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A unable to describe horror pressure, spread throughout the battlefield!

At this moment, the thousand hand movements were simultaneously moved with Unexpected.

"Come on! Capoom!"

Yishibo's pole stepped on the top of the woods, and made a big scream.


With huge roar, Yuxibo spots will be able to move the wood, the huge figure starts the charge.

In the process of movement, it is necessary to lift the wood in the process, exude the heart of the heart, and even the three hooks that have been distorted by the space, there are some twisted jade black energy balls in the forefront, and rushed to the thousands of hands. .



The thousands of hands are also imposed, along with the minds of the heart.

Super huge Guanyin status, thousands of arms like hills, while dancing.

Covering the arms of the sky, putting the sky above the Unecheck, there are thousands of hands every arm, holding the fist from the air!

The blue substantized Chakra, which is wrapped around the fist, puts the whole sky into a blue color, and it is very unparalleled!

Such a beautiful scene, but it is full of desperate death!

With the state of the thousand-handles, the thousands of fists in the real thousand hands, the power is not only large, but the speed is also improved!

This thousand fists, there is not only a horrible wind pressure, but also in the state of air friction, let each fist ignite the flame of the bears!

In the blink of an eye, it was originally dyed in a sky. It was shrouded by the fire sea. Each fist is like a fleet from the sky, burning a flame!

It's like the world's last day, appearing on the entire battlefield!

Brain! !

Brain! !

The moment of the killer and the attack of Yuxioba collided with the instant, strange, no loud noise, but in the same pause button, the whole world is quiet!

However, it is, it is like a huge explosion of the landschestra tsunami, as well as the horrible giant!

The two battlefields in the two people, in the instant of the collision between the killer and Yisi Bouchers, directly collapsed the cracks, and chemically became a ruin.

Huge collision and roar, directly transferred to the wooden leaves outside the two thirty or three kilometers away!

This huge sound.

Let the entire wooden village, fog hidden village forces, and all people of the rocky village forces, all shocked.

All the people are reflected, and the direction conveyed by the sound!

Even if the distance is so far, everyone can clearly see that in the battlefield, a naked eye visible impact wave is spreading four weeks.

In the eyes of everyone, they have exposed a few spots.

"Okay, so amazing."

"The balance of the battle ... I have already passed here."

"This fight is really the power that the Ninja can use."

"Terrible, with our strength, I am afraid that I have no qualifications close to the battlefield."


A swallowing, and the sound of the knotted Baba sounded between the parties.

Of course, in addition to shocking, the people of the wooden leaves face this scene, they can't help but spirit.

All the Ninja of the wooden leaves, although it is unclear how the battle in the battlefield is, but this huge movement produced by the two people fighting between the two people between the killer.

This makes everyone of the leaves know that the universal people are in a fierce battle.

There is an invisible, and the morale of the wood leaves is a bit.


Not only the battlefield of the wooden leaves, in the other direction, the plane is sitting on a giant tree, trying to fuse the nine tail of Chakra in the body, and is also awakened by this huge vibration .

"Such a movement ... The battle is more intense in the expected."

The right assassination opened his eyes to see the orientation sent by the voice, and the eyes flashed a dignity, and some cuddly moved.

This level of intense fighting is very rare.

At this time, I couldn't help but I wanted to come to see it. However, I just appeared in my mind, and the right battle returned to this idea.

Don't say that the right bounter has promised that Yu Zhibo spots will not intervene this battle.

It is nothing to do, standing in the perimeter of the battlefield. Yuxibo spots and thousands of hand are probably a concern, leave a few power.

In this case, it is somewhat not worth it.

"It seems that there is a taste of defeat ..."

Right, watch the direction of the battlefield, muttered in his mouth.

The direction of the two is in the middle, although the distance is separated.

But in the powerful perception of the right, it is still enough to feel the two flagrant atmospheres on the battlefield, which is constantly touching!

This two stakes have a more powerful, and the other is weak.

Soon before I just had the right to fight against Meteko, I naturally felt some of the strong breath, which was the thousand-handed column between eight union.

Right fight guess, now there should be no complete eight-door armor.

In such a state, the thousands of handles have been stronger than that of Unexpected Boss.

The winning of Yuxioba is significantly lower.

Moreover, in the original, Metekai is able to master the six-way Unexpea spheres to the top of the six-way armor, and kick out the finale.

Nowadays, Yu Zhibo spots at this moment can still have the power of the six ways, just only the ability of the round, and the thousand-handles is not Metkai, which will only be stronger than Meteki.

In this regard, no matter what, Yu Zhibo sphere will be undoubtedly!

The right battle is slightly flashing. Although the heart is thinking, but the right fight does not think that Yisi Bou must be lost.

If you really define the loss, you will not fight.

At the beginning, the big snake pills and thousands of hands were in the face of the right fight, and the direct surrender is even if it is, and it is not possible to make a plan.

Right is understood than anyone, to the level of them, less than the last moment, the battle will never be sure!

"Two guys must be very happy this time."

Right, rely on the tree, loudly.

After a while.

The right battle took the clothes and stood up from the tree.

After studying the nine tail beasts of the night, the right battle found that there is no one to pinch the nine-shares, still use it.

It is clear that the nine-year tail beast is all over the ten tail, but the result is unexpected!

Just pinched the nine stocks, without any eggs, as if this lacking a medium that can prompt them to fuse together.

Although the right bucket is awakened by the two guys of the thousand-handed and Yuxi blossoms, it is also known that there is no result of the study.

The sorry is no longer wasting!

"Sure enough, wait until the war after the end of this war, I will take the last chase in Chekra into the truth of the magic image, see if I can cause a change."

At the same time as the right bumper muttered, the whole person suddenly took the sky, and went to the direction of the wooden leaves.

At this point, the killer is on the battlefield of the Yuxioba in the battlefield.

The impact of the two collision waves continuously spread around four weeks, and violent temperament is like a storm that has been destroyed.

At the center position of the attack between the two people between the killer and the Sui Zhiwei, the space is constantly splashing, distorted.


Yuxi Bao neck has a green gluten, with huge snoring, manipulating the woods, and continuously advancing the front.

A flame is burning, as the huge fist in the meteorite is constantly falling from the air, bounce toward Yuxi Bo.

In an instant of two people collided, the full body of the set in the woods must be able to have a densely equipped crack!

Even if Yishibo spheres are constantly complemented by huge pupils, they must be a cracks on their body, and there is still no signs of recovery.

The truth between the thousand-handles, and the moment of ticking the jade energy ball on the Hoshi Bollee, it was directly destroyed hundreds of fists.

But the trumerous fist is not only hundreds of fists who are violent and dense, and will cover the Sui Zhibo spotted!

The horrible collision is still constantly blown over the battlefield!

This huge sound, the foot lasted for about 20 minutes, finally stopped!

On the center battlefield of the two, the entire ground fell a height of five or six meters.

The killer is standing on the top of the huge Guanyin image, keeping gasping.

At this moment, thousands of true thousands of hands have been destroyed two-thirds, and the remaining arm zero zero distribution is surrounded by huge Guanyin, which is a bit bleak.

After a deep breath, the thousand-handed column has a long way to see the direction in front.

It is a must-have to be a wooden person, which has been smashed at this moment, which is scattered around the battlefield.

And the figure of Unexpected Boss has disappeared.


There is no feeling of Yizhi Boss, and the face is muttered with complex look, muttering on the face.

Skills between talks.

The thousands of hand movements quickly dropped the body of the body, and he kept jumping down.


Along with a drama, the huge Guanyin, which is summoned by the thousand-handles, and has become a huge white smoke disappeared.

The thousands of hand fell to the ground, and then sit on a bunch of gravel without the image.

"It's a hard battle."

When the killer is relieved while it is slowly relaxed.

But just at this time.

The nerves of the thousand-handles have been laverse, and it is tight, and the pupil is shrinking, looking at the front of the front.

I saw that on the ground of the original empty, slowly appeared in the figure of Yuxi.

And this, truly let the killer are incredible. At this moment, Yu Zhibo spots have not been slightly scarred in addition to slightly, and there is no injury!

This is impossible.

For your own attack, the unfair confidence between the thousand-handles, under the violent attack, Yishibo Pot is not dead if there is no death.

Yuxi Bao spotted in a piece of gravel, lifted his arm slightly pinched his fist, spit out of your mouth.

"It's a terrible means of horror, the column!"

Yishibo spokes looked at the kale, with a inexplicable tone in the sound.

In the war of just now, Yishibo spheres know that he has lost.

Specifically, he has killed once between the killer.

"This is impossible, what is going on!"

The thousands of hand jumped directly from the ground, facing this strange situation, looking tightened to Yishibo spots, asked directly.

In the face of the unparalleled questions between the thousands of hands, Yishibo spots suddenly stunned.

Two people are now enemies, how can they tell their opponents in normal circumstances.

But unexpected, Yuxi Boupeng directly spread the palm of the palm, and the opening of the square: "Yi Evil, transform all kinds of disadvantages into dreams."

While Yuxi Boufar, I extended a finger in my own chest's forehead, with a fingertips.


A blood gap appeared, Yuxi Bouvet directly reached out into the blood port, and pulled out a flue-white eye.

Obviously, before the battle, Yu Zhibo spmop will write the eyes and store the position of the thousand-handed cells in his chest.

"To be honest, this should thank the ninja of your wooden leaves, slaughtering the entire Unexpo,"

"Otherwise, I will not have so many spare writing gears."

Yuxi Bouvet sends calmly to the plucking of the plum, slow opening.

Seeing this scene, the color of the thousand-handles couldn't help.

This is wrong!

This kind of evil, this kind of evil, and after the resurrection between the thousands of hands.

After all, there is a write-wheel eye with a whole arm, and in the face of the enemy's Zhiso sphere, the thousand hand is naturally impossible to see this information.

But it is because of this, the eyebrows between the thousand-handles can't help but deeper!

Because in the battle, the thousand hand has already taken into account.

Yi Evai can indeed transform all negative effects into dreams, but use this technique, it is necessary to consume great Chakra!

And about Chakra that is consumed!

The resettling effect of Evil is unable to resume Chakra, which is consumed to use Yi Evone.

In addition, the evilness consumption of Chakra and calculates with the injury or negative effects of the monotors.

That is to say, the higher the damage, the more Chakra, which needs to be consumed.

In the calculation between the thousand-handles, the two have been fighting for a day, and Chakra, the two sides consumes most of them.

Finally, the truth of the eight-door armor used in the thousand-handed collar, the horrible attack is enough to take a large part of Chakra in the Unexpected Body.

That is to say!

In normal cases, Yuxibo spots have no extra Chakra, which is used to consume this ban on "Yi Evone"!