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Chapter 424, 423, Hostuan, Taku, Brazing, Chax VS, eight-door, super, topped Buddha!

In the line of sight between the killer, there is a face similar to his face.

"this is……"

This pupil is slightly shrunk, and it flashes a mistake in his eyes.

And at the moment,

Yuxi spots naturally perceived the line of sight between the thousands of hands, on the cold face, and a smile in the mouth.

Yisi Bouvelle slowly opened his arm, showing a laugh, laughing is full of people!

"The opposite is the mutual effect, and Senulang Wanxin!"

"The room, I still remember the stone monument of Urcho, Yischi and the thousand-hand family, people who got these two power will gain real happiness."

Yuxi wave spots have a laughter, and the tone is indifferent.

When I heard Uizhi Bao, I couldn't help but wrinkled, and my eyes flashed serious.

"It seems that after you leave the village, it is really planning a lot!"

The thousands of hand looks at the Yuxi Bouvet in front, and it is lamented in the tone.

If you don't quite understand how Yisi Bo pointed to get the legendary eyes - round eyes!

So now, if you hear Yizhi Bao Pot, the thousand hand is almost understood.

Whether it is the most beginning of the Warring States Period, or the enemy now.

In the eyes of the thousand-handles, Yisi Bao sphere is a guy from starting to end.

Of course, in the eyes of Yuxi Bo, the same is true.

Yuxi Bolt splines launched this war, and the nine tail column is only one of the reasons.

After all, if you say the number of tail beasts, the number of tails in the right battle, far exceeds only one cylindrical leaflet in the hands.

One of this reason is that the thousands of hand has become an impedably obstacles that have been in the process of Unexpectedly.

Although the right to the right is also different from the plan of Unexpected Boss, both in the rough direction of the previous period is still unified.

Of course, there is a more important reason, it is that Yuxi Bao wanted to be completely hitting a good one!

A truly life and death battle!

The last war, Yu Zhibo spotted, and still survived for a while.

This is a shame in the hearts of Unexpell.

So he wants to hit a real life and death in the tale, either life, or die!

This is the pride of the strong!

Also recognized to each other!

Yuxi Bao spokes farten, followed by lifting the arm shot on the ground.

"Wooden - Wooden"! "

Yishibo spheres have a low drink, and the whole earth is shocked.

Under the foot of Yuxi Boss, a head is more than about seven or eight times more than the killer, from the ground.

"Wooden?" This scene in front of the killer, and the face changed slightly.

"The interval, see your strength is controlled in my hand, how?"

Yuxi Bo Spray Rapid to the top of the top of the wooden man, overlooking the thousand-handles of the thousand-handles, the tone of the proudly open.

Migrate of Yuxi Bourami, which has been transplanted, has already obtained the power of the killer's column!

Along with the Unexpected Boss Speed.

The huge wood in the foot of Yuxi, immediately moved it, lifted the huge arm and took the past to the direction between the killer.

The wooden man who summoned Yu Zhihua, just an arm, caught up with the wooden man who summoned between the killer, half of the size.

The huge shadows shrouded over the thousand-handles, the killer manipulated the woods without refunding, as well as the flexible hit this blow.

However, the reaction of Yuxibo spots is extremely fast, the two arms of the huge wood, in the half-air movement, slightly, followed by retreating towards themselves!

During the process of crossing the half air movement, the arm extruded the air in front of the air and made a huge harsh explosion!


With a huge roar, the wooden man under the parenchyma, the two arms of the Yuxi Bouchet retraction are directly intercepted.

But there is no unexpected look between the faces of the thousand-handles. Instead, with this impact, quickly jumped from his own wood, directly jumping to the position of the huge wooden lumbar of Uttanza.

Takla is attached to Chakra on both feet, and it is hung in a position of the wooden waist.

After a while, it will be paused!

The kale is running at a very fast speed, running on the wooden man's body with a very fast speed. Yuxi Boli sport towards the top of the wooden head.

Yuxibo spheres saw this scene, and the double moved slightly.

I saw that the huge wood had suddenly appeared a lot of bulge on the top of the body.

Then, a large number of Mulong is pouring from the woods, turning into a horrible figure, flocking towards the thousand hand.

In the face of a rupture of Mulong, the face between the killer is slightly ugly.

After all, let's see the tissue she is good at, being used by the enemy, and the face will not look too much.

But the speed between the killer is not slowed down!

In the state of the eight-door armor, the thousand hand is lifted in the hands of the hand, and a punch will be shredded directly in a wooden head in front of a wooden dragon!

The violent, strong force, from the body of the killer, will be solved to the wood dragon that flies the sky.

This moment of thousands of hands is like a human-shaped murder, full of fierce atmosphere.

Although many wooden dragons have been solved in a short time in a short time, there is still more Mulong to him.

And this time, the wood man who controlled in Yuxibo spots also lifted the huge palm, took the past and took the passed between the killer of his body!

In the face of the horizontal wood dragon and the hindrance, the thousand hand is known to be close to Uzhi Bo, it is afraid that the movement of the moving moved to the front will stop.

Then, the thousand-handed columns released Chakra attached to the feet, and the body was instantly started from the woods, and the speed was extremely fast.

In the half-air, there are several huge bodies, and several jumps between the thousands of hand, they have fallen on the ground.

Yuxi spots naturally will not let go of the thousand-handles between you want to leave, pull the distance.

The huge wood raised his fist and fell to the thousands of hands in the thousands of hands below!

Every holster, all the giant pits that have not been seen in the ground, and the whole land is constantly shaking, just like a big earthquake in ten!

The thousand-handles and fast speed, fast dodge, escape these fallen huge fists, the body is riding over a road on the ground

"Wooden - Tree Collection!"

A short pause between the kilocacy columns, the hands are taken directly on the ground, send a low drink.


A Tianshi big tree out of the ground, and in an instant work, it was originally paid into a forest in the battlefield of the two people.

These green trees have grown towards the direction of wood people.

The killer is used to empty the trees, naturally not to deal with wood people, not to mention simple tree boundaries, and it is impossible to solve the wood.

With this steril, the thousand hand is just dragging the action of the wood.

After using this nature, the action of the wood man slowly slowed down.

With this short pause, the killer is quickly leaving the original place, and the hugewood's attack range is acne.

Until the distance between a thousand-handed relay, it is considered safe.

The thousands of hand came to breathe, and the retarded.

"Cylinder! Where do you escape!"

Yuxi Wave continued to manipulate the huge wood, came to the direction between the killer, and shouted.

"Escape? What is joking, spotted!"

"My wooden, I can don't think so weak!"

There are also a horrible Chakra at the killer.

"This is the real wooden,"

The thousands of hand is lifted up, and the hands are all between the hands.

"Immortal - Wooden - Truth!"


A huge roar of roars in the whole world.

A full battlefield horror moment is now coming, this is a kind of breath that makes people feel trembling!

With countless arm, a large gates, from the slow rise from the ground, appearing between the heavens and the earth.

Super Guanyin is just a shadow that only produces, it will directly cover the entire battlefield!

If the wooden man summoned between the thousand-handed columns, in front of the huge wood people who summon the Sui Zhibo Pot, just like the younger brother.

So at this moment, the huge wood man in Yuxi Bao is in front of the true thousands of hands.

"Do you really?"

Yu Zhibo spheres see the large guanyin image in front of you, but also don't have a whit fear, but it is full of exciting look.

Are you finally made!

Thousand handles!

Yuxi Bouvelle has been waiting for this amazing tissue between the kilocracy!

Even if Yuxiob planted the cells between the thousand-handles, you can use the wooden quasi.

But it is only possible to use ordinary wood, and like this level in front of you, Yu Zhibo spots can not be used.

This is the strongest wooden buckle that is only a thousand-handed collar.

"bring it on!"

"Cylinder !!!"

The mouth of Yuxibo sphere has been split, and his face is full of excitement and hot eyes.

The eternal kaleidoscope written in the Eternal Kaleidoscope of Yuxibo spheres is rotated, and the huge .

Over-body must be affordable!

Blue is essential to Checkla, quickly spread from Unecage Boss, followed by very fast speed to the huge wood in the foot of Yuxi Board.

Woodman - Wei Zi · Benevo!

Have a terrorist power of wood, and the alternative version of "Weizuo, Sudo", which must be strong and strong.

Do this!

The Li Li, who is in the bib of Yuxi, is still there without stopping the skill, but in turn swarming with a more violent energy.

A huge wood man with a layer of Zo can armor, while lifting your arms and take the palm to the air.


The essence of a pure Chakra energy consisting of eight spur hooks, appearing in the left hand of Sauvone!

The horrible energy is constantly compressed into the three hooks, let three hooks inflate several times, and there is a lot of sun, like the sun.

Give people a horror!

The air around the three hooks is as if it is ignited, boiling, forming an amazing horrible weather.

It is necessary to appear a black point in the right hand of the wood, and then this black point is quickly expanded with the speed visible to the naked eye.

Budget star!

With the ability to go back to the eye, Chakra is brightened into black spheres to form a horrible suction.

Just, under the manipulation of Yuxi Bouvelle!

This time, the explosion of the Stars did not appear, immediately absorb everything around, but the horrible attraction, all compressed into the black high-density Chakra ball.

From the distance, you must be a wooden right hand, just a look that is a common black Chakra ball.

Instead, there is no need to be a hook in the left hand of the wood, and the scene shown is so amazing.

But if you look carefully, careful people can see around high-density black Chakra balls, my space is slightly distorted.

Obviously, the terrorist attraction that will be released by the ground, all of which should be compressed into the black energy sphere.

Let the original star of terror, but present another more horrible form!

It is necessary to hold two arms, and the left hand holds the jade, the right hand dragged the black energy ball!

next moment.

You must lift the woods to lift the arm, and the hands are all in the middle, and the two hands are completely different, and you are together!

Three inflation of the jade, like three asteroids, with a unique trajectory, surrounding the black energy ball.

Between the blink!

A black energy ball that exudes a bright light, there is a hands that must be a hand of the wood.

Two stocks were originally unstable, in such a state, in such a state, it formed a strange calm!

Anyone who can feel the strange horror of this shake!

Eight Spirit Tooku - Budget!

While Yisi Bouse is preparing this super tolerance, the other must be the same.

The thousand-handed collars will drive eight gates to the sixth door!

The horrible Chakra is in the body, from the body of the killer!

The thousands of hand is instantly distributed to thousands of arms in large Guanyan images!

Every fist of the true thousand hands exudes a dazzling, and amazing blue essential Chackra, like peacock opens!

At this moment, between the killer, lifted the head and looked at the direction of Yuxi Bouvelle, and I all angry!

Eight-door armor · Super · topped Buddha!