming mature charm on me.

According to Meitu, I have a charming smile, turning to the back of the board.

"I said that I will hit the army of your wooden leaves before dawn. It seems that I do it ..."

Like Meills, I have a good and light laughter, and I am a little ignorant.

The two eyebrows are jumped straight, and there is a silky whisper on the forehead.

If she is now being trapped, there is no way to act.

I can't help but lift the fist, I still bore it in the face of the beauty.

"Illuminate, you are really annoying!"

The planner face with extremely uncomfortable look, squatting and calling his name.

According to the beauty, I walked to the front of the championship, and I got down the body slightly.

"Your old woman, live a lot of age, and dress yourself so young!"

"Know you, understand your medical, I don't know, I thought you were in other ways as a shadow?"

According to Meiti, I got an eye, and I didn't care in the tone and ridicule.

If you pay attention to listen, you can hear a thick envious envious.

At the age of now, the program is now in its own thanks, the result is simple to look at the words, and you will have a lot of young people.

As a woman, how can I be ignorant?

"You are awkward."

"Hey, your eyes seem to have wrinkles."

The master is slightly picked up, and there is a trace of proudly, and the tone is touched.

"Old Mon!"

Like the beautiful eyes, taunt again.

Faced with the dialogue between Mercantors and the Operators, the surrounding guards, the eyesight angle, all moved to the periphery.

They are afraid of being too close to it, it is easy to have a pool.

They are very clear about the personality of our own gine.

Now, I have reached the edge of the outbreak. If I accidentally, it is likely to be implicated.

According to Mercantles with the agency, I look at each other, no one will retreat, the eyes between the two seem to have sparks at any time.

Just in this twelve.

According to the beauty of the beauty, the corner of the mouth continues with a fascinating smile.

"As long as you give me a medical treatment that can be embracing, I put you, how about this transaction?"

Looking up with a finger in the middle of the lips, with the temptation tone against the planner.

When I heard the beauty, the face was also exposed on the face.

"No need to let me, as long as you let me let me , I can give you this sick."

On the face, the face is also a charming smile, looking at the beauty.

This is out.

The atmosphere has just been slow, and it is again solidified.

Although it is still a charming smile on the face, it is just a snatching of the fist in the hands.


It is deeply sucking a sigh of breath, followed by a white vapor, which is deeply sucking.

This steam appeared, and the surrounding temperatures increased by two and three.

"Forget it, I am too lazy to be angry with you."

Like the beauty, boringly open mouth.

Under the gaze, you will stand straight straight, and you will be lazy.

The atmosphere that has just been solidified, disappears in the blink of an eye.

The atmosphere between the two is heavy and calm, as if there is no happening.

I have a moment.

"Do you really want to destroy wood?"

The program suddenly broke the quiet atmosphere, and the sound calm open road inquiry.

"Of course."

"Otherwise, do you think this is a family?"

Looking at the beauty of the head to the direction of the wooden leaves, the sound is equally calm open.

"Have you ever thought that you have done this, breaking the entire 10-year-old pattern of the entire endurance."

"This will cause more war and turmoil!"

A silvery is tightly looked tightly, and his eyes look tightly.

According to Meime, I didn't open the first time, but I watched the front and I didn't know what I was thinking.

After a while.

Take a slow turn of the beauty of the beauty, look at the board in front of you.

"Don't do it right? I don't know this."

"But I know some things, I have to need someone to do. Just as the same year, your grandfather is the first to build Ninja Village."

"And you are all followers and supporters of the thousand-handles."

When I said here, the voice suddenly broke it, and the soft smile was revealed immediately, as if I thought:

"And we are followers and supporters of the right fight."

"You know, in about 60 years, the endurance is full of three endurance bats. This makes every rivoting village suspicion and hostile."

"As time goes by, this suspicion and hostility will only get deeper and deeper. Even if we don't do anything, until one day, this endurance battle will continue again."

According to the beauty of the beauty, the eyes became more and more firm, and seriously looked at the board:

"This kind of development of this future, I want you to be clear, not only you, the other rigid villages are also clear."

"Since I clearly know that I will happen, why is there anyone still trying to change it? Is this the so-called order in your mouth? Or the price of peace?"

"Or, you have no power to change this situation."

"Because all people are clear, in addition to their own villages, no one will believe in other people."

"Since you can't change this boring tolerance order, then let us change this endurance."

Looking at the beauty of Math, I laughed and smiled, but I took a thick ridicule and disdain.

After listening to the beauty of the beauty, the aperator opened a mouthful to refute a few words, but he suddenly found out what to say.

There are some dumbs that have a dumb, and the mouth is closed.

Just as the beauty said, even if there is no fog hidden village to provoke this war, I am afraid that I can't pass three, four years, and I will still break the war.

This is a thing that everyone can predict!

No one can stop, or simple individuals under this trend, there is no effect.

This involves the grievances between the five major rivers, and the interests between the parties.

In the event of a war, since there is a victory, it will naturally have a loser.

The outbreak of the top three endurance wars is naturally due to the large amount of interests in the last loser losses, and re-broke out under the accumulation of resentment.

If you want to let others gave up the resentment in your heart, you first have to hand over or give up your interests you have already got.

But how is this possible?

Interest allocation is uneven - giving war - the loser also became a new allocation, and then produced a war again.

This is like a dead cycle!

Flashing a flying look in the eyes.