Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 423, in the state of eight-door, the powerful thousand-handles!

The eyes of a hand belt with a slight look.

She knows that since the establishment of all major rivotings, she has buried the volts of the endurance war.

She is unable to change this, and there is no way to change, because the wooden leaves themselves are vested interests.


The agency cannot go back to the anti-Ming's words, or the apeer is very clear, then say, there is no meaning.

Because both parties are already on a straight line.

It seems to be wrong in the aperator, but it is right in the beauty.

This is not "right and wrong".


The agency sighed, and the original firm was flashing in a weak confusion.

This is a confusion of the future of the endurance.

But return to itself, the apeer is still firmly resorts, because there is her home, and she is the fire in the village!

Operators can only believe!

When I got a look at the play, I returned my eyes and didn't continue to open.

The two sides are completely different, and there is no significance.

A breeze was scraped.

"Unified tolerance ... is really a little expectation."

After the beauty of the forehead, the hair was in the ear, and his hands were hugged in the chest, and the heart secretly thought.




Suspend in half-air, the huge rock ball formed by the Budget Star, there is a large number of cracks with a large number of small and small.

The sound is still very small, and the last voice is getting bigger and bigger.

These fine cracks are more likely to spread a huge rock surrounded by nearly two hundred meters.

A huge gravel from the rock, cracked from the outermost layer of the rock, started to fall on the ground, and smashed a huge deep pit.


A huge roar sounded, a wooden man's big palm took out from the rock, caught in the position of the edge of the outer rock ball.

Then, there is another wood man's big palm, which has explored it again from the rock, caught the other side of the rock ball, and then two huge palms are united, open in the direction of both sides.

Under the horror of wood, under the center of the two large hand, a huge crack appeared on the rock ball.


Wooden head is drilled out from the rock head, emits a roaring.

With the wood people's head drilled, the wooden hairdressing is slightly in the top of the top of the woods.

The thousand-handles are drilled out from this wooden thick hair, and the big mouth gasp gas, and the mouth is more coughing out of blood.

"It is more than a matter of reactions, otherwise it is not dying by the surrounding rocks, and is also killed."

The thousands of hand stunned, and there is a spit on one side.

At this time, there is a more horrible, and the body is more filled with a layer of light blue Chakra!

Obviously, the thousands of handles at this time have already opened the fourth door of eight-door armor-hurt!

With the binding of the bracelets between the killer, the movement of the wood man is more and more vigorous under the intermediate manipulation.

The huge rock balls around two hundred meters, starting large-scale cracks, a large number of rocks fall off, falling from the air to the ground.

Not long after!

The body of the wood man has been fully rushed out from the rock ball, ready to fall toward the lower ground.

And at this time.

On the ground, it was deeply unheatched by the thousand handles.

A shadow is rushing from the deepest place from the pothole with a very fast speed.

In the blink of an eye, this body has appeared in the edge of the pit, falling on the ground.

Yuxi Bouvet also gasped, the clothes were somewhat broken, the corner of the mouth was flowing through the blood of the silk.

Especially in the location of the Yuxioba chest, there is a significant depression.

Obviously, in the eight-door armor of the thousand-handles, it is a good punch that Yisi Bouse is obviously a little injury.

At this time, if someone carefully observes the depression position of the Sui Zhihuze chest, it can be clearly seen.

With the breathing of Yuxi Boss, the depression position of the chest is in a slow but abnormally tough, stable recovery.

Yuxi Bao took the sky and saw the thousand hand of the thousand-handed columns that were willing to break away from the explosive starry.

Immediately, Yuxi Bao is full of fanatical look, and a rampant laugh is.

"Cylinder! You don't make me disappointment!"

"Only such a battle is the truly life and death battle!"

"This kind of battle is the real battle! Cray!"

The Yuxi Bulk is full of excitement, and the blood is not injured in the process of herself open, and the blood from the corner is overflowed.

Originally Unexpell Bolleshi, he has a round of eye-catching, in terms of strength, it is completely a level than the thousand-handed collar.

This battle should be ended quickly in the plan of Yuxi Boss, but who once thought that the guy between the thousand-handles learned eight unfamiliar!

In an instant, there is a thousand-handed column that is in a disadvantage, and it will be relieved.

Even Yu Zhibo spots felt a state called death!

If other people will only feel fear, but Yuxi Bao is not only afraid, but more and more excipuses!

Such a battle is the truly life and death battle!


A loud noise in the sky, the thousands of handcases operate the wood people completely break away the shackles of the starry star.

The earth-bursting star is pulverized into countless gravers, falling from the air.

As with a gravel rain, the entire ground smashing pits.


The thousands of hands are on the wooden man, falling from the air, falling below the air, with a fierce power and momentum, toward Yuxi Bo spots.

The pressure generated by the fall, forming a stunning pressure, and ordinary people in such an environment, I am afraid I will instantly press it on the ground.

"Come on! Capoom!"

The horror air pressure generated when the Wooden people fell in the top of the wooden man, and he looked over the eyes and made a big scream.

Tomb, prison!

The reincarnation in the , exudes a faint blue ray, and the strong pupil is pouring!

Between the blink!

Three shadows appeared at the same way as that of Yuxibo.

There should be one shadow, but it is destroyed by the thousand-handles in the previous battle. It has not been recovered yet.

"The whole body must be able to !!"

The three shadows of Yuxi Bao and came out, and summoned the full body.

It's like a small mountain to be a big must. It exudes a horrible breath, appearing above the earth.




With a huge roar, four complete body must move the moment, stand in four orientations respectively.

At the same time, every full body must be able to pull out the huge Chakrabi long knife from 100 meters from the waist!

In the way in the fans, the woods that fall from the sky have been smashed.

The huge Chakra long knife with the four handles, multi-air with a very fast speed, broke out the sound explosion.

This scene is seen between the killer, but the pupil is shrinking, but this time I want to stop the trend of the wood people.

Even if the wood people are strong, in the face of this four-sided surrounded, there is no way to block all four-handles.

Bang! !

Four handles Chakla long knife collided with the wood people, issued a deafening roar, resounding the sky.

The wood man barely blocked the two Chakra long knives, but the other two hard-studied on the woods, and the huge shepherd figure instantly became several paragraphs.

At the killer of the top of the woods, they quickly jumped from the roof of the woods in a moment of perceived danger.

Under the body of Chakra, the body of the killer is a straight line, rapid fall from the ground on the ground.

The killer is in an instant in the ground, and the hard-eracent will step on the ground of about ten meters away from the ground.

Wooden people!

The double-eyed in the thousand-handles flashed and excited, the action did not stop, and the hands quickly patted on the ground.

With a roar of the ground!

The thousand-handed collars stepped on the top of a huge wood and appeared in the middle of the four completely affected.

"Eight-door armor-Du Gumen!"

There is a low-grazing between the thousand-handles, and the filled light blue Chakra gradually converts to dark blue.

More shocked!

In the thousand-handed rooms itself, it is huge in Chakra, and the dark blue Chakra is centered between the killer, spreading to the whole wood man.

Let the hills generally sized wooden people, emit deep blue light, like glowing giants, like God!


This moment, the wooden man moved, the huge wood man did actually broke out the speed of imagination.

The blue light flashes in the air!

The wood man appears in front of a complete body, and the double punches are simultaneously.

This complete body must be, even if there is no reaction, the position of the head and chest is also broken by wood!

And the shadow in the full body must succeed in your head, it was resolved in an instant!

After resolving a complete body, the wood turned into another way to another.

Until this time, the other three complete body must be reacted, and quickly lifted the Chakra long knife in his hand, and pulled it in the direction of the wood people!


The wood man easily escaped the three-handed long knife, a refugee appeared in another complete body, lifted two arms, and the hands of the hands into huge fists, from the top Showing down.

The wooden man with blue rays, with horrible power, instantly knock down this complete body, and the body is directly smoking.

This speed ...


Yuxi Bin saw this scene, and the glittering of the glitter is shocked, and it must be protected from the rear.

At the same time, another complete body of the shadow operation must be protracted, and it also begins to return to divide, kick off the distance between the killer.

Yishibo spheres know that even if there is eight gates, the thousand-handed columns will have their own Chakra on a huge wood, which is still a huge consumption.

Even if the Chakra in the thousand-handed column is still sufficient, it is impossible to maintain this huge Chakra consumption for a long time!

While Uchiwa spheres, while the whole body must be a shot behind the two wings behind, and immediately started to rise, flew to half an air.

Just, let Yu Zhiwu have not thought that the actions between the doors are faster.

Just flew half the air, I haven't waited for a breath.

Yisi Bou Pravel saw a huge shadow that he had shrouded him.

Specifically, it is a thousand-handed post-compartment that must be thrown directly to half space, hit him with him.


Two complete body must be able to collide in the air, one of the entire sky.

The impact wave generated by the collision diffuses four sides, and the clouds in the sky are turned off.

The body of Yuxibo spots from the rapid fall of the air.

During this process, the killer manipulates the wood, and quickly rushed to the lower position of the Yizhibo spots.

Wood people raise huge arms, two huge palms are like a flies, and they will be in the middle of the middle, and there is a deputy to shoot the Essence Bell.

"God Luo Tian!"

Yuxi Bao spokes a big, horrible repulsiveness, with its own centers, rapidly pouring out of the four sides, forming a wide range of repulsion sites.

In the magnetic field of the two arms of the wood, the speed begins getting slower and slower, but still is gradually suitable!

"Spot! With the rocky troops back!"

The thousand-handles look at the direction of Yuxibo spots, and make a big scream.

"Cylindrical room! Do you think this level can be defeated?"

When I heard the thousand-handles, Yu Zhibo spheres were all angry, and they made a big scream:

"Super · Shen Luo Tian !!"

The original terror's repulsiveness has improved several times, strong force, spread towards a broader direction.

The wood people have gradually taken the two giants, and instantly listen to the forward movement, followed by direct bounce.

Even the wood people controlled by the thousand-handed collar are directly launched by this large-scale god, directly launched hundreds of meters away!

"Is the power of the eye ... It's really difficult!"

The thousand-handlet station is standing on the top of the wooden man, and it is keenly, and it has gradually recovered the huge Chakra that is attached to the woods.

Just as Yuxi Boss is guessing, such a method, although a total of the overall power of the wood will be several times.

But the consumption is too big, even if it is also a burden on the thousands of hands!

Yisi Bou Spots slowly landed in the air, rubbing the blood of the mouth, pulling out the clothes of the upper body.

The thousands of handles and the eyes of Unexpected Boss, from the air four eyes, both sides have seen the flaming war from the other's eyes!

Yuxi Bo Shu: "Cylinder !!"

Thousands of hands: "!!"

The thousands of hands are boiling, and when the eyes swept through the position of Upozo, the pupil is slightly contracted.