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Chapter 426 launches the general attack!


Looking at Unexpected Yisi Bouchi with "Ivacon". There are unexpected and ugly looks on a thousand-handed faces.

"Is it very curious?"

Yuxi Bo was twisted to twist the neck, and the bones made a squeaky sound.

The killer is nodded directly, there is no embarrassment, a pair of protests.

If the outside people see this scene, I am afraid I will be shocked by the chin. After all, the two people just killed their lives.

"The" sealing sucking "is one of the ability to look back in the eye, and Chakra can be absorbed. "

Yuxi Boupeng raised his finger to refer to his eyes in his eyes, very patient explanation.

"Is it true?"

"The ability to follow the right fight is very like, no, exactly your ability is not as good as him, at least he can't absorb Chakra."

The thousands of hand have flashing in the eyes, I have understood what is going on.

Obviously, in the process of attack, Yuxibo spots use the ability of the round to the eye to absorb Chakra contained in his attack.

Therefore, it has caused the calculation errors at the beginning of the killer.

The strong people fight with strong people, and the winning and loss is not simple and pure.

The result of the battle can often decide in an instant.

"I thought that my winning rate would be great, and now it seems to have signs of being turned over."

The killer grabs the hair, some remorseful open mouth.

"Don't be the last moment, no one can be determined, right, the column!"

Yishibo spheres have gripped hands, and they spurt their horrible breath.

"In this case, continue, spots!" The eyes of the thousand-handed columns have grown sharply, and there is also a powerful breath.


Woody village battlefield.

After returning from the woods outside ten kilometers, the rocky troops directly collected all the high-rise of the rocky troops.

At this point, the door of the wooden village is only one kilometer.

Right squatting on a rock, holding hands in the chest, gazing quietly looking at the high level of the lower rocky village and fog village.

Two big fortunes, now in the case of Yuxi Bao, although the right to mobilize the strength of rocky village.

What's more, no one dares to refuse.

At this time, the two rushed to stand in the forefront is Yuxi Bo Tong and Pai Mide.

It is full of enthusiasm and worship to look at the look of the sky and worship.

As for Unecho, because of the relationship of wearing a mask, it is naturally unable to see the face of the face, but in the eyes of Yuxi Bo only revealed, it is deeply jealous.

Yuxi Board has a little vigilance in the deep heart, of course just a little vigilant.

After all, there are still many grudges between them, and there is still a lot of grievances with fog hidden villages, but now the goals of everyone are the same.

Even if you look at each other, no one is stupid.

"Calling everyone, thinking about everyone's heart is clear."

The right to the sound is indifferent, and the voice is out, and all the Ninja presents in the scene is tight.

"Now the whole wooden leaves, there is still no broken wood in the village, as long as it is broken here, the wooden village of one of the five big fortunes will completely become part of the history."

Right fighting, continue in the ear of everyone, let everyone in the field can't help but excite it.

Destroying the wooden leaves is a big event that makes the entire software, and they are the participants of this incident, how can it be excited?

"So, everyone will launch a general attack!"

Right, there is no long talkation, and it is straightforward and powerful open mouth.





One is high, and the sound of the sky is in an instant sky.

Next moment, all the ninjas present in the field flowers into a residue and disappeared in the original place.

Not long, all the rocky villages and the fog hunger troops act at the same time, and Qi Qi began to advance in the direction of the wooden door.

And the wooden leaves seem to be prepared.

With the actions of the rocky village forces and the fog hidden village forces, a huge nunue began to come out and enveloped the entire wooden village.

In the face of such scenarios, rocky village troops, fog hunger, two rooms, naturally, have early response.

Directly sent a numerical elite team forced to break through the attack.

A huge roar, as well as the explosion sounds in the entire wooden village.

The fierce and brutal battle began.

At this moment, the right fight is in the back of the mist, quietly overlooking the battlefield below.

It is standing next to the right fight, and the eyebrows look at the distance.

"The resistance of the wooden leaves is really tenacious."

"In the face of two major villages, they can live with intense offensive, but they can live."

Illuminated with the hairdress of the wind, the open mouth of the sound of the voice.

"After all, it is the big camp of Wilean Village. If it is defeated, it will be the first five rivals in the past few years."

There was no accident at the time, but laughed and opened.

It's nod to nod to nime: "Indeed, but the wooden leaves are now resistant, the rest is the time problem."

"Yes, do you need a hand to affect the battle?"

I suddenly remembered what I thought about it, and I turned to see the right fight.

They also have a card.

The right bumper shook his head and denied it.

"Some things are inadvertently effective, and the wooden leaves already know that the agency is in our hands, and we have already used it once. "

"When you take the title, you are talking about it, and your role is not used here."

The right bumbled and smiled and looked up at the beginning. I saw the sun just rose:

"Before the sky, to attack the wooden door, I have to rest in the wooden village this evening."

Since the right fight is in the words of this sentence, I don't know if I don't know, is it a right to say that when I say the last two words?

Let the beauty will be wrong. After the beauty is heard, the face suddenly has a little red.

"If you don't have the right thing, it is my idea."

Illuminate the blushing, soft open mouth.

Seeing this scene, just fight blinking, you should not say anything wrong with you?


The position of the wooden door is in the beginning, and the number of stunches is constantly fighting.

A cold murder and a powerful breath, in the air, constantly interlaced, collisions. A invisible pressure is formed towards four weeks.

Wooden door is an initiality, which is the top priority of wood defensive. Nature is all the classes of elite levels!

Ordinary ninja, there is no qualification to enter this battlefield.

Lin Yuyu is from the profit, the peach is no longer waiting for the seven knives, flying sections, corners,, Yuxi wave belt, etc., one by one, with a strong breath, cold look in front.

In front of these people, it is the elite of Kakasi, Asma, Eve, and other wooden leaves.

"Red-Touch - Power Play!"

Pull out a huge roll in the arms from the arms.

In the next moment, with the white smoke, there was a hundred embarrassments in the foot, and the alarm of the Chakra line was formed.

Between the moment!

This is the army directly into the battlefield, and the rude students will rush around, all blocked outside.

"These ordinary ninja give me, the rest is given to you."

There are hundreds of manipulators while the surgeon, and there is still a bit of power to open a mouthful to the scene.

"No one is bothering nature, but ok."

The mortal ghost split the shark mouth and laughed and opened his mouth.

Lin Yuyu took advantage of his eyes, and his eyes were lightened.

Motivate hundreds of puppets instantly, this ability is really terrible.

Lin Yuyu took a silent expression on the face, deep in the heart, has taken the scorpion as a false enemy, and the face of the face has begun to consider how to confront.

Of course, not only Lin Yuyu is profitable, in addition to the martial artimatimmon, there is an early understanding of the people, the rest of the seven-knife members, and the same thing is the same.

The heart has begun to show, and how to respond to the enemy of ?

Of course, the performance is in the heart, and everyone naturally understands that the enemy in front of me is not a scorpion, but the wooden leaves.

There is a sputum to blocked those ordinary wooden ninja. Everyone did not hesitate to rush to the direction of Kakashi and others.

Workfurt between blinks.

The two convenience have been fighting together, and all kinds of exchanges sound over the battlefield!

A iron chain has been rosked from the air, with a broken voice, pumping in the direction of Kakasi.

Kakasi is a flash, quickly leaves the left side moves toward the left.

The iron chain is put on the position of Kakasi's war, directly smashed a rectangular pothole.

"you again."

Kakasi faces the opposite Yischo belt with cold and dignified gaze.

The two are not the first time, but Kasi is facing Unexpello, still feels some feelings.

"Oh, the reaction is really sensitive."

"Is it the credit of writing a favorite? This eye is really a waste on your body, or if you don't want to make it."

Yischo belt soil waving heavy iron chain, while smiling and opening the mouth.

"Wasted? Perhaps."

"This is a friend who once sent it to me. How can I give you?"

Kakasi looked at Unecho, with indifferent, slowly opened in the voice, and didn't have a bitter in his hands.


Yisi Bo has a low scream, and the people have a little ridicule and indifference.


The two moved at this moment!

The whistling iron chain is like a tide of the snake, multiplied a weird curve in the air, pumping in the direction of Kakasi!

Kakasi is flashing, immediately lifting the bitterness of the hand to stop the chain of the air in the air, issuing a heavy sullen.

At the same time, Kakasi took the brief effort to raise another hand and grabbed the chain!

In this process, this hand starts to make a lot of Raytarian Characle.

Kakasi also grabbed the moment of the chain, the Pentium's current was smooth, and quickly rushed toward the direction of Uneclass.

In the face of counterattacks between Kakasi, Yischo is flashing in the light of the earth, and the whole person instantly enters the state of blur.

The iron chain naturally falls off from the hands of Unecho.


Kakasi saw this scene, there is no unexpected look on his face, but the bitterness in his hand, throwing it in the direction of Unexpello.

At the same time, the other hand grabs the chain, quickly moves, and the eyes are deadly stare at the direction of Unexpello.

At the same time that Kassei has emerged in the end of Yuxi Board, Kami has appeared in front of Utcho.

Kakasi looked up the iron chain in his hand, and he was slammed against the direction of Unexpello.

The tail of the iron chain is rushing, and the Unexpello is pumped from the head of the head!

In the face of this scene, Unechebra belt naturally does not retreat from the state of the blur, still maintains the state of blurring.

Like the same thing!

Those fighting between several times and the soil band, I have already touched the ability of Ukio.

If it is before, Cardi is definitely the landlord, instead of active attack.

After all, the ability to blur is too bug. If there is no special way, it can only be done with delay time.

Not long ago, Kakasi's left eye finally awakened the ability of the Shenwei.

It is also space tolerance, facing Unexpello belt soil, Kakasi has a bit grasp!

In the eyes of Kakasi, although I don't know if my neighters have no effect on Yuxi Woshi.

But it is also space tolerance, if both are confronted, will certainly have a certain impact!

In the Yuxi wave belt, it remains illusively!

The writing wheel in Kakasi's left eye, the fierce evolution into the state of the kaleidoscope, the eyes are in an instant, and they are dead to see the direction of Unexpello.


At the focus position of Kakasi, the space is slowly distorted.

At this time, Yisi Bo belt soil. When I saw Kasi's left eye evolution into the moment of the kaleidoscope, the face has already revealed the shocking look, the pupil is an instant to zoom in!

There is no hesitation!

Yuxi Bo has an instant to exit the state of the blur, while pulling out a bitter, fast blocking on his own head.

The chain of Caassi took the chain of the chain followed, and the hardships of the Handeling Hands were collided with the Hand of the Hando, giving a dull loud noise.

Due to the preparation of rush, Yuxi Bo's hardships were directly flying.

Even if there is suffering, there is no part to block a part, but the whole arm still presents a distortion of the arc.

Obviously, this arm has been fractured!

However, this moment, the essentials of Unecheyo belt will not take care of the pain in the arm.

The speed is retreating behind, leaving the scope of Kasi Shenwei.